What is it Like to Date a Beta Male

He’ll only have eyes for you

Once a man with beta male traits settles down, he doesn’t seek others. He won’t ever think about cheating on you.

He won’t miss the little details

Beta men have a good eye for detail and are also good listeners. So, if you tell him that you'll meet your bestie in the afternoon weeks prior, he’ll keep his schedule open to drop you by.

He’s in for the long run!

He won’t push you to get married any time soon. But, secretly he can’t wait to spouse you up! Since he is shy, he won’t ever tell you about it.

He is pretty flexible

A beta male partner is your “at-your-service-ma’am” man. If you ever ask him to spend time with you, he’ll leave everything behind to pay attention to you.

He’ll let you rule over him

In the relationship, he will be your knight and you can be his Queen/King. He’ll let you take control of his finances, time, decisions, and so on. This is again due to his uncertainty about decision-making.

He’s a father material

Since he is calm, collected, gentle, honest, and a great listener and communicator, he can be a great father.

He’ll cherish you like a princess!

The beta male won't just treat you well in bed… the same goes outside the bedroom. If you allow, he’ll stay until he can ask you out for brunch or a matinee.

At the end of the day, remember that no man or woman is flawless. You both have different choices and sometimes you'll have different opinions yet neither of you will be wrong. Though the beta male is understanding, it’s not fair to only take from the relationship. Try to reciprocate his feelings and gestures and the relationship will definitely work out!