Do you want to know more about the performance of an alpha male at work? Are you curious about how the top dog acts in his professional life? Do you think he is not all as cool as people assume?

Well, this think-piece will let you know the complete truth about an alpha male. Professionally, he isn’t that perfect. There are certainly some issues, but there are also many great parts.

So, let’s get started!

Alpha Male at Work

The alpha male is crazy about work even though he isn’t a complete workaholic. He wants to be the best everywhere, but he understands that money and professional success are important. So, he tries extra hard to give his best at work.

So, let’s know more here…

1. The alpha males are natural leaders

According to the research of Kate Ludeman and Eddie Erlandson, 70% of all senior executives are alpha males and not alpha females.

High-achieving alpha men understand their team members’ strong and weak suits and can delegate suitable tasks to them. They’re also great with many other things like stress, opinions, challenges, and so on, which makes them perfect leaders.

2. They always have a goal in mind

Your alpha male boss or leader may not always share his ideas with you. Yet he’ll ask you to do things, and you might even question what he is up to.

Well, if this is your situation, your boss is one of the goal-oriented alphas. He has a clear vision of the endpoint, but he probably didn’t share that with you.

3. So, they plan accordingly to reach the goal

An alpha male boss or leader doesn’t just plan and asks you to impulsively follow him. You can completely have faith in his choices because he has a lot planned in his mind.

He knows that he might not actualize the vision with one plan and already has a backup to deal with it. So, don’t worry, as your hard work won’t go in vain!

4. The alpha male doesn’t want anything but the best

Due to alpha male behavior patterns, he only aims for the best at work. Your alpha male employee wants to be a top executive, even if he’s just a fresher. Or, an alpha male entrepreneur plans to build one of the greatest business empires.

He isn’t used to dreaming less, and this motivates him to keep moving on!

5. He gets crazy about competition

When the alpha male competes with his rival, you might see a madman in him. The challenging environment motivates him to give his best and overpower his opponent.

This is because he wants to show that he’s much better than his rival. But if he loses, he takes it personally and waits to take revenge on the winner. He might even turn a healthy friendship toxic.

6. Other staff feels motivated by him

The alpha male doesn’t let anything demotivate him. He never second-guesses himself despite any situation. All coworkers and team members of the alpha male at work feel inspired by his zeal to win.

They bring up the motivation of the entire department. Everyone else wants to follow in his footsteps and become an impeccable employee like him!

7. All office staff might try to get closer to him

The alpha male doesn’t want to jumble his personal and professional life. However, people around him don’t understand his boundaries and feel it’s okay to try to get closer to him.

Female employees feel they have a chance with him and leave no opportunity to flirt with him. Whereas, aged employees try to set him up with their daughters.

8. There’s confidence in everything he does

The alpha male oozes confidence no matter what he does. Whether he gives a presentation, deals with tough clients, negotiates with business partners, or handles angry customers.

He always carries the body language of confident and successful alpha males. It calms down the other person and makes them trust him. His confidence impresses everyone and pays off in the best ways.

9. He may come off too arrogant to others

Some high-achieving alphas don’t just stop showing their confidence. Since they are usually right in everything, they become arrogant.

If anyone challenges them, they make people feel uncomfortable about their own achievements. This only makes everyone disturbed and disappointed with an alpha male at the office. Everyone’s mood turns bitter because of their attitude.

10. He often does things his way

If the alpha male has a set goal but faces some issues because of the rules, he’ll give you a huge shock. He won’t follow the rules just to make his work easier.

He doesn’t understand that if he breaks corporate rules, others have to clean up after his mess. He only focuses on the endpoint and troubles others.

11. He just won’t pay attention to opinionated people

One of the best and worst alpha traits in him is that he won’t care about opinions. He does what he wants as he has complete faith in himself.

If the other person only knows how to judge his actions and doesn’t put themselves in his shoes, it serves them right.

However, if they know better than him and warn him about future troubles yet he doesn’t pay attention, that’s annoying!

12. Instead, he jokes about those opinions

The alpha male has a different style of doing everything. So, when someone passes unwanted advice or remarks at him, he doesn’t get angry. Instead, he uses his good sense of humor to ease the mood.

When anyone belittles him, he makes everyone else laugh by twisting the other person’s words.

13. He literally knows everything

The alpha male leader or co-worker is intelligent about everything and anything you might ever imagine. He knows a lot about things… whether it’s about projects, clients, work strategies, or so on.

But if you wanna plan a company trip or let the employees relax, he even knows the best spot with attractive offers. So, ask him anything and he’ll have your back!

14. He never lets negatives affect him

The alpha male faces many hurdles and failures but he always focuses on the positive side. He finds the good through every bad situation.

His thinking style also helps his team to focus on their work after major setbacks. They don’t obsess over the grave situation and can be productive when their leader doesn’t freak out.

15. He protects his team

The alpha male is protective of his tribe in all of his social groups. In the office, if he knows he has a great team, he won’t let anyone target them.

They won’t get bullied by them no matter what situation they face. If another department tries to attack them or their performance, he answers in their stead. He also doesn’t let others steal his talented members.

16. His risk-taking nature disturbs others

The alpha male acts crazy when it comes to taking risks. He sees one, observes it, notices the concealed opportunities, and jumps right into it.

If there’s a new team member or co-worker, they might even feel horrified at his actions. Or, if he is a new employee somewhere, people around him can get offended pretty badly.

17. But he only takes calculated and profitable risks

Though he takes risks, there’s nothing to worry about. He only takes risks that have a favorable risk-to-reward ratio. He calculates a lot before he gets on this and only after a lot of thinking does he decide to dive in.

So, there’s nothing to worry about because he knows what he’s doing.

18. Everyone can rely on him

You can assign high levels of responsibility or tasks to an alpha male at any time. Once he takes responsibility, he is pretty serious about it. He tries to follow through with every word he gives as he’s reliable.

If you can’t get something done or need help, he’ll also help you through all-nighters. You can depend on him for any task and he will get it done in no time.

19. But he won’t let people take advantage of him

Since the alpha male is reliable, some coworkers try to take advantage of this fact. They don’t even try to undertake their task by themselves and try to push on the alpha male.

However, he already knows who genuinely needs help and who’s the opportunist. He refuses such people within the blink of an eye and doesn’t feel guilty for it.

20. He chases perfectionism way too much

The alpha male is a perfectionist when it comes to his work. He wants to do everything perfectly and checks his tasks multiple times to make them flawless. If he feels that a certain task isn’t up to mark, he might even redo it from scratch.

He pushes himself way too much to make himself perfect in others’ eyes. Of course, his perfect tasks support his growth, but it also affects his health.

21. He expects the same from his team

Just as he expects the best from himself, his attitude is the same toward his team members or coworkers. He pushes everyone to perform their best.

If they can’t keep up with him, he judges them. Meanwhile, others struggle to meet his expectations and suffer from poor self-esteem as they simply can’t satisfy his standards.

22. Nobody can make him insecure about his shortcomings

The alpha male is self-aware, i.e., he knows not only about his strengths but also his shortcomings. He might rightfully think he is way better than his peers but never claims to be perfect.

So, if a co-worker finds out his flaws and mocks or blackmails him with it, they won’t get any reaction from him. He doesn’t care if his flaws become public because he isn’t ashamed of them.

23. He works hard to overcome professional flaws

Since he is aware of his shortcomings, he also tries his best to improve himself in those areas. Since he is a perfectionist, he always learns new things even if he is jam-packed with work.

He’ll enroll in courses to improve his skills and become a reliable leader. He doesn’t believe in settling for less or adjusting to what he has.

24. He can’t give up on his visions

Once the alpha male knows that his plans and expectations are practical, he won’t give up on it. even if he fails at making it work out, he will persistently chase the old goals until he reaches those.

He might even exhaust himself and all the available resources in his pursuit. But he won’t easily let it go.

25. He won’t keep a traitor around

Whether it’s his team member, a co-worker, or an old friend that’s also connected to him professionally, once they break his trust, he won’t give them another chance.

Even if that’s their blood connection, he won’t let a threat loiter around and get another advantage from him.

26. His team members might complain about his dominance

The alpha male leader is pretty strict, dominating, and demanding. He commands every little step to his followers. This hampers their professional growth as they can never take steps on their own.

Initially, they might feel supported as he helps them out with every step. But as time passes by, everyone feels that he can’t trust their judgment.

27. Pressure motivates him

Under extreme stress, the alpha male feels motivated to give his best shot. He is born to deal with high-paced work environments. He can keep up with demanding work dynamics, unlike others.

Instead of complaining about such environments, he feels thrilled and even makes tough decisions successfully. He wants to show how capable he is and these situations are perfect opportunities for him to show that.

28. He doesn’t need validation

The alpha male is confident on his own and doesn’t need anyone else to remind him about his charisma. The alpha male won’t beg for others’ acceptance, compliments, or validation.

Being an alpha, he already has enough attention and compliments from everyone even if they don’t know about his victories. He doesn’t want more praise from his coworkers or make them feel bad about themselves.

29. But he still might brag gently

On the other hand, if anyone asks him about his accomplishments or if he wants to inspire someone with his story, he shares it. And since he has many things to be proud of, he brags very quietly.

He doesn’t do it to attract others’ attention. Rather, it’s all because he feels proud.

30. He won’t try to sugarcoat the feedback

When his team member does something wrong, he doesn’t try to protect his emotions. For him, perfection in work comes first.

He’s strict and straightforward with his feedback to show the urgency of the situation. His team members also know what to work on exactly since he doesn’t beat around the bush.

31. But he also won’t let his anger burst out

Though he gives straightforward feedback, he doesn’t ever lose his calm. Even after the worst situations, he knows how to control his emotions and think logically. He knows how his emotional expressions might affect others.

Due to his high emotional intelligence, he can deal with any situation calmly. So he can make important decisions calmly.

32. His appearance favors him in any situation

This might sound superficial but this world still gets moved by attractive things. The alpha male is well-built, healthy, and hygienic. He has great body posture, body language, facial expressions, and style.

All of that gives him brownie points and helps him impress his recruiter, boss, clients, or business partners, and even helps him calm angry customers.

33. When he talks, all employees focus on him

He has great communication skills, so whenever he talks… whether for a presentation, debate, or to negotiate with clients… he grabs everyone’s attention. Nobody can take eyes off him as he can make the most boring things interesting.

34. He is still kind deep within

In Erlandson and Luderman’s book, Alpha Male Syndrome, they say that alpha male bosses and leaders clearly don’t understand how rude they act to others. They don’t understand that being dominant hurts others’ feelings.

In fact, deep inside, they only have others’ best in their minds. So, the alpha man has a kind heart but he doesn’t know how to express it.

35. He doesn’t know when to seek help

The alpha male is confident that he is the best. He believes that he can solve any issue all by himself. So, even when he is in a pinch, he doesn’t ask for others’ help.

For instance, he is pretty persistent about his goals and desires perfection. He’ll try every trick possible but won’t ask for help.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re wondering if an alpha male is good for your workplace, just go for it. He can bring the best results for you, so don’t even doubt his capabilities.

If you’re worried about whether he can adjust to your work culture, that will eventually work out. So, get him on your team and watch as he does miracles!

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