Lately, have you seen too many memes and jokes about alpha males but don’t know what it means? Perhaps, you suspect someone around you is an alpha male and wanna make sure?

Well, whether you just want to understand this concept, identify one, become one, or get closer to an alpha male, this article will help you explore the depths.

So, dive in right away! ṣ

Alpha Male Infographic

What Is An Alpha Male - 15 Traits To Identify Them
What Is An Alpha Male – 15 Traits To Identify Them

Who is Alpha Male?

Alpha male is the most desirable personality in the socio-hierarchy. He is confident, headstrong, and most successful among them all.

An alpha male is a strong man that believes in leading independently. He is confident and has a clear notion of what he wants from his life. He chases his goals unapologetically even if others pass cruel remarks.

Alpha men are also known for their unmatched bravery and intellect. They have plans for the future way before others which helps them achieve their goals earlier.

However, it’s not easy to understand an alpha male with a few words. So, let’s know about him in detail here…

Alpha Male Traits

Alpha males are confident and like to be independent. Their desire to win in life is far stronger than others. Many more traits make these men stand out from the crowd. So, let’s get to know him better here…

1. He is a great leader

The alpha male personality type blesses a man with great leadership qualities. He understands others’ strengths and weaknesses and assigns them tasks or chores based on that. He can also guide others to decide for the best for others which makes him born to be a leader.

2. He is strong in some way or the other

Unlike what people believe, the alpha male isn’t always physically strong. Some alpha males are extremely passionate about bodybuilding.

On the other hand, other alphas care just about being fit. Instead, they are mentally and emotionally strong.

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3. He’s passionate about winning

He is prepared to go the extra mile to reach his goals. Success doesn’t come easy and he knows that. So, he will never hesitate to put more effort towards his goals.

He is serious about winning whether it’s at school, work, or just something fun at home.

4. He is a role model for many

Since he sets great goals and works hard to reach them, everyone looks up to him. Of course, some people are jealous of him, but most follow his lead and learn to be consistent like him. He doesn’t even have to say a word and everyone gets inspired by him.

5. Ladies can’t help but fall for him

He doesn’t try to be a playboy or go out of his way to flirt with women. However, women naturally feel attracted to him for his success and power. He always has too many suitors around him even if he doesn’t want to date.

6. He is a rule breaker

Since most of his plans work out perfectly, he has extreme faith in himself. So, when he feels that without a certain rule, he can perform better, he violates it. He doesn’t like to play by the rules when he knows he can make the impossible work.

7. Opinions don’t affect him

People always have something to say to alpha men. Even though he tries his best for the pack, even he gets a lot of criticism. However, he never lets judgmental thoughts affect him. He is confident in his choices. However, if he is about to make mistakes, this habit will negatively affect him.

8. He is smart in everything

Whether it’s about his studies, work, or fun, he knows everything. For instance, he is way ahead of others in studies, he always learns new skills for his job, and he also knows the best places to enjoy in the neighborhood. This makes him perfect in everything.

9. His positivity is contagious

Even during the worst times, he is always optimistic. At least, he doesn’t let his true thoughts out which calms others. People feel that everything will work out and they focus on their tasks without worries.

10. He is emotionally intelligent

Due to his high EQ, he never lets his emotions overpower him during tough times. He also understands his and others’ emotions and can process them better. This prevents him from hurting others unknowingly. He is a pro at taking care of such situations.

Hey, that’s not the end at all, so to know all the traits, click here.

However, if you wanna know about the strengths and weaknesses of alpha men, keep reading!

Alpha Male Strengths and Weaknesses

Everyone believes that since alpha males are the top dogs, they have interesting strengths. People assume they are the best in everything. So, let’s figure out if that’s the truth or not!


1. He never begs for attention

Wherever he goes, he grabs all the attention to himself. Everyone likes him and feels drawn to him. He never tries to brag or go the extra mile for this, but he gets a lot of attention from suitors and potential friends.

2. He has abundant confidence

Confidence oozes from an alpha male and you can tell from his every step. He doesn’t doubt himself even if nobody believes him. He knows that if he hesitates, his plans will crumble from the insecurity. This helps him stay focused and complete his task properly. 

3. He is intelligent about everything

He is both book-smart and street-smart. So, he can help you with your weak subjects and help you build great work and life skills. But he can also help you unwind and enjoy a good time. He isn’t a nerd but isn’t oblivious about serious things either.

4. He only takes calculated risks

He loves to take risks because they bring great opportunities. However, unlike what people assume, he isn’t reckless. Rather, he studies the risk properly and builds a backup plan for every probable issue. He only takes risks with a favorable risk-to-reward ratio.

5. He never leads life passively

He never lets life take its course or watches life happen while he stands helplessly. He believes that only he can make his life follow the right path and doesn’t wait for opportunities. He chases what he wants instead of sulking in one corner and that’s what makes him the winner.

Though the alpha male is the epitome of power, no human being is flawless. So, alpha males also have some weaknesses. C’mon, let’s figure out what those are!


1. He can’t apologize

Even when he makes mistakes, hurts others, or pushes others’ buttons, he doesn’t understand that he’s wrong. He just won’t apologize for what he puts others through and instead believes he is always right. This pushes people away from his life.

2. He doesn’t know when to stop controlling others

Since he is much more successful than others, he believes his way is the right way. So, he doesn’t let others decide anything independently and tells them everything they need to do. This makes others feel incapable. They feel upset and dislike being mentored by him.

3. The lack of forgiveness is a huge issue

He doesn’t forgive his sinners and never gives them any chance to prove their innocence. Others may also follow suit and not forgive him when he puts others through poor consequences. He may also push away loved ones because of simple misunderstandings.

4. He is too stubborn for his own good

Once he sets a goal, he can’t give up on it. Even if he fails in his endeavors he tries repeatedly. He doesn’t listen to others if they ask him to give up. But he’s a human being and is prone to mistakes. If he won’t pay heed to advice, he may get in real trouble!

5. People can’t stand his perfectionism

Since he’s a perfectionist, he tries to do everything flawlessly and expects others to follow suit. If they can’t, he talks down to them unless they succeed in it. This creates a toxic environment and endangers the physical and mental health of the other person.

But don’t judge him based on these strengths and weaknesses alone. Click here to know about all of them!

However, are you an alpha male? If you wonder whether to keep this personality or not, note a few things here…

Pros and Cons of being an Alpha Male

Being an alpha male makes you stronger and more intelligent than the rest. You are more likely to be successful than the people around you. This personality makes you outstanding in different ways. So, let’s find out more about that here


1. You’re kind

Though you are dominant, controlling, and sometimes rude, you are actually kind-hearted. You only want the best for everyone in your pack and help others pick the best skills. You are obsessed with making them shine as bright as you and succeed.

2. You have great communication skills

With your communication skills, you can grab all the spotlight and entertain everyone. People can never get bored at your party or any party you attend. You can even make the most boring stuff sound cool and attract everyone to you.

3. You never beat around the bush

When it’s time to criticize someone, you do it without any sweet talk. You let them know how concerning their situation is but don’t exaggerate it. On the flip side, if you praise anyone, you only mention genuine facts and avoid inflating them to keep them motivated.

4. Nobody can take advantage of you

You care about your pack and are ready to do everything for them. However, you are not a pushover and don’t agree with every request. They may ask you for something but you independently decide whether you must help them or not. So, nobody can walk all over you.

5. You don’t need to be validated

You never seek others’ validation to feel confident about yourself. You know when you achieve something and celebrate it with your loved ones or yourself. You don’t ask for others’ thoughts about your actions. You may even share your achievements with others but never get compliments.

Even if this is the topmost socio-hierarchy personality, there are always some issues. Nobody and nothing is perfect and it’s the same for this personality. You will face certain issues like these…


1. You might have unfulfilling relationships

You are so focused on your work that you often ignore your loved ones. You want to take care of them by earning more money but they don’t always demand that. Sometimes, they just want your time and feel lonely and depressed. Your relationships may go downhill if you don’t focus on them.

2. You may push yourself to exhaustion

Since you’re crazy about perfectionism, you often overwork yourself. You don’t take a break and even if you do, you worry about pending tasks. You don’t understand when your body needs time off and overwork yourself until you’re bedridden with exhaustion or are burnt out.

3. You can’t deal with other alphas

You feel threatened by other alphas and constantly try to outdo them. This makes you hyperactive when you share a stage with another alpha male or female. But you lose the chance to learn new skills from other alphas.

4. You may suppress a beta excessively

Since you’re dominant, you naturally demand more from others. Betas, however, are used to giving in to others’ demands. So, you may hurt a beta mentally or physically with your excessive demands and ruin your relationship with them.

5. Multitasking may ruin your reputation

Since you are ambitious, you want to achieve more at once. However, that can make you extremely inefficient by messing with your focus and result in mistakes. People may lose faith in you if something major goes wrong.

To know more about the positive and negative effects of having an alpha male personality, check this!

But are you curious about how your personality is better than others? Then let’s get down to the comparison!

Alpha Male vs Sigma Male

While the alpha male is the best within the hierarchy, the sigma male is as great but he stays out of the hierarchy. These men have often been compared to each other. Sometimes, people even confuse the two. So, let’s find out if alphas and sigmas are similar or not…

1. Unlike alphas, sigma males prefer solitude

Alpha men are outgoing but they are comfortable on their own as well. It’s not that they can’t go without socializing. Sigma males can socialize if necessary but they feel more comfortable being on their own to recharge or spend time with their loved ones.

2. Alpha men enjoy leading compared to sigma men

Alphas instinctually desire to lead others. They feel it’s their responsibility to support others. But sigma males, on the other hand, don’t like to take responsibility for others.

They want to work independently without worrying about teaching others the right way. They don’t like to commit to anything.

3. As leaders, alpha males are dominant while sigma men are friendly

In leadership positions, alpha men command their team members. They don’t allow them to try things independently and offend them.

But sigma males, when lead, like to work along with the team. He teaches by setting examples instead of ordering them around.

4. Alphas need to focus on the pack’s future but Sigma men do whatever they want

Alpha males are responsible for everyone’s welfare. So, even if they don’t listen to others’ opinions they always make decisions for everyone’s betterment.

But sigma males don’t have such responsibilities. So, they can be as reckless as they want without thinking about others.

5. Unlike alphas, sigma men don’t show off their achievements

Alpha males take credit for their accomplishments and share stories to inspire others. They don’t mind sharing these stories as they feel proud of themselves.

Sigma men don’t share their victories and celebrate on their own. They feel better taking time to appreciate themselves.

To get a detailed comparison of the top dogs, click here!

Next, let’s compare within the hierarchy and start with betas here…

Alpha Male vs Beta Male

Alpha males are at the top and beta males come second in the hierarchy. However, these men are often considered to be completely opposite to each other. So, let’s figure out whether they are truly different!

1. Unlike alphas, beta men are friend zoned

Alpha males are most desirable to women because of their power and success. They are flourishing in the dating marketplace. But beta males are reserved and treat their crush like best friends. They don’t flirt aggressively, so their crush can never guess their feelings and only friend-zone them.

2. Alpha males are leaders and beta males are followers

Alpha men like to lead everyone instead of following passively. They have lots of ideas to achieve their goals and want to help everyone reach the pinnacle along with them. But beta men don’t feel comfortable about leading and only wish to follow others’ commands.

3. Compared to alphas, beta men steer clear of risks

When an alpha male notices a favorable risk, he can’t sit still. He dives in right away with plans to deal with any negative consequences. But alpha males aren’t like-minded as they don’t want to face any troubles. They feel uncertain about handling messy situations.

4. Alphas can say “No” but beta male is a Yes-man

If you request the alpha male anything, you may or may not get a positive answer. It depends on whether you want to take advantage of him or if he’s busy. But beta men can’t refuse others easily. They feel guilty if they say “no”. So, they often get taken advantage of.

5. Alpha males are confident but beta males are perceived as insecure

Alpha males are loud about their confidence with their body language and facial expressions. You can feel their faith in themselves even if they don’t spell it out.

However, beta males are also confident but they keep it low because they’re humble. Since they don’t show confidence signs, people assume he is insecure.

There are many more interesting differences and similarities between these personalities, so find that here!

Up next, let’s move on to this…

Alpha Male vs Delta Male

Do you know that delta males actually used to be alphas at some point? When an alpha male loses their zeal and confidence, they turn into deltas.

So, you can guess that these men will be the complete opposites of alphas. C’mon, let’s explore the differences in detail!

1. Unlike the alphas, delta men avoid the spotlight

Alpha men can confidently deal with social situations. They have a lot to share with others and can keep everyone entertained with their skills. But delta men are insecure and avoid crowds. Instead, he enjoys spending time indoors by himself as this also helps him recharge.

2. The alpha male loves to lead unlike delta males

The alpha male enjoys guiding others but it’s different for delta males. Deltas don’t like taking on excess responsibilities and feel more comfortable following others’ guidance. This may be because they lost confidence after whatever they faced that led to their change in personality.

3. Compared to alpha men, deltas are submissive in relationships

Since alpha men hardly make mistakes, they prefer to make major decisions in their relationships. But the delta male depends on his partner to tell him what to do. Sometimes, even if his partner does that, he still wants them to do it on their own. 

4. Alpha males can refuse others but deltas are people pleasers

Alpha men can say “No” to requests if they are tied up, have better things to do, or if the other person is an opportunist. But delta men can’t stand conflicts, so they try to do what people expect from them.

5. Alpha males work hard while deltas play the victim

The alpha male is aware of his flaws and works on them. But the delta male plays the helpless victim and complains. Even if he is at fault, he won’t work hard to improve himself.

Now that you’ve come so far, let’s keep rolling to the next personality type!

Alpha Male vs Gamma Male

While alpha males are the desirable leaders, gamma males believe that alphas and betas get too many women even without lifting a finger. Instead of trying to be like the top dogs, gammas whine for attention. So, let’s get down to the comparison here…

1. They are both intelligent

The alpha male is intelligent in all fields whether it’s about his studies or something fun. On the other hand, the gamma male is not universally intelligent in everything. However, he is passionate and intelligent in his chosen field. He can shine hard in his subjects.

2. Unlike alphas, gamma men aren’t conventionally handsome

The alpha male is drop-dead gorgeous as he takes care of his appearance properly. However, the gamma male is not attractive to others because they are out of shape. They hardly take care of their fitness and hygiene. They are perceived as lazy by everyone.

3. Alpha men have lots of suitors unlike gamma males

Women feel extremely attracted to alpha males especially because they are handsome and successful. But they don’t like the warped sense of romance of gamma men. Gammas believe that they are nice guys and they deserve better romantic and sexual lives.

4. Alphas are confident while gammas are jealous

Alpha men know that nobody can be as good as him because they are usually better. Sometimes this can even turn into arrogance and overconfidence.

But gamma men are jealous of all other men having a fulfilling dating life without “working as hard as him”.

5. Alphas accept failure and try harder but gamma men fear failure

Alpha men don’t want to fail but they never brood over spilled milk. Instead, they may take a small break to muster courage and try again. This helps them take risks more easily.

But gamma males are afraid of failure, so they never take any kind of risk.

Now, let’s jump to the last comparison here…

Alpha Male vs Omega Male

While alphas lead the hierarchy, omegas are at the very bottom. You might not expect much from the omegas other than feeling left out and at a disadvantage. So, let’s check how much of that is true…

1. Alpha men are extraverted unlike omegas

Alpha men are social beings and enjoy entertaining others and grabbing the spotlight. They feel uncomfortable if they aren’t invited to parties and they don’t attend them.

Omega men are introverted and get tired of socializing with new people. He enjoys having a small circle and doesn’t feel the need to expand it.

2. Unlike alpha men, omegas aren’t conscious about their looks

Alpha men pay a lot of attention to their appearance. They maintain their physique, wear flattering outfits, groom themselves, and maintain proper hygiene.

However, omega men don’t care much for their looks and often look unkempt and give away a poor impression.

3. Unlike alphas, omegas struggle to find partners

Alphas are the most desirable men in the dominance hierarchy. They are always surrounded by infinite suitors and are misunderstood by their friends and partners.

But omega men don’t socialize and can’t strike up conversations. So, it’s hard for them to attract any partner.

4. Compared to alpha men, omega men are pretty humble

Alpha males are slightly humble but they are also proud of their accomplishments. They don’t shy away from celebrating their victories but they won’t post them on social media and make others insecure.

But omegas don’t share the story of their victories even when they succeed. So, people assume that they don’t have much to share.

5. Alpha men are competitive unlike omegas

Alpha males are motivated by competition. They charge right in whenever they get the opportunity. They might even turn toxic and take things too seriously.

But omega men are satisfied with their accomplishments and don’t try to achieve more in life.

However, these aren’t all and there are even some similarities between the two. To know more, you can dive deeper into the comparison here!

Now, are you curious about the professionalism of alpha men? Then let’s get on with this right here…

Alpha Male at Work

In the professional platform, alpha males are pretty sought-after. They are usually the bosses and executives. Even if they are not, they progress in their career pretty fast. So, let’s know more interesting facts here…

1. He is always goal-oriented

He has a clear vision of his goals and works with that in mind. He may not explain his ideas to his team in detail and team members might even wonder what he’s up to. But he knows how to accomplish his goals and will lead everyone to victory.

2. He always has the best in his mind

Even when an alpha male works in an entry-level job, he dreams way higher than his coworkers. While his peers are focused on getting a raise and promotion, he dreams and works hard enough to be an executive. Others might find his goals conceited, but he knows how to make that happen.

3. He is a source of motivation for everyone

He doesn’t let any setback discourage him or doubt his ideas. Instead, he always confidently tries unless he succeeds. This motivates his coworkers to work harder and strive for the best. Everyone wants to thrive in their own way and try their best.

4. He might not follow the rules

The alpha male can’t stand it when he can’t reach his goals due to rules. So, without others’ knowledge, he might often violate such rules to work easily and wait until he can surprise his boss with the results.

He doesn’t understand that others have to suffer for his reckless actions.

5. He doesn’t let opinions bother him

The alpha male co-worker is confident and won’t be demoralized by others’ opinions. He believes in himself and does what he deems fit. This can be great if the other professional only wants to criticize him. But it can be an issue for the department if they have a good point!

If you’re curious about more of his professional attitude, don’t forget to check this out!

However, are you curious about his personal life? Then just keep scrolling…

Alpha Male Relationships

In relationships, alpha males sacrifice a lot to let their loved ones enjoy life. They are also protective and alert about any potential danger. However, his expectations and reckless attitude can weaken these bonds. So, let’s get down to the details here…

1. He is protective of his loved ones

Whether you’re a friend, family, or lover, he will always look out for you and protect you. He will beat up your bullies if he is physically strong. And if not, he will support you emotionally and mentally. He will always have your back.

2. He even leads his relationships

He will often decide and plan for you instead of depending on you. If there’s a group task, he will assign you appropriate tasks. But he won’t let you take on anything major. Instead, he will take care of most of the responsibilities.

3. He is ready to provide you with everything

He is a dutiful provider for his family members. He works hard to reach the pinnacle and earn enough to support his family with the best lifestyle. He’s always ready to financially support all of their dreams and desires and work even harder if that’s not enough.

4. His optimism will calm you

During a crisis, even if it seems like the end, he will always think positively. He won’t let the negative situation affect his emotions and won’t show it even if it does. This calms everyone around him and helps them focus on dealing with the matter.

5. His expectations might often frustrate you

Since he is a perfectionist, he expects you to work as hard as him. If you don’t show him impressive results, he will feel disappointed. You might push yourself too hard and feel exhausted and frustrated. Sometimes, you might hate that he can’t appreciate the little efforts and expects so much.

However, are you in love with an alpha male? To know whether you’re a good match for him or not, keep reading!

Alpha Male Compatibility

If you have a crush on an alpha man, you might feel self-conscious and compare his “probable taste” and yourself. However, there’s no point in overthinking. Rather, learn the traits he desires in a partner and try to embrace them!

1. Someone loyal

The alpha male is always focused on providing for his pack. However, people hardly notice his needs. So, he desires a partner that will understand and support him with full loyalty.

They must accept their sense of responsibility for others and never seek attention from others because he’s unavailable.

2. Someone sharp

His partner must be intelligent as this is a valuable quality to him. Since the world is full of backstabbers and opportunists, he wants someone that can fight the negatives alongside him. He might initially prioritize beauty, but he’ll always go for someone witty for a stable relationship.

3. Someone with a lot of passion

Since the alpha man is passionate about doing everything perfectly, only a partner as passionate as him can stand him. Otherwise, they will assume that he is too controlling and get tired of the relationship.

Moreover, he might look down on anyone that isn’t passionate and have difficulties understanding each other.

4. They must have a clear vision of life

Since the alpha male has good foresight and understands potential situations they may face in the future, he needs a life partner with similar views.

After all, he can’t explain every move he makes if the partner is completely oblivious. Otherwise, they won’t work towards similar goals and the relationship will be short lived.

5. Someone unpredictable

Alpha men always like a good challenge and an unpredictable partner can keep them excited. They will always be entertained by their partner’s unique thoughts. This will prevent the couple from getting bored and look forward to spending time together more often.

These are OBVIOUSLY not the only things about his relationships. To know more about how he acts in his personal life, what type of partner he desires, or the compatible zodiacs with him, check this out!

Speaking of zodiacs, do you wanna detect alpha males around you based on their horoscope? Then, let’s explore further here…

Alpha Male Zodiac Signs

If you’re a huge fan of astrology, there’s good news for you. You can identify whether someone is an alpha male or not, simply by knowing his birth date. So, if you don’t get enough chances to know him well, ask his date of birth and check if it’s any of these…

1. Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

Capricorns are strong, ambitious, and dedicated. When they charge toward a goal, they do everything possible to achieve them. They create backup plans if anything goes wrong and are filled with lots of positivity to consistently work hard and actualize their dreams.

2. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries men are called alphas because they are stubborn and driven to any goal they set. They don’t feel demoralized because of setbacks. Rather they like a good challenge. They are confident and never let others put them down. They sometimes come off as rude and intimidating but they are inspiring.

3. Leo (July 23- August 22)

Leo men are often admired by everyone in their vicinity. Be it for their leadership qualities or positivity, people wish to follow in his footsteps. He always supports his loved ones emotionally. He helps everyone whenever they are in a pinch because he knows they depend on him.

4. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Men with Scorpio zodiac signs are alphas because they are dominant males. They are passionate and chase their dreams hard. They love to take leadership roles and support the community with their intellect. They are stubborn and never give up on their dreams.

5. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgo men are alphas because they are intellectual, confident, and driven toward their goals. They never lose time or opportunities pondering on the negative possibilities or back off afraid of things not working out.

They don’t care about opinions and follow their heart. They are also fond of leading others.

To know more cool alpha facts about these zodiacs and more alpha male zodiac signs, don’t forget to click here!

However, if someone told you that alpha males don’t exist, let’s learn about some of them here…

Alpha Male Examples

Since alpha men are so charismatic and desirable, most women desire a man as strong and independent as him. Other men hate the fact that they aren’t even close to being alpha. So, they say that alpha men aren’t real.

However, you no longer need to be speechless when someone says that to you. So, dig in and know about some real alpha men!

1. Dwayne Johnson

Aka The Rock is not just a wrestler but also a great leader and businessman. He has great foresight which helps him make important decisions and succeed in life like alpha males. He always plans for any negative situations ahead of time. He is bold and straightforward but never disrespects others.

2. Jason Momoa

Momoa doesn’t just build his body for his movies. He loves to keep himself fit and attractive and has been passionate about it since his teens. He is sociable like alpha males and loves to be in the spotlight. His sense of humor always makes the entire set roar in smiles and laughter.

3. Tom Cruise

This confident American actor has been in the spotlight for ages and made the audience’s heart swoon. He is committed to his work (acting) and gets super into his role. He never gave up and faced his struggles until he became an irreplaceable asset of Hollywood.

4. Bruce Lee

The late martial artist is still an inspiration to young aspirers. He was strong, charming, charismatic, and lovable. He was a strict independent leader and wasn’t a fan of following others’ commands. He was also sharp and could sense the slightest changes in his environment.

5. Vladimir Putin

He might be the most-hated political leader, but he is dead stubborn about his goals like alphas. Condolences to all the affected war-stricken families but he’s a hero in his nation. He is driven and concerned about his pack. He has good leadership skills and never lets anything stop him.

There are many more exciting and interesting real-life and fictional alpha men, so grab them all here!

Now if you wanna know whether a man is an alpha or not FOR SURE, there’s some news here…

How to identify an Alpha Male?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any official personality test to figure out whether anyone is an alpha male or not. However, you can still reach your answer from this quiz!

Just make sure that the suspected alpha male takes the test themselves. Don’t take it on someone’s behalf as you might answer wrongly based on personal perception.

So, go ahead, get the answer to the quiz, and then return!

Now, if you found out that you’re an alpha male, it’s time to focus on a few things. So, let’s get started!

What to do if you’re an Alpha Male?

Being an alpha male, you might be better than the rest. However, as mentioned in the pros and cons, you’re not perfect either. So, it’s time to focus on your shortcomings and lead a more fulfilling life with these steps!

1. Work on your relationships

Since you are focused on your goals, you work more and spend quite less time with your loved ones. But this affects your relationships and loved ones negatively. They also crave your attention and time so work on that. Create memories and fulfill their emotional needs.

2. Don’t push yourself too hard

Alpha males always push themselves to be better than the previous day. They can’t take a break for a moment because of their high levels of responsibility. Understand that you need to step away from your responsibilities and live for yourself. Don’t turn into a workaholic. 

3. Embrace the presence of other alphas

When there are other alpha males or females around you, you feel they threaten your position. You push them away but that’s wrong. Instead, stay close to your rivals to understand their every move and even learn from them. You might even improve yourself in numerous ways this way.

4. Don’t suppress betas excessively

Alphas are demanding while betas are submissive. So, you may unknowingly push a beta out of their comfort zone way more than usual. This may push away your loyal beta subordinate and spoil your relationship. So, try to understand submissive people with clear communication.  

5. Give multitasking a break

Since you are focused on achieving the most in your life, you focus on more than one thing at once. However, you might make mistakes and ruin your reputation this way. So, it’s better to let go of this inefficient way and protect your image before anything worse happens.

Of course, it’s not so simple to improve yourself, so follow the entire guide here!

However, are you not the alpha male but interact with one daily? Then here are a few tips to keep in mind…

How to deal with an Alpha Male?

If you know an alpha male in your personal or professional life, you probably struggle to keep a straight face while dealing with him. After all, he is pretty controlling and can turn toxic. So, follow these tips to improve the dynamics!

1. Don’t force him to follow

Alpha males are born leaders, so once they turn capable and mature, they don’t like to follow others’ lead. If you don’t trust him to lead, then let him take small independent tasks. Let him eventually learn to lead and don’t push him to follow others.

2. Avoid provoking him in competitions

The alpha male is pretty passionate and motivated about competition. So, don’t try to provoke them to make them perform better. Otherwise, he can become toxic and rub off his victory on others and take a loss personally. Avoid competing with him unless it’s work or school activities.

3. Don’t assume he is a playboy

He attracts a lot of women due to his high desirability. So, if your crush also likes him, don’t assume that he stole your chance knowingly. Or, if you’re his partner, don’t question his loyalty. He doesn’t intentionally grab other women’s attention.

4. If he gets protective, be grateful

He is extremely protective of his close ones or team members. He always keeps an eye on them to shield them from potential danger. So, if he ever asks you to change your decisions or avoid someone, don’t rebel. He probably knows something is off and wants to protect you.

5. Don’t assume he’s reckless

He often takes risks without discussing much with others. However, he always calculates properly and takes favorable risks. He won’t put himself or others in trouble and even has backups to take care of sudden issues. So, have faith in his choices and communicate to understand him.

Of course, it’s not so simple to deal with him. So, get the entire free guide here to enhance your connection with him.

However, if you wish to be an alpha male and enjoy all the benefits, then let’s make your dreams come true here…

How to be an Alpha Male?

Before you head into the details, remember that being an alpha male isn’t easy. You won’t get results anytime soon because you have to try your best to be better than everyone around you.

So, if you’re ready to work harder than ever, let’s get started!

1. Don’t compromise your needs for others

Never force yourself to be a nice guy and agree with everything others ask. Otherwise, you will put yourself in a predicament and won’t fulfill any task properly. So, prioritize your work and refuse others if you don’t have time. Don’t let others take advantage of you

2. Never boast about your actions

If you help others, do it but without boasting about it. You have the right to feel proud of yourself but don’t try to get others’ attention. Let people find out about you on their own instead. To be an alpha, you must believe that you are responsible for others and there’s no need to take credit for that.

3. Be direct whether you criticize or praise

When someone makes mistakes, don’t try to sugarcoat the harsh words. Let them know the truth directly without any hesitation. You must also not exaggerate the issues/

When they improve, appreciate them for that without overdoing it. This will help them stay motivated.

4. Avoid being lazy

Don’t always spend your weekend or time off lazing on the couch. After a long week, you might want nothing but to binge on Netflix or Hulu and order food online. However, you will only lose precious time and won’t progress in life.

5. But it’s okay to relax yourself

Being an alpha male is all about using your time wisely. If you have more time, learn something new. However, if you are tired and need to recharge, don’t push yourself. Understand what your body needs and give it everything to be healthy.

If you’re wondering whether that was all, of course not! Get all the tips and tricks to be a desirable alpha male here!

However, which kind of alpha male do you want to be? If you haven’t made up your mind, figure out the options here…

Types of Alpha Males

On your quest to become an alpha male, you can also choose to be a certain type of alpha male. This way you don’t need to haphazardly grab all the traits. Instead, you can focus on what you feel is more important.

So, here are the types you can choose from…

1. The Commanders

These alphas are strong and mesmerizing, so everyone pays attention when they talk. They make the best leaders as their team members can’t help but focus on their magnetic personalities. These alphas don’t need to repeat themselves to guide others due to their excellent communication skills.

2. The Visionaries

The visionary alpha male is known for his good foresight and intuition. This may be an innate nature to him or something he built over time with his curious mindset. He sees the rare opportunities right through the risks and takes the lead without fearing the negatives.

3. The Strategists

These alpha men have a meticulous plan for every step. Instead of haphazard judgment and choices, they prefer to follow a systematic plan and avoid any mishap on the way. They check for noticeable patterns to make the right choice. They don’t wish to waste their time correcting mistakes.

4. The Executors

The executor alpha male is dedicated to his goals. No matter what setbacks he faces on the way, he will never accept defeat. He stubbornly chases his dreams until he actualizes them.

He is a born perfectionist and expects the same from others. If someone can’t commit to the same goal as him, he gives up on them.

If you want to get into the depths of different alpha males, check this out and get a clear idea!

But if the concept of the alpha male is still unclear to you, let’s go through some common questions about him here…

FAQs about Alpha Male

The alpha male personality appears complicated because everyone tells a different tale based on their experience with an alpha male. So, you’re bound to have questions buzzing in your mind.

C’mon, let’s clear up everything here…

1. Do all kinds of women feel attracted to alpha males?

Alpha males are truly attractive and powerful. They are honest and straightforward and strong enough to protect you. They never lose their optimism during their worst time and make their loved ones more comfortable. They also have great looks and appearance.

All of that can definitely attract many women because of their high desirability. However, that doesn’t imply that all women feel attracted to alphas. Human beings are unique and have different desires, so the alpha man isn’t the perfect choice for ALL women!

2. How do alpha males flirt?

When the alpha male feels attracted to another woman, he tries everything to flirt and attract that woman. Sometimes he will show his emotions to her to make her feel special. Since he never expresses his emotional side, this makes a woman feel she holds a different position in her life.

He will also show his masculine side by being protective and catering to his needs. He may even act romantically dominant to grab her attention. In the end, he will make sure to respect and protect her till she notices her.

3. Can anyone be an alpha male?

Well, so long you talk about the traits of an alpha male, with persistence and practice, you can embrace them eventually.

However, the alpha males are born to take care of the entire pack. And not everyone can take others’ responsibilities and guide them with the right advice.

Of course, if you believe you are a good leader material, go for it. But, if you can’t take on the leadership role comfortably, this might be a chaotic experience for you.

4. Are alpha men even real?

Since alpha men appear to be so dreamy and powerful, most men believe that this personality type is just something made up by delusional women.

However, that’s not the case at all because there are many real-life alpha men in this world. These men always seek motivation and inspiration wherever possible. All other men are jealous of alpha men while most women desire him. He may not beg for attention but he still grabs it a lot.

5. What is the history of the term “alpha male”?

The term “alpha male” was coined around the 1930s. People mainly say that an American biologist, David Mech, made the term popular. Later on, in 1970, he published a book [The Wolf: Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species] and explained the “alpha wolf” concept.

Initially, he thought that alpha wolves became top dogs for winning fights. But he later found that alpha wolves are actually the father of the pack. He gets the position when he mates and breeds a family of cubs.

6. How is the alpha male term related to the pickup community?

The term “alpha” and “beta” males were often used in the pickup community to describe the success of men in their romantic life. The ones that got their lady love were called alphas while the ones that got shot down were called betas.

However, this definition has no connection with the description of alpha and beta men in the socio-hierarchy.

7. What is the stigma about being alphas?

Initially, the alpha male concept mainly represented muscular men that bully other men or disrespect women. This has some connection with the abusive or toxic men in the 80s and 90s pickup community. It’s also disliked because all men aren’t valued equally according to this concept.

8. Why do some people oppose and try to suppress the idea of “alpha male”?

The concept of the alpha male reminds people of the reality of society and urges all men to level up to get the women they desire.

However, many people, especially the mainstream media, like to keep men under the false notion like these:

– All men are equally desirable in the dating pool despite their physical or financial power.
– Women don’t choose partners depending on power or money.
– Women are not even attracted to masculine men.
– Instead, women are like submissive men that beg for their attention.
– Masculine traits are toxic, so it’s unappealing to women.
– Men must be more concerned with ONLY creating an emotionally secure space for their partner and not worrying about turning powerful.

This holds back men that have potential from succeeding in life. Though the media shares such a notion, they can’t change how women feel about men.

9. What MBTI personalities usually refer to alpha males?

The MBTI personality types that coincide the most with alpha men are ESTP and ESTJ.

Some MBTI personality types that show mediocre alpha male-ish traits are ESFP, ENTJ, ISTP, and ISTJ.

On the other hand, the MBTI personality types that show the least to no alpha male traits are INFP and INFJ.

However, men with MBTI personality types can turn into strong alpha males if they learn some traits.

10. What do alpha males fall in love for?

Alpha men can’t help but fall in love with women who:

– Are feminine but self-reliant
– Are pretty but don’t feel they deserve the world for their beauty
– Are playful but also mature
– Need him but aren’t needy
– Are loyal and trustworthy despite being sexually crazy and insatiable
– Are skilled both in personal and professional life and can support the alpha male.

11. To be an alpha male, is it important to excel in everything?

Even the alpha male has flaws, so NO! You don’t need to be better in everything than others to become a perfect alpha. Rather, you must be aware of your powers and flaws. Instead of hiding your flaws, you must accept them and eventually work on yourself.

The true alpha male is all about being eager to learn and improve yourself. But if you believe that you’re better than everyone else, you won’t be able to see your flaws. Remember that there’s always room for improvement!

12. Will I look more like an alpha male with a beard or a clean-shaven face?

There’s no connection between having an alpha male personality and facial hair. Instead, you must try to go for whatever looks the best on you and suits your comfort.

However, if you want to maintain some facial hair, make sure you follow a hygienic routine with regular washes and trims.

13. Should an alpha male say “thank you” or “bless you? Or, does it seem too feminine?

Being an alpha male doesn’t imply you must be rude. You must always use these phrases as you deem fit. Don’t believe people if they say otherwise.

14. How are alpha males in the bedroom?

The sexual life of an alpha male is pretty adventurous. He may not be content with just the same old missionary or vanilla sex. He might try to spice up the bedroom dynamics with dirty talking, sensually touching his partner, and making them sensitive before diving into the main course.

15. How do alpha males dominate their relationships?

In romance, alpha males are still the leaders. They don’t try to “control” or “suffocate” their relationship or partner. Rather, they want to approach their mate first. They don’t like the idea of their potential partner making the first move!

16. What kind of partner do alpha males need?

They need someone who understands their basic needs to be heard and understood. Their partner must challenge and encourage them and celebrate their victories.

17. What are a few wrong notions about alpha males?

Most people believe that they can identify an alpha male with traits like:

– A muscular body
– Good looks
– Success in every field
– Sexually charming
– Excellent leadership skills

However, these traits alone never guarantee whether someone is an alpha male or not. There is a lot more to consider about their personality.

18. Do alpha males never lose their minds?

Alpha men, just like any other human beings, also get angry. However, they don’t let their emotions make them impulsive and can channel their emotions. They try their best to calm themselves, think rationally, and then proceed.

19. Is it a good idea to embrace the alpha male personality?

Of course, as long as you don’t like the idea. If you don’t want to change, a forced transition won’t result in anything good.

20. Are alpha males rare?

You can see alpha males almost in all fields depending on their passion. They are usually in higher positions and earn more than their peers. However, they are becoming rare because some are losing their aggressive natures.

21. How do alpha men act in friendships?

They make friends but it’s not a must-have for their life. Since they are focused on their career, they may not have enough time to make friends or maintain them.

They aren’t interested in wasting time on fake friends. So, they are extremely cautious about how they spend their time

22. Do alpha men fall in love (genuinely)?

Of course, they do. But they hardly show it to the world. However, their feelings are obvious from their protective nature. They hug their partner and protect them with their body.

23. What are the motivations for an alpha male?

Alpha males are usually self-motivated and driven toward their goals. They don’t need anyone or anything to remind them to work hard.

Rather, the feeling that comes along with winning is a motivation for them. He likes the glory when he overcomes a challenge and is addicted to that feeling.
However, some alpha men are just afraid of losing their position and becoming common men and this works as a motivation.

24. What do alpha men desire the most from life?

Alpha men desire to be the best and achieve more every day. They want to show off what they earned in life and feel proud about it. They don’t want to suppress anything just to act modestly. They know they are better than most and want everyone to know that.

25. What do a) women, b) friends, and c) coworkers and boss think of alpha men?

Different people have different thoughts about an alpha like these:

a) Women

Most women can’t resist an alpha male. Usually, other alpha females will understand the goals of an alpha male.

As you go down the socio-hierarchy, even if the women like the alpha, they might not be able to stand him.

They may fantasize about sexual encounters with an alpha male and compare their partner’s energy with his. Eventually, they feel bored with their partners and wish to be with an alpha male.

b) Friends

Friends usually like to be around the alpha male as they feel inspired by his hard work and also get to enjoy the results of his hard work.

c) Coworkers and Boss

If an alpha male appears for an interview, the interviewers feel impressed by him. Managers will immediately hire them but they’ll later feel threatened by their position. So, they might try to suppress his skills to avoid losing their position.

If he works with beta, delta, omega, or gamma men, they will feel insecure about their performance. They’ll hate him for getting all the spotlight and validation. They may even try to backstab him to regain their old position.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

From this article, if you relate a lot with the personality, check if you truly are an alpha male. If that’s the case, learn more about yourself and try to improve any shortcomings.

However, if you’re tired of being an alpha male and want to take it easy, that’s cool too! You won’t be judged if you want to take a more laid-back approach to life.

On the other hand, if you know an alpha male, study his strengths, weaknesses, general traits, and ways to handle him without provoking him. Of course, if you’re simple acquaintances that hardly see each other, that’s a different story.

Lastly, if you desire to embrace this personality, stay dedicated and work hard. Don’t let anyone demoralize you and keep pushing. You’ll eventually make it work!

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