Do you want to bust some alpha female myths? Often heard that these women are misunderstood yet never knew how? Perhaps you know an alpha female and want to treat her right?

Oh boy, you’re at the right place because you’ll clear up all the misconceptions about her. People often don’t dig deeper into others’ reality. But since you’re here, you won’t be disappointed.

So, let’s get on to it!

Alpha Female Myths

Since alpha females are always on top, people have a lot to gossip about them. Some believe that she’s selfish while others call her unromantic.

However, those people hardly ever spent enough time to know the real her. So, take this opportunity to reach the truth!

1. Alpha women are mean and insensitive

She often speaks her mind without a filter and is straightforward. If you do anything wrong, she will correct you. If everyone wants to suppress her, she will make sure that she’s heard. If anyone disrespects her beliefs, she’ll defend her choices and confront them.

She is not afraid of stating the obvious or demanding what she deserves. This doesn’t imply that she is insensitive. Rather, she has a high EQ and knows her and others’ emotions pretty well.

She knows how her emotions and emotional expressions might hurt others. She always makes it so nobody else gets affected because of her emotional outbursts.

2. The alpha female is self-centered

The alpha woman is tremendously focused on her goals. She works hard to reach those and doesn’t settle for anything less. For this, she often makes sure that she doesn’t get distracted from her goals.

For instance, if she hasn’t yet reached anywhere near her goals, she won’t party a lot or befriend party animals. She won’t even start dating if she is still single and yet to fulfill her dreams. 

She figured out her priorities and won’t allow anyone to play with them, even if it’s her friends or family. Many people hate how she gives more time to her academics or job and call her selfish.

However, being so driven and motivated makes her true to her goals. It doesn’t make her selfish at all. After all, if you were passionate about something, would you like anyone to interfere with your time when you focused on it? It’s the same for her!

3. The alpha woman is bossy

She is pretty particular about any goal. If she is in charge of you or is a team leader, she will teach you many things. For instance, if you follow a particular process that doesn’t give optimal results, she’ll teach you better processes.

She will work from within the team which makes others uncomfortable. She does it so she can keep a close eye on everyone and help them whenever they go wrong. But everyone assumes that she just doesn’t trust them and breathes down their neck.

They even feel that she wants to control everyone. So, often people try to rebel against her guidance. They expect her to try to control them even more when they don’t listen to her.

However, she never forces anyone to follow her lead. Instead, she believes in their own judgment and choices. But if others’ actions interfere with her own goals, she knows better than to keep them in the team.

She takes charge then and there instead of depending on others. People often feel she’s bossy because she has immense faith in her own choice.

4. Alpha females can’t stand sweet or romantic moves

The alpha woman loves to talk facts instead of beating around the bush. Even in her relationships, she communicates directly instead of playing mind games. So, her suitors believe that she doesn’t appreciate any kind of cute gesture in romance or that she only prefers direct and dry conversations.

However, that’s completely wrong because she’d always cherish even the least bit of appreciative gesture. She doesn’t ignore any form of love at all.

5. She puts down other women

Since she loves to be in the limelight, it’s said that she puts down any woman that threatens her position. People assume that she acts mean to any woman that gets more attention.

However, she doesn’t believe in beating down other women. Rather, she is a feminist and wants to pull other women up to the top. She usually leads teams of female members and supports them to be better on their own.

Her love for fame and attention isn’t as intense as everyone makes it to be. Everyone gossips about her wherever she goes, so she intentionally attracts the spotlight to turn any situation in her favor. She makes sure that everyone knows the truth about her.

But she isn’t insecure, so if anyone else grabs the limelight, she’s open to listening to them.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

These might not be the only myths about alpha females. Since she is the best, many more myths might sprout out of people’s jealousy.

So, make sure that you don’t let rumors get to you. Cross-check everything before you believe them and you won’t ever misunderstand her!

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