What to Do if You’re an Omega Female?

Step out in the sun

Due to your omega personality traits, you’re introverted. In a crowd full of new faces, you act shy, reserved, and don’t feel comfortable.

Consider expanding your circle

Get more friends even if you don’t connect with them regularly. At least, you’ll have someone when you want some space away from the daily humdrum.

Choose a career path carefully

You are extremely dedicated and proactive in your professional life like an alpha female. But that holds true only so long the job stimulates you intellectually.

Set healthy boundaries

Set boundaries around people that drain your energy the most. Don’t allow them too much of your time unless outside of mandatory conditions like school or work.

Journal and meditate to deal with your emotions

Suppose the gathering was a mandatory one. You didn’t have any option to bail out early either. After a long day of socializing, the buzzing emotions might haunt you.

Get a makeover if necessary

This is not a cue to judge people based on the socio-sexual hierarchy. But omega females are at the bottom, because some people consider them physically less attractive.

Don’t always avoid socializing

You feel terrible while socializing. You hate how your sharp mind catches on to people’s emotions. Being an empath, you always want to turn down any invitation.

Be mindful of your heart

You can’t focus on your school or work because you’re overwhelmed. But you can’t even waste time to calm your nerves.

Like all other personality types, omega female personalities also have flaws. So, don’t feel that you’re the only one different. You might think that you’re the only one that never fits in anywhere. But this is how real life works! Everyone has unique troubles… and you can definitely change your story.