What To Do if You’re a Gamma Male

Work on your appearances

You’re pretty much out of shape. But before you misunderstand, remember that this doesn’t imply you’re “ugly” but your physical appearance says a lot about you.

Understand that being kind doesn’t make you better

It’s okay to be happy about being a good man. However, everything goes downhill when this feeling levels up to the nice guy syndrome.

Don’t compensate one thing with another

Don’t try to compensate for your looks or wealth with romantic moves. Even if you do, don’t have an entitled attitude because that’ll just backfire.

Don’t let jealousy ruin your image

Your jealousy makes you appear like a loser, so stop once and for all!

Be mysterious

Keep your private life to yourself. If someone wants to know more about you, let them put in some effort.

work on better thoughts

Your thoughts are the true culprit. So, respect people from within, you’ll create a better impression on people.

Learn to take small risks

With the help and support of family & friends, take minute risks. You’ll eventually reach a better position in life.

Learn to court her right

You must nurture a connection with a woman slowly. You must flirt, know about each other’s interests, spend time with common interests, and engage gradually.

In relationships, learn to give space

Accept that she needs time away from you. If you smother her too much in the name of love, she’ll only push you away.

Never let others manipulate your emotions

You seek validation repeatedly and become an easy manipulation target. So, before you do anything, understand the reason behind the act & if you’re addicted to being validated, stop yourself.

Before you begin your journey, remember that your reputation is pretty bad. So, the steps to self-improvement will be equally tough. Stay focused on this guide and don’t obsess over time. If you’re distracted, you can’t be your best.