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Alpha Male : 15 traits & How to Be One to Live the Best Life

Alpha Male : 15 traits & How to Be One to Live the Best Life

Updated on Nov 18, 2022 | Published on Sep 19, 2020

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

What is An Alpha Male - 15 Traits To Identify Them

An alpha male ranks at the top of the socio-sexual hierarchy. He is the most desirable of all men having greater access to money, power, status, and mates. The alpha is most attractive in the block and often tagged as a “real man”.

Alpha Male Infographic

What Is An Alpha Male - 15 Traits To Identify Them
What Is An Alpha Male – 15 Traits To Identify Them

What is an Alpha Male?

An alpha male is the most dominant and desirable of all men and more successful than the others.

The term “alpha” denotes a male animal possessing the highest ranking in a socio-sexual hierarchy. He is the most dominant, assertive and desirable male in his group.

The alpha male is often associated with the dominant male prototype. These high performing super-achievers choose to live life in their own terms.

The alpha male traits in humans are said to be similar to that found in chimpanzees and wolves. In his book, Chimpanzee Politics: Power and Sex among Apes, primatologist  Frans de Waal, elaborates the political nature, sexual rivalries and conflicts in chimpanzee colonies.

The narratives in the book are the result of the author’s extensive studies on social structures of chimpanzees. The intelligence and instincts giving rise to the chimpanzee politics although ancient than that found in the human race are somewhat similar to us.

In the book, the explanation provided by de Waal is science-backed and fascinating. The narrative is similar to human behavior especially human gender and socio-sexual hierarchy.

The primitive primate behavior and alpha male dominance are somewhat the same in the animal and human world. Maybe that’s why Nigel Farage once defended Donald Trump by comparing him to silverback gorillas!

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Alpha Male Traits

Traits of the alpha male are striking. Alpha males do not get the high ranking on social hierarchy for nothing! The alpha male characteristics are eye-catching and attractive enough for both men and women.

People get drawn to their irresistible charm and magnetic personality. They are so impressive and stimulating that you can’t resist them. Like moths move towards the flame, ordinary men and women would be attracted to them.

And then you can of course feel suffocating and overwhelmed because they are dominating and controlling in nature.

Here are 15 major Alpha Male Traits:

1. Alpha male is highly intelligent

This is a main characteristic of an alpha. He is super-intelligent. What’s more, he knows it probably from a very young age. Because he is smart he realizes he is superior to the others. An alpha just catches it while too young that he is intelligent than his peers, even parents and teachers.

This is a key factor for his success. Inborn intelligence and analytical skills takes him to a high level social status. He “earns” his way fast enough and as a result gets money, power, prestige and popularity easily!

2. He is fearless

Unlike most others, an alpha male has a “don’t care” attitude in life. He sets his own rules and is not bothered to follow any societal rules. This fearless attitude makes them great leaders, managers, CEOs, and founders of companies and organizations.

They willingly take risks. Alphas accept challenging tasks and huge responsibilities most people would find difficult. This is because of their boldness of character.

3. Alpha male is goal driven

An alpha is never confused or unsure. At least not for long. They are almost always focused on a goal.

They know what they want and how to get it.

An alpha will do whatever it takes to reach where he wants to reach. People or circumstances just cannot come in between an alpha and his big goal.

He lives a focused, determined and passionate life. Yes, he finds his life purpose while at a young age and leaves no stone unturned to get there.

4. He is a natural leader

An alpha male is an inborn leader. From his boyhood, he can manage and lead others. His natural capacity to handle responsibilities and problem-solving skills make him a great champion. Alpha will always shine in a career he has full responsibility.

This is why alpha males choose to become athletes, business magnets, organizational heads, political leaders, change agents, actors, directors, independent musicians or rock-stars.

5. Alpha male has a magnetic personality

It’s one of the striking characters of an alpha male. He has an inborn charm, a natural charisma. An alpha male can impress and stimulate almost all people. The other men hero-worship him and women easily fall for him because of his magnetic personality.

They easily captivate other’s attention and inspire others. His words, behavior and action are unique and attractive.

6. He is super successful

Because he knows he is goal-oriented and works harder than any other man, he is extremely successful at a young age. His life is often not balanced because he gives top priority to career and success.

An alpha will chase money and social status from when he is too young. As a result, he reaches the higher levels super fast. He builds an empire and is proud of his achievements.

7. Alpha male has great intuitive sense

He has a great instinctive decision-making skill. And his intuition is almost always right! While his peers would overthink, an alpha will trust his gut feeling and make a decision. Most often, an alpha would reject other people’s suggestions because they are so sure of themselves.

Because they are highly intuitive, they make better decisions than others.

8. He will not allow others to interfere in his life

As already stated an alpha male is highly intelligent and has amazing intuition. So, he is super confident. An alpha is a trend setter, never the follower! So, if you try to interfere in his life you will be ignored or maybe even humiliated.

An alpha male never allows interference or any kind of influence on him. In fact, he dislikes people who try to influence him in any way!

9. Alpha male is always sure to stay ahead in life

He takes life as a game and believes himself to be a player. And he plays his game to win. Always! Be it career or getting the most attractive lady, he makes sure to get the best every time.

An alpha is always open to learning and growing. He is a super achiever who plans his moves and takes steps to win the game.

10. He is not affected by criticisms

What you say about him is not important to him. He is smart and other people’s opinion doesn’t matter to him. An alpha male knows some people will criticize him because of his authoritative behavior. He understands he is “too much” for a lot of people who cannot keep up with him.

Again, many of his competitors are jealous of his achievements. So, some people will always speak ill of him. He is aware of his critics but the criticisms have no effect on him.

11. Alpha male is usually unemotional

An alpha male is almost always balanced in his emotions. He is rarely overexcited or depressed. He is a socially skilled modern man who attends every function with a charming smile and positive body language all the while remaining detached to all human emotions.

12. Alpha male is dominating

Yes, alphas are dominating. They are bossy, controlling and often intimidating.

You would be impressed easily by his charm but if he is your boss, make sure to follow his instructions carefully or he will never be pleased with you. He has a natural tendency to pressurize and lead. Alphas are great leaders but often their subordinates feel angry and frustrated at them.

13. Alpha male is a fast decision maker

Because alphas are intuitive they make fast decisions. They act quickly and that’s a reason for their huge success. Most people hesitate and delay their actions. But an alpha male is quick to think and act.

Maybe he will change his plans later on according to the situation but when he senses an opportunity he will never let it go without taking an action.

14. He knows how to charm a lady

A real alpha male knows how to impress women. In fact, he is an expert in attracting women. He always gets the best mates out there. He directly approaches the best girl in the party or on social media.

Alpha males are not afraid to approach the hottest women. True alphas are clear about their relationship goals. They will want to date alpha females to gain more attention and prestige in society. Besides,  dating an alpha male is not a piece of cake. So, their best mates are mostly the alpha females.

15. He rarely admit their mistakes

He is charismatic, intelligent and hugely successful. But he is no God. Like all humans he is also prone to making mistakes. But the problem with alpha males is that they do not want to admit their mistakes. Especially in front of his critics or subordinates he will never accept defeat.

However wrong his plans might turn, he is not going to blame himself. Headstrong that they are, often their arrogance can lead to a costly mistake for the organization.

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Alpha Males in Relationships

If you think an alpha male is a good catch, well maybe he is not for most modern women! Extreme domination is not that sweet, isn’t it?

Here are 10 issues a woman can face while dating an alpha male.

1. Alpha male is a control freak

Controlling is his inborn nature and you can never change that however you try. He will make decisions for you, interfere in your everyday matter and often not allow you to do things. With an alpha boyfriend, you can never realize if it’s his concern for you or his controlling nature!

2. He is always right

An alpha male is always correct. To please him and keep your relationship unscathed you have to always make him feel he is right. Even if you differ in an opinion you have to let him win the argument or he will be mad at you!

3. He will never do something if he doesn’t want to

Say, you want to watch a movie he thinks is not worth watching, guess what? He will NOT go out with you to watch it.  To put it straight, he is not going to do anything that does not please him. And he will not do it for you, even if you so desire!

4. Alpha male can’t handle emotions well

Alpha males are not an emotional lot! They have the stereotyped belief that men should not show emotions. So, they do not know how to handle different types of human emotions. Because they can’t handle their own emotions obviously they won’t be able to handle yours! In fact, if you get emotional in front of them, they might think you are too weak.

5. His pride gets hurt easily

An alpha male has a big ego. And if you are not careful, you would tread on his ego. Even if you casually point out a mistake he will feel annoyed. He is too proud to admit his flaws.

6. He won’t want you to get the limelight

An alpha male loves to get attention and applause. He will not like it if his partner steals the show. An alpha male will not want to be upstaged by his girlfriend. He loves basking in the limelight while his woman stays submissive and follows his instructions.

7. Alpha male might not be truly impressed by you

Now, be prepared to hear the harsh truth. Most probably, he isn’t into you. Maybe you are just like a show-dog to him. You are pretty, well dressed, good-mannered and sophisticated. Well, that’s why he is with you! If you think you are a big deal for him, sorry but he is not so easily going to be impressed let alone fall for a woman. You are the “prize” he likes to flaunt in front of his friends to make them feel jealous and beneath him.

8. His social life will often get in between you

An alpha male is highly popular and loves to attend parties. He needs to get flattered by others as well as build strong connections for his career. Naturally, he will cancel dinner dates with you if he gets a party invite.

9. His career will have more priority than yours

An alpha male will not value your ambitions or career goals. He will always keep his goals as more important than yours. So, you will always have to attend parties and invites with him to help his career flourish. He will turn deaf ears even if you have an important commitment that day or you just don’t feel like going!

10. Alpha male won’t be able to handle you if you are headstrong

As a modern educated woman you can be headstrong and opinionated. And here lies the problem. He won’t be able to deal with that. An alpha male partner always desires his woman to be submissive. He loves it when he can be bossy and can make decisions for his girlfriend.

Real-Life Examples of Alpha Males

Alpha males can be of different types. Some are more with the “success” tag, some are attached with sexuality and some are masculine athletic types, some are powerful or influential etc.

Here are some real life examples of alpha males.

Success Alphas

The fortune 500 CEOs all come under this list. Super successful business tycoons such as Elon Musk or Richard Branson are great examples.

Sexual Alphas

Hollywood heroes, male pop-stars come in this list. Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, the list goes on.

Athletic Alphas

Strong, masculine alpha males who are star sportsmen all fall in this category. Some examples are Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Ted Williams, Michael Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo, etc.

Powerful alphas

Currently Donald Trump is the classic example of a powerful, dominating alpha male.

Alpha Male vs Beta Male

Alpha MaleBeta Male
PassionateLess focused
Super-achieverOften fails & stumbles in career
The most desirable guyThe “nice” guy
Alpha Male vs Beta Male

Alpha Male Clothing

An alpha male is not obsessed with clothing and fashion. He believes his attitude and action is his signature style. Having said that, he chooses his clothes wisely. Although he is not a fashion freak he is careful to wear clothes that define his personality.

 He is a man who can be standing in a crowd and still be distinguished. All heads turn towards him when he enters a room.

The modern alpha male wears anything from jeans and tee to a tuxedo. But he will always wear clothes appropriate to the event and occasion.

An alpha male does not have to impress people with his clothes but he will create a unique style with the type of clothes he wears. He does not rule out fashion, only he believes more in creating a style statement.

How To Be An Alpha Male

There are a lot of myths around the alpha male concept. It’s generally accepted that alphas are the smartest, strongest, powerful and most desirable of all men. Alphas are on the highest ranking in the social hierarchy having greater access to all good stuff.

As the story goes, men are either alpha or beta. While an alpha is considered as the “real man”, the beta male is a “nice guy” who is submissive and lower in status than the alpha. Beta males cannot compete with a true alpha and most often they are not able to get the most attractive women.

While most people feel the beta male traits are unattractive but in the real world their qualities are quite essential. You can’t actually paint a black and white picture of things. Too aggressive and dominant men are no longer so attractive to modern women.

In fact, if you are too arrogant and bold, both men and women will not feel comfortable around you. While the typical alpha male doesn’t care about other people’s feelings the typical beta male is caring and adjustable. So, it is actually a big question between alpha and beta who is the better guy?

The best way to deal with this is to put the traditional theory of alpha and beta males aside. Because today’s definition of “real men” has substantially changed. Women might not find you attractive if you are controlling and demanding.

Instead, they might find you intimidating. Same goes for your subordinates. Nowadays your juniors will not worship you for giving them a hard time!

Having said all of that, there is something fascinating about some of the alpha male traits. And if you practice them in your life, you will become so much better. No, we are not giving ideas to become better than the others but we can give you some guidelines to become an alpha in your own life.

And if you are already an alpha you can still modify some of your qualities with these and live life to your fullest.

Here are 12 ways how you can be an alpha in your life.

1. Learn leadership qualities

Not everyone is a born-leader but leadership qualities can be learned. You can observe, read or get yourself a mentor to learn leadership skills.

Without a doubt, this will help you in your career. But it’s quite useful in your personal life too. When you know how to lead you will be able to voice your opinions as well as make decisions confidently.

2. Develop self confidence

Just like leadership skills, confidence can also be learned. It’s okay if you are an introvert. Still, you can become confident. Unless you learn how to express yourself properly you will not be able to be the captain of your ship, i.e., your own life.

Join a class or practice it yourself but teach yourself to be confident in your words and actions. This will bring you every success in life.

3. Identify your life purpose and follow it passionately

Alpha males are not only confident but they are sure about what they want in life. To become an alpha in your life, start to look for your life purpose. Find your path, ask why you want to take it.

Work on your path with passion and high energy. Your aim should be not only to do good for yourself but your goal should have a greater purpose.

4. Learn to stay determined

Determination is a great character trait. Learn to stay committed to your purpose without being swayed away by people or outside influences. It requires great courage to say “no” to things that are not in alignment with your life purpose.

You must learn to refuse people to reach your goal. On your way, you cannot please everyone. It’s a waste of time and energy. So, learning to reject people and their opinions is a useful skill.

5. Live by your values

Stick to your principles. You don’t have to follow every rule but yours. Build your own values, principles, or rules. Let people know what you absolutely believe in. If they accept you, it’s fine, otherwise, be a lone wolf. You must learn to draw boundaries or nobody will ever give you any respect.

6. Live life King size

Think like you are a King. Not the demanding, oppressive type but the one who is big-hearted, who takes care of others. A king who saves lives. Yes, you can be such a king.

Start participating in great causes. Offer your service, money and dedication for the good of mankind. Serve people, help them, be a protector, not a manipulator. Care for others and you will always be admired. Always!

7. Strive for constant progress in life

A true alpha is always improving. He is a student of life. Learn and implement new skills. Strive for continuous growth and success in life.

8. Avoid arguments and conflicts

A true masculine male does not enter into arguments or fights. He knows his views and its sacred to him. But if someone does not agree to his ideology, he is not going to explain, argue or show his temper. Instead he will simply ignore the person. Stay focused on your intentions. Learn to stay cool and avoid arguments at all costs.

9. Build a strong body

An alpha male takes good care of his body because he loves himself. You too can practice this and become healthier than ever. Eat good foods, exercise and give attention to your health. If you take care of your body, it will take care of you.

10. Learn how to defend yourself

Practice expressing your opinions boldly. Although you are not going to argue to prove your point, be tactful to stand by your principles. An alpha male knows how to defend himself. No, you do not have to defend your mistakes or flaws.

Accepting that is absolutely human. But do not compromise on the principles you follow. Adhere to your principles if you believe in them. Be the man who can carry his burden and stands alone if he must.

11. Master the game of attraction and seduction

A true alpha male knows the art of attracting females. He is an artist who very artistically seduces the woman he finds attractive. He will not shy away from expressing his desires or needs.

If you truly want to become an alpha, you must give up the mentality of settling for less. You have to develop a mindset where settling is not an option. Otherwise, your habit of settling will pervade every area of your life!

Instead of settling with whatever or whoever you get in life (a classic beta male trait) start stretching yourself to the land of endless possibilities. Resolve to date high-quality women only.

Go out with charming women who are confident, independent and brings out the best in you. Of course, you can’t do it in one day. But you have to practice being confident with women.

You don’t have to compromise and get into a relationship with someone you do not love. Instead, start going out on date nights with your idea of a romantic partner. Eventually you will find the “one”.

12. Choose a great reason to die for

None of us will live forever. But that does not mean you have to live life fearfully and with extreme caution. Instead, choose a great reason in your life. Stand for some great cause so fiercely that even if you have to die for it, you would be happy to do so!

Choose a great reason to live and die for. It would be different for every person. But decide one for yourself. We promise your life will become more meaningful than ever.

Closing Thoughts

The alpha male is the prototype for real men. He is masculine, aggressive, charming and hugely successful in life. Only the stereotypical definition of the alpha male is getting modified.

If you take the best qualities of this trait and mold it in your way, you can live a grand version of life. Be the alpha but in your own life.

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