The question “what to do if you’re an omega male?” is buzzing in your mind? So, you found out about your personality type? Do you feel concerned because it’s at the bottommost of the hierarchy?

Well, firstly, calm down! Apparently, you lack hierarchical consciousness. So, this news is bound to make you panic. But this think-piece promises to help you through all the issues!

So, head right into it!

What to Do if You’re an Omega Male?

Being an omega male, you probably think that you have endless flaws. Or, probably others convinced you that you’re flawed? Well, the reality is pretty different because that’s not true at all. So, let’s help you improve yourself with a few steps!

1. Give up your freedom only in certain circumstances

Similar to a sigma male, the omega male doesn’t like to compromise his freedom. So, you probably gave up on many relationships and bonds to protect your independence. 

You don’t want to be attached to anyone that asks you to give up on your desires. You want to follow your own path in life. If a close one asks you to reconsider, you feel more inclined to push them away from your life.

Now, you don’t need to give up on your wishes… but is it right to sacrifice close relationships?

So, before you take such drastic measures, think carefully.

If that person is only an acquaintance, it doesn’t matter. You’re free to push them away. If their wish to restrain you is wrong or if they stop you from grabbing major opportunities in life, that’s also an understandable reason.

However, the twist begins when they are close to you.

You’re an introvert and have only a few close and deep bonds. You don’t have many friends or loved ones. So, if you push away a loved one, you’ll hurt yourself emotionally.

Moreover, a close one won’t obstruct you from progressing in life. So, communicate when someone close gets in the way of your freedom. Know that they have a good reason to stop you.

But if the bond is still new, i.e., it’s a lover or friend of a few weeks, choose for yourself.

2. Limit your career-seeking quest to some parameters

The traits of an omega male make you want to seek new professional opportunities. Okay, before you get the wrong idea, It’s great that you want to find your perfect career.

However, your creative intelligence is hard to satisfy. You change your academic and/or professional fields a lot more than normal.

Honestly speaking, everyone doesn’t have an equal or fair life. Probably, you also learn new things about yourself while you try out new things.

But, don’t forget that your lifespan is limited, so you only have a fixed amount of time to earn a living. Unless you have a source of unlimited cash and are financially secured, repetitive change in career or academics is a poor move!

In academics, you won’t learn anything in detail. Before you complete one thing, you’ll skip to the other. You’ll hardly reach a pro level in any subject. Your qualifications won’t be impressive and you won’t go too far in your professional life.

You’ll also spoil your chances of progressing in your career. Because you’ll often change your careers to find the right fit for you.

No, don’t stop seeking your passion… this isn’t a cue to give up on your dreams. But restrict your attempts to a particular number. For instance, instead of endlessly switching to different fields, confine it to 5 attempts. Within those, go for the field that appeals to you the most. Or, retract it by age, for instance, don’t seek newer careers after you reach 33 years.

3. Don’t be reckless for the thrill

Omega male personalities are also infamous for getting bored too fast. For instance, an omega man wants to be challenged in his life pretty regularly.

So, you want to face challenging setbacks in your academic and/or professional life. You often pick subjects that challenge you intellectually. Or, you knowingly accept projects that are way beyond your reach.

However, can you always keep up with the challenges? Your mentor in college or supervisor at work lets you take on the tasks because they believe in you.

But if you ever fail in your endeavors, it’ll also harm their reputation. They’ll be answerable to the authorities for allowing you to take the chances.

Moreover, it can also drain you mentally and physically. If you push yourself without thinking through, you’ll burn yourself out sooner than normal.

On the other hand, if you can’t have thrills this way, you take unnecessary risks or go out on life-threatening adventures. This makes your loved ones anxious about your safety and their own security. While you kill boredom, they suffer from uncertainty and worries.

Communicate to understand your loved one’s feelings. If this makes them uncomfortable, find a better way to deal with monotony. Don’t do anything that can directly hurt you or your reputation.

Life is full of ups AND downs, so don’t always expect the thrills. Don’t go out of your way to seek thrills. Believe in your fate and let your life take its course. Otherwise, you’ll put yourself through the worst situations.

4. Before you violate laws or rules, consider the consequences

Due to omega personality traits, you often challenge rules and minor law and order. You feel that societal norms are way too restrictive. So, you break minor laws and see if it’s that serious.

Well, law and order exist for a reason. You might not see any instant result of your action. But it can harm others’ lives later. Or, it can encourage others to break the law.

Perhaps, things were fine in your case, but they’d suffer because you advertised something dangerous to them. So, it won’t hurt to be more law-abiding.

You also break household rules to know what happens beyond them. Or, you want to show them that there’s no reason behind their worries.

For instance, your family or culture has certain superstitious rules and you want to help them get over it. You violate the rules knowingly to show them that they worry needlessly. 

Now, you’re probably right in your stance. But, it’ll annoy your family or society and bring unwanted attention to your life. If you know something is groundless, let it be. Everyone isn’t open-minded, so let them be.

Or perhaps, you help your little nephew sneak out past his curfew. Because you want to show his parents that it’s safe out there.

For this, it’s better to let the child’s parents decide what’s right for them. You’re not responsible for the kid, so let them educate him.

Think about the consequences of your choice repeatedly before you act on it. Or, talk to someone to figure out what’s genuinely right.

5. Discuss boundaries with trustworthy people

Your sense of boundary is pretty poor due to omega male traits. You don’t know how to set and maintain your boundaries. People often violate your boundaries and you feel hurt.

Yet you don’t understand the need to state your boundaries, although it can protect you from lots of trouble. For instance, you might struggle to express your needs. You might also tend to put others’ needs before yours.

People only learn to disregard your needs further when you have poor boundaries. So, talk to a trustworthy person to understand the concept. Through the discussion, find what boundaries you must have and not feel guilty about.

On the flip side, you also can’t respect others’ boundaries. This creates massive havoc in any area of your life. Your friends, family members, romantic partners, or even your coworkers can’t stand it.

They hate how you can’t stay in your lane and always overstep your boundaries. You push their buttons until they can no longer take it.

Don’t forget that you have only a few loved ones. If you carry on this way, everyone will eventually abandon you. You’ll even lose major projects in your professional life and impact your livelihood.

To get more clarification on boundaries, seek help from online portals. You’ll know about the basic boundaries of human beings and their needs. But it’s always better to ask the other person about their boundaries. Or, tell them to give you a heads-up if you ever violate one.

6. Socialize once in a while

An omega male doesn’t care about socializing due to introversion. So, whenever you get an invitation to events and there’s no close one, you turn it down. However, you miss too many opportunities this way.

For instance, you have only a few friends. They support you through your life now… but that’s only because they have the time.

Eventually, their work responsibilities will increase. They’ll get married, have kids, and their parents will grow old. They’ll become too busy to spare you a moment in their life.

Out of loneliness, you’ll face severe mental and physical health concerns.

You don’t go out much and hang out with the same friends. So, you’ll also delay meeting compatible romantic partners. Your love life will blossom way later.

If you want to switch your profession, you can also make great connections at these events. You’ll miss that opportunity as well.

Being an introvert, people and socializing naturally tire you out way more than anyone imagines. So, of course, don’t attend every event you get invited to avoid being too picky. Push yourself sometimes to set your foot outside.

For a good start, spend less time with video games. Step out in the sun more without doing anything risky!

7. Be more tolerant toward small talk

You aren’t good with small talk like the weather, sports, or trends. But you are a deep thinker. So, even if anyone picks a shallow conversation, you steer it toward the deeper things.

However, if you’re not familiar with the other person, abort the plan! You’re aware that you’re no fan of shallow conversations but bear with it.

The reason?

You don’t know their interests, so they might not find you interesting at all.

Be careful especially if that person is your esteemed client or a prospective lover. Otherwise, they won’t look forward to meeting you a second time.

If you don’t know how to respond to them, smile and compliment them a lot. You can also take a quick bathroom break and check the news online to know more about it.

Since you’re honest, you probably want to be sincere to the other person. So, before you try to turn the conversation into something deeper, be transparent. Tell them “I’m not really well-versed in this topic. Do you have any other interests?” You can follow up with some of yours as options.

This is way better than assuming that they’ll feel entertained. They’ll understand that you’re considerate and wish to meet you again. But if it doesn’t work out, you’ll still have a chance because you’ll make a great impression on them.

8. Focus on your appearances

Since you’re a deep thinker, you hardly have a moment to care for your looks. Your outfit is crumpled and probably not even color-coded. You don’t groom yourself regularly.

Since you don’t take care of your appearance, people assume that omegas are the least attractive in the socio-hierarchy.

But you don’t mind their thoughts. Instead, you feel that your worth doesn’t depend on your looks. You think people must recognize you for your talent and not your appearance.

However, it’s time to get back to reality. The world still judges everyone on looks and you’ll face major setbacks if you don’t change. Your unkempt looks give away the wrong signals.

People wonder “If he can’t take care of himself, he’s not serious about his life.” or “Is he a pothead?”

That’s so mean but you can’t control others’ thoughts.

Lesser organizations will look forward to accepting you. Women won’t pay attention to you. Everyone assumes that you look shabby because you don’t love yourself. Or, that you’re depressed and will attract negative energy into their life. 

Dress better and you’ll succeed in social connections much better. Learn more about men’s grooming skills. Take tips from your friends or find some online. Make sure you consider your face and eye shape when you groom yourself.

If it’s too confusing, book an appointment with a stylist. Get a complete makeover for your facial grooming and outfit coordination. Try to work out with the least changes in your wardrobe to avoid wastage.

9. Approach romantic interests even if you’re uncertain

It’s said that omega men don’t understand women. Since you are introverted, you hardly ever approach a woman. You’re probably socially inept. If you see your crush, you don’t know how to react.

You get cold feet, feel extremely nervous, and don’t know how to strike up a conversation. In the end, you give up on talking to them completely.

Well, if this continues, you’ll miss all the chances. Don’t be disheartened… but your crush will be in someone else’s arms soon if you don’t get your act right. So, make a good plan beforehand to deal with such situations.

For instance, know about her interests and focus on any common ones. Learn some basic ways to initiate a conversation. However, steer clear from stupid pickup lines unless she responds well to those.

If you have common friends, ask them about her tastes in men. You can dress to impress her. But if you don’t have that choice, wear well-pressed button-down shirts. Those can get any woman’s heart. When you look handsome to her, she’ll even find your little mistakes cute.

10. Don’t turn down all advice

You like to lead your life your way and usually don’t get influenced by others. You usually check how any advice can harm you or obstruct your goals. You turn down most suggestions in your life. It’s as if you believe that you know better than others.

Well, that might be the situation… probably, you are more knowledgeable than the other person. But give every piece of advice a good thought. If you ignore advice habitually, you never know what troubles you’ll invite.

Of course, don’t ponder on the mean or backhanded advice. But take a moment to think why people say something. You can save yourself from serious troubles if you’re mindful about it!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Remember that you can’t change overnight. Don’t force yourself to accept these changes too fast. Instead, enjoy the change slowly and live every minute of it.

Understand the importance of every step and convince yourself that everything will improve your life. If you think that this is a painful or troublesome experience, you won’t succeed.

So, accept the process from within and watch the magic happen!

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