So, what to do if you’re an omega female? Just found out about the weaknesses of your personality type? Wondering if you must change your personality?

Whoa there… no need to take such drastic measures!

In this think-piece, you’ll find all the help to work on yourself and become a better omega female. Unless you’re disappointed with your personality completely, this will work.

C’mon, let’s head toward a better life here…

What to Do If You’re an Omega Female?

Being an omega female comes with its own set of challenges. The greatest difficulty is being an empath. But other than that, some of your other traits also come with their troubles.

For instance, you lose opportunities to connect with great people due to introversion.

So, let’s get down to it work here…

1. Step out in the sun

Due to your omega personality traits, you’re introverted. In a crowd full of new faces, you act shy, reserved, and don’t feel comfortable.

You are more inclined to spend time with your close friends or shut yourself in your room. You also take refuge in the fantasy world of video games and fiction when you feel overwhelmed by your emotions.

While you limit your socializing, you also harm your health. As you sit and play video games for hours, you harm your bones and posture. Human beings also need a certain amount of vitamin D for good health.

So, it’s still okay if you don’t socialize or hang out with besties. But at least, step out every morning for a walk or jog in the park.

You’ll fulfill your daily requirement for Vitamin D and physical exercise. You can negate the harmful effects of sitting in the same posture for hours.

Moreover, since you’re an empath, you often feel others’ emotions intensely. A walk will also help you clear your mind and boost the feel-good hormones.

Try to stay focused and skip the earphones. Absorb the natural sounds around you for a peak experience. Take a break from gadgets and screens for a little while. You’ll heal from within when you bask in the sun and feel the cool breeze in your lungs.

2. Consider expanding your circle

Perhaps, did you knit your brows after reading the header? Oops… don’t jump to conclusions so fast! It’s known that you care more about the quality of your friends than the quantity. You feel content with two to three friends only. But darling, you have a high risk of being lonely later on!

Wondering how?

Well, these handfuls of friends are here beside you every moment of your life. They support you even if they can’t meet you.

But at some point, they’ll become busy with work and family. Their spouse, kids, and responsibilities will be the highlight of their life. They might not completely ignore you, but you won’t always be a priority.

Right now, because you’re totally comfortable with solitude. So, this doesn’t sound like a big deal. However, as you age, you’ll seek harder for a platonic companion.

You might get a lover, get married, and raise your own kids. But sometimes, you’ll also desire a moment away from your family life.

So, get more friends even if you don’t connect with them regularly. At least, you’ll have someone when you want some space away from the daily humdrum. Otherwise, you’ll feel lonely and depressed.

If people try to befriend you, don’t turn them down. It’s okay to expand your circle a little more. But of course, choose them wisely as you do!

3. Choose a career path carefully

You are extremely dedicated and proactive in your professional life like an alpha female. But that holds true only so long the job stimulates you intellectually.

If it challenges you, you feel more motivated. You dedicate long hours and work faster. You achieve more than you’re supposed to. You’re so fired up that your coworkers feel motivated and your supervisors depend on you a lot. You also succeed in your career faster.

But if you don’t have a chance to use your creativity, that drive disappears. You might even struggle to put in half of the possible effort. Your career might reach a standstill position if your job doesn’t stimulate you.

You’ll be pretty distracted if you put in the standard effort to maintain the job. Forget about progress and success, it might be a major challenge to keep your job.

So, identify your passions before you start your job hunt or pursue higher studies. Research well to understand the content of your pursued subject or the job responsibilities for your aspired career.

Don’t be shy to seek people that pursued similar fields to understand better. You can even seek people online for more help.

For instance, search Facebook groups about your preferred career. Post a help-seeking update in the group and people with relevant knowledge will help.

For better help, check LinkedIn or other popular professional networking websites. Seek people of relevant background personally or comment on your queries on others’ posts for support.

4. Set healthy boundaries

Due to your personality type, you’re an empath. In simpler words, people’s emotions impact you too easily and you become overwhelmed.

Empathy is definitely a great trait… but for you, it’s so intense that you feel uncomfortable even being around people. So, crowded places and social situations are a big “NO” for you.

People aren’t aware of the struggle of being an empath. So, even if you explain your circumstances, they won’t trust you.

They might call you weak or other derogatory terms for not being able to handle the crowd. So, never explain yourself unless someone truly wants to understand your situation.

Instead, judge all the people you know and their effect on you.

Especially set boundaries around people that drain your energy the most. Don’t allow them too much of your time unless outside of mandatory conditions like school or work. Turn down their social invitations with a believable excuse.

If this person is an upperclassman or your mentor at work, it’s tough. Moreover, if your grades or pay depend on them, this is the worst.

But, there’s no reason to comply with their demands. If they can’t accept your simple “No”, improvise. Ask a friend to call you for some emergency whenever you give them a signal.

5. Journal and meditate to deal with your emotions

Suppose the gathering was a mandatory one. You didn’t have any option to bail out early either. After a long day of socializing, the buzzing emotions might haunt you. You probably can’t catch any shut-eye after a long day.

Well, fidgeting in your bed won’t help you at all. So, here are a few tips to deal with the moment!

Leave the bedroom to forget the pressure. The “I need some sleep” thought worsens your situation. Journal everything on your mind in another room. Keep writing until every little thought is put into words.

With each complete phrase, detangle the dark knots in your mind. You’ll connect and focus on your own emotions better. You’ll stop overthinking others’ feelings eventually.

Keep away all distractions like your smartphone or watch. Don’t hurry and let your mind and body relax as you pour out your mind on the paper.

After you’re done, you’ll feel a bit calmer than before. Get back to your bed and meditate for a moment. If the meddlesome thoughts start filling your mind, opt for guided meditation.

Focus on the voice of the guided meditation. You’ll eventually ignore your inner voice and relax from within. Another alternative is soft-spoken non-aggressive ASMR. Some ASMR videos are for meditation while others focus on inducing sleep, so choose wisely!

6. Be mindful of your heart

The last scenario was about socializing all day long. But sometimes, you won’t get to rest after an overwhelming gathering. For instance, you attend a meeting or work in a group. But that day still isn’t over… you have a lot more to do!

You can’t focus on your school or work because you’re overwhelmed. But you can’t even waste time to calm your nerves. You have classes, more work, or other responsibilities back to back. It’s worse if you have the same schedule regularly.

But don’t worry, you can also deal with these situations!

For that, pick a form of mindless meditation. If you’re a homemaker, focus on making a decorative piece or a foreign dish. You can also go for a walk or knit.

If you’re a student, carry paper and coloring pencils everywhere. If you have time between classes, try to create a 5-minute masterpiece. If you have class, squeeze a stress ball while you listen.

But if you gotta take down notes, try to write as neatly as possible. You’re prone to making messes due to your personality traits. So, this will distract you from overwhelming emotions.

If you’re a full-time worker, get a 5-minute breather if possible. Otherwise, plug in your earphones and listen to soothing instrumental music. This will stabilize your heartbeat and calm you down.

7. Don’t show arrogance during shallow conversations

An omega female doesn’t like small talk. So, if you’re the same, you have limited social skills. When people mention anything shallow, you don’t say anything. Yet you unknowingly express some rude reactions and turn them off.

Probably, you don’t want to hurt them. But your feelings are evident in your facial expressions. You also excuse yourself from such conversations.

Others think you’re arrogant for this… but you probably don’t care because you aren’t close to them.

If someone opens up about their interests to you, they trust you… even if it’s something about their favorite celebs. Your actions will only discourage them from opening up.

They’ll be self-conscious about their interests and struggle to open up to others. You might become a reason behind a major negative change in their life.

For now, you believe it doesn’t matter or that you don’t need them. But what if you do? I know you’re independent, but there’s no point in making enemies without a cause.

The future is unknown and you never know how life turns tables. So, try to maintain a healthy relationship with everyone even if you’re not that close.

Control your expressions during the shallow convo. If you want to excuse yourself, give a proper reason. Talk to them casually the next time you meet them. Don’t avoid them noticeably. This will help you in the long run!

8. Tidy your surroundings

Another of the major negative traits of omega female personality is untidiness. You’re so immersed in deep thoughts that you forget about tidying your space. Whether it’s your work or at home, nothing is in its rightful place.

It’s also known that omega females prefer to be in a chaotic space. So, you probably never even try to de-clutter. It’s okay so long you can find your things and don’t share your space.

At home, if you share your room or things with someone else, this will turn them off. Whether they are a roommate or loved ones, they feel disappointed when they can’t find things.

So, at least put your common objects in the right space mindfully.  Otherwise, you’ll push them away for good.

At work, if you have a common working space, the clutter might impact your coworkers’ productivity. So, constrict your mess to your space. Or, get an isolated workspace to enjoy your work independently.

It can also harm your image to your boss, so declutter your desk at the end of the day.

Take note if you share your personal or professional space with perfectionists and minimalists. Disorganized space turns them off on a different level. So, try to put extra effort into tidiness.

If you can’t, label the space for every object. Try to put things back in the labeled space.

9. Get a makeover if necessary

Do you know that your messy nature can affect your looks?

This is not a cue to judge people based on the socio-hierarchy. But omega females are at the bottom… because some people consider them physically less attractive.

It’s all because of the way you carry yourself… and not your real looks!

So, book a stylist’s appointment ASAP and get a makeover.

But GIRL, don’t misunderstand this suggestion. Even if nobody says this, remember that you’re downright gorgeous!  You only need a bit of guidance, so don’t feel low.

However, are you uncertain if you should take this step or not?

Well, the world still judges people’s appearances, so it’s a big YES!

In interviews, the panel has a better image of you if you look more put together. Clients, coworkers, and bosses treat you better if you dress well. During presentations, you have a better chance of grabbing the deal if you look sharp.

Your first impression is also important in romantic relationships. You can attract your prince(ss) charming faster with good looks. If you don’t dress well, they’ll question your seriousness about the relationship.

But do you feel your grooming and dressing sense are good enough?

If yes, seek a trustworthy person and get their honest opinion. Since everyone is unique, you might not have this problem at all.

10. Don’t always avoid socializing

Being an omega female, you feel terrible while socializing. You hate how your sharp mind catches on to people’s emotions. Being an empath, you always want to turn down any invitation.

Your anxieties and worries are completely understandable… but human beings need socializing.

See here’s the tip: Don’t meddle with big groups at events. Instead, directly approach influential people and share your thoughts. It’ll help you expand your business connections and grab great opportunities. If you’re seeking new jobs, this is a great way to find out about openings.

If a big and bustling group approaches you, excuse yourself to the washroom. This also works if you want to recharge yourself.

But that’s definitely not the only benefit of socializing. If you go out more often, you also have a higher chance of finding your partner.

You’re more suitable with an alpha male or alpha female. Alphas prefer to socialize, so go find your dream partner.

Sit in one corner if you like and scan through the room. Check if anyone catches your eye. Don’t turn down anyone if they approach you first. Alphas like to take charge, so they’ll definitely make the first move!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Like all other personality types, omega female personalities also have flaws. So, don’t feel that you’re the only one different. You might think that you’re the only one that never fits in anywhere. But this is how real life works! Everyone has unique troubles… and you can definitely change your story.

Remember that you’re not alone and strive to be a better person!

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