Are you wondering what is it like to date a beta male?

Perhaps, you think you have a crush on him and can’t wait to know about the future. Or, did he confess (though that’s pretty unlikely), and you can’t stop thinking about it?

Well, it’s great that you reached here because this think-piece will share a glimpse of your lovey-dovey time.

So, plunge right into it!

What is it Like to Date a Beta Male?

Most love stories portray alpha men as the lead male character. They usually portray a flawless and authoritative man as the perfect partner.

So, it’s pretty hard to tell how a relationship with a beta male will play out. Especially if you have your crush or suitor is a beta male, you might feel anxious about your decision.

That’s why here are a few things you’ll experience with him…

1. He’ll only have eyes for you

Once a man with beta male traits settles down, he doesn’t seek others. He won’t ever think about cheating on you. So, you can enjoy your relationship with him without worrying about him doing something behind your back.

Rather, he’ll try to show that he only cares about you and doesn’t want anyone else. If you date him for long enough, you know that you’re truly the most desirable person in his life.

On the other hand, the alpha male is desired by most men. So, they might be tempted by variety. Hence, dating a beta male will definitely bring peace to your life!

2. He won’t miss the little details

Beta men have a good eye for detail and are also good listeners. So, if you tell him that you’ll meet your bestie in the afternoon weeks prior, he’ll keep his schedule open to drop you by.

Or, if you get a new haircut or seem low yet don’t mention it, he’ll know instantly.

This shows how much he cares for you and he’s ready to prove it with his gestures. He may not recite romantic phrases or scream at the top of his lungs on a mountaintop. But he’ll give all of himself to you!

3. He’s in for the long run!

He won’t push you to get married any time soon. But, secretly he can’t wait to spouse you up! Since he is shy, he won’t ever tell you about it. As he isn’t good with decisions, he won’t even choose a ring or a house for both of you.

This might make you anxious because you don’t know what’s up in his mind. But deep inside he is all yours for the rest of your life. Your relationship with a beta male won’t end until you decide to.

He is a one-woman man and is content with you unless you try to change him!

4. He is pretty flexible

A beta male partner is your “at-your-service-ma’am” man. If you ever ask him to spend time with you, he’ll leave everything behind to pay attention to you.

Since he isn’t good with taking the lead, he looks forward to any cue from you. The moment you want him close, he’ll forget about the entire world to be with you.

Whether you have a fever, cramps, or are just feeling low, he won’t mind running down to you from work. Even if he’s asleep and you want to binge Netflix, he’ll watch the series and cuddle you to sleep.

5. He’ll let you rule over him

In the relationship, he will be your knight and you can be his Queen/King. He’ll let you take control of his finances, time, decisions, and so on. This is again due to his uncertainty about decision-making.

So, if you take the lead, he’ll be more than happy to serve you as you demand. He’ll gladly let you dominate you at any time and there will be no conflict about who chooses what.

Unlike the alpha male, he doesn’t care about having more power in the relationship. He’s ready to be controlled and worship you at your feet!

6. He’s a father material

Since he is calm, collected, gentle, honest, and a great listener and communicator, he can be a great father.

He can pay attention to the kids whenever they need him, take care of them during meltdowns, and put them back to sleep when they wake up in the middle of the night.

His dedication to the family is beyond imagination. Unlike most men, he doesn’t act cold or distant from his children. He even teaches them important lessons of life and raises the kids to be down to earth. 

He’ll teach your son to respect everyone and your daughters to never settle for less.

7. Your needs and desires are his commands

The alpha male is a know-it-all when it comes to sensual pleasures. He’ll take the lead and won’t even care to ask what you like. He’s confident, so he believes that he can give you an unforgettable night!

But a beta male… let’s just say he isn’t as overconfident. So, he won’t ever take charge and ravage you only to have fun alone. He’ll ask what you like and seek your consent… which is pretty sexy!

He’ll go slow to make you feel every sensation and please you with what you truly like… not what he believes you like. This will improve the quality of your relationship by few folds.

8. He’ll cherish you like a princess!

The beta male won’t just treat you well in bed… the same goes outside the bedroom. After your first time having sex with him, he’ll cuddle you until you feel safe.

If you allow, he’ll stay until he can ask you out for brunch or a matinee. But if he’s too shy, he’ll just make conversation with you in the morning until you kick him out while blushing.

If the deed happens at his place, he’ll ask you to enjoy a round of video games with him or watch your favorite romance flick with you.

9. You’ll enjoy one hell of a time with him

Unlike the alphas, the betas aren’t self-obsessed. Whenever they have some spare time, they don’t try to groom their looks. Instead, they learn valuable lessons which they can use later on.

For instance, the beta man often skips socializing and spends time with himself. During those times, he learns new skills and indulges in new interests like cooking, singing, art, or other cool things.

Though he doesn’t like to take the lead, he can give you one hell of an experience when you ask him. He might not be confident about you liking his interests. But, he’ll give his best to make you happy!

10. He won’t mind running errands for you!

Since beta males are born to be loyal followers, they can do everything for you. All you need to do is say the word!

Whether you need a beta man to pick up the kids or get ice cream for you in the middle of the night… he’ll do it all. He cares for you as the love of his life, so he can’t ever overlook your requests.

He wants to keep you all to himself forever. So, he’s ready to give everything he can to you.

11. He’ll never forget the special days

A beta male is extremely caring towards his loved ones. And as his partner/spouse, you’re the most special of them all. So, your birthday, graduation, anniversaries, promotion, and even your loved ones’ birthdays are special to him.

You might tell him to not worry about your special days… and he might really suck at planning things. But he’ll never let the opportunity to make you happy go in vain.

Even if it’s small, he’ll arrange something because he cares and wants to convey his feelings. He won’t ever miss a celebration to cherish you.

12. He won’t be out with the boys every moment he gets

Alpha males have a huge social circle, so they always have an excuse to step out of home without you. Especially on the weekends, they are out partying and drinking with the boys.

But if you date a beta male, the relationship will be totally different. Since he’s reserved and shy, he won’t like to go out much with others. Instead, he’ll hang out with you at home and indulge in soothing activities.

He won’t do anything crazy after getting dead drunk and scare you. Instead, you can feel at peace around him.

13. He’ll never keep scores of favors

He loves to help in general and doesn’t feel entitled to anything. Your beta male partner won’t ever seek you to settle scores of favors or ask you to pay him back for his financial, physical, or emotional support.

Instead, he’ll only ever ask to be loved, accepted, and understood. He’ll always be there for you and help you selflessly. He’ll help you only to make you feel better and never expect you to owe him for that.

If you debate who even keeps a scoreboard like that… well, you don’t know how far toxic men go!

14. He won’t overreact when you get emotional

Since beta men are in touch with their emotions, they also encourage others to be the same. Even though most people judge him for being a “crybaby”, he doesn’t care about such judgmental words.

So, if you ever get emotional over something and throw a fit, he’ll try to understand you. He won’t judge you for feeling vulnerable. He’ll listen to your issues and comfort you for it.

He knows that neither of you is perfect and embraces all sides of you equally. He’ll be in love with you even after you spout mean words at him.

15. He’ll tip the waiter well

If it’s your first date with a beta male, here’s what will touch your heart. He will tip the waiter appropriately. He’ll be kind to the waiter if it takes them a long time.

He won’t be rude to any service worker. He knows that they are just as much a human beings making a living out of the bare minimum.

He will hold the door for you, let you sit before him, grab your car door and then get in. He isn’t full of himself, unlike the alphas. He’ll sweep you off your feet with these kind gestures. It’s just because kindness, compassion, and respect for others are his virtues.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

At the end of the day, remember that no man or woman is flawless. You both have different choices and sometimes you’ll have different opinions yet neither of you will be wrong.

Though the beta male is understanding, it’s not fair to only take from the relationship. Try to reciprocate his feelings and gestures and the relationship will definitely work out!

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