Wondering what to do if you’re a delta female? Found that you’re a delta female after taking the quiz? Anxious about your flaws?

Don’t worry, this think-piece has all the tips for dealing with some of your stubborn traits and improving your life. If you embrace these tips, your life will surely change for the better.

So, get right into it!

What to do if you’re a delta female?

Being a delta female, you’re introverted, i.e., you like to spend more time with yourself than people who hardly care about you. You’re straightforward and serious about your relationships.

However, people often misunderstand your intentions. But it’s high time to change the story. So, c’mon, brace your heart and begin this journey!

1. Take a moment to know yourself

If you have delta female personality traits, you’re already a self-aware person and know about your flaws. However, you’re a human being too, and are prone to mistakes. So, you might not know yourself as well as you claim to. That’s why learn the pros and cons of being a delta female to understand yourself better.

Do everything necessary to retain your positive traits and focus on working on the negative ones. But don’t assume that you have all the strengths and weaknesses. You might not have all the issues or you might have more issues. So, try to understand yourself slowly.

2. Try to socialize once in a while

You don’t feel comfortable talking with new people or spending time with them. You stay quiet at parties unless your close friends are around. You feel that enjoyment with a person you don’t know is unimportant.

You avoid social events as much as possible because you’re shy and introverted. Socializing is truly troublesome for yourself, but think before you miss these parties. This is your chance to connect with people… you can make friends, find the love of your life, or a professional connection to support your development.

Moreover, if it’s an office party, avoid missing it as you can meet influential people. If it’s a loved one’s party, they’ll miss your presence. So, think hard before you make impulsive decisions.

3. Find out a way to deal with your anxiety

When you deal with people at social events, you know that they are waiting for you to mess up. They don’t expect you at parties, and your presence itself becomes gossip material for them. This makes you anxious about your actions. But that only makes you more prone to more mistakes.

To deal with the physical symptoms of nervousness, hydrate yourself, dab away any trace of sweat, and massage your hands to prevent any involuntary shaking.

To calm yourself mentally, get fresh air and focus on the music or pleasant lighting. If nothing works, use one earphone and listen to soothing sounds.

4. Communicate how much time you need to know someone

Before building platonic and romantic relationships, you take a lot of time to know them and find out if you’re compatible or not. However, everyone isn’t patient enough to understand you. So, never assume that the other person knows what you have in mind.

Instead, honestly tell them that you want to know if you guys can be good friends. Tell them how long you will need to find your answer. Once you’re done understanding, tell them that you’re ready and accept them… or, that you guys can’t work out. Be specific about your needs.

5. Figure out ways to face conflict

Due to your delta female personality type, you avoid conflicts like it’s the plague. You feel anxious and cut off connections before you face conflict. However, conflict can help improve your relationships. You can grow stronger than ever after you resolve it.

So, don’t flee from conflict and face it slowly. If you feel overwhelmed, take a 10-minute break and then return to the conversation. If the other person also understands your conflict-averse situation, that’ll be great.

6. Figure out if they truly deserve to be estranged

You have a habit of cutting off connections to avoid conflicts because you believe they are toxic. This isn’t just a bad habit but also isolates you from your friends and family. So, if the other person is a loved one, think before you judge them.

Are they truly toxic or are they naïve? Reassess the situation… because they are might be actually stupid and hurt you unknowingly. Of course, if the situation went out of hand because they did something intentionally, it’s okay to push them away for good. But before that, check this…

7. Don’t hesitate to punish an offender

If they hurt you intentionally, walking out of their life is a blessing for them. They took advantage of you and you won’t even make them pay for their sins. What more can they wish for?

You obviously dislike conflicts, but you can’t let go of an opportunist this way. Hold them responsible for their faults. If you can’t do it alone, seek a trustworthy person to support you.

Get justice for yourself, otherwise, more opportunists will approach you. Don’t let the world think that you’re weak or that nobody has got your back.

8. Understand if you truly wanna be an alpha

You’re probably a fallen alpha female. You were outgoing, cheerful, optimistic, and powerful. Then something happened and your life isn’t the same anymore.

You’re over the pain of past experiences. But you can’t stand the change in your status in the hierarchy. You’re probably driven to join the alpha women again.

But take a minute to understand what you hate about your personality right now. In the end, personality type is created by society and it doesn’t truly make you less than anyone else.

Understand what trait of alpha females attracts you. Instead of changing yourself completely, consider improving small bits of yourself.  You might reach your goal sooner that way!

9. Don’t go too hard with the realism

Your mind is dead set on reality, practicality, logic, and rationality. You only see what’s there in front of you and nothing more. You don’t hope for anything fancy and state your mind as you see. You don’t talk about possibilities and miracles.

For this, many call you a pessimist and push you away. So, communicate clearly about what they can’t handle about your realism. You hardly care about others’ opinions and validation.

But think about your loved ones’ comfort. If your realism hurts their sentiments, try to keep it down. Reach a middle ground and make a truce!

10. State your boundaries and needs in any relationship

You don’t like to spend time with people you dislike. You don’t seek validation from others. You also don’t feel comfortable with shallow conversations. You need some time for yourself every day.

You have plenty of such boundaries, but others don’t know about them. Someone might insist you join a party. Another person might assume that you want their validation but don’t try hard enough. On the other hand, your partner might want to monopolize all of your free time.

Before people violate your boundaries and make you uncomfortable, be clear about them. Especially with the people you deal with regularly and clearly communicate your boundaries to avoid such situations.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

These tips won’t give you results overnight… you can’t even get used to them fast. So, your journey might only include ten steps, but it’ll be tough. Dedicate yourself to it and be truthful to yourself.

Don’t expect things to work out on their own. Put consistent efforts and don’t give up. You’ll definitely feel much better about yourself!

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