Every individual is different; some showcase excessive diligence and some carelessness. The same thing applies to the Enneagram model of personality, too, where each of the nine types showcases varied efficiency at the workplace.

Therefore, to know more about the workplace habits of each of the Enneagram personalities, we, the team of ThePleasantPersonality, along with our reviewer and Certified psychiatrist, Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, have come up with a piece of comprehensive information for the same.  

So, let’s explore what they are –

Workplace Habits of Various Enneagram Personalities

Enneagram 1 – Full of perfection, dedication, and success

Enneagram type 1s are known to be the ones who never compromise on the quality of work. Besides, they never settle for low-quality work and work hard until they achieve perfection.

Apart from this, they are known to be an organized freak, so they believe in keeping their office spick and span. Additionally, they will also expect the same from their colleagues. Due to introverted personality, they prefer concentrating more on goals rather than having unnecessary interaction.

With a good communication style and vocabulary, type 1s strive to make themselves very clear in the workplace. Due to all this, they are tagged as star performers in workplaces and are an asset to the organization.

Shortcomings: Though Enneagram type 1s are dedicated to work, they should respect the working styles of others too. They do not wish to settle for anything less, so there can be a cold war between colleagues.

Enneagram 2 – Friendly and empathetic

Enneagram Type 2s are known to be friendly, empathetic, and warm-hearted. Whatever tasks they undertake, they do it with utmost sincerity.

Due to their generosity, they are constantly on a spree of helping their coworkers. Besides, they love playing different roles in the organization.

They are constantly building quality relationships, and this habit brings all the organization’s members closer. Furthermore, they always get satisfaction from seeing people working in groups; thus, people enjoy coming to work due to their nature.

Shortcomings: However, if there are typical professional setups, then Enneagram 2’s find it challenging to cope, especially if they are impersonal and formal.

As they are always looking for the people-centric component in offices, it becomes difficult for them to operate if it is missing. Also, they refrain from joining organizations that lack empathy toward their coworkers.

Enneagram 3 – Competitive, ambitious, and hardworking

Enneagram 3s are tagged as “the achievers” because they are incredibly competitive and ambitious. They work hard to achieve success in every small task that they do and hate procrastination.

They have so much proactiveness within them that they would sit in silence if they had no work and plan their next course of action. Moreover, they keep a mental list of tasks they must do and try their best to check off each task gradually.

Additionally, Enneagram 3s have excellent work ethics and are highly successful at their workplace. They can become well-suited to work at different hierarchical positions – be it an employee, supervisor, or subordinate.

Shortcomings: Sometimes, Enneagram 3s can become image conscious because they want to be role models for others.

However, this habit of being image conscious can go to an extreme level where they are willing even to sabotage other people’s work to achieve success.

Enneagram 4 – Offering creative ideas and resolving conflicts in an organization

Enneagram 4s are sensitive and expressive in their behavioral patterns. Their focus lies on creativity and doing things differently from others.

When working as a coworker, they will always give sufficient space to their colleagues and accept their perspectives about various aspects of life.

Moreover, type 4s always give their best in those work environments when they can contribute meaningfully.

Shortcomings: However, Enneagram 4s are emotional, and their emotions can play out mostly at work. This results in making things intense for others to handle at certain times.

Also, they are habituated to daydreaming and may easily get swept away in their feelings. Also, they sometimes need help coping with an organized framework and a self-centered approach.

Enneagram 5 – Sober and wants to understand how the world operates

People of Enneagram 5 personality always protect their privacy and freedom so that they can live at their convenience. They love analyzing things happening around the globe and investigating every single detail.

Besides, they are good at adopting a rational approach while looking at different aspects of life. As a colleague, they are always ready to use their area of expertise to help coworkers deal with challenges they face while carrying out responsibilities.

Shortcomings: However, Enneagram 5s enjoy working in specific environments. They expect these environments to give them sufficient personal space to nurture their ideas and re-energize independently.

They hate working in large groups and prefer to have seniors who will always encourage them to constant learning and growth in their careers.

Enneagram 6 – Love teamwork, creating a personal bond with coworkers, and getting accolades from bosses

Enneagram 6 personality types are responsible people who show dedication toward whatever work they do in their life. They can be Phobic or Counter-Phobic and so it is very crucial for them to feel safe.

They focus on putting in their hard work while carrying out various responsibilities in life and hence do not divert themselves from their professional duties in any situation.

Alongside this, they also encourage their colleagues to express their concerns so that they can offer concrete solutions.

Moreover, they can be a very dedicated employee, building strong professional relationships, allowing them to gain the trust of their subordinates, colleagues, and managers.

Shortcomings: Employees with Enneagram six personality enjoy working in structured professional setups that give value to preparation. These organizations must provide sufficient opportunities to act with caution.

Besides, they prefer dealing with those individuals in a team with logical minds and avoid interaction with emotionally overwhelming coworkers.

Enneagram 7 – Practical and playful

Enneagram 7s are practical and playful and tend to be high-spirited. Their core desire is to experience stimulation, engagement, and life satisfaction.

They never let enthusiasm dry down and possess the relentless curiosity to gather new information and enjoy new experiences that help them lead their life to their fullest. 

Shortcomings: With so much excitement, Enneagram 7s can become exhausted and suffer from distraction. They even face problems with impulsiveness and impatience.

Besides, they prefer if their managers allot new responsibilities each day than make them do repetitive tasks. Thus, they do not wholly concentrate on the task at hand.

Enneagram 8 – A master of using their wide range of ideas to good effect

Enneagram 8s greatly help oppressed individuals who cannot stand up for their rights and suffer throughout their life. Alongside this, they carry a great sense of humor.

Speaking of a professional setup, they love working in those environments, which allow them to handle authoritative positions.

They love taking charge of situations and leading others toward achieving their goals. They also idolize a workplace that greatly respects their ideas and opinions.

Shortcomings: For Enneagram 8, things at the workplace must go according to their needs and demands because that gives them energy.

However, if the operations inside the workplace do not go as per their desires, their commitment level drops drastically, and they start looking for better opportunities in other organizations.

Enneagram 9 – Avoiding workplace conflicts and be motivated to achieve inner peace and stability

Most Enneagram type 9s believe that to achieve their inner peace; they must help the people around them attain peace. Besides, they also want the people around them in workplaces to have peaceful relations with everyone.

Even if any conflict arises that does not involve them, Enneagram 9 would like to resolve it. Furthermore, they are sincere and flexible employees who are always keen to come up with innovative ideas to work for in the organization.

Most importantly, Enneagram 9s gives strong importance to collaboration and cooperation. Due to this, they can survive at all hierarchical levels of any organization.

Shortcomings: Enneagram 9 wants to avoid conflicts at any cost, so they may become passive-aggressive.

However, such an attitude does not help to solve the root of the existing problem. Sometimes, they do not voice their opinion, thinking it might stir controversy or internal conflicts. It is crucial to be expressive at times.

Closing Thoughts

In this article, we have listed the workplace habits of all nine Enneagram Personality types. Some might be peacemakers, while some are thorough perfectionists. But all-in-all, each Enneagram personality type has strengths and weaknesses in the workplace.