So, you’re thinking about what to do if you’re a gamma female? It may be because you recently took a personality quiz and found out you’re one of them. Most of the time, you’re just wondering about how to achieve everything perfectly in life.

Especially, when it comes to your career, your extreme dedication towards it is completely obvious. So, this think-piece will definitely help you through and improve yourself.

C’mon, let’s get down to work!

What to Do if You’re a Gamma Female?

Being a gamma female, you’re a bit too harsh on yourself at times. But other times, you care for yourself just fine. But while you enjoy your time, you also ignore some other aspects of your life.

So, c’mon, let’s learn to balance life even better here… 

1. Know yourself better

Learn about the gamma female personality traits, the pros and cons of being one, and your behavior in your personal and professional life. Check out the other pieces about all of those to know more about them in detail.

If you know these, you’ll do a great job to overcome any situation. However, don’t expect to match with all the pointers. You’re a unique individual, so you’re bound to be a bit different despite your very personality traits.

So, it’s your job to figure out whether you match with all the pointers or not. Ignore the ones that don’t match and focus on the rest.

Next, take some time to understand yourself. You might have some unique traits that aren’t listed on any resources available online or elsewhere. If you can’t figure it out, seek a trustworthy friend that spends time with you regularly. They can point out some unique traits if they deal with you for long hours. It can be your lover, sibling, parent, classmate, or coworker.

Make sure you list down the unique ones. Avoid depending on your memory alone. When the day ends, try to figure out ways to deal with the flaws and amp up the pros. If you don’t get any ideas, it’s fine to seek the internet or another loved one for answers. Just don’t unnecessarily delay the process.

2. Stop the self-loathing

When you face setbacks and defeats in life, you often immerse yourself in self-loathing and self-criticism. You feel frustrated and anxious. You hate how your plans weren’t good enough to deal with possible problems. You hate that you didn’t consider thinking further.

For days, you feel depressed and need a long time to get back on track. You waste your precious time while your inner critic makes you feel bad.

But darling, what’s the point of attacking yourself and your confidence this way?

Society is already at your neck to nitpick about you. So, why do you push yourself deeper into this dark pit?

Being a gamma female. you probably don’t have much control over this inner voice. But whenever your mind resumes back to negative thoughts, mindfully distract yourself.

If you’re in public and the negative thoughts creep in, listen to soothing music. Choose songs with optimistic lyrics that you relate to. If it happens when you’re at work, take a break and treat yourself to your favorite caffeine.

If it happens before going to sleep, get up from bed. Stretch your body to release tension. But don’t try extremely strenuous exercise. If you still feel pessimistic, pour your mind out in a journal. Afterward, burn the pages and you’ll feel like part of your agony is gone.

3. Spend time with supportive people

Another way to control your negative thoughts is to seek people’s support. Go out more often and connect with people. Spend time with your loved ones instead of confining yourself in your room. Go on a short weekend trip with everyone to keep your mind busy.

If you live with your family, do part of the daily chores with them. If possible, go out for dinner with them. Don’t stay quiet and share your mind with them. Allow them to support you.

Don’t always assume that they won’t understand you. At least, let them try and if they can’t understand you, then stop.

If your close ones disappoint you and start lecturing you, sweetheart, that’s truly devastating. But don’t feel that “you deserve it because the closest people told you so”.

Many people don’t have the right people around them. And they feel far worse about themselves because of it. They fail to understand that they aren’t that bad, but their company is!

So, if anyone makes you feel even worse after sharing your worries, break free. They don’t deserve to be in your life. If they’re bound to you by blood, mentally walk away from them.

Find someone that’ll truly understand you during hard times. Of course, you can’t imagine expressing yourself to another person again. But this is the best way to find your true loved ones. And once you find them, keep them close to your heart!

4. Even after adventures, take time for loved ones

You love to enjoy every moment of your life. Whenever you get time away from studies and work, you try to enjoy it by stepping out or doing something fun at home. You might go trekking all alone, on a one-day road trip with your friends, or on a small weekend vacation filled with exotic activities with your family.

While having fun, you miss your chance to communicate completely. Even if you take your loved ones with you, everyone is busy enjoying the moment. Nobody can take a moment to notice each other. You’re all happy to have new experiences.

When you have enough fun, you feel too tired. You can’t even think about holding a conversation. You and your loved one… both hit the bed and retire for the night.

Every weekend has the same story… and you guys don’t even notice how time slips by. You lose crucial moments to communicate with your loved ones. Days go by and you don’t know if you’re happy with each other or if your needs are fulfilled.

So, change this for good and don’t have fun until you’re spent. Enjoy life but set some time only with your partner, parents, children, and friends. You can’t do everything in a single day. So, this Saturday, spend an hour with your kids. On Sunday night, talk with your partner about everything. Then again, next weekend, take time for your parents and so on.

5. Before loved ones misunderstand you, explain your viewpoint

You often put yourself first when in a dilemma. Despite how much you love the other person, you care for yourself.

You understand that if you’re not happy, you can’t make another person happy. You don’t believe that you can truly devote yourself to another person with incessant sacrifices.

However, the other person might not have similar views. They might misunderstand you… so, once again, clear communication will save the day!

Share your beliefs with them and ask how they feel about them. If you don’t know how to explain yourself, take this example:

Suppose every human being is a vessel and effort, feelings, love, and help are water in that vessel. What will happen if water is poured out continuously?

There’s no break and no chance of refilling the vessel.  At some point, the vessel will have nothing to pour for others.

At that point, you’ll be nothing but an empty shell. You won’t even be able to help or support others. So, you prioritize yourself to be able to help others in need.

Share this thought with anyone that expects something from you. If you’re important to them, they’ll understand. They might also embrace this rule and lead a more fulfilling life.

6. But walk away if they can’t respect your thoughts

After following the last step, the other person might not agree with you. If they still demand you to prioritize before them, ask whether they want it always or during emotional moments.

If they only expect it during specified moments, think about compromising. But if they want to always be your priority, that’s some toxic trait. You better get away from them ASAP. If they can’t respect your wishes at all and want everything their way, they aren’t mentally healthy.

If (s)he is your partner, it’s time to break up. If they’re your family or relatives, maintain distance from them. If it’s someone else, ignore them as much as you can. Otherwise, they’ll attract a lot of negativity in your life.

7. Urge your lover to be strategic in love

In love, you play strategic games to make your partner more cherished. You find out about their routine and suddenly appear in front of them. If you can’t spend time together or if they are in the middle of work, you drop them their favorite treat.

You try to surprise them using similar sneaky and cute tactics. Your partner feels loved because you shower them with endless ways of love.

However, you desire your partner to be on par with you. Even if you initially felt connected with them, no two people are completely alike. You might be proficient at surprising them but not vice versa.

You might also soon get tired of putting in so much effort and receiving nothing. So, don’t be shy about communicating your needs. If you want similar subtle surprises, express that clearly.

Don’t expect your partner to figure out everything on their own. Otherwise, you might lose a beautiful relationship.

You are certainly aware of the importance of communication. So, use it when you expect something. And if you know that it’ll definitely boost your bond and feelings, don’t hold back!

You never know… perhaps, your partner wants to do something for you but isn’t sure what. You might debate that the entire point of giving “surprises” won’t be a surprise if you ask for it. But, life isn’t perfect, so make the best of everything you have!

But if you don’t want to be direct at all, ask your trustworthy close friends to share this tip with them.

8. Make sure your love for nature doesn’t harm others

Due to omega female personality types, you love Mother Nature. You find various ways to bond with her. You might spend more time in the garden or go on regular walks in the neighborhood park.

You might also have a miniature indoor garden at home. Now, there’s no issue if you stay alone. But if you share your home with another, learn about their comfort.

Figure out if they’re allergic to any kind of plant or flower. If yes, avoid that at all costs because this is a matter of health. Instead, seek a plant expert to find a plant your housemate won’t react to.

Do you also have a plant at your office? If you share a space with someone else, know if they’re allergic to that plant and make similar arrangements there.

Next, find out the perfect place to keep your plants. Communicate with your housemate or coworkers depending on where you want it. Choose a space where it won’t get in others’ way.

You’re also keen on using environment-friendly low-waste objects more.

But do you also reprimand others for not following similar practices?

If yes, that might cause trouble in your various relationships. Especially some of those products aren’t affordable, even if they are a one-time investment. So, instead of nagging them, understand their situation. Remember, you can’t force others to have similar beliefs.

9. Communicate about mutual support for a fair deal

You can’t independently make progress like sigma males and sigma females. So, you try to cooperate with others. You help them and expect them to support you during your times. However, their help might not be on par with yours and vice versa. But you still believe in helping each other out.

However, it’s fine so long the other person knows how to return a favor. This world is too cruel, and sometimes, human beings are selfish. They seek help from others yet forget everything when it’s time for payback.

To avoid getting taken advantage of, communicate your aim. Tell them that you’ll help them only if they agree to support you somehow later on.

Yes, it will feel pretty weird because you also make great friends from cooperation. Obviously, if you verbally mention this, it seems more like a business deal and less of a friendly promise.

So, help them without saying much. When they want to express their gratitude, tell them that you only expect their cooperation during your difficulties. This will send the right message to them and they’ll be prepared to help you again.

However, if you seek help from them, yet they don’t respond, learn your lesson. Don’t seek them twice and don’t even let them get any benefits from you later on.

Once your troubles are taken care of, they might apologize. Remember, that’s only a way to keep you under control and seek help later. So, it’s okay to break ties with opportunists ASAP.

10. Don’t focus excessively on spiritual healing

You believe in spiritual practices and have your own beliefs about them. You also incline more towards spiritual healing techniques than anything else.

You’re also health conscious and follow a healthy and hygienic routine. So, your chances of falling sick are pretty low. But you never know how things take a worse turn.

Now, if you ever notice any unnatural symptoms, what do you do? It’s unknown whether you seek spiritual healing for only peace of mind or for all kinds of ailments.

If it’s the first, then that’s great. But if it’s the second, you must change your ways. Spiritual healing consumes far more time than allopathic medicine. By that time, you might hurt yourself far more than making any progress. So, depend on modern science and medicine and take urgent action during these.

Due to your gamma female personality, you believe more in spiritual healing. And there’s nothing particularly wrong about your beliefs. However, before things worsen, seek a certified doctor.

Don’t try to deal with long-term or serious symptoms with spiritual healing alone. But if you want to try spiritual healing alongside modern medicine, that’s okay.

Moreover, get regular health checkups to make sure that you don’t ignore any serious signs.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

You have your own way to deal with the ups and downs of life. So, it might be hard to change your habits drastically. However, understand that this think-piece only guides you to eradicate your flaws and avoid major blunders.

Of course, don’t expect results overnight… The steps might be small, but it’s not easy to incorporate. So, keep practicing until you become the best gamma female ever!

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