Which MBTI Personality Types Are the Most Likely to Cheat?

Relationships are built on trust, and having a cheating partner is often considered unacceptable. Yet, infidelity is a challenge that some individuals may encounter at some point. While it is impossible to predict with certainty if a partner will cheat. However, there are certain MBTI personality types that are prone to infidelity.


ENFPs are passionate lovers. However, they will read between lines and may come up with weird things that might disrupt good relationships and further lead to cheating.


They prefer partners who show a lot of energy and enthusiasm. But they are resistant to change; they dislike people who try to change others with some hidden motives.


They are spontaneous & impulsive. But they may take certain risks that may cost them badly in the long run. Hence in the spontaneity tend to cheat.


They are silent lovers and can fall in love with someone suddenly. But they don't want a relationship that doesn't match their important beliefs and hence, they may resort to cheating.


They constantly need attention & connection. If their partner cannot connect with them mentally they will struggle and may choose to cheat.  


They are cautious & take time to choose an ideal partner who would fit their frame of mind. If someone sticks to their box, they'll accept them else things may start to fall apart in a few days.   

Cheating behavior is complex and can be influenced by many factors, including individual values, beliefs, circumstances, etc. Please understand that individuals can act out of character at different times in their lives, especially when they're under a lot of stress.