Do you want to know about the alpha female? Are you or a loved one an alpha female? Are you curious about how to interact with one? Or, do you wanna be an alpha female?

Well, whatever you want to know, this think-piece will help you get all the answers. Today, you won’t return disappointed because everything about the alpha female will be clear here.

So, without any delay, plunge right in!

Alpha Female Infographic

Alpha Female - 15 Traits to Identify Them
Alpha Female – 15 Traits to Identify Them

What is an Alpha Female?

The term alpha female refers to a headstrong, confident, and ambitious woman. This female socio-hierarchy personality comes at the top of the hierarchy.

According to Vox Day’s hierarchy, the alpha female personality tops the list and is somewhat on par with the sigma female.

Alpha females are known to be clear-minded, assertive, kind, communicative, stubborn, adventurous, and knowledgeable. However, to know her even better, it’s only fair to learn about her traits here

Alpha Female Traits

Alpha females believe in being independent in the true sense. For that, they are ready to do everything possible. Most of their traits are a byproduct of their enormous zeal to win.

So, let’s know more here…

1. Her goals are clear to her

Alpha women plan their future endeavors way before others. They don’t wait for the right time as they never second-guess their capabilities.

They can stick to the same goal for years. They might even have a couple of dream jobs when they are still in middle school.

2. She is stubborn about her goals

The alpha woman is a human being and also makes mistakes. Even her best plans might not work out. It’s not that she never experienced failure. However, failure or people’s negative advice never made her back off. She tries harder once she stumbles.

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3. She knows when to listen

The alpha female is supposed to take all the limelight to herself. Everyone assumes that she always steals others’ thunder. But that’s something only insecure people do. Alpha women are confident, so they let others speak and even pay attention to them without worrying about their fame.

4. She loves risks and adventures

Unlike most women, she doesn’t like the idea of staying in her comfort zone. Instead, she always wants to push her limits.

She takes uncalled-for risks and goes on sudden adventures to understand herself. She might do something fun or avoid following the steps of her predecessor… it can be anything!

5. She knows better and shares it

The alpha female knows far better than her peers because she’s always interested in learning new things. So, if anyone around her is misinformed or shares wrong information, she quickly corrects them. People assume she’s nosy but she just can’t help but make sure nobody gets misled.

6. She’ll fight for her beliefs

Her beliefs, opinions, and thoughts are way different from others. So, people don’t often agree with the terms of her lifestyle or beliefs… and that’s okay. She doesn’t mind that not a lot of people think similarly.

However, if anyone attacks her beliefs or tries to change her mind, she’ll confront them.

7. She’s straightforward

She will never beat around the bush when something is on her mind. She doesn’t believe in playing stupid mind games until others guess her viewpoints.

Instead, she states her mind directly and explains herself as clearly as possible. Some people, however, get offended by her unladylike attitude!

8. She’s extremely confident

In any situation, the alpha woman is extremely confident and you can tell by observing her body language and facial expressions. For instance, when she walks into a room, she walks firmly, holds her chin high, makes eye contact while greeting others, and expresses herself openly.

9. She leads from within

Alpha women are born for the leadership role. They are much more intelligent than the rest which naturally makes them better leaders. However, they like to work along with the team and support them up close instead of ordering from above.

10. She’s always thrilled about competition

She’s so competitive that challenges make her eyes shine. She wants to be the best in everything and what’s better than to compete to test her limits?

Moreover, if someone challenges her to prove herself, she doesn’t feel intimidated. Instead, she gives her best shot!

To know all of her traits, check here!

But if you wanna move on and know about her strong and weak suits, let’s head right in…

Alpha Female Strengths and Weaknesses

Being at the top of the hierarchy, people expect the alpha woman to have endless strengths. They are supposed to be the very symbol of power. So, let’s know how much power she has…


1. Early plans eliminate haphazard situations

She doesn’t wait for the perfect time to decide anything. As she knows there’s nothing called the “golden hour” about decisions, she makes them ASAP. She never procrastinates about her future goals which help her figure out what she wants and avoid troubles later.

2. She knows better than to give up

When you fail at something, the entire world perceives you as a disappointment. Instead of consoling you, they highlight your inabilities. This makes most people give up on their dreams.

But an alpha female knows better. She sticks to her goals no matter how much others demoralize her.

3. Her listening skills help her expand her circle

As an alpha girl, she knows when to monopolize the limelight and when to let others speak. Her listening skills help her connect with people, expand her circle, and get more opportunities. This also makes her a good leader that listens to her team’s demands.

4. Risks never intimidate her

Most people step away from risks because they don’t want to deal with any sort of trouble. They want life to be simple and aren’t eager about complications.

They feel nervous when they face risks. But an alpha female is confident that she can pull through any risk and even feels eager as it’s a hidden opportunity.

5. Nobody can change her mind

Everyone doesn’t agree with her choices. Instead, they even tell her that she’s wrong, weird, or the odd one out. But she never let people dictate the right and wrong of her life.

Instead, she defends her beliefs and even makes them answer why they’d say something mean. People eventually learn better than to mess with her.

But she is also a human being, so she naturally has flaws. Don’t be shocked, because even if you aren’t perfect, why expect her to be one? C’mon, let’s know about her issues here…


1. She makes enemies because of her vibe

She doesn’t mean harm to anyone around her. But she has an intimidating aura that unsettles everyone… not just her haters. People often feel disturbed and disrespected by the way she acts around others. They hold grudges against her and make trouble to get on her nerves.

2. She can’t bare her vulnerabilities

She definitely proudly shows her shortcomings and works on them. But when it comes to serious vulnerabilities which can be used against her, she’s extremely wary and paranoid. She suppresses her emotions so nobody can find those out or hurt her… unless she trusts them with her life.

3. She makes others insecure

She loves it when all the eyes are on her. She even boasts about her achievements to give them a reason to gossip about her. However, everyone around her doesn’t have a good time knowing about that. She doesn’t notice people that suffer from failures which makes them insecure.

4. She just can’t ask for help

Being a true alpha female, she feels constant pressure to perform perfectly. She wants to show off her leadership skills and make others feel she’s reliable. She feels ashamed to seek help as that shows that others can’t depend on her.

5. Her career is more important than seeking love

If she already has a partner, she’ll give them plenty of time. However, if she doesn’t have a lover, she’ll never consider searching for one as she’ll get distracted from her goals. This can delay the beginning of her love life excessively.

To know more such interesting facts, check here!

However, if you’re an alpha female, you might wonder if you truly have the best personality. So, let’s hop down here…

Pros and Cons of being an Alpha Female

Being an alpha female, you’ll enjoy a classy amount of pros. You probably expect several good things in your life because you’re just awesome in more than one way. So, let’s find the truth here


1. You never hesitate to state yourself

You’re pretty outspoken about your thoughts and opinions. You don’t feel ashamed or self-conscious about your thoughts. Do you worry about what others might think about you? Instead, you state your mind out and demand to be heard despite others’ opinions.

2. You are born to lead

Since alpha females are natural leaders, you have what it takes to lead a team. You are intelligent and reliable enough to help others out. You can support them with correct feedback and help their growth. Moreover, you don’t treat your team members like they are beneath you.

3. Confidence oozes from your every step

You seem confident whenever you enter a room. Your body language gives off the vibes of a queen and people know better than to mess with you. Rather, they understand that you know better than them and get respected by them.

4. You perform better under pressure

Most people feel nervous when they are challenged but you’re completely different. You rather feel excited when you face challenges, competition, and pressure.

You try harder and make everyone acknowledge you for everything you boast about. You feel thrilled to get an opportunity to prove yourself.

5. You won’t ever let your independence taken away

Even if you get into a relationship, you won’t ever depend on your partner for financial, emotional, or materialistic needs. Instead, you want to stay independent in every possible way to avoid pressurizing your partner or clinging to them.

But before you assume that your life will be perfect, let’s be real. Nobody in this world is flawless and you mustn’t expect to be one either. C’mon, get a bit humbled here…


1. Your cold nature pushes away people

Since you are one of the best women in the socio-hierarchy, you’re aware that many people envy you. They want to snatch the throne from you and you’re wary of them. You act cold towards people that you aren’t close to and this pushes away prospective friends and partners.

2. You get bored if there’s not enough thrill

You are a die-hard lover of thrills. You always want to learn something new whether it’s from formal courses, practical fieldwork, or from daily life.

However, life isn’t always interesting, so you’re prone to get bored. You might often feel frustrated as you run out of thrilling activities.

3. You often get misunderstood

From research in 2019, it was found that the perceptions about alpha females have always changed over time. This is because people often misunderstood alpha women a lot. So, people often assume the worst about you even if you only want the best for them.

4. Your opinions attract your enemies

You are much more knowledgeable about your surroundings than your peers… be it about the latest technology or an underground club. So, if people around you know something is wrong, you can’t help but correct them. Others feel offended, dislike her, and hold malicious feelings against her.

5. People rebel against your bossy nature

While leading a group, you work along with everyone so you can support them. Whenever they make mistakes you correct them. This makes them feel pressured and they even try to rebel against your leadership. You might often face opposition from your team members especially if they’re new.

But that’s not all, so find the entire detail here!

However, are you curious if you’re the best? Well, let’s find more here…

Alpha Female vs Sigma Female

Both alpha and sigma females have comparable power and people often get confused between the two. One tops the hierarchy, while the other doesn’t even belong to the hierarchy. So, let’s dig deeper into this matter!

1. They both intimidate others

Both alpha and sigma females are strong and know what they say. They don’t second-guess their choices because they gave them great thought. When anyone doubts them, they shoot questions at them and leave them speechless. Most people feel intimidated to cross their paths.

2. Alpha like to be leaders, but sigmas prefer being independent

In the workplace, the alpha female is usually the leader of a pack. She leads the team and takes care of their needs. She even works along with the team to help them achieve more.

But the sigma female prefers to work independently. She likes to neither follow nor lead as both are too much hassle.

3. Alpha females are social beings while sigmas dislike socializing but have good skills

Alpha women are social butterflies and can help people from all social statuses unite. They are the star of any event and keep everyone entertained.

But sigma women dislike spending time with unknown people. They aren’t as social as alpha women and they’d love to be on their own or with a few close ones. However, if required, she can socialize and leave a good impression.

4. Alpha females are emotionally independent, sigmas get attached faster

Alpha women don’t depend on others for their emotional needs. It’s the same even in their romantic relationships. So, if anyone hurts or betrays them, she can walk away from the situation at any moment.

However, a sigma female also doesn’t let traitors around. But she gets emotionally attached way sooner. So, even if she pushes away the other person, she suffers a lot within.

5. Alpha females are self-satisfied but sigma females desire to be alphas

The alpha lady knows about her strengths and weaknesses. And she is proud of how hard she tries to be better than before. She accepts herself wholeheartedly and demands to be respected.

But sigma females aren’t satisfied with their personalities. Since they easily get emotionally attached and are often called the alpha in the making, they desire to become alpha females ASAP

There are many more fascinating things to know about these two, so find those here.

Now, if that got you hooked and you want to continue the comparison, let’s keep rolling!

Alpha Female vs Beta Female

While the alpha female comes at the top, the beta woman comes in second. People even assume that these women are the total opposite of the two.  So, let’s check if the assumptions are true

1. They can both stay alone

Alpha women are used to getting a lot of attention, but they aren’t addicted to it. They can enjoy life as much without getting into the limelight. Similarly, they can also enjoy life without a partner beside them.

Beta women enjoy alone time and never demand others to pay attention to them. They know their value and don’t beg for a lover’s company.

2. They are hard workers

Alpha women are ambitious and prefer to stay independent until their last breath. They work hard, so they don’t rely on their partner’s income. They love to be in charge and this is another way to be powerful in this world.

Beta females are extremely committed to their job. They have great work ethics and are focused on building their career.

3. Alpha women are leaders while beta women are followers

Even if an alpha woman isn’t a leader right now, she works hard to reach that position. She doesn’t believe in following others’ commands and desires to lead the pack someday. But she only wants to lead from within.

The beta female, on the other hand, likes to follow. She has immense respect for leaders but she just isn’t comfortable with the huge responsibility of leading.

4. Alpha females love attention while betas avoid it

Alpha women aren’t addicted to attention, but they can’t deny it. She loves being in the limelight and feels thrilled when people congratulate her or burn with jealousy. Both show that she achieved something great and must carry on!

Beta females, however, avoid all kinds of attention knowingly. She doesn’t like to be appreciated or reprimanded by others. She keeps it low because she’s too sensitive to negative remarks.

5. Alpha females get attention even if they don’t want it, betas are ignored

The alpha female might like being in the spotlight, but she doesn’t always like it. Sometimes she wants nothing but a peaceful time but nobody can ignore her. Her presence is noticed wherever she goes and doesn’t have any private space.

But a beta female is always ignored or pushed to the back despite her hard work. Even if she can handle a task alone, everyone will seek the alpha woman and ignore her efforts.

But don’t be so hasty to judge! Know the full comparison here to reach a sane conclusion.

Now, let’s go another step down the hierarchy…

Alpha Female vs Delta Female

Delta females are known to be the alpha females that faced a drastic change after a bad experience. So, they probably don’t have much in common. But, let’s make sure there…

1. They are both self-aware

Both alpha and delta females are aware of their shortcomings. Neither of them pretends that the flaws are non-existent. Instead, they always try to improve themselves. They seek different ways to diminish any negative traits and become better than ever.

2. Both have good communication skills

These women have excellent communication skills. Alpha females are open-minded and outspoken. They mediate others’ issues and help them reach a middle ground. They are also pretty straightforward and express themselves clearly.

On the other hand, delta females aren’t great talkers but when it comes to any issue, they can resolve any issue with clear communication. This helps them deal with all sorts of people in life.

3. They are both perfectionists

Both alpha and delta females are particular about their tasks. Alpha females, as leaders, make sure that their team members do everything perfectly. They don’t allow others to make any big mistakes. Instead, they keep a close eye on them to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Delta females are always focused on self-improvement. They are insecure about making mistakes which leads to perfectionist tendencies.

4. Unlike alpha females, delta females aren’t party animals

Alpha females are extroverted social butterflies. They have a great time meeting new people and expanding their social circle.

But the delta females don’t like any kind of spotlight on them. They are pretty insecure and prefer to be on their own. Instead of spending time with so many people, they’d rather be on their own or with loved ones.

5. Compared to alpha females, delta females are conflict avoidant

If anyone provokes an alpha female, they won’t stand it. She’ll confront the other person and fight them to get the respect she deserves. She won’t let anyone look down on her.

On the other hand, delta women don’t like to face conflict. They’d rather completely cut off connections if they can’t avoid conflicts.

6. Alpha females are confident but delta females can become insecure

The alpha female is always confident about herself. She doesn’t care about others’ opinions. She knows her worth even without anyone reminding her. Even if someone treats her like she isn’t special, she doesn’t feel hurt.

The delta female also doesn’t care about validation or poor feedback. So, she never socializes with people and stays on her own. However, she MIGHT sometimes feel insecure about her choices and wonder if it’s at all a good choice!

7. Unlike alpha women, deltas aren’t satisfied with themselves

Alpha women are confident about themselves and embrace every part of themselves. But delta females are former alpha females that faced a horrific experience and changed.

They often miss their old self and feel frustrated. They wish that they can undo a few things and become an alpha female once more. Since it’s not that easy, they often curse their fate.

Now let’s jump to the next one…

Alpha Female vs Gamma Female

Gamma women aren’t as outgoing as alpha females, but they know how to enjoy their life. So, let’s see how different or similar they are to the queens!

1. They are both confident

Both of these women are extremely confident about their abilities. They know that the world always doubts them for being females, but they are always headstrong and believe in their abilities. They don’t let others put them down because they know what they are.

2. They have clear goals

Both women have a clear vision of their goals and have good plans to actualize their dreams. They even have backup plans if things go wrong. They don’t delay the planning or act on it spontaneously.

Alpha females only have a clear vision of their professional and academic goals. But gamma females also have strategies to befriend people.

3. Both are stubborn

The alpha and gamma females both believe in following dreams even after failure. Even after failing, they never give up on their goals. They have immense faith in themselves and are always ready to try again. They never stop once they set their eyes on their goals.

4. They are both adventurous

Both of them get bored easily and love to go on adventures. They want to enjoy the thrill and excitement of life.

They are also open to taking risks because those are hidden opportunities. They want to feel challenged whether in a fun or exciting way.

5. Both are good listeners

The alpha female is often assumed to be self-centered, but she is also a good listener. She isn’t scared of others stealing her limelight, so she allows them to express themselves as they desire.

The gamma female is also a great listener because she learns new things from others’ stories. She learned to be a good listener with time.

6. Both don’t settle for less in love

Both of these women know their worth. They never let anyone treat them any less. A gamma female doesn’t allow anyone near her unless they prove that they can cherish her and they both connect emotionally and spiritually.

The alpha female has some basic standards like loyalty, exclusivity, faith, and healthy dynamics. Without these, she’s not ready to settle. She’d even leave the relationship if the situation becomes intolerable.

7. They both have high EQ

Due to an alpha female’s high emotional intelligence, she knows when to stop being a strict boss to others. She lets people in genuine trouble have it a little easy.

On the other hand, gamma women due to high EQ, she tries hard enough to not hurt others because of their mean comments. She understands their troubles instead of attacking them.

8. Opinions don’t impact either of them

Both of these women face a lot of opinions from society. Like always, society’s double standards for women haunt them. But these are strong, independent, and motivated women.

They don’t let others put them down by any chance. They don’t care about others’ thoughts and opinions and follow their hearts.

C’mon, let’s get done with the last one…

Alpha Female vs Omega Female

Omega females come at the bottom of the hierarchy, so you probably anticipate a lot of differences in this comparison. Let’s see if that’s truly the case here…

1. They both like to learn new things

Alpha and omega women are both eager to know about the world in detail. Alpha females sign in to new courses for their professional or personal growth or as hobbies. They feel bored if they don’t have anything new to know.

Omega women also like to know more but mostly through debates and deep conversations. They prefer to exchange information to widen their horizon.

2. People misunderstand both

Omega women are often assumed arrogant as they can’t stand shallow conversations to the point of zoning out or taking their leave. It’s also because they also don’t accept modern dating culture in their life, want to be independent, and stick to their grounds.

Alpha females are misunderstood as bossy and controlling for their outspoken and perfectionist nature.

3. Alpha females are leaders while omega females like to work solo

Alpha females are born to lead and they work hard to achieve leadership roles.

But omega females don’t desire anything with the leader-follower combo. They want to work completely on their own without anyone depending on or leading them because that overwhelms them.

4. Unlike alpha females, omega women are introverted

Alpha females are outspoken party animals. They don’t like the idea of being at home and doing nothing. They make new connections, interconnect more people, make way for their own success, and support others’ dreams. They like to enjoy every moment of life.

But omega females are introverted and prefer to spend time in solitude. They feel awkward socializing with strangers. They only open up around their loved ones.

5. Compared to alpha females, omegas aren’t considered pretty

Alpha women are considered extremely attractive because they are aware of beauty standards and know that pretty privilege exists!

They take care of their health and follow a healthy routine. They are always on others’ minds because of their sensual and mature beauty.

But omega women are pretty disorganized and it might even affect their outfits and appearance. They aren’t as attractive to others as alpha women.

But hey, don’t be too excited to draw a conclusion. Check out this article to know the reality!

Now, are you curious about the alpha female’s performance at work? Let’s find your answer here…

Alpha Female at Work

The alpha female is ambitious, so she’s the best when it comes to working. Nobody can even compare her leadership skills. C’mon, let’s know more about that here…

1. Her career goals are all set

The alpha woman knows her ultimate goals in her career. She doesn’t wait around for the right time and already knows which path she will work on. She doesn’t wait to see what field she’ll be good in. She already has everything planned in her mind.

2. She’s too stubborn to give up

Being an alpha doesn’t imply that she always wins. She has tasted failure like everyone else. However, she doesn’t give up easily even if people demoralize her. Once she sets her eyes on a goal, she tries everything to achieve it.

3. She is open to risks

Unlike others, the alpha female doesn’t believe in playing safe at work. As a businesswoman, she’ll often take huge risks to create a name for her brand. But if she’s an employee, she can’t work as freely. However, she will fight hard so they allow her to take risks.

4. She won’t keep shut if you misinform others

Compared to her coworkers, she is way more knowledgeable. She knows almost everything. So, if anyone shares wrong information in her presence, she will raise her voice.

Of course, she won’t call them out and disrespect them. But she will definitely clear up any misunderstanding.   

5. She won’t stand any disrespect toward her choices

Most of her coworkers don’t agree with her choices because her ideas are out of the box. She doesn’t mind if people disagree with her choices. However, she doesn’t stand any kind of disrespect for her plans and even fights to defend herself and her suggestions.

Of course, there’s more about her right here, so don’t forget to check that!

But if you wanna peek into her personal life, keep scrolling…

Alpha Female Relationships

Most assume that since alpha women are so ambitious, they aren’t half as good in their personal life. Perhaps, she hardly even cares for her loved ones? So, let’s know how she is around them…

1. She’ll always listen to you

Since she loves to get all the attention, many assume that she’s a bad listener. However, only insecure people act that way. Since she’s a confident person, she won’t ever snatch others’ moments. Instead, she’ll listen to them with full attention and will even help them out.

2. You might be worried sick about her choices

Since she likes to take risks and push her limits, you might feel anxious about your future. Especially, if you depend on her financially or just worry about her health, you might often get into fights. However, she won’t ever change her mind despite how much you fight.

3. She won’t change her mind even if you’re the closest to her

She’s extremely stubborn about her goals, opinions, choices, and decisions. So, if you don’t agree about any of that, she won’t listen to you. She’ll never let others control her life and especially her career. If you say anything against that, she’ll confront you about it.

4. She’ll always have your back

If you don’t know about something, she’ll never let you get in trouble for the lack of knowledge. Being an alpha female, she knows a lot more about the world than others. So, she’ll gladly share her wisdom so you don’t get yourself or others in trouble or get made fun of.

5. She’ll communicate rather than go in circles

One of the best things about being close to an alpha woman is communication. She won’t ever expect you to understand her without explaining herself. She knows the importance of clear communication and uses that in her daily life to get by.

However, if you wanna know more personal stuff, your answers are probably here…

Alpha Female Compatibility

Do you have a crush on the alpha female? Before you try your hand at wooing her, it’s better to know whether you’re eligible to date her. C’mon, let’s know some of that here…

1. Someone that can joke and take a joke

While dating, she and her partner will both learn about each other’s weaknesses. She might sometimes sarcastically joke about the weak spots. Her partner must be able to take that sportingly and even reciprocate it.

But they must always have clear boundaries and not abuse each other in the name of a joke.

2. Someone that can challenge her

She lives for being challenged and for competition. It gets her thrilled and eager for more. So, obviously, her partner must be ready to challenge her and be equally good at that thing. This will be a bomb combo for her and she won’t have enough of them.

3. Someone that’s faithful

For an alpha female, fidelity is a must. She doesn’t want any threat around her partner or even doesn’t want them to be “nice” to them. She also wants her partner to keep her secrets to himself and not air her dirty laundry outside. Trust is a major necessity for compatibility.

4. Someone with their own goals

She will never stop her partner from chasing their dreams just because she needs time. Rather, she’ll assure them to go ahead and try everything like having fun or trying to get a promotion. She doesn’t want them to make her their only focus. So, her partner must have their own life. 

5. Someone that doesn’t get jealous

She is a social butterfly and knows many people in her social circle. She often has all eyes on her and everyone wants her, so people always try to flirt with her. However, she won’t ever cheat on her partner and that person must understand this fact and not get jealous.

Of course, there are even more interesting things that she’d prefer in a partner. So, check this out to know everything!

But are you wondering why you feel so drawn to her? Find your answers here…

Things about an alpha female that attracts mates

Most men (and women) helplessly fall in love with alpha females. But they don’t even know why that happens. So, if you’re curious here are your answers

1. Independence

She’s knowledgeable but not invincible, so even if she can deal with most troubles, she also faces troubles. However, she never bothers others and takes care of most issues by herself!

2. Self-respect

She won’t ever stand any kind of disrespect and will always defend herself. She won’t let people get away after attacking her, so she needs no knight in shining armor. She can put people back in their place as she’s no damsel in distress.

3. Connections

She connects with both powerful and powerless people. She doesn’t judge when she socializes which makes her extremely desirable to all kinds of people. Nobody feels uncomfortable for being less.

4. Transparency

She always states her mind and never hides anything. She won’t pretend to be something and will let you know what she truly is. She won’t talk behind your back and everyone can trust her for being upfront.

5. Loyalty

Her loved ones can blindly depend on her because she always has their back. She’ll always support them even if she’s on the other side of the world. She never neglects her loved ones for work despite being ambitious.

To know even more interesting reasons, check this.

Now, are you curious how your relationship might be with an alpha female? Get a small glimpse here…

Pros and cons of dating an alpha female

The alpha female is a powerful and independent woman. So, the best part about her is that she won’t cling to you. However, there are many more interesting facts, so stay tuned!


1. She’ll raise your kids perfectly

Nowadays, most kids talk back to their parents. They act entitled and try to one-up their elders. Parents are tired of kids outsmarting them. But an alpha female will never let the kids rot this way. She is firm and strict and can raise them to be fine competent human beings.

2. She can support you professionally

She has tremendous knowledge in her field and beyond due to her never ending thirst for knowledge. So, even if you guys don’t belong to the same field, she can often help deal with your business or career roadblocks. You can depend on her any time for professional matters.

Despite being an amazing woman, she isn’t a perfect girlfriend or wife, and here’s why…


1. She controls the relationship

She used to be in charge of all areas of her life. This habit also invades her love life and she tries to dominate her partner. This often leads to huge drama in the relationship!

2. She pushes her partner to improve themselves

Just as the alpha female has high standards for herself, she wants the same from people around her. She’ll expect her partner and kids to excel in everything like her. Her partner might feel too pressured into things even if they try their level best.

Before you make any decision, there’s much more to know, so check out this article.

After knowing everything, do you just wanna start as friends? Well, she can be both a great friend and lover, and here’s why…

Why do alpha females have better platonic and romantic relationships?

If you just wanna be best friends with an alpha female and never wanted to get into romance, that’s cool too. Your friendship with her will be memorable and fab because of these…

Platonic relationship

1. She gets you all the attention

Wherever she goes, she always grabs all the attention. So, being a friend is a huge pro for you because you get lots of exposure. People know about you… including your crush!

2. You get to meet more boys

Most men out there feel attracted to the alpha female. But since she’s intimidating, everyone will approach you. Without even trying, you’ll get to chat with a lot of boys and connect with them.

3. You might even find your perfect one

While you connect with the boys, you might even find someone you like. It definitely feels weird because they clearly want your friend. But if your wavelengths match, you might find a partner!

4. Or, you’ll get many free drinks

If none of them is a good match for you, you’ll at least get many drinks. While they try to know more about her, they might even help you with notes or some tasks.

5. She’ll show you your worth

She doesn’t ever settle less in love or life in general. So, she also won’t let you put yourself down. Despite what happens, she won’t allow you to indulge in negative self-talk.

But if you’re only interested in courting her, here’s a list to show how your relationship can be pretty fulfilling…

Romantic relationship

1. She can choose a compatible partner

She knows what she wants in her partner and is strict about her dealbreakers. If her partner doesn’t treat her right, she won’t stay in that relationship. She knows what she’s worth and won’t stand injustice.

2. She isn’t into casual relationships

She doesn’t want to be in casual relationships. She knows that that’s nothing but killing time. She doesn’t waste her precious time to satisfy her carnal desires alone. Instead, she believes in being loyal.

3. She won’t make you babysit her

If she’s ever in trouble, she won’t ever burden you. Instead, she can deal with her issues all by herself. She can take care of her emotional, physical, and financial needs and allow you your space.

4. She convinces you that you have the best

Everyone has their eyes on her, but she will only ever see you romantically. You will know that you are the luckiest person ever for having a loyal and desirable partner.

5. She’ll never bore you

She always likes to go on adventures and face challenges. She’ll always challenge you with new things and keep you excited for the next moment. She’ll always add a hint of spontaneity even in the most serious situations.

There are many more reasons like these to be friends or lovers with her, so check those out here!

After knowing all that, are you super-interested in dating her? Let’s find the perfect mantra for that!

How to date an alpha female?

If an alpha woman stole your heart and you can’t help but court, date, and have a long-term relationship with her, follow these steps…

1. Become like her

If she is great in her professional life, get serious about yours. If she is skilled, work on your existing skills or embrace new ones. The trick is to be equally good as her to appeal to her taste. Try hard enough to be a suitable partner before you approach her.

2. Never use pretense

Sometimes, you might not be able to reach her level even after multiple attempts. Don’t feel ashamed because all human beings don’t have the same aptitude. Instead, make sure you don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. The alpha female can’t stand lies at all.

3. Stay away from games

The alpha female is pretty serious about her relationships. She doesn’t want any sort of toxic dynamics in her love life. Some love experts might suggest playing hard to get, but that’ll backfire. So, be dedicated and steer clear of any sort of manipulation.

4. Depend on open communication

The alpha female is straightforward and expects similar dynamics with her partner. So, if anything bugs you, say it openly.

Don’t overthink how she might feel. This will help you avoid many issues and experience a smooth dating life. Otherwise, your love life might end even before starting.

5. Respect her power

Due to her powers, society often looks down on her. They tell her to stay in the kitchen or focus on settling down instead of getting a promotion. Support her dreams and respect her for having unique goals. Show her that you understand her

To make your dream come true, get the complete guide here!

But remember she has several things she dislikes, so steer clear of these to have a happy relationship…

Things alpha females never tolerate

If you wanna befriend or date an alpha female, you must remember a few things to make the bond run a little smoother. So, keep these in mind

1. Disrespect

She puts great effort into anything she does. People might disagree with her, but she won’t stand any kind of disrespect due to that. She gets into conflict to defend her choices and beliefs.

2. Following others’ lead

Since she has great leadership skills, she has always taken charge. So, she can’t stand following others blindly. If she hasn’t achieved a leadership role, she’ll work hard so she can follow her mind.

3. Negative self-talk

She has faced enough failures in life and she isn’t perfect at the least. Many people discourage her when her plans don’t work out. But she’d never indulge in negative self-talk ever.

4. Focusing on her relationship only

She’s pretty ambitious, so she can’t make any relationship her prime focus. She’d rather balance her life than sacrifice her career for someone. She won’t lose her independence due to love.

5. Being passive in life

She wants to enjoy and feel every moment of life. She won’t let life flow by and watch it passively. She’ll put all the opportunities to good use.

There are a few more things to remember, so don’t forget to check this!

However, if you’re an alpha female with relationship troubles, let’s chat over here…

How to balance your relationship if you’re an alpha female?

Being an alpha female, you might wanna dominate your relationship. But that can disrupt the balance of your relationship. So, fix things with these steps…

1. Be grateful for his masculinity

Due to your alpha female personality, you want to lead your relationship. Your partner, if a man, also has a lot of masculine energy. Don’t suppress his masculine energy with yours.

Instead, gratefully let him express his masculine energy in desirable ways. Don’t criticize him just because you can do better.

2. Understand the power behind femininity

If you believe that feminine energy won’t help you go far in life, you’re wrong. You can get even more benefits than just masculine energy. So, don’t perceive it as a weakness and make it work the right way. Express your worries to your partner and let them pamper you.

3. Help him grow with you

When he decides on the relationship, he might make some mistakes. Instead of criticizing him, help him figure out things to make better choices. If he already messed up, give him minute hints to solve the situation. Don’t tell him the entire solution at once.

4. Influence him but be mindful

You have a lot of influence on your partner. So, they might even do things against their wishes. Unknowingly, you might violate their boundaries and ruin the balance of your relationship. Don’t always ask him to follow your lead and ask his opinions at times.

5. Embrace the spectrum of sexuality

Masculine and feminine energies are two extremes of the same spectrum. They aren’t two different things, so these energies are fluid. Either of you might become more masculine or feminine and that’s okay. So, accept yourself and your energy as it is!

But this is not all and you can get a clearer and more detailed guide over here!

But are you not an alpha female? Wondering if there are any around you? Astrology can help you find them…

Alpha Female Zodiac Signs

According to astrology, a part of the zodiac signs is strong alpha females while the rest are betas. So, if you know any of them, get closer and dig deeper to find out if they’re an alpha female!

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries women have confident body language and are courageous, and intimidating. They have great alpha female traits which inspire others. They never give up on their dreams. Though they are great, people gossip a lot about them. They always try hard to present the best of themselves.

2. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo women are dominant and assertive which makes them perfect leadership materials. They have a clear vision of their dreams and desires and are always supportive of others. Their optimistic attitude helps them solve all situations swiftly. Everyone always talks about them and their charismatic aura.

3. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgo women have had multiple natural alpha female traits since birth. They desire to have complete control over their surroundings and like to be in leadership positions. They can’t stand it if anyone else leads them. They aren’t afraid of taking challenges or facing changes.

4. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio women are the strongest alpha females out of them all. They are dominant, desire to control, defend their beliefs to the point of getting into a conflict, and never lower their standards. They are known to be picky, ambitious, fierce, and intimidating.

5. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius women are also alphas because they are often misunderstood yet they don’t let people’s thoughts affect them. Instead, they stick to their ways and ignore all negative opinions.

They never let others’ negativity waver their faith in anything. They are also born leaders and others naturally follow their lead.

Many more zodiacs can show signs of being an alpha female, so check all of those here!

But if you want to get some real examples, here are a few…

Alpha Female Examples

If you feel too confused about alpha females, why not consider the examples of some real ones? Once you know about them, you’ll have an easier time spotting alpha women. So, get familiar with them here…

1. Nicki Minaj

The world-famous female rapper like an alpha woman is extremely friendly and loud. She loves it when people pay attention to her and even adds bold scenes and lyrics in her songs to catch everyone off guard. She’s born queen of the wilderness.

2. Eleanor Roosevelt

She is the wife of American President Franklin D. Roosevelt. She held the office and position of the first lady of the United States for the longest as her husband was elected as the President four times back to back. She served her nation with her activism and diplomatic mind. 

3. Jennifer Lopez

This lady has one of the strongest voices in Latin pop and hip-hop dance. She is famous for being a diva even in her 50s with her gold skin and cheetah-like eyes. She still catches everyone’s attention in this age and time even though there are many more performers around.

4. Jada Pinkett Smith

She is not only an American actress but also an indirect princess from Africa. She is a confident woman and takes no nonsense against her authority. She knows what she is worth and doesn’t let the world define beauty or fidelity for her. She cherishes her bonds and follows her heart.

5. Princess Diana

Though she was a princess for a rather short while, she never let royalty interfere in her life. She broke many rules of British royalty and was a badass even after knowing of her husband’s infidelity. Until her last breath, she lived her life on her own terms and helped everyone else.

For many more alpha female examples, check this article.

But don’t assume that all of these alpha females are the same. If that got you confused, let’s talk here…

Types of alpha females

The definition of alpha female might sound simple, but it really isn’t. Rather, there are many different kinds of alpha women based on different strong suits and the strategies they use in life. So, let’s find them here…

1. Sexual Alpha Female

This type of alpha female is pretty comfortable with her sexuality. She expresses it in a subtle way and allures men with her innocent or near-naïve way. Men lust for her even if she doesn’t try to provoke them much. However, many confuse her with histrionic women.

2. Butch Alpha Female

These alpha females lack feminine charm and they dislike how society expects them to act a certain way. They can’t act weak and feeble to fit in social standards. They fight for women’s rights and usually turn off most men. However, homosexual men feel confused by their sexuality when they see her.

3. The Alpha (Fe)Male

This sort of woman is called an alpha female only because of her gender. Otherwise, her personality traits are more of an alpha male. They either work in armies or are an inspiration to warriors in books. However, most writers portray them as more feminine than they are.

4. The Feminine Alpha

This kind of woman wants an authoritative and influential alpha man by her side. She doesn’t desire to assert any kind of power over others. She’s often perceived as a gold digger but that’s utter crap. She’s a high-value woman every powerful man desires, so she brings equal value to her relationship.

5. The Ultimate Alpha Female

These women are confident, headstrong, and clever like alpha males. And like the alpha females, they are full of sexual energy and feminine power. They can use their feminine side to get their partners to do favors for them and their masculine side to take care of things alone.

To know all the kinds, don’t forget to check out this!

Though strong, all alpha females have always faced poor misunderstandings. So, it’s time to bust the myths here

Alpha Female Myths

With power, alpha women get lots of hate. People talk a lot behind their backs, but you can make all the changes. Find out these lies and put an end to them…

1.  She is insensitive

Alpha females don’t like to beat around the bush and state their minds. They become confrontational when anyone disrespects them. Especially, if someone knows something wrong, she corrects them.

So, people assume that they’re insensitive. However, she has a very high EQ and never hurts anyone knowingly.

2. She is selfish

The alpha female is aware of what she desires in her life. She plans her career goals way earlier than her peers and works hard to reach those. So, their professional goals always get priority and they never entertain any kind of distraction at all.

However, that’s basic for everyone! If you can fulfill your professional goals, you’ll be stable and provide for your life better. Nobody can play with their future.

3. She is bossy

As a leader, she prefers to work from within the team. This way, she keeps a close eye on her team members and fixes all errors while they are still insignificant.

But people can’t take it when she corrects them at every point. They don’t understand that she only wants to teach them the best and misunderstands her.

4. She’s unromantic

She always prefers to speak facts and be direct. If she already has a partner, she’ll definitely pay enough attention to them. If she gets courted, she’d like romantic gestures as much as any other person in the world. She never ignores romantic gestures at all.

5. She’s jealous of other women

The alpha female doesn’t feel jealous of other women’s fame or success. Rather, she makes sure that the other woman receives enough support to reach the pinnacle. She doesn’t worry about others’ stealing her thunder because she’s confident on her own.

But are you curious if you or someone else is an alpha female? Then here’s some good news for you…

How to identify an Alpha Female?

There is no official alpha female personality quiz, but don’t worry. You can still find which kind you are once you take this 50-question quiz right here!

Clear your mind and answer honestly to reach the answer. However, if you believe that someone else is an alpha female, let them personally take the test to find a proper answer.

So, go ahead and get your answers.

Did you find out that you’re an alpha female? It’s time to improve your life with these tips…

What to do if you’re an Alpha Female?

As an alpha female, you’re already on top. But that doesn’t imply that you’re perfect. You know your shortcomings, and it’s time to improve yourself

1. Identify the effects of your vibes on others

Since you have an intimidating aura, you push everyone away from you. Your aura makes people uncomfortable, and even the one with good intentions can’t get close to you. So, identify the good people around you and act warmer with them.

2. Before you boast, notice the people around you

While you love to share your wins with others, not everyone feels confident about themselves. Your wins might make them feel insecure. So, observe the people around you. If anyone is experiencing a bad phase, it’s better to tone down your celebrations.

3. Show some vulnerabilities once the coast is clear

You’re always cold to everyone because you don’t want them to take advantage of you. However, you also lose the opportunity to make good connections this way. So, spend time with people and understand who’s trustworthy. Let your guard down slowly once you can believe someone.

4. Seek help whenever you need

You can’t seek help because you’re afraid people will assume that you’re unreliable. However, if you take pressure on yourself only, you’ll delay the concerned process. It’s better to get things done ASAP and not bother about others’ opinions like always.

5. Don’t let your career overwhelm you

If you already have a partner, you can balance your life. But if you don’t, you might never consider getting a partner or friends because you don’t want it to distract you from your career. However, you might miss potential friends and partners, so balance your life!

Obviously, that can’t be all, so get all the tips here!

However, if you know an alpha female, here’s the end to your tiptoeing around her…

How to deal with an Alpha Female?

Whether you feel intimidated or uncomfortable around an alpha female, you can get rid of this discomfort if you keep a few things in mind. Follow these steps for that…

1. Let her fly high

She is ambitious and has high goals, so she isn’t one to settle down for less. That’s why you mustn’t stop her from chasing her dreams. Instead, let her enjoy the thrill of taking a leap of faith. She’ll be grateful for your support or lack of interruption.

2. State your mind without worries

If you have anything to say, don’t overthink and express yourself. She might show off a lot but she knows when to let others talk and is even a good listener. If you particularly have some issues, she might even advise you on something to overcome the problem.

3. Don’t stop her from taking risks

The alpha woman is all about taking wild risks and grabbing rare opportunities. She can’t live without it and even if you stop her, she won’t let go of the great chances. So, don’t stop her at all, or else they won’t share their thoughts with you anymore and decide alone without sharing anything.

4. Don’t be offended by her opinions

She knows better than most people around her. So, if you have a misconception about something, she’ll correct you so that you or someone else doesn’t get the wrong idea. Don’t misunderstand her because she only wants the best for you and others. 

5. Don’t say anything against her beliefs

She knows that she’s different and her choices don’t align with others. She won’t even mind if you don’t agree with her choices. However, you must at least let her be on her own and choose for herself. If you attack her beliefs, she’ll confront you and the situation might get bitter.

Check this for the complete guide on this!

But if you’re interested in turning into an alpha female, keep reading…

How to be an Alpha Female?

For starters, being an alpha female isn’t easy. So, remember that this will need lots of practice and effort. C’mon, let’s change your fate with these…

1. Identify your goals

Don’t wait for too long to plan your future. Think about what kind of career you want to pursue from now on.  If you can’t decide on a single plan, make multiple goals based on probable situations and plan on how to fulfill each of them. You’ll save yourself from troubles at the last moment.

2. Be persistent about your goals

You won’t always reach your goals in one go. Even true alpha females fail in their endeavors once in a while. So, don’t feel ashamed or demotivated when things don’t follow the plan. Even if people tell you to give up on your dreams, don’t!

3. Let others speak

As an alpha female, you must always be confident about yourself. Never fear that someone else might steal your thunder. If someone speaks, let them take charge. Don’t be insecure and rather listen and help others. This way, you’ll eventually grow your circle and have all eyes on you.

4. Step out of your comfort zone

The alpha female comes at the top of the socio-hierarchy because she’s ready to do everything necessary to reach her goals. So, challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone. Only then can you improve yourself and reach the pinnacle of life.

5. Be open to sharing your wisdom

When you know better than the people in the vicinity, share your wisdom. Don’t let others carry on with wrong perceptions. Don’t worry about how they might feel and share the truth with them. You never know… it might save them from taking the wrong steps.

Get more expert tips and tricks on this here!

But do you have even more questions about this personality? Then you gotta check these…

FAQs about Alpha Female

The alpha female personality is pretty complex. It gets lots of hype which leads to much confusion about it. Different people have different stories, so if you wanna clear things up, here’s your chance!

1. How must alpha females improve their relationships?

Alpha females can enhance their romantic relationships if they follow these tips:

– Boost your partner’s ego by often verbally appreciating their good actions.
– Stop complaining too much about their wrongdoings. Otherwise, it’ll make them feel insecure. Remember that they value your opinions the most, so you might do irreversible damage this way.
– Even though you are reliable and feel you’re the best in everything, rely on your partner more often. Ask them to do things for you and accept the fact that you can do the same thing in different ways. Stop chasing perfectionism and let them show their skills.
– Don’t always command your partner. Rather, know their opinions, truly listen instead of jumping to conclusions, and reach a middle ground.
– Put enough effort to make them laugh by your side.
– Even if you’re bossy, don’t forget to be feminine. Pamper your skin and wear cute outfits. Most men want to see their woman in vibrant colors and trendy clothes. So, try it out once in a while.

2. Do alpha females exist?

Of course, they do! Whether you notice actresses in Hollywood, major female business magnates, or female political figures… A few of them are alpha women. And they are pretty clear about ruling the world and making it a better place.

However, the number of alpha women isn’t that high. So, people don’t notice the powerful presence and assume that the concept of alpha women is a farce.

3. How can alpha females improve their alpha-ness?

If you’re already an alpha female but still feel that you’re missing something, here are a few tips to enhance the alpha female traits in you:

– Never apologize for having a difference in opinions. Be comfortable in expressing yourself to have a strong argument.
– If you’re a leader, don’t just have female team members. Don’t favor a single gender, pay equal attention and lead them both to show your power.
– Build diverse relationships with both influential and common people.  This way you can build strong alliances and achieve your dreams and also support people who don’t have the opportunity.
– The alpha female personality makes you an extreme perfectionist. Don’t put so much pressure on others and let them learn at their own pace.

4. Why are there more alpha men at the top than alpha women?

The Harvard Business Review says that about 70% of the senior executives and male alphas because men are given more opportunities.  This is mostly because alpha men are proud and people applaud them for being alpha.

On the other hand, alpha women are also confident. But the people in their surroundings hardly support them. Rather, they always put them down and are asked to slow down and settle with family and kids. Some alpha women stick to their goals, but a part of them just gives up.

This results in a vast difference in the ratio in the top executive positions.

5. Is there any mental health disorder that mirrors alpha female traits?

Being an alpha female isn’t bad, but people often confuse mental health concerns with an alpha female personality. Some of them are:

– Antisocial personality disorder
– Narcissistic personality disorder
– Controlling and abusive behaviors

6. How to find out who has a stronger alpha female energy between two alpha women?

If you and the other woman both suspect that you’re alpha female, then take a personality quiz to make sure. But if you want to know who’s a better alpha, answer these:

– Who is more ambitious?
– Who gets up early in the morning to start off the day and does it willingly?
– Who makes final decisions during crises?
– Do either of you seek others more for decision-making? Who is the more self-reliant one?
– Who attracts more people from the vicinity?
– Who plans the most getaways and better income options?

If one of your names came up more than thrice, they have more alpha female energy. If both of your names came 3 times each, you’re almost equal alphas!

7. Do alpha males like to date alpha females?

If the concerned alpha male is emotionally mature and confident, he’ll definitely love to have an alpha female as his partner. However, he’d want her to act more feminine in the romantic relationship.

8. When do alpha men feel intimidated by alpha women?

Most alpha females aren’t feminine and run high on masculine energies. They are ambitious, chase their goals, and dominate their surroundings. Alpha men don’t usually like such alpha women.

9. Can I become an alpha female?

The alpha female personality isn’t restricted to women born with it. You can also turn into one if you try hard enough. You gotta be dedicated to your goals and follow the tips on “How to be an Alpha female?”

10. What to do if you’re dating an alpha female as an alpha male?

If you’re an alpha male, a few things about an alpha female might truly turn you off. You both want the upper hand in the relationship and it can turn into a serious issue about power dynamics.

So, you must sit together and have a clear and open chat about your boundaries. This will help you avoid pissing off each other and help sustain the relationship.

However, if you often feel annoyed at each other, the relationship might not live long.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re an alpha female, don’t forget to improve your life with small changes and you’ll get a smoother life.

But if you know an alpha female, try to know her and her troubles up close. Figure out how she functions and try to coordinate with her. Especially if you wanna befriend or date her, pay special attention to her/

However, if you wanna be like her, just stay dedicated and embrace the positive traits. You’ll reach your goals in no time!

Read more about different personality types here: Alpha vs Beta vs Gamma vs Omega vs Delta vs Sigma Personality – The Ultimate Guide

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