What to Do if You’re a Beta Male?

Before helping anyone ask them about it

Beta men are known to be helpful to everyone. That’s an outstanding trait in this selfish era, but that puts you in vulnerable situations.

Think through when you avoid conflicts

Beta males lack the mental energy to deal with a confrontation. However, it’s time to change this charade because this ultimately hurts your relationships even more.

Know that It’s okay to say “No”

Beta guys are also known to be the “Yes-Man” throughout their life. Challenge yourself to say “No” to groundless requests. Treat yourself to something nice if you can stick to your word till the end of the day.

Understand what you truly want

Whenever you worry about what society might say or think, prioritize yourself. Understand your thoughts, needs, and desires.

Be a little more forward in love

Get over your shy attitude and try to be a bit more forward. It’s okay if you don’t wanna make a spectacle out of your confession. But at least, be honest and open about your feelings to them.

Avoid dating independent partners

They’ll feel burdened if you depend on them for the decisions. You’ll feel bad because you hurt them in some way. So, it’s better to not get into one from the very beginning.

 Think before pushing away risks

Risks are nothing but opportunities. If things work out, you grow more in life and reach a better position with far greater benefits.

You’re pretty laid back, so you may not agree with all the tips. That’s when you must speak to a close one. Ask their viewpoint on it and be more certain. Moreover, the tips are pretty tough to follow through, so don’t get demotivated. Never give up too soon because there aren’t visible changes.