Which Are the Happiest and Unhappiest MBTI Personality Types?


They live easily and gracefully and know how to take things easy. The extrovert types are generally flexible and engage their head and heart in fun activities. They are cheerful and driven by pleasure and satisfaction in life.


They are warm-hearted and compassionate. Also, they love criticism-free atmosphere. 


They are bright and full of life. Their vibrant and cheerful nature makes them everyone’s favorite. 


They always make others believe that they are being loved and cared for. Being a kind person, they help everyone.


They are peace-loving individuals and hence hate conflicts. They are immensely helpful and friendly.


Their overthinking and critical minds can make them ponder issues that are unworthy of a thought. Moreover, these types are intuitive thinking in nature. Therefore, they tend to think more about the future, which can lower their happiness and satisfaction levels


Their energy levels are high but have low tolerance level. Also, they are ruthless, aggressive and stubborn.


They are sometimes highly judgmental & disagreeable. Also, they have negative attitude toward others.


They are reserved and easily get discouraged if perfection is not in the rightful place. Besides, they prefer alone time.

Here, we have listed both the types of personalities. But it doesn’t mean that other types always appear sad and gloomy and never feel joyous and happy in their lives. Perhaps it also does not mean that the so-called ‘happy’ types have never gone through sadness and despair. Thus, each of us will have a different understanding of being happy depending upon certain key personality traits and our life situation