Do you want to know about all the alpha female traits? Do you believe you know one around you and want to make sure? Or, do you just want to check if your boss is one?

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Alpha Female Traits

By the term “alpha”, anyone assumes that they are the best in everything. However, the alpha female herself doesn’t even claim anything like that. She knows she has flaws and owns that.

C’mon, let’s know more about her here…

1. She has a clear vision of her goals

The true alpha woman has clear goals. She isn’t indecisive about what she desires in her life. She doesn’t feel the need to wait for the “right time” to plan out her life.

Rather, she has everything planned out in her mind to reach her goals. For instance, if she’s a student, she already knows what profession she’ll aim for.

2. She is persistent

Alpha females don’t give up easily once they set their eyes on something. They aren’t afraid to try harder and give things another shot until everything works out.

Even her loved ones can’t discourage her from following her dreams. She’s motivated and driven and ready to make miracles happen with her fearless courage and spirit.

If you’re an alpha woman, you’ll be confident in your abilities.

3. She’s a good listener

Since she’s an alpha, people assume that she’s self-centered. Well, she definitely likes attention but she won’t make everything about herself. Only insecure people try to steal others’ thunder. But she’s confident, so she lets others speak and listens well to others.

4. Adventurer is her middle name

She isn’t one to stay in her comfort zone, unlike beta females. Instead, she tests her resilience by going on adventures.

But it’s not only about fun adventures. It’s more than going on an adventure to a foreign land. She’s equally adventurous in serious matters. For instance, in her academic and professional life, she takes risks to grab the toughest opportunities.

5. She has too many opinions to share

Women with alpha female traits often annoy others with their knowledge. They are intelligent in all fields, so they always have something to share in every discussion.

So, if people are misinformed about anything, she’ll correct them just because she knows and wants the best for everyone. However, others get offended because “she’s nosy”.

6. She defends her beliefs

She is always ready to spill the truth or her beliefs to others. However, some people might not take it positively. They might even try to tell her or others that she’s wrong. Or, they might attack her by saying that her beliefs are flawed.

But she always stands for her beliefs and won’t compromise them. If that makes others unhappy, she can’t care any less.

7. She’ll never beat around the bush

The alpha woman is always straightforward about her thoughts and opinions. She never hesitates to express what’s on her mind.

She doesn’t care if anyone feels disrespected, offended, or attacked.  She won’t ever intentionally hurt others and will always throw the truth without any sugar coating.

To her, it’s more important for people to listen to her whether they agree or not!

8. She’s the most confident woman

Among all the women in the socio-hierarchy, the alpha female is the most confident woman. You can understand that she’s an independent woman by her body language alone.

She stands straight, says what’s on her mind, walks with her chin up, and looks right into others’ eyes. It shows that she fears nothing and has complete faith in her capabilities.

9. She is the leader of any group but from within

In her personal, professional, academic, or social circle, she is the leader of the girl gang. If she isn’t, she’ll try hard enough to attain the leadership role soon!

But don’t think that she puts her gang below herself. Rather, her leadership skills are different from the alpha male. She leads from within the group, works alongside others, understands their troubles, and supports everyone to move forth.

10. She can’t control her excitement about the competition

The alpha woman is extremely competitive. She never settles for anything but the best in any area of her life. Whether it’s her academics, work, personal life, or the objects she gets.

If anyone challenges her authority and power, she doesn’t sit still. She’ll always prove that she’s the best. Moreover, competition motivates her, so she performs better when challenged.

11. She goes to great lengths to fulfill her dreams

She doesn’t just set goals or create plans early. But she also follows everything required to make it work. She never hesitates to walk on her plans to reach her goals.

She’s focused, disciplined, and motivated toward the finishing line. She is powerful enough to defy all distractions and keep going. She’s successful because she keeps pushing.

12. Her aura is intimidating

Women with alpha female personalities often intimidate others. People think twice before crossing paths with her. When she steps in, the entire room goes quiet.

Her intimidating aura often makes people jealous and insecure. They want to drag her down but don’t even have half the capability so they only talk behind her back. However, her close ones know exactly how powerful and reliable she is!

13. She’s such a show-off!

The alpha female likes it when she’s everyone’s center of attention. She knows what it means to be real alphas and likes to boast about it. She’ll tell you all about her achievements once she starts socializing.

Some people might enjoy her stories while others might be turned off by them. But she doesn’t care and keeps on expressing herself. After all, any publicity is good publicity.

14. She’s so bossy

She’s pretty intelligent and knows how to reach her goals. So, if she ever becomes your boss or team leader, she’ll act super bossy. She’ll tell you everything to do and micromanage you.

Everyone will be pretty anxious about pissing her off. People feel forced to meet her perfectionist standards. This often pisses off people and it becomes hard to work with her even if she’s right.

15. She never depends on her partner

Since she’s an independent woman, she won’t ever rely on her partner for anything. If she needs anything, she’ll get it for herself.

She definitely fulfills her expensive dreams, but it’s not just about that. She also doesn’t depend on her partner emotionally. Due to her emotional independence, the thought of cheating never crosses her mind.

If she falls out of love, she’d rather break up than cheat!

16. Instead she leads the relationship

Alpha women are dominant even in their romantic relationships. They wear the pants in their love life.

For instance, they’ll choose the date, venue, what food you’ll have, or when and where you’ll have a stroll.

The alpha girl decides when you guys pick the next relationship milestone. She respects her partner, but she can’t NOT command. In fact, she’s pretty reliable and is a good match for beta males.

17. In relationships, the last decision is always hers

She decides everything about her and her partner’s future. Of course, she lets him express his viewpoints and never ignores his needs. But the final word is hers.

If her partner doesn’t put forth their thoughts, she’ll urge them to share. But since she’s more intelligent and has great foresight, she’s the decision-maker when it comes to investments and acquisitions.

18. She’s fierce about her territory

The alpha gal isn’t possessive about her partner but she’s territorial. It’s not just the person she wants… rather, she desires to monopolize everything about them. Their time, effort, affection, and everything there’s to be.

Her jealousy leads to massive confrontations in her relationship. Her partner needs to remember to stay away from any woman other than her family.

19. She can walk away easily

If her partner can’t agree to her demands, the alpha woman doesn’t beg him/her to change. Rather, she has enough self-respect and dignity to walk away from the relationship.

She won’t let her emotions make her weak and knows how to treat herself well. She isn’t afraid of being single once again because she never relied on anyone from the beginning!

20. Her high EQ makes a huge difference

She doesn’t lead her team like a bull without considering others’ emotions. Of course, she can’t let emotions pull her team back. But she tries her best to accommodate everyone.

If someone loses a loved one or experiences something bad, she’ll allow them to take it easy. She knows how her behavior and emotions can impact others. So, she wisely manages her and others’ emotions by playing strategically.

21. She can’t stop learning something new

Every day, she obsesses over knowing something new and useful. She has an immense drive to learn new skills and gain information.

She studies new things online through videos and researches a lot. But that’s not the only source of knowledge for her. She absorbs new knowledge even from practical situations in her daily life.

22. Her physical and mental strength is incomparable

Okay, before you say that women are physically weaker than men, let’s clarify this isn’t a comparison between genders.

But an alpha woman, in general, when compared to other women her age or other female personalities, is much stronger both physically and mentally.

She gets sick much less and doesn’t break down easily. Her strong mindset truly stands out from others.

23. She’s everyone’s rescuer

Whether anyone needs a hand in something or just wants advice, they’ll always seek the alpha female because she knows the best.

Of course, not everyone is in the mood to support others, so she often avoids it. But she often finds herself in such situations. Despite her reluctance at first, she’ll never turn you down. Secretly, she feels great about helping others.

24. She’s a mediator

The alpha gal doesn’t back off from conflicts and becomes fierce when anyone threatens them. But that doesn’t imply that she encourages others to fight. Rather, she helps others mediate their issues with clear communication.

Whether it’s something in her personal or professional life, she makes everyone state their mind and talk things out like mature beings. She focuses on resolving the situation ASAP.

25. Her confidence is contagious

Her confidence is so contagious that other women desire to be like her. As mentioned before, she leads from within the group, so she empowers every single woman in her team to be their best.

The effort she puts into others often inspires them to become more powerful. Everyone starts having faith in her and tries their best to be as powerful as the alpha woman.

26. She is supportive of her partner

The alpha female is independent in her relationships. She fetches her needs by herself, so she doesn’t need her partner’s help with anything.

Since she doesn’t need them to fulfill her desires, she lets them have their own space. If they want to go out with their friends, she doesn’t lose her mind.  Instead, she encourages them to chase their dreams.

27. She leads a balanced life

The alpha female is pretty ambitious and desires to be the best. But that never implies that she’s a workaholic. She has a great work-life balance which makes her even more perfect.

She focuses on not only her academic and professional growth. Instead, she’s equally driven in her personal and social life. You won’t see her neglect any part of her life any day.

28. Change doesn’t disturb her

She isn’t afraid of change whether it’s slow, rapid, favorable, or unfavorable. She embraces all kinds of change with open arms. Even if the change puts her in unwanted situations, she fights continuously until the end.

She understands that change only brings more opportunities even if it brings hardships for the moment. Due to her optimistic nature, she can charge forward and succeed.

29. She’s also a great lover

Since she’s independent and takes care of her own needs, people assume that she doesn’t understand love. Most think that alpha women are selfish and love themselves the most.

However, the truth is that they just have a wall around them. But once they let someone in, they love them even more than themselves. So, once an alpha woman finds a worthy person, she treats them well.

So, she has a loving relationship with her partner and parents given they are worthy people.

30. She never claims to be a know-it-all

She might have a lot of opinions to share about everything. But that’s only when she genuinely knows about it. When she isn’t sure or knowledgeable about something, she doesn’t pretend to be well-read about it.

In fact, she doesn’t feel ashamed if she isn’t aware of something. Since she has a huge hunger for knowledge, she is open to accepting her ignorance and learning more.

31. She’s often misunderstood

The intentions of alpha women are often misunderstood by the people around them. Whenever they try to do something to help others, people only highlight it in a negative light.

For instance, when they give advice, people perceive them as being dictatorial. Or, when they state their mind, everyone thinks they are too forward.

In fact, a 2019-research says that perceptions of alpha women have changed a lot over time. They were even known to be sex-crazed at some point.

32. She never tries to control others

She demands everyone to follow her lead. But if someone doesn’t, she never controls them with punishment. Instead, she doesn’t let that impact her at all. She lets others independently choose the best for themselves.

If someone’s defiance impacts her own performance, she either verbally asks them to step up their game or step down from her team. She’s pretty serious about her own growth, so she won’t entertain others’ immaturity.

33. She doesn’t believe she’s less than any man

If she competes in a room full of men, her confidence doesn’t waver even a bit. She doesn’t feel intimidated by a male in any situation. She often works in masculine industries and never second-guesses her power.

She might not be the best initially and works hard to build herself. She respects the skills of all the men around her and in return she expects them to reciprocate it!

34. She never degrades others to show off her power

Contrary to popular opinion, the alpha woman isn’t cruel to other women. Yes, she loves the attention, but she doesn’t put other women down to remind them of her power. She isn’t crazy about the clout and instead remembers her roots.

She helps other women to follow a similar path and help them glow. She isn’t one of the mean girls!

35. She never lets opinions ruin her day

She knows that the world looks down on her choices. They judged her the same as they did decades back. But opinions never scared her because she doesn’t compromise her life for others.

Opinions were always irrelevant to her and she proudly does what she likes. It doesn’t matter if people mock her choices.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Alpha women are headstrong and confident women. Though they are not flawless, they always try to improve themselves. The best part about them is their high spirits. They always fight the worst situations and people which makes their alpha position worth it!

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