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Who Is a Beta Female? [A Comprehensive Guide]

Who Is a Beta Female? [A Comprehensive Guide]

Updated on Nov 18, 2022 | Published on Oct 14, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Who Is a Beta Female? [A Comprehensive Guide]

Have you ever wondered about a beta female? You have likely heard of alpha females, but who exactly is a beta woman?

Think about this – At your workplace, you may have noticed a woman who takes the backseat and follows orders diligently. She is a genuine team player and takes interest in maintaining group harmony. Chances are, you are looking at a beta woman. 

A beta female is that and so much more! Read on to know all about this personality type. 

Beta Female Infographic

Who Is a Beta Female? - [A Comprehensive Guide]
Who Is a Beta Female? – [A Comprehensive Guide]

What Is a Beta Female?

A beta female is highly emotionally intelligent. She is quite reserved and shies away from the limelight. Additionally, she has a strong desire to help those around her and is approachable.

A beta female is a personality type that is often characterized by empathy, understanding, and high emotional intelligence. She is reserved and likes to keep to herself, and this trait often comes across as vulnerable, having low self-esteem, and weak, so to speak.

In a world that runs on power and dominance, a beta female’s niceness and compassionate nature are mistaken for fragility and hypersensitivity.

Outlined below is a list of traits that paint a beta female in more realistic and less appalling colors.

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Beta Female Traits

A beta female possesses a set of characteristics that make her stand out in a calming sense. She is not bold and fierce like an alpha female. Instead, she is a soothing presence and unique in ways that make her quite indispensable.

Following is a description of 15 beta female personality traits to allow you to spot one with great ease.

1. Beta females are approachable

The most striking trait of a beta female is her approachability. Most people feel comfortable around a beta female and seek her help often. She is quite skilled at providing support, consequently acting as a pillar of strength for many. 

A beta female is nurturing. She can instinctively make people around her feel secure in her presence. This trait makes people solicit her guidance whenever necessary. 

2. They are empathetic

A beta female embodies empathy. She emanates compassion and is incredible at understanding other people’s emotions. Her highly perceptive nature allows her to be a soothing presence for others.

Moreover, she always takes into account others’ feelings. The ability to understand people, make them feel comfortable to open up, and actively listen to their concerns is a key beta female trait. 

3. Beta females are reserved

Beta women are typically reserved. They hesitate to socialize as they tend to be shy, less chatty, and rather collected. With that said, their introverted nature does not stem from a lack of confidence. They consciously choose to stay with themselves.

A beta woman is often occupied with her profound thoughts, which is likely why she tends to stay silent. She is secure about herself, so despite talking less, she ensures she is heard when necessary.

4. Beta women are usually caring

As mentioned above, beta females are inherently nurturing. They care a lot for their family and loved ones. This caregiving tendency also extends to other people around her. 

Additionally, she pays attention to the little things that mean a lot to those she loves. She is almost always ready to go the extra mile for these people.

This trait of caring for others extends even to people she does not know. A beta woman can be seen helping an elderly person cross the road, make donations to charitable organizations, among other such acts.

5. They tend to be feminine

A beta female embraces her feminine qualities and revels in the spirit of womanhood. She is a traditional romantic and likes to be courted by her romantic interest. Moreover, she is graceful in allowing her partner to pursue her.

She offers unconditional trust and love. A beta woman always encourages mutual understanding and is willing to do anything to keep the relationship thriving!

6. Beta women are mostly career-oriented

A beta woman has unparalleled clarity about what she wants from her career. She is focused, diligent, and goes after what she wants. 

Moreover, she does not get distracted by fame, competition, admiration, and approval. A beta woman provides complete attention to each of her undertakings. 

Finally, her intelligence, problem-solving skills, and presence of mind help her succeed in every task. 

7. Beta females are practical

Beta women have a logical and rational approach to thinking. This ability enables them to put things into perspective. Their pragmatism plays a crucial role in their professional and personal lives as it has an effect on their communication skills.

Specifically, they are excellent articulators due to their smooth flow of thoughts. They know what they are talking about and how to put it across.

8. Beta female tends to be diplomatic

A beta woman is careful with the way she phrases her words so that she does not hurt anybody on the pretext of being truthful. She is kind, sugar-coats just enough, and is never blunt in her communication.

With that said, she does not refrain from expressing her opinions. At the same time, she does not impose her ideas on anyone. 

She adjusts and accommodates in a way that she convinces herself to do things she is not interested in, merely to maintain harmony. This ability to sustain group cohesiveness makes her popular.

She is also known for her tendency to mediate and resolve disputes. Her passive and disinterested approach is keenly sought after by many team members.

9. They are faithful 

Another key trait of a beta woman is her loyalty. She is known for her commitment and trustworthiness not only in personal relationships but also in professional ones. 

A beta female is ready to compromise for the sake of her loved ones. This trait makes her the most desirable partner and great friend one can have.

10. They have an impeccable fashion sense

A beta female is known for her fashion sense. The way you dress is closely associated with confidence. Considering the self-assured nature of a beta female, this trait comes as no surprise.

She chooses to dress well to boost her self-image. This trait also drives her to spend too much and too often. A beta woman prides her collection of clothes and almost always has an overstocked closet.

11. Beta women are confident

Beta women are confident as they are secure about themselves. They know who they are and they do not shy away from owning their personality. One might think otherwise because of their highly emotional nature.

However, they believe that being sensitive does not mean they have to feel insecure. They recognize this characteristic and allow themselves to be who they are. 

12. They are sensitive to criticism

Keeping the above point in mind, when people are critical of beta women, they do internalize it. Despite knowing who they really are, they cannot help but feel upset about it and overthink it for a while.

Additionally, the closer the beta woman is to the person critiquing them, the more hurtful it is for her. She hates disappointing people she loves, so a critical comment from them gets her spiraling.

It is important to remember that, sometimes, such criticism can be helpful. It can be perceived as a form of constructive feedback. 

It is okay to feel upset about it. With that said, ruminating on it and letting it affect your self-esteem is something you need to be mindful about. 

13. Beta females are romantic

Wearing her heart on her sleeves, a beta woman is quite the romantic! She enjoys old-school love and romantic gestures. With that said, she is someone for whom the little things matter the most. 

For instance, one can sweep her off her feet by holding her hand, taking her on a romantic date, and kissing her forehead. At the same time, she is patient and realistic. A beta woman focuses on committing herself to the relationship. 

14. They tend to be gentle

Beta women are delicate and rather sensitive. They are highly emotionally intelligent, but frequently feel exploited because of her gentle approach to life. 

She tends to compromise too much due to her inclination toward putting others’ needs before hers. This characteristic often leaves her deeply hurt.

15. They are creative

Emotionally intelligent people are often creative, and beta females are no exception. They have an incredible knack for all things artsy and innovative. 

It is not a surprise to find most beta women to be successful in careers that involve fashion, design, décor, visual arts, and the like. Even on a daily basis, you get a glimpse of this artistic side just by observing the way beta women dress up.

16. They are righteous and principled

Following rules and sticking to their principles are striking characteristics of a beta woman. Additionally, a black-and-white form of thinking prevails, which makes her never climb off her high horse.

Being spiritual, grounded, and righteous, a beta woman always stands her ground. She refuses to get influenced and strives to keep her conscience clear.

17. A Beta woman does not react

Their submissive nature is often frowned upon by other personality types. She finds arguments discomfiting. 

Specifically, a beta woman will rather stay quiet than voicing her opinion during conflicts. Sometimes, this tendency backfires and she is left feeling exploited.

Moreover, this characteristic is also true in situations where she is asked to share an opinion. Unless absolutely comfortable, a beta woman refrains from sharing her views.

18. They tend to get anxious easily

Because a beta woman tends to keep to herself, it gets challenging for her to communicate her needs and wants. This difficulty can make her feel like she is not leading a satisfactory life.

Moreover, a beta woman is likely to get anxious over fitting in, both at her workplace and in her social circle. In beta females with low self-esteem, it can turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy

Specifically, she feels she is not good enough, which fuels her anxiousness over not fitting in. This feeling discourages her from making an attempt to fit in, and she ends up withdrawing. 

19. A beta female reflects before responding

You will never catch a beta woman acting impulsively in almost any situation. A beta female typically pauses, reflects, and then responds. 

This process is true for most aspects of her life, namely career decisions, romantic relationships, professional associations, and even friendships. 

She is inclined towards taking things at a slow pace. Fortunately, this tendency enables her to solve problems well, making her a great romantic partner, friend, and teammate.

20. A beta woman pays attention to detail

One of the most alluring traits about a beta woman is that she cares for the little things. For example, she will take the time to notice and compliment a coworker on their hairstyle, or appreciate her partner when they do something simple yet nice for them.

This trait helps a beta woman flourish in her professional as well as personal life. If you catch a beta woman stopping to smell the roses on her walk to someplace, do not be too surprised!  

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Alpha Female vs Beta Female

Alpha and beta females lie on a continuum and differ on certain aspects, including their approach to conflicts or disagreements, need for control, romance, and how they deal with criticism.

The Alpha women and beta women are often seen as the socio-sexual dichotomy. As important as it is to differentiate between the two, it is equally crucial to understand that such personality types lie on a continuum and most people have traits of both.

This recognition allows us to embrace both sides of ourselves, draw on their respective strengths while working on the weaker aspects. Doing so will enable us to lead a more fulfilling and holistic life. 

1. Approach to Conflicts

At one end of the spectrum, alpha women are likely to be confrontational in the face of disagreements. Beta females, on the other hand, take a rather passive approach to things. They do not like getting in the middle of things and deal with people rather diplomatically.

With that said, just the way alpha women get things done, so do beta women. Their approaches are different with alpha females going after it directly, but beta women know how to make things go their way.

2. Need for Control

Between the two, beta female personalities tend to have a lower need for control. They are fine taking the backseat and not interested in taking charge. Beta women are not fond of the spotlight and feel perfectly fine taking orders. 

Alpha female personalities, on the other hand, are seen as born leaders. They exercise their power and authority wherever possible. Even when it comes to conversations, alpha females like directing, while beta women provide support and listen actively. 

3. Romance

Alpha females and beta women have striking differences in their approach to romance. As mentioned earlier, beta women prefer to take the traditional approach and love being courted. Beta women want to be courted and small efforts go a long way.

Alpha women, on the other hand, tend to go after what they want. It is common for heterosexual alpha females to think that they would be better off with an alpha male, but some experts believe that they tend to be more satisfied with beta males.

4. Dealing with Criticism

It is not uncommon for beta women to ruminate on criticism. They are likely to internalize and stew in it for a while. 

On the flip side, alpha women confront criticism. Most of the time, it does not matter to them as they are quite confident in their abilities. 

Beta Female: Pop Culture Version

Today’s pop culture is showcasing beta female personalities more frequently and in various ways. Read on to find an interesting list of movies, songs, and famous beta women. 

Beta Female Movies

Following movies capture the essence of beta female characters.

  1. 30 Rock
  2. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
  3. Crazy Rich Asians
  4. Bridget Jones’ Diary
  5. Legally Blonde
  6. Brave

Beta Female Songs

Here is a list of beta female songs.

  1. Cater 2 You – Destiny’s Child
  2. Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Cindy Lauper
  3. Keep Holding On – Avril Lavigne
  4. Stop! In the Name of Love – Diana Ross & The Supremes
  5. Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

Famous Beta Female Personalities

Outlined below are the names of famous beta female personalities.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence
  2. Mother Teresa
  3. Zendaya
  4. Jennifer Aniston
  5. Carrie Fisher
  6. Kelly Clarkson
  7. Marilyn Monroe
  8. Dorothy Dandridge
  9. Oprah Winfrey
  10. Serena van der Woodsen 
  11. Gina Rodriguez
  12. Hilary Duff
  13. Audrey Hepburn
  14. Amy Schumer
  15. Tina Fey

Beta Women Zodiac Signs

Now that you have gotten a picture of who beta women are, would it not be fascinating to see which zodiac signs represent these characteristics? Six out of the twelve zodiac signs share attributes with beta female personalities.

1. Taurus

Taurus women are excellent partners and friends as they are trustworthy. They genuinely value their relationships, which is why people around them feel safe and secure in their presence.

Unlike alphas, who are typically looked up to in a group, being a beta personality, Taurus women are incredible listeners. They always lend an ear to people who need it. Additionally, they make amazing wing-women.  

2. Gemini

The beta characteristics that Gemini women represent include their approachability and the ability to understand others effortlessly. They are easygoing and love taking things as they come. In other words, they go with the flow.

Adding to that, Gemini women adapt easily to different situations. They are not particular about taking charge. 

In fact, they like to follow others as they feel the need to lead, succeed, or make everyone happy is putting too much pressure on them. Therefore, they would much rather take the backseat and enjoy the ride while it lasts.

3. Cancer

What makes Cancer a beta woman is their tendency to be in touch with their emotions and embrace the same fully. They wear their hearts on their sleeves. Cancer women are expressive and do not hold themselves back emotionally. 

Moreover, they embody the phrase, “vulnerability is not weakness but a sign of strength.” They are empathetic, compassionate, and carry these traits with pride, just like a beta woman does. 

4. Libra

Libra women prioritize the welfare of those around them. Apart from believing in a collaborative effort, they value kindness, while disapproving of giving someone the cold shoulder.

Alpha females are known for their ulterior motives. On the other hand, beta women seek a simple life, so they swerve away from any form of drama. 

Additionally, Libra women are known for being peacemakers in their social circle. They are not fond of confrontation. With that said, they tend to be people-pleasers, so fail to speak up when necessary.

5. Aquarius

Aquarius women possess certain personality traits typical of alpha women, specifically with their logical thinking, but are mostly beta. 

They tend to be reserved and keep to themselves, but are more outgoing than most beta women. Additionally, they love having meaningful conversations with people, which are reminiscent of beta personalities.

Aquarius women are highly intelligent, spiritually and emotionally, which makes them excellent people to work with. They are a team player. 

Likewise, in their personal lives, they derive immense satisfaction from having people who genuinely uplift each other.  

6. Pisces

Pisces women are caring, gentle, and quite reserved, but also incredibly attuned to their and other people’s emotions. These characteristics are typical of beta women. 

Pisces women tend to be highly intuitive and trust these instinctual feelings with their life. They utilize their gut feeling in almost all areas, such as interpersonal relationships, professional and personal lives. 

Another trait that makes Pisces women beta personalities is their introversion. They like being alone and their bedrooms are often their safe haven. Additionally, they are particular about having a comfortable and secure place when they need it.  

How to Be a Better Beta Female

By now, you may have recognized how much you resemble a beta female. With this information, you can work more on these personality facets in a way that allows you to tap into their full potential. 

Be it your professional or personal life, you are likely to exhibit your beta traits. Find out how best you can make use of these qualities. 

1. Hone your problem-solving skills

It must now be apparent that beta females are an essential component for an entity to work like a well-oiled machine. Beta women have excellent problem-solving skills, although this may not be immediately apparent.

Although they do not lead from the front, their methodical and diligent work practices help them come up with innovative and workable solutions. They often come up with brilliant ideas at work and home alike. 

2. Adaptability

Beta women are highly flexible and adapt easily based on what the situation demands. According to Rebecca Holman, the author of Beta: Quiet Girls Can Run the World, success is not defined by accomplishments. 

She believes that nobody has to change themselves to succeed. Instead, you have to utilize your existing skills better, at which beta women are incredible. 

Specifically, they understand that they do not have to be like alpha women and lead from the front. Beta females merely employ the tools they already possess as per the situation. 

3. Paying more attention to emotional intelligence   

Emotional intelligence plays a major role in professional success. It is also a crucial element in building and maintaining relationships. 

Alpha females are known for their intellectual intelligence, but people often fail to recognize the importance of emotional intelligence. Being aware of one’s emotions and that of others is the key to success in all aspects of life. 

Specifically, an important beta quality is the ability to be understanding, empathetic, and listen actively to others’ needs and concerns. Embracing this side of yourself is one of the most important aspects of being a beta woman.

4. Build on conflict management

Beta women are extremely skilled at mediating and negotiating during times of conflict. By improving your ability to navigate through arguments and disagreements, you can become a great beta female.

This ability allows you to balance the team dynamic as alpha women tend to focus on and push their agendas. By listening and deliberating over what you can provide to the table, you are maintaining the harmony of the group.

Additionally, conflict negotiation is also a means to getting things done but in a circumvented fashion. 

Specifically, you are easy to work with, incredible at peace-making, and act as the glue holding the team together. Your approachability allows you to ask for favors and have them fulfilled. 

5. Practice self-care

Sometimes, it can get draining to be so highly empathetic and understanding. Being a beta female, you would always want to be there for others and help them with their concerns. However, neglecting your mental and physical health in the process can be detrimental.

Therefore, build adaptive habits, such as exercising regularly, meditating, eating nutritiously, carrying out your hobbies, and picking up a skill. It is crucial to keep your mind and body healthy if you want to be there for others.

Beta Female Personality: Pros and Cons

Here are the pros of a beta female personality.

  1. Beta women are nurturing, kind, and compassionate.
  2. They are romantic.
  3. A beta woman desires a calm, peaceful, and content lifestyle.
  4. She is artistic and channels her creative energy in various aspects of life.
  5. She is an excellent host and loves throwing dinner parties.
  6. A beta woman has a gentle approach towards people. She is sensitive, empathetic, and caters to others’ emotional needs.
  7. She is magnanimous with her smiles and spreads joy wherever she goes.

There are downsides to a beta female personality. Some of them are as follows.

  1. A beta woman can be gullible, considering her compromising nature.
  2. She tends to follow orders blindly.
  3. She sometimes allows herself to be intimidated by alpha women.
  4. A beta woman can get overly sensitive.
  5. Their passive approach tends to backfire sometimes, especially in romantic relationships. Specifically, her partner may feel like they have to put in more effort.

Parting Thoughts from ThePleasantPersonality

In the socio-sexual hierarchy, beta females have commonly been pushed to the back. They have been noted as weaklings, often leading unsuccessful lives. This article must have helped you gain better and more appropriate insights into a beta female.

These personality types typically lie on a continuum, and everyone possesses both traits to different degrees. Embracing your empathetic and understanding nature, along with other beta attributes, will help you lead a more satisfying and successful life. You do you!

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