Are you curious about the alpha female strengths and weaknesses? Want to know if these women have any flaws at all?

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Alpha Female Strengths

Owing to the term “alpha female”, everyone believes she is perfect in almost everything. But exactly how cool is she? Find out here…

1. She plans early and prevents haphazard decisions

A woman with an alpha female personality doesn’t delay her life plans because she’s confident. She starts planning early and gathers all the necessary info to work on her goals.

With full faith in herself, she starts aiming high pretty soon and gets a clear vision of her goals. It saves her from wrong decisions.

2. She is stubborn about her goals

Just because she believes in herself, it doesn’t imply things always work out for her. She also faces setbacks and difficulties. However, she never lets the setback break her heart.

Instead, she stays motivated and driven until the end. Persistence is an alpha woman’s secret recipe to success.

3. She has excellent listening skills

The traits of an alpha female definitely make her boast about her wins. However, she can judge the correct time of boasting. If someone around her needs to be heard, she won’t steal their thunder.

She is confident in herself and lets others express themselves. This makes her a good listener and she can help others.

4. Risks don’t scare her

The alpha female doesn’t avoid risks and chances. She instead loves adventurous situations and embraces them gladly. She knows that adventurous choices will bring many opportunities on the way. So, she never forces herself into her comfort zone.

Since she’s eager to take risks, she’s way more successful than the other female personality types.

5. She doesn’t let others change her mind

Not all people agree with her choices, opinions, and beliefs. She faces much opposition throughout her life. People don’t agree with her risk-taking attitude

But women with alpha female traits never let others talk them out of their choices. They are stubborn and certain once they set their mind on something.

6. She doesn’t shy away from stating her mind

The alpha female characteristics also make a woman more outspoken. She doesn’t feel insecure about her choices, so she can state her mind openly.

When something is on her mind, she doesn’t beat around the bush or play games. She won’t convey her thoughts with indirect words. Being heard is more important than others’ opinions.

7. She is born for the leadership role

Alpha females are natural leaders because of their interesting leadership skills. They don’t lead from the top and believe in working with the team members.

They have great foresight, so they can tell each team member’s strengths and help them nurture those sides. She leads whether in her friends’ group or at work.

8. Confidence oozes from her

The signs of an alpha woman make her the most confident in the entire hierarchy. If you’re an alpha female, people don’t even need to get close to notice your confidence in your abilities.

The body language is enough to give them the cue. For instance, alpha women look people in the eye and state their minds loud and clear.

9. She performs better when challenged

While some women feel insecure while facing challenges and competition, alpha women aren’t the least bit fazed by it. Instead, they put in more effort when they feel challenged.

They like to show off their skills and show their true strength to the world. They eagerly prove their power and authority whether it’s a tough situation or a person’s opposition.

10. She’s truly an independent woman

Alpha females don’t depend on anyone to succeed in life. Even in their romantic relationships, they don’t physically, emotionally, or mentally depend on their partner.

Since they don’t crave emotional support, they don’t feel the need to cheat (even emotionally). It doesn’t happen even by mistake. If she doesn’t feel fulfilled in the relationship, she’d rather leave.

11. She won’t ever stick to a toxic partner

While dating an alpha woman, there won’t be any games. If you treat her well and stay loyal, she’ll love you till the end of times. But if you show the least bit of toxicity, she won’t stand that.

She won’t even expect you to take her back. She’ll be out of your life for good.

12. She has a high EQ

Due to her high emotional intelligence, she can efficiently deal with everyone around her. She understands how her emotional expressions can impact others’ feelings and actions.

So, she manages her emotions accordingly and makes everything follow the right direction. When someone experiences something bad, she makes sure to not go too hard on them.

13. She’s always eager to learn more

She has an intense zeal to gain knowledge. For instance, she might research online and through hardcovers for hours. She might watch an endless spiral of videos to gather information. Or, she might learn new things from practical situations in her daily life. She’s never tired or bored of learning more.

14. She’s a strong woman inside and out

Okay, before you begin comparing a woman’s strength with a man’s, know that it’s nothing about that. Rather, she is the strongest among all the other women around her.

She is physically healthier because of better health-conscious choices and self-love. She’s also mentally strong and doesn’t waver when she faces setbacks. 

15. She can always support others

The alpha woman doesn’t always want to be involved in others’ troubles. In fact, she also has to deal with things in her life.

But, at the end of the day, she’s pretty strong and rescues others from their troubles. She never turns down others and actually feels good about it.

16. She has good communication skills

The alpha woman is a great mediator because of her communication skills. If people fight and that affects her business, she’ll help them talk things out maturely instead of getting into a catfight.

She helps both sides convey their thoughts and opinions and help them reach a fair middle ground.

17. You’ll feel confident around her

She will make you want to be like her. An alpha gal isn’t just confident by herself, she makes others feel the same. She is an inspiration and pulls everyone’s spirit high.

She puts effort into her team members and loved ones and makes them have faith in themselves. This again proves her ability to lead.

18. She doesn’t cling to her partner

Alpha females, in relationships, are supportive of their partner’s dreams. So, when the alpha gal’s partner is away, she doesn’t throw a fit.

She lets them live their life whether it’s by having fun with their friends or by working. She doesn’t interfere in their life and instead encourages them to realize all their dreams.

19. She balances her life even if work is a priority

She is ambitious as she desires to stay independent for the rest of her life. She doesn’t want to depend on anyone and take care of herself. This makes people believe that she neglects her personal life.

However, it’s the complete opposite as she leads a balanced life. She knows how to juggle all parts equally.

20. She doesn’t mind change

Many want life to be stand-still as they’re afraid of challenges and the outcomes. But challenges inspire an alpha female, so she tackles change head-on.

She doesn’t mind if the change is uncomfortable and believes that everything happens for the better. This helps her embrace the change and grow.

21. There’s a lot of love within her

She is always wary of the people around her, so you might not notice her love and kindness from afar. But if you’re close enough to her heart, she’ll love you a lot and will never let you down.

If she has healthy relationships with her parents and partner, she always showers them with lots of affection.

22. She accepts her shortcomings

She knows that she isn’t perfect despite being the alpha. But she isn’t ashamed or insecure about it. Instead, she’s more than happy to correct the issues and learn new things.

If she doesn’t know about it, she’ll never pretend to be knowledgeable about it. She doesn’t care if people judge her for it.

23. There’s no controlling tendency

She’s a bossy leader and she definitely tells people to do things like they have no idea at all. If her team doesn’t know her leadership style, they might get super pissed.

Some people might even knowingly refuse to follow her. But she doesn’t let that affect her. Instead, she lets others choose the best for themselves. 

But if it affects her life and progress, she makes it so that they don’t have that influence anymore.

24. She’s never intimidated by men

Alpha women often have masculine careers where more than 90% of people are men. In an office full of men, any woman might second-guess her choices and capabilities… but not her!

She knows she can do it and doesn’t feel intimidated. Instead, she wants to have a healthy connection with mutual respect.

25. She empowers other women, not degrade them

Alpha women love to be everyone’s center of attention. So, many assume that she degrades other women to have her top position.

But she’s a darling that empowers other women. If you’re a girl and know her, she’ll magically turn you into your best self!

26. She doesn’t let opinions get to her!

People around her have many opinions about her. She knows that the world judges her choices and despises her for being so different. After all, the world could never handle strong and intimidating women.

But she never lets that get to her mind. She proudly follows her dreams and ignores others.

However, is she completely flawless? Let’s grab the answers here…

Alpha Female Weaknesses

Those who look up to an alpha female (and those who are jealous of her), understand that there are downsides to all personalities. And the alpha female type is no different. So, let’s find out her flaws here…

1. Her intimidating aura only attracts her enemies

The intimidating vibe engulfing her personality often makes others judge her. They feel that she mocks or disrespects them. People might hold grudges against her and try to make trouble for her.

2. Her boasts might make others self-conscious

In social settings when nobody has to say more important stuff, she likes to share her achievements. However, everyone’s life might not be as fulfilling as hers. So, they might feel insecure and jealous of her and secretly hate her.

3. She can’t show her serious vulnerabilities easily

She is the epitome of confidence and boldness. So, unless the other person is trustworthy, she can’t share her vulnerabilities easily. To keep herself safe, she always needs to suppress her emotions. This prevents her from making important bonds.

4. She never seeks help

She is independent in all senses, so she doesn’t like to seek others’ help for anything. She feels seeking help makes her dependent and weak. So, she won’t ask for help even if she’s in a bad situation.

5. She usually puts her career first despite leading a balanced life

She’s ambitious and wants to build a career to be independent. Of course, if she has a love life, she’ll put plenty of energy into it. But if she doesn’t have a relationship yet and has a long way to succeed, she’ll stall it for a long time. She won’t let anything distract her life.

6. She comes off cold to most people

Unless you’re super close to her like a best friend, partner, or close family member, she won’t put her guard down. She built a wall around her heart and won’t let strangers in. So, people often feel turned off by her cold attitude and even call her proud.

7. She gets bored too easily

She has a huge appetite for new things. She wants to learn something every day whether it’s through formal courses or from life experiences. For this very reason, she’s also pretty adventurous.

However, life might not always have new things for her and she easily gets bored.

8. She’s often misunderstood by others

A 2019-study shows how the perception of alpha girls’ personalities changed. Society often assumes her to be a selfish and mean woman but she isn’t. In fact, she cares about people and looks out for them.

She may not care about opinions instantly, but it can eventually hurt her mental health!

9. People get offended by her unwanted opinions

Whenever she knows something better than others, she jumps in to put forth her info. While she only wants to help, others feel offended and looked down on. This makes her close relationships bitter.

10. She’s despised for her bossy attitude

She knows how things can work the best, so she likes to manage the smallest steps as a leader. She likes to stay within the team and help others out. However, her team members might feel frustrated and even rebel against her leadership skills.

11. The territorial attitude might push away her partner

As the alpha female, she hates to be threatened. In relationships, if a prospective dating partner lingers around her partner, she’ll lose her mind. Her partner might be frustrated by the lack of trust her actions imply.

12. She can’t turn down others’ pleas for help

When people seek help, she supports them even if she doesn’t want to. She always pushes herself way too much because of the sense of fulfillment. Eventually, it can make her hate herself or judge her value based on others’ perceptions.

13. She hates how people ask her to settle for less

She is a boss bitch and loyalty is non-negotiable for her. If her partner cheats or hurts her, there’s no second chance for them. However, people around her judge her for looking out for herself and it frustrates her a lot.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re close to an alpha female, respect her for her strengths and help her work out her flaws. You obviously have the best in mind for her. So, communicate your thoughts and grow closer.

But if you’re jealous of her, don’t try to pick on her weaknesses. She might have flaws but she’s no less than a lioness. So, don’t make her bare her canines at you!

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