Do you want to know about alpha male traits? Are you curious about what makes them the best in the hierarchy? Or, perhaps, you wanna check if someone around you is an alpha male?

Well, whichever the case might be, this think-piece is ready to spill all the tea.

So, let’s begin!

Alpha Male Traits

The alpha male is the most-envied personality of Vox Day’s socio-hierarchy among men. While most men want to be the alpha, most women want an alpha beside them.

So, if you’re curious why, here you go…

1. He is strong in one way or the other

The alpha male personality traits make a man strong physically, mentally, or both. Some might have brute force but lack mental resilience. Others might be mentally stronger but not as muscular.

Of course, not all alpha males are the same, so some might be strong in every field.

2. He is born to lead and guide

Alpha male characteristics naturally make a man a great leader. He’s also said to be a good “team player” because he can delegate perfect tasks to others as he’s passionate about winning.

This is all because he understands others’ strengths and weaknesses and keeps those in mind while task assigning. All of that sums up great leadership qualities.

3. He has the zeal to win

Due to his alpha male traits, he is extremely passionate to reach the pinnacle. He is ready to do everything necessary to reach his goals.

He knows that success isn’t easy and doesn’t mind giving more than his best in everything. Whether it’s something serious or fun, he always aims to win!

4. His ambitions touch the sky

The real alpha male never aims small. He may not reach the pinnacle in a day, but he always has eyes for the topmost position. He dreams to reach a position that most of his peers can’t even imagine.

He’s determined and focused to make things happen even if it’s not easy or if he faces many issues.

5. He’s a sucker for competition

The true alpha male loves to compete to the point of being toxic. He feels thrilled by the idea of being in a challenging environment where he can rub the failure on his rival’s face.

In case he ever fails, he takes it way too personally, and that fogs up his further judgment. He seeks more challenges until he can be the better one again.

6. His charisma inspires others

He can be pretty toxic and irrational due to his desire to be the best and rule over others. However, he still manages to be the best through thick and thin.

Whether his loved ones have his back or not, he doesn’t care and makes things work out somehow. And that’s exactly what inspires everyone around him.

You might hate him, but you can’t deny he’s powerful, and you can learn a LOT from him! 

7. He attracts women way more than others

Be it high-value women or not, most people desire an alpha male. So, another trait of alpha is the number of women approaching him.

The alpha always has multiple suitors because he’s a gentleman. Unfortunately, most of the time, it’s because of his power, money, success, and other superficial things and not because of his soul.

8. He’s super confident… to the point of being arrogant

Whenever he does something, he seems and sounds confident. He knows what he’s doing or what needs to be done. So, he doesn’t second-guess his ideas ever.

However, some alpha men become arrogant and overconfident about their capabilities. They feel that they are the best and nobody can challenge them.

9. He won’t follow rules

Alpha males don’t like to follow rules. He is confident in his own abilities and when any rule stops him from achieving his full potential, he pays it no heed.

Instead, he breaks the rule and saves the explanation for later… which is usually once he achieves what he wanted. That’s when he says “You didn’t give me any other choice, and I had to prove you wrong!”

10. You can’t hurt his ego with opinions

People always have some opinions about the alpha male. Though he always looks after others’ welfare, others hardly acknowledge that and highlight the negatives over everything else.’

However, he never lets others’ opinions affect him. He has complete faith in himself and never doubts his ideas, thoughts, or decisions for others.

Since his confidence turns into arrogance, he feels he is better than anyone else. So, even if people want the best for him, he won’t pay attention to their words.

11. His smartness knows no bound

He is smart both when it comes to books and geeky stuff and cool and fun things. He knows everything on the syllabus before others.

He is more skilled than his coworkers. He knows about the latest gaming tech. And he also knows how to attract women, impress everyone, and rock the party.

There’s simply nothing that he doesn’t know about!

12. His optimism is contagious

Despite what happens in an alpha male’s life, he never thinks negatively. People might talk trash about his failures.

Especially since he mostly decides singlehandedly and breaks rules, everyone is ready to find faults with him. But he always looks at the brighter side and holds up till the end.

Similarly, if people around him face any loss, his optimism even pulls up their spirits. Everyone can focus on their respective duties because of his optimistic nature.

13. He’ll always protect you

Like a fierce alpha wolf, he is always wary about his surroundings. He knows he has a pack to protect. So, he also keeps an eye on his loved ones’ backs.

His protective instincts are extremely strong and he is always alert about any danger around them. If he feels there’s any sort of danger around them, he might even charge at the enemy without asking others.

14. He’s crazy about risks

He can be pretty reckless when it comes to winning at life. As mentioned before he is extremely competitive and never runs away from a good challenge. Moreover, he desires to become the best in the whole wide world.

So, he often gets crazy when he notices any risk. He feels that multiple opportunities are hidden in the form of one risk and charges right through.

15. He never does anything without plans

Most people assume that alpha men are too rash with their decisions. However, they calculate every step before taking them.

They have great foresight, so they know which choice will help them fulfill their goals. They might seem to be reckless but they have a plan for everything and are aware of the possible results.

16. He builds his fate

One of the best traits of an alpha male is that he doesn’t wait for his fate to change its gears. Instead, he takes full control of his fate and future.

He can’t passively wait for the right opportunity to appear in his life. He knows that the world doesn’t work that way. So, he’d rather seek new chances by himself to improve his life.

17. He is reliable

The term “alpha male” represents the leader of the pack. He knows that everyone around him depends on him for everything and takes his duty pretty seriously.

If you’re an alpha male’s loved one or his subordinate, he’ll always look after your needs. He won’t rest until he can provide for the people he is responsible for. You can rely on him with almost anything and he’ll gladly take care of it.

18. He has a clear aim

The alpha male also has a clear vision of his goals from the beginning. Even before it’s time to make major decisions about his career, he knows what he wants to do with his life.

In high school, he knows what career he’ll follow. When he joins the workforce, he knows when he’ll retire, how much he’ll save, and even how many kids he’ll have.

19. He’s a perfectionist

The alpha male likes to be perfect in every aspect of his life. He wants the perfect score, the perfect job, timely promotions, and even the perfect romantic life.

He is obsessed with being and having the best of everything. Though perfectionism supports him to succeed in life, it can often wreck his life as he pushes himself way too hard.

20. His expectations are too high for everyone

Just as he forces himself to be a perfectionist, he also expects people around him to be the same. He often judges others when they can’t keep up with his demands and it makes them feel inferior.

21. He’s self-aware

The alpha man might be arrogant and dominant. He might be reckless with his choices as he believes that he has the best idea in the room.

However, he also knows that he isn’t completely perfect. Yes, he is better than others, but he never assumes that he is the best in everything.

He knows he is flawed and he handles those like a pro. He never tries to hide his flaws because opinions don’t scare him. And self-awareness is the first step to perfection.

22. He never stops being the best

Since he is self-aware he knows what he lacks. He can support his zeal to be perfect with self-awareness. He always seeks new ways to cover up his shortcomings.

For instance, he reads up and gains professional skills and even picks skills to improve his personal life.

He never gets tired of correcting himself and this is another thing that helps him become the best. He isn’t an alpha for nothing and this is one of his secrets to holding his position.

23. He’s too stubborn

When he has something on his mind, he doesn’t give up on it easily. Since he is usually right and succeeds in whatever he wants, he can’t back off.

Even if he might be wrong, he’s not ready to accept it. He will persistently do what he planned and won’t stop even if there are grave losses.

However, this can even help him succeed eventually but it also hurts his health simultaneously.

24. He isn’t forgiving

If anyone ever tries to hurt the alpha male, he won’t let it go. They won’t even be given a single opportunity to regain his trust.

He will not only estrange them from his life, but he might even tear them apart so he never thinks of repeating the same. Even if they seek forgiveness and pledge to be loyal, he won’t take stupid chances.

25. You might get sick of his dominance

The alpha male is obsessed with dominating others. He commands others right to the very basic details. People often feel that he doesn’t trust them or their choices.

In reality, he knows that he is the best and his plan has a higher chance of working out. So, he doesn’t want to waste time by giving others a shot. Of course, that makes others extremely uncomfortable as they can’t show their true powers.

26. He won’t apologize easily

Alpha males have great foresight, so they don’t always follow the rules. They know which step can help them prosper and win in life and do exactly that. However, plans always don’t go accordingly and others demand an apology from them.

But, once an alpha male knows that he’s on the right path, he’ll give it another shot to make things follow the plan. Whatever happens, he won’t apologize for it.

27. He can perform under pressure

Most people can’t deal with stressful situations. Especially, since they can’t make choices in that state of their mind. But alpha men can make tough decisions under pressure within a blink of an eye.

In fact, alpha men thrive under pressure and on the edge. Pressure makes them feel challenged and challenges thrill them. They feel more motivated to do better in life.

28. He won’t brag to get validation

The alpha male is pretty confident about himself, so he won’t ever share his achievements for compliments. Even without others’ appreciation, acceptance, or validation, he knows that he is perfect.

So, even if he shares news of his victories, it’s either because he wants to introduce himself and share interesting stories or others are eager to know about him.

29. His sense of humor is impeccable

People often talk behind his back, but he doesn’t get offended. Instead, he makes the best out of any humiliation with his sense of humor. He can make everyone else laugh along by the way he twists everything.

30. He can say “NO”

Often some men can’t refuse others because they desire to be nice guys. But real men like alpha males know the struggle of being a Yes-Man.

So, they aren’t ready to be pushovers and let themselves be taken advantage of. They are kind, helpful, and compassionate for their loved ones. But, they know their limits and don’t bend too far for anyone.

They know their worth and won’t let anyone have their way with them.

31. He’s straightforward

Alpha males are known to be upfront and honest about everything. If they see something isn’t perfect or the best, they will say it.

They don’t worry whether others will like their ideas or not. When they have some ideas, they only want to be heard and they do it with style. They don’t mind if they’ll face unfavorable consequences for that.

32. He is emotionally stable

The alpha male has high emotional intelligence which means he understands others’ emotions and how his emotions might affect others. He controls his thoughts and ideas so that nobody else gets hurt.

Especially, in emotional situations, he doesn’t lose his calm. Instead, he always paves the way with rational and logical methods. He can even read the room and handle emotional situations accordingly.

33. He works hard on his appearances

The alpha male believes in being the best in everything… even if it’s about his physical health, mental health, body language, facial expressions, manners, hair grooming, and outfits.

He goes to the gym but he might not be the physical prowess everyone assumes. Rather, he is built better than every one of his age and position. He takes care of his hygiene and even has good body posture.

34. Communication is his forte

In social settings, the alpha male has the best qualities when it comes to communication. He knows how to hold a conversation in the most interesting ways. He can keep everyone on their toes and entertain them.

He also speaks with confidence and assertion which makes people trust him more and faster.

35. He’s kind despite being dominant

The true alpha male might be dominant and pushy, but he is also kind which makes him the perfect leader. He might always ask everyone to do better and isn’t satisfied with little, but he takes care of others in his own way.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Sometimes, alpha males can turn toxic because they carry the banner of being the best. However, if you interact with an alpha male regularly, don’t let him make you feel any less just because you can’t satisfy his expectations.

Instead, learn to deal with him better and you’ll have a more pleasurable time with them!

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