Do you want to know about some alpha male examples? Did someone tell you that the alpha male concept is made up? Are you all fired up to prove them wrong?

Then here you will find all the examples you’ll ever need. Whether you wanna discuss real alpha males or fantasize about fictional ones, you’ll find them all.

So, let’s begin!

Real-Life Alpha Male Examples

Alpha males exist in this world and they are in almost every field. However, you will only ever know the ones that are popular on the silver screen or social media. So, if anyone ever says it’s fake, show them this list!

1. Jason Momoa (August 1, 1979 – )

Whether you speak of Momoa’s Game of Thrones character or Aquaman’s role, he has consistently been in good shape. From the beginning of his modeling career in his teens, he was passionate about a muscular body. So, he never did it for onscreen roles or attention from filmmakers.

Like an alpha male, he is also sociable, enjoys being in the limelight, and has a great sense of humor. He can keep everyone entertained even if he is at work. He can motivate others with his optimism even during the hardest moment.

2. Dwayne The Rock Johnson (May 2, 1972 – )

This popular American actor and ex-pro wrestler has many alpha personality traits. He can make tough decisions with his impressive foresight. He is ambitious and always enthusiastic about setting and reaching his goals. He has a solid plan to actualize his dreams.

He is bold and never shies away to share what’s on his mind. He never disrespects others to feel confident about himself. Rather, he knows his worth and never feels demotivated due to others’ opinions.

He is curious and listens to others like a natural leader. Most of his business acumen is a result of his listening skills. He is one of the most successful alpha males on this list!

3. Donald Trump (June 14, 1946 – )

Though he isn’t liked by a lot of people, he is also an alpha male. He expresses his thoughts transparently without overthinking the details. You can say people also hate him because he doesn’t know how to filter his words. He has a curious and spontaneous soul.

He is confident, and assertive, and enjoys making conversations and being the center of attention. He can make difficult yet important decisions with a clear mind.

He believes in being practical instead of obsessing over theoretical thoughts. He is outgoing and charismatic but of course, he is a political figure and not everyone will agree with that. Rather, most believe that he is misogynistic and selfish.

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4. Peter Dinklage (June 11, 1969 – )

This American, film, TV, and stage actor is popular for his GoT role Tyrion Lannister. Like his character, he is also a top dog in his real life and has more than one leadership quality. He is strong and has a cynical sense of humor which is an exclusive alpha trait.

He may not seem physically fit because of his height but he has no control over genetics. However, his attitude, communication skills, and wisdom set him apart from all the men around him.  He is extroverted and can take on any kind of attention. He is also intelligent and a deep thinker.

5. Tom Cruise (July 3, 1962 – )

The American actor is confident and ambitious. He eagerly sets goals and accomplishes them without any excuse. When he commits to a role, he gets so much into the role that you see that character and not an actor. He makes others feel all sorts of emotions for that character.

He is dyslexic and struggled a lot in his early career. However, no setback holds him back because he is driven. He is spontaneous and unpredictable.

He may randomly take risks but only after giving it a long thought. He may go completely quiet before taking major decisions as he thinks through all possible consequences of his choices.

6. Tony Robbins (February 29, 1960 – )

He is a motivational speaker and like an alpha male, he takes care of others like his own pack.  He is extroverted and loves to talk and connect with new people. Whenever he enters a room, he grabs everyone’s attention and entertains everyone.

He is pretty passionate about inspiring others and pushing them for the best. This is because he is a perfectionist deep within and never feels intimidated by any setback. Rather, he gets riled up when he faces difficulties and tries harder.

When he sets goals, he doesn’t give up on them easily. He is stubborn and doesn’t mind going against the grain. He is also straightforward like an alpha personality and doesn’t beat around the bush.

7. Kevin Hart (July 6, 1979 – )

This stand-up comedian was the talk of the entire world after the Will Smith slap scenario. After that, many more intricate details were found which proved him to be an alpha male.

He is not only witty and sharp but he can also control impulsive actions that may lead to worse situations. He had a hard childhood but he pushed through to become what he is today.

From his struggles, he acquired a better foresight. He can process information better than others and can notice the bigger picture. He’s ambitious, confident, bold, and charismatic. He can persuade the world with his unique sense of humor. He’s driven and a man of his word.

8. Bruce Lee (November 27, 1940 – July 20, 1973)

The American martial artist has been an inspiration to most people that have a knack for martial arts. He was charming, charismatic, and loved by all. He never liked the idea of being a follower and desired to be an independent leader that bows to nobody.

He was also pretty intellectual as he could process excess information and catch on to things quickly. He had a sharp sense and always noticed the smallest changes around him due to his protective nature.

He was also a kind of a rebel when it came to favorable risks. Once he set his eyes on something, he’d be pretty stubborn.

9. George W. Bush (July 6, 1946 – )

The 43rd American President has great leadership skills. He often faced people’s judgmental opinions but he had clear goals and good foresight which helped him eventually win at life. He is bold and energetic and can make decisions on his people’s behalf.

He is always confident in himself and it’s obvious from his body language. He is also outgoing and dominant and doesn’t let others decide for themselves independently. This is so that nobody makes grave mistakes.

10. Vladimir Putin (October 7, 1952 – )

The Russian political leader has a dominant personality and takes important decisions alone. For Ukraine and the remaining world, he might be a villain. But he is pretty focused on the welfare of Russians. Russians look up to him and his decisions and are proud of his confident leadership.

He can stay calm in the face of any adversity and nothing makes him anxious. He is quite intelligent which helps him plan ahead of time. He doesn’t mind even if he plays it foul to reach his goals. Once he plans something destructive, it’s hard to calm him down.

11. Scott Eastwood (March 21, 1986 – )

The American actor is an extroverted and energetic socialite. He loves grabbing the spotlight wherever he goes. He is always setting and chasing his dreams. He jumps right in to solve difficult situations.

He is a die-hard optimist and is dedicated to his goals. Even if he loses, he never lets go of his dreams. Rather, he feels thrilled by challenges and tries harder to actualize his dreams.

He is also pretty tough and never lets emotions interfere with his goals. Like an alpha leader, he doesn’t like to be controlled or dominated by others.

12. Eddie Hall (January 15, 1988 – )

The pro weightlifter was not initially linked with terms like “masculine” or “powerful”. However, he just knows where to show his true strength and doesn’t act on whims from social opinions.

But later on, he proved how strong he is by winning the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition. Only he could deadlift 500kg among all the competitors.

13. Jean-Claude Van Damme (October 18, 1960 – )

The Belgian artist is an all-rounder and is pretty confident about his capabilities. He is a natural leader and knows how to persuade others. His abundant talents let him accumulate infinite wealth from the entertainment industry and business. He is goal-oriented like a typical alpha. 

He is pretty reckless and stubborn when it comes to actualizing his dreams. He also doesn’t tolerate any kind of betrayal. He works hard to contribute to society by teaching, donating, or even influencing political fields.

14. Scott Adkins (June 17, 1976 – )

The English actor and martial artist is a born leader. He has a great drive and determination to reach his goals along with his entire team. He isn’t fond of following others’ will and desires to think and act independently like alphas.

If a person or situation stands between him and his goals, he won’t accept that. Once he commits to his goals, he goes above and beyond to make the situation work. However, if things still don’t go his way, he can turn toxic.

He expects perfectionism both from himself and others. If he or someone else can’t meet his expectations, he feels irritated.

He also loves to be in the spotlight and makes sure that his status is always high enough to be a role model. He’s also pretty concerned about his physical looks to maintain his image.

15. James Haskell (April 2, 1985 – )

The former English rugby player is strong physically and intellectually. He is an inspiration to many young hearts. He solves any situation without excess effort the moment he takes it over.

He knows he attracts a lot of attention due to his outstanding personality. But to avoid being rude, he tries to blend in with others and act “normal”. He is blessed with high levels of intuition which helps him foresee possible chaos and avoid it.

He always shares his intellectual ideas with his peers. But he was often misunderstood because he can think way ahead of time but nobody else agrees with him.

16. Mike Tornabene (May 3, 1989 – )

The YouTuber aka BroScienceLife or Dom Mazzetti is a strong and fearless leader. He never hesitates to get into action. Like an alpha male, he is born with good communication and management skills. He also motivates others pretty easily and his optimism is contagious.

Similar to alphas, he can get impatient and multitask. He might expect similar standards from others and even take reckless decisions. However, it only seems impulsive to others but he thinks a lot and prepares all sorts of backup before he works on his choices.

17. Dan Bilzerian (December 7, 1980 – )

This businessman and social media personality often posts about his top-class life on Instagram. He is sociable, energetic, enthusiastic, and always seeking action.

He is goal-oriented and always has plans far ahead for the future. His optimism pulls others’ spirits and helps them focus instead of worrying over the negatives.

He doesn’t like to follow others’ whims and rather appreciates when he can lead as he desires. He is practical and never lets his emotions overpower him.

18. Dolph Lundgren (November 3, 1957 – )

The Swedish actor, martial artist, and filmmaker feel motivated by intellectual challenges. Unlike his peers, he likes to face issues head-on and solve them.

He likes to lead and take charge of group goals. He loves to work without anyone interfering or ordering him around. Even if that means he will make mistakes and fail, that’s okay. He’d rather take time and work on it alone but will never give up. This is far better for him than following others’ lead.

He is also a perfectionist and never stops improving himself. If required, he will work harder and longer to create a masterpiece but he won’t ever give up on his dreams.

19. Idris Elba (September 6, 1972 – )

The British actor is an analytical thinker and is focused on his goals. He is much more intelligent than men of his age and caliber. He is a deep thinker and has good foresight. This lets him carefully plan his future and charge right into success.

He is charming and charismatic both by looks and intellect. He gets lots of attention from the opposite gender. However, his only trait that doesn’t match with alpha males is his aversion to the spotlight.

He is also a great learner and analyzer. He can fit in all kinds of social situations even if he’s not comfortable with attention. He knows that he has a long way to go and tries hard to improve himself.

20. Stipe Miocic (August 19, 1982 – )

The pro martial artist is sometimes introverted and other times extroverted. So, it’s quite confusing whether he is truly an alpha male or not. However, he is outgoing and enjoys spending time with people and sharing inspirational stories about himself like alphas.

He listens to others when necessary but he also loves to talk about himself. He is protective of his close ones and goes to great lengths to keep them safe. He is committed to his pack and will take a stand for them whenever required.

He is also dedicated to his goals and self-improvement is always on his mind. He is not just strong physically but also mentally.

But there are also some in the fictional world. So, let’s know about them!

Fictional Alpha Male Examples

If you want to follow an alpha male role model and study his personality to be more like him, the fictional alpha men are all to help you out. So, let’s head in!

1. William Wallace [Braveheart]

The Scottish rebel is all set to fight King Edward I for killing his bride. He is unstoppable, righteous, brave, stubborn, and fearless. He is a living nightmare to his enemies and doesn’t ponder on forgiveness for brutes like alpha men. 

2. Jimmy Olsen [Supergirl]

He is confident, dedicated, curious, high-spirited, and helpful like an alpha male. He was like a Guardian figure and is loyal to his people. He does everything possible for justice.

3. Ironman, Captain America, Thor, and Black Panther [MCU series]

All of these superhero characters have a tribe mentality. They fight evil to take care of their people. They are strong, muscular, attractive, and have a great sense of justice.

4. Terry Jeffords [Brooklyn 99]

He is caring, hardworking, and protective of his squad. He is the fearless and heroic man that charges against a criminal and protects Captain Holt during a terrorist attack. He does things differently and doesn’t care so long he reaches his goals.

5. Danny Ocean [Ocean’s 11]

Danny’s alpha male traits show his risk-taking, loyalty, protection, confidence, good looks, and convincing attitude. He has great foresight, which helps him identify his targets.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

By now, you know alpha males exist, and if anyone debates with you, you even have enough ideas to prove them wrong.

However, if you just want to be an alpha male and get some inspiration, you can make one or more of them your role model.

However, don’t push yourself to perfectly copy their traits. Take your time to understand these spectacular personalities and embrace their qualities slowly!

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