Are you curious about the beta female personality? Do you want to know how different she is from the alpha woman? Or are you completely unaware of this personality?

Well, worry not because my think-piece will let you know everything. Right from her flaws and perfections down to how to deal with every aspect of her… I’ll share it all.

So, let’s begin!

Beta Female Infographic

Who Is a Beta Female? - [A Comprehensive Guide]
Who Is a Beta Female? – [A Comprehensive Guide]

What is a Beta Female?

A Beta Female is shy yet highly empathetic, prioritizes others’ welfare over hers, and is the glue that holds a group together.

The beta woman is often treated as someone inferior or completely opposite to the alpha woman. However, that’s just some baseless assumption. These women are as strong, intelligent, and capable as alpha females.

They are great advisors, peacekeepers, caring, loyal, and sensitive. They also have some basic flaws like being a shopping addict and excess sensitivity. But to know her even better, let’s learn about her trait here…

Beta Female Traits

The beta female is a real mystery because most people have assumptions about her. Only a few of her loved ones know her true personality. She doesn’t even try to correct people about their misconceptions.

So, let’s understand her better with the traits

1. Her work ethics is strong

Women with beta female personality types are extremely serious about their job. They have great work ethics which results in their outstanding performance. They are career-oriented and hardworking.

They know that life isn’t easy and want to be independent. They never wish to depend on a man or any benefactor for a living. Even in their work life, they don’t want others’ help in their job.

2. You’ll get great advice from her

These women aren’t the outgoing type. Rather, they silently watch others from the corner. They know what’s up with whom even before people realize their troubles.

Their strong intuition helps them figure things out faster than others. So, whenever anyone is in trouble, they have the best advice for them.

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3. She’s not interested in leading

The beta woman doesn’t like to be a leader. She feels better when she follows others’ lead. It’s not that she doesn’t have the skills. But she truly wants to avoid the hassles of leadership.

People often assume that she isn’t good enough to be a leader. But they don’t know that she chooses to be a follower.

4. She wants peace to prevail

Conflicts and confrontations make her anxious. She wants everyone to peacefully sort things. So, to deal with such situations, she learned to mediate fights. She also learned good communication skills and helps others sort out their issues calmly.

She doesn’t favor anyone just because they are friends. She’ll always help you resolve things fair and square.

5. She’ll remind you of your mom

She has a caring and loving soul just like a mother. If you know her for long enough, you’ll know that she was born to be a mom. She walks her drunk friends home at night. She gets her friends hangover medicines.

She’ll curse at your ex while drinking all night. She’ll even nurse you back to health. You can’t help but be reminded of your mother.

6. You can trust her with your life

She is pretty loyal in both friendships and relationships. If you let her know about your dark secrets, those will go straight to the grave. She will never use those as gossip fodder. She will never try to steal your thunder or cheat you for anything.

In love, she won’t seek another person once she is with you. She doesn’t care about looks and money and wants the bare minimum.

7. She’s introverted

She is the shy and reserved type, so you’ll hardly ever see her at parties and events. Even if she joins, it’ll be either because her friends insisted or she will just take the inconspicuous corner.

When necessary, she can socialize well but solitude is her comfort zone. She feels exhausted in social situations and usually avoids them.

8. She wants to build a better world

Her heart cries for the unfortunate ones due to her sensitivity. She hates how the world isn’t fair and equal for everyone. So, she might be involved in charity, donations, and even volunteer her time to social welfare.

She might often get involved in social work in her free time. If not, she might even spend time with orphans or in animal shelters.

9. She is intelligent in all ways

She is intelligent in both nerdy things and fun things. She doesn’t just know about the important theories about his work or the latest gadgets. She is also aware of the places to hang out, eat, and have all kinds of fun. She is knowledgeable about trendy things like fashion and makeup.

10. The attention makes her uncomfortable

She avoids any kind of attention from others. Due to her introversion and people’s judgment, she doesn’t like to be noticed by others. Even when she gets congratulated, she requests her professors and bosses to do it personally and not publicly appreciate her.

She doesn’t care whether others know about her achievements or not. Her comfort matters more to her.

Whoa there, there’s more to know about her. So, find those out here!

However, if you’re curious about this girl’s flaws and perfections, keep scrolling…

Beta Female Strengths and Weaknesses

The beta female, like any other personality, has both strengths and weaknesses. However, people mostly focus on her faults. So, let’s know the reasons to appreciate her better here…


1. She cares about her career

She isn’t a frivolous woman that wants to depend on a partner for a living. She knows that life isn’t a joke and strives to take care of herself. She doesn’t want a prince charming to take on her responsibilities.

Rather, she tries hard enough in her studies and work to achieve a respectable position in her career. She’s serious about getting paid well to take care of her needs.

2. Her intuitive advice is always useful

The beta woman never advises anything wrong. This is because she is pretty observant, a good listener, and has strong intuitions. With these skills, she never suggests anything wrong or haphazardly. Her ideas and plans are so detailed that you might think she has a soul of a wise old woman.

3. She admits her flaws in leadership

She knows that not everyone is leader material. She doesn’t hide the fact that leadership isn’t her forte. Moreover, she’s not even scared or ashamed of admitting that.

This shows that she is a strong woman and accepts her flaws without even batting her eyelashes. She won’t let society’s opinions put her down.

4. Empathy helps her keep others happy

She is extremely sensitive to others’ emotions. Even without asking about others’ personal matters, she can understand their worries and problems instantly. With good communication skills, she can help others sort out their troubles in no time. She also knows how to approach the situation without hurting others’ feelings.

5. She’s trustworthy

Whether she is your lover, friend, family member, or even a nobody… she will never break your trust in her. She never thinks of hurting others by any means.

So, if she ever promises you to keep your secrets or be loyal to you, she will keep her word until the end. You can vent all you want and she’ll never judge you for a second.

But I’d never say she is the perfect lady. Heck, even the alpha female has flaws. So, it’s time to find whether the rumors about her flaws are true or not here…


1. Everyone ignores her

She is introverted and avoids socializing. She also likes to spend time in solitude rather than with a lot of people. Due to her choice, she faces many troubles.

People don’t really know her and might call her an alpha female’s sidekick or the second-in-command. Nobody notices that she is as capable as an alpha female personality.

2. Romance blooms late in her life

Due to her introversion, she never socializes. So, suitors hardly know about her existence. Moreover, she wants to be chased and won’t make any moves. This obviously delays any possible relationship even more.

She is also treated as the backup option when the alpha female rejects someone. The alpha female always takes all the attention of suitors and people notice her pretty late.

3. Her self-esteem might hit rock bottom

Usually, she is a capable and confident woman and never cares about validation. But being treated as the second-best repeatedly is bound to make her feel the worst.

Whether in romance, at school, or at work, the alpha woman always steals her thunder and she’s completely overshadowed. This eventually impacts her self-confidence and makes her judge her worth.

4. Impulsive shopping invites more troubles

To boost her self-confidence, she often shops to her heart’s fill. Sometimes, she even goes overboard, maxes out her credit card, or exhausts her account. She might even have no space for new items and fill her house with packages.

This often creates trouble in her family or with housemates. She puts herself in a lot of trouble when she starts shopping.

5. She easily gets hurt

The beta woman is extremely sensitive, so one loud yell, criticism, rejection, or negative feedback crumbles her confidence. She feels hurt pretty fast from the slightest things. People feel uncomfortable about dealing with her because of it. They can’t even express their mind without overthinking their reactions later on.

But again, there are a lot more things to reveal and this is definitely not the end. So, click here for the full gossip!

However, are you a beta female? Wondering if you must change your personality? Brush that thought away and let’s chat here…

Pros and Cons of being a Beta Female

You’re not flawless just like any other human being. But you know better than to feel insecure because of others’ comments. You have no reason to change your personality and here are some reasons why…


1. Everyone loves you for being helpful

You help others whenever it is within your reach. Your heart is always ready to support others with anything possible. You might be introverted but you don’t shy away from a convo to know about others’ well-being.

If you notice someone is in trouble, you don’t ignore them or wait for them to seek your help. You are kind and everyone wishes the best for you.

2. You never decide in a rush

Before any important decision, you always take your time. You calm down and get away from all the hyperventilating and anxious people. You cut off anyone that hurries you and take your time to research and decide the right thing. Even if others hurry you to decide faster, you don’t listen to them.

3. You have immense creativity

You have over-the-top creativity and artistic skills. You can find the solutions to the most stubborn issues. You can also use your skills in your personal and professional life.

For instance, you can help your loved ones with their projects and interior décor. You can also pursue art as a career.

4. You always lead the way with practical ideas

While society says women are emotional and impractical, you are the very example to shut their trap!

During crises, you don’t let your emotions take the better of you. Instead, you suppress any emotional reaction and focus on solving the situation. You don’t waste unnecessary time wastage with blame games.

5. You’re honest but not brutal

When anyone makes a mistake, you don’t act aggressively. You know that aggression only provokes others. Nobody will try to learn after that.

So, you follow the gentle approach to help them understand their mistakes but not feel underestimated. People don’t lose their self-confidence around you and feel more driven to be better.

But if you want to work on yourself and change for the better, who am I to stop you? So, take a moment to understand the cons of your personality and improve yourself…


1. You are too sensitive

You get emotional too fast due to your personality traits. You can’t handle any kind of bitter or rough word. People can easily crush your self-esteem with a little bit of aggression.

Afterward, you blame yourself and feel even worse, Instead of working on yourself you delay the entire situation by overthinking. This is bound to create troubles in your academics and work.

2. You delay your romance life because of your choices

You want to be pursued in romance. Otherwise, you don’t want a relationship. You’re fine with waiting until someone courts you and you can enjoy being led by them.

You are also introverted and hardly socialize, so your prospective suitors hardly know about you. Your laid-back attitude and introversion definitely delay the blossom of your relationship.

3. You are always treated like a second choice

Since you never boast about your achievements or don’t take the lead, nobody takes you seriously. Everyone feels that you are less qualified that the alpha female.

Whether at work or in romance, you are always a backup or a stand-in for the alpha woman. Nobody values you for your true worth.

4. Poor self-esteem might be a huge trouble for you

Since you are treated as a second or backup option, you are bound to feel under confident. You don’t get treated well and often get ignored by everyone. Nobody understands you and you get mistreated. Obviously, your confidence always takes the blow for this.

5. With poor self-esteem, you wreak havoc with shopping

You go shopping whenever you need a boost in your self-confidence. But when you feel extremely low, you buy way too much for your own good. This might affect your finances and put your family or yourself in trouble. You might even buy too much for your wardrobe and your loved ones might fight with you for this.

More such pros and cons are waiting for you right here, so don’t miss it!

But if you feel extremely insecure, I’d suggest comparing yourself with other female personalities. So, let’s start here…

Beta Female vs Alpha Female

Your greatest concern is that you are no good when it comes to an alpha female. People always treat you like you are invisible and the alpha women get all the credit.

But it’s high time to know the real truth. So, just dig in!

1. Beta females get ignored while alpha females get all the attention

The beta female always gets ignored despite how much she achieves.  Even though her skills are on par with an alpha female, she never gets the same respect.

Whether in her romantic, platonic, or professional life, she is always the second choice. Only when the alpha woman can’t satisfy them do they seek her.

On the other hand, an alpha female gets attention even when she doesn’t want any. Whether she minds her own business, spends time in her personal life, or just takes some time off… all eyes are on her.

2. Beta women prefer to follow but alpha women lead from within

Beta women aren’t great with leadership positions. They understand that not everyone is made for this. Instead of trying harder and exhausting herself in the process, she likes to follow the leader. She is okay with her limitations even if the world looks down on her.

However, an alpha female is born to lead. But she never thinks that she is better than others. She’d never think that her followers are less than her. Rather, she treats them as equals and leads from within.

3. Beta females are introverted but alpha females are extroverted

The beta woman feels more comfortable spending time with her loved ones or herself. She doesn’t like to attend bustling social events. Even if she unwillingly joins, she avoids any kind of attention and tries to be in the background. However, if necessary, she’s ready to take charge.

On the other hand, alpha females are the soul of a party. They are social butterflies and amplify the joy of any event by a few folds. As a host, they make everyone feel included. As an invitee, they can let the host relax while they take charge.

4. They both desire loyal life partners

Both alpha and beta women have high standards in romantic relationships. The beta woman wants a romantic, committed, and loyal partner. She expects her partner to take charge of the relationship. She isn’t open to dating casually either.

On the other hand, the alpha female might still be okay with casual relationships. Her only criterion is that she won’t tolerate a toxic relationship.

5. They are both comfortable on their own

Beta females are introverted, so it’s natural for them to be on their own. They don’t need a huge circle of friends circle to feel comforted. They also don’t hurry to have a partner. They know what they are worth and are ready to wait for a compatible fellow.

Since the alpha female is extroverted, everyone assumes that she craves company. Astonishingly, she doesn’t always desire the limelight. She is fine with spending time by herself. She also doesn’t want to begin her romantic life too fast.

There are many more differences and similarities between beta and alpha women. So, check here for the full story!

But since we started off with the comparisons, why not keep going? Let’s go lower on the hierarchy!

Beta Female vs Delta Female

The delta women are placed below the betas. So, everyone hopes that the beta females are way better than them. But let’s see if there are any massive differences in their personalities here…

1. They are both shy

Instead of attending parties, both of these women would rather enjoy the comfort of their homes. They don’t want to be exposed to the world unless it’s necessary. Around new people, both of them stay quiet and mind their own business.

However, the delta female is this way only because of her past experiences which shattered her confidence.

2. They are both realistic but they might differ for beta women.

They are both practical in their respective life. For instance, the beta woman knows that she isn’t good at leadership. So, she doesn’t even try to take unnecessary chances.

But when someone else makes mistakes, the beta woman sugarcoats her words. She doesn’t abide by harsh rational thoughts to protect the other person’s confidence.

On the other hand, a delta woman states the truth when she is in trouble. She doesn’t console others when they make mistakes. People often call her pessimistic or heartless for this.

3. Both have good communication skills

They both lead the path with effective communication. Though they are usually shy and introverted, they still have excellent communication skills.

They know when to lead the way with it and prevent unnecessary physical and emotional damage. They understand others’ feelings and reasons when they speak foul. They never jump to conclusions out of anger.

4. Unlike the beta woman, the delta female is always insecure

The beta woman feels self-conscious when she faces rejection and criticism. She might feel insecure because she is always the second choice. But otherwise, she doesn’t feel so low.

On the flip side, delta women always feel insecure about their flaws. She magnifies her flaws by a few folds and puts herself even more down. She ponders on her flaws so much yet nobody else notices those.

Though there are lots of similarities, I promise there’s a reason behind their different positions. It’s just that they aren’t comparable traits.

Now that the confusion is clear, let’s go down further…

Beta Female vs Gamma Female

Gamma women are even below beta females. So, anyone might assume that these women have very little in common. But it’s better to know the truth yourself here

1. Beta woman’s confidence depends on external factors unlike gamma women

Most beta women are said to be confident about themselves. They don’t seek others’ validation for anything. However, their confidence is pretty fragile. Especially, because they are never anyone’s priority, they naturally question their self-worth. They are also not good with criticism, which again drags down their self-esteem.

On the other hand, a gamma woman’s confidence never depends on external factors. She never cares about people’s opinions.

She doesn’t let society or anything make her second-guess her choices. As a woman, she faced a lot of comparisons to social media standards of beauty and intelligence. But she never lets that get to her.

2. Beta women put others first while gamma women prioritize themselves

Beta women have motherly hearts, so they always take care of the people around them. They nurse their loved ones when they’re sick. They help them get over failures at work and love. They have a caring and motherly heart and often put others before themselves.

But a gamma woman always puts herself before others.  She won’t ever overlook her own needs for her most treasured loved one. This is so that she can get done with everything, keep herself mentally and physically healthy, and focus on others.

3. Beta women are sensitive to external influence unlike gamma women

Beta women aren’t good with criticism and rejection. It can make their emotions overflow and keep them up for multiple nights. They also never wish to wrong others. So, they feel guilty for inconveniencing others. They face major self-confidence issues and blame themselves for things.

After failure, a gamma woman puts herself down and criticizes herself. But she never lets others influence her easily. During these moments, women feel vulnerable and believe others easily. But she is pretty aware of people’s intentions and never gets taken advantage of.

4. Both are loyal and helpful

Both beta and gamma women are loyal to their loved ones. They won’t even think about doing anything that might hurt their close ones. They are ready to go out of their way for them and never cause them any trouble. Even if you tell them your secrets, these women won’t ever share them with another soul.

They are also helpful to strangers and acquaintances. They never judge others for their past or preferences.

5. Both have great listening skills

Beta women are great advisors and peacemakers because they actively listen to others. Their great listening skills help them understand others’ worries, needs, and troubles. They can resolve others’ issues because they calmly observe the entire situation.

The gamma woman also has excellent listening skills. She is driven towards her goal. But for that, she needs more knowledge which she gets from others’ experiences. She learned to listen well and understand others while she approached and learned from others.

Heyy, that’s not the end so don’t hurry to judge! Instead, check this for the entire comparison.

Now, let’s move further down…

Beta Female vs Omega Female

Omega females are at the bottom of the hierarchy. Naturally, everyone assumes that these women have nothing in common. But hey, it might be too early to assume that. So, let’s know the reality here…

1. Both are introverted

Both these women are shy and reserved. They feel more comfortable being on their own rather than spending time with an unknown and loud crowd. They don’t see any point in acting close to people they truly don’t know.

Unless their loved ones agree to join the event, neither wants to socialize. They need more time to rejuvenate on their own.

2. They both are extremely emotional but it varies a bit

During important decisions, beta females know how to keep their emotions suppressed. She doesn’t let her emotions take the lead. However, when they face any negative feedback, rejection, or criticism, she breaks down. She doesn’t know how to control her emotions.

On the other hand, the omega female suppresses her emotions way too much. Without her knowledge or any prior warning, she breaks down when it becomes too much to take.

3. They are both intelligent

Both of these women are extremely intelligent about varied things. The beta woman knows a lot about her studies and career as well as anything interesting like the latest trends in fashion, décor, and even the popular places to enjoy the time.

On the other hand, the omega woman reads books and enjoys stimulating hobbies, These help her expand her horizon and become sharp.

4. Both are hopeless romantics

Both beta and omega women believe in a fairytale romance and fantasize about those. They are both passive in love and want to be pursued. They want a meaningful and committed relationship in their life. They desire to be courted by their suitors in the old-school style and treated delicately.

And now, let’s step out of the hierarchy for the last comparison…

Beta Female vs Sigma Female

It’s said that the sigma and alpha females have quite a few similarities. So, you might assume that the comparison will have nothing new. But I’ll still suggest giving it one thorough look!

1. Beta women are submissive. Sigma women are intimidating

Beta females are submissive and conflict-avoidant. They want peace and calm to prevail in all areas of their life. They don’t want to get in or create any kind of trouble. If anyone talks against them, they try to clear misunderstandings through communication.

On the other hand, sigma females don’t like to be trifled with. They are usually silent but when anyone gets in their way, they don’t take it easy. They make the other person know their place.

2. Both are loyal to close ones

Both sigma and beta women are extremely loyal to their loved ones. These women have a small inner circle and are ready to do anything for them. They go out of their way to any extent to make themselves happy. Since they have a small inner circle, they try to keep them as happy as they can. In short, they treasure these people!

3. Both are introverted

Both women are introverted, shy, and reserved. They like to spend time on their own in solitude or with their loved ones. They also need time to recharge themselves alone.

However, both of them can also socialize when needed. They don’t act stiff when push comes to pull. They know how to deal with social situations.

4. Unlike beta women, sigma women are only caring towards their loved ones

Beta females are also helpful to strangers. They don’t mind so long they don’t feel uncomfortable or put themselves in a tough spot. They are sensitive to world suffering so helping strangers and random acquaintances makes them feel great.

However, sigma women are only so accommodating towards their inner circle. They led their entire life like lone wolves and are pretty wary of others. They don’t act friendly to strangers.

Now, are you more interested in a beta female’s contribution at work? Then you gotta scroll down…

Beta Female at Work

In the professional platform, the beta female might not occupy leadership roles. However, she is an absolute gem. I hope that really got you excited to hire or work with her. C’mon, I can’t wait to share more about her fabulous performance…

1. She’ll always be true to her work

You can always entrust her tasks and expect the best from her. Since she’s passionate and dedicated to her work, she always tries to stay updated on her tasks. She won’t disappoint you when it’s about work.

She follows all tips and tricks to improve her productivity. She respects her mentors and abides by their rules. Her enthusiasm will always show you that she’s here for business!

2. She has the best advice for coworkers

If you have some trouble with your work, the beta female will always help you with some tips and tricks. She’ll always help you with ideas and plans to deal with your setbacks.

But if you face some troubles in your personal life and can’t focus on work, seek her. She’ll still help you out. She already noticed your troubles, so express your troubles and work on them.

3. She’s pretty capable yet not interested in leadership

Most of her coworkers believe that she isn’t good enough to be a leader. They don’t know that she chooses to follow and refuses any opportunity to lead.

They aren’t aware that she doesn’t like the hassle of leading and refuses to lead. She doesn’t accept any promotion or opportunity to lead because she likes to relax.

4. Conflict resolution at work is her forte

She doesn’t like conflicts in her life or around her. This helped her become a mindful mediator. She silently observes everything from a distance. So, she already knows the issues and has an answer.

If you and a coworker fight, she’ll calm both of you down. She’ll listen to each side’s claims and worries and help you communicate your viewpoints to each other. Even if she is closer to you, she won’t take your side if you’re wrong.

5. She’ll be absent from most work parties

Due to her introversion, she will hardly attend any work events. She might join in only to make important connections or if attendance is mandatory.

If needed, she’s ready to partake in social events and socialize. However, that only exhausts her and solitude is her comfort zone. If the event is only for fun and relaxation, she’ll rather stay at home.

Well, that wasn’t all and you can judge her better if you check here!

However, if you’re more curious about her personal life, here you go…

Beta Female Relationships

In her personal life, it’s an absolute joyride to be close to being a beta female. She is loving, caring, helpful, and feminine. Around her, you’ll always feel warm and happy. So, let’s know more about her here…

1. She’ll always guide you morally

If you ever did something wrong and want to hide it, your beta loved one will help you. She’s super loyal to her loved ones. However, she is in touch with her spiritual side and has a strong sense of right and wrong.

Even if she helps you at the moment, she will ensure that you fix your ways. She won’t let you continue on the wrong path.

2. Even if she’s angry, she won’t hurt you

If a loved one makes a mistake, she will never scream or try to discipline them. Rather, she’ll try to understand their perspective. Instead of jumping to conclusions, she’ll let them explain themselves.

And after understanding their views, she’ll share hers calmly. She knows people only get provoked by aggression and doesn’t take that path.

3. Her shopping addiction might impact relationships

Shopping helps her feel uplifted and confident about herself. She wants everything cute, glossy, and glittery. But sometimes, she goes overboard with it. She either has no space to keep her dresses or the packages are all over the space.

Lack of space or an untidy household is often fodder for fights. If she lives with her family or shares space with someone, people might often get mad at her.

4. She’ll be the most helpful person you’ll ever meet

Whether you’re her closest kin or a random stranger, she’ll never refuse to help you. She is pretty friendly to everyone around her and never refuses to support others. So long it doesn’t impact her negatively, she’ll try her best for you. But if you’re her loved one, she’ll even go out of her way.

5. Emotions never take the better of her

When it’s time for decision-making, the beta woman never lets her emotions overpower her. She is pretty sensitive, but during crucial hours, she doesn’t drag on a fight or decision for too long.

Whether in her personal or professional life, she never plays the blame game. Rather she focuses on solving the situation faster.

But if you’re interested in dating her, I have a few things to share…

Beta Female Compatibility

The beta female doesn’t need a rich and handsome prince charming for herself. However, she has some standards for her partner and there are also some basic needs to be compatible with her. So, let’s know more about those here…  

1. They must chase her

In romantic relationships, she expects her partner to take charge and chase her. She likes the traditional approach of being courted, asked for her number, and taken out on dates. She doesn’t want to seem too enthusiastic to them.

Her partner must make the first few moves or she won’t ever do it. She doesn’t mind even if she loses her chance because of this rule. She can initiate the next plans or choose the date and place for next time. But the first time must be the partner’s choice.

2. They must commit to her exclusively

She isn’t a fan of modern dating culture. Casual hookups or multiple partners aren’t her choices. Rather, she wants someone that will commit to her completely.

She wants the “forever” and “only one” kind of love. Experimentation isn’t her cup of tea and she wants her partner to exclusively date her and make her feel secure. She doesn’t want the drama of being compared or competing with other options.

3. They must like her idea of hopeless romanticism

She is a hopeless romantic and expects nothing expensive or out-of-the-box in love. Rather, she wants the purest form of love which is small gestures that express feelings.

She desires handwritten letters and hand-plucked flowers. She wants to be pampered by her partner instead of by professionals. Definitely, the basic income is a necessity but she won’t depend on them for money.

4. She must be their priority

All her life, she was always the second best. Her alpha bestie won all the suitors’ hearts. People hardly ever noticed that she existed. She craves to be someone’s priority. So, she’s compatible with someone that will feel attracted to her first and not chase her as a spare option.

Though she never says it, she feels self-conscious and low that suitors only ever considered a backup.

5. They must constructively criticize

She is pretty sensitive and emotional when it comes to criticism. She feels low and puts herself down when she faces negative feedback. So, her partner must always use constructive criticism. They must always use a gentle voice and sugarcoat words before spilling them. Otherwise, she’ll feel unloved and unheard.

However, are you uncertain if you or someone else is a beta female? Well, astrology can help you a bit here!

And if you’re curious for more, check here! [link beta female relationships and compatibility piece]

But are you wondering if you or someone else is a beta female? Want some sign from the universe? I think there might be some signs here…

Beta Women Zodiac Signs

According to astrology, some women are betas based on their birth dates and charts. For all of you that believe in astrology, here are some cool facts about particular zodiac signs that are betas through and through!

1. Taurus [April 20 – May 20]

Taurus women incline towards beta personality traits as they are good listeners, the best shoulder to lean on, loyal, supportive, and value relationships. They aren’t often seen in leadership positions in personal or professional life but have the skills. They avoid conflict and are great team players.

They don’t care if you think the worst about them. Rather, they need nobody’s validation, They are confident about their choices and opinions.

2. Gemini [May 21 – June 20]

Gemini girls are empathic, laidback, and introverted. Unless their loved ones will attend an event, they won’t join in. With friends, they want others to take charge of the entire day.

They just want to relax and enjoy everyone’s presence and go with the flow. They dislike the awkward pressure of doing everything perfectly because others expect a lot from leaders.

They are also popular for their excellent communication skills and help others whenever they need,

3. Cancer [June 21- July 22]

Cancer women are infamous for being expressive about their emotions. They never suppress their emotions and let it all out. People often assume that they are weak but they are a bit more sensitive than others.

They are also caring and protective. They make wise advisors and mediators. These women are loyal to their loved ones.

4. Libra [September 23 – October 22]

Libra women like teamwork over solo work. Like beta women, they’re also compassionate and nurturing towards their loved ones. They don’t care about validation and never hide their feelings.

They maintain peace and want people to avoid fights. Conflicts make them anxious and they are always prepared to stand for justice and eradicate immoral practices.

5. Aquarius [January 20 – February 18]

Aquarian women are beta from deep within even though they have a slight alpha nature. They are intuitive, spiritual, carefree, laidback, and want to enjoy life. They are also introverted, like teamwork, and treasure their loved ones.

6. Pisces [February 19 – March 20]

Pisces women are kind, gentle, caring, expressive about emotions, shy, introverted, and intuitive. They prioritize their comfort and physical and emotional safety. They don’t like to lead as they aren’t interested in the stressed life along with leadership positions.

They also have great creativity and artistic skills. However, due to their aversion to the spotlight, they can’t make a career out of it.

To know about it in detail, check this out!

However, if you don’t believe in zodiacs and want to practically find your answer, keep reading!

How to identify a Beta Female?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any official personality test to figure out if you are a beta female. But based on all the latest info available on beta women until now, here’s a 50-question quiz!

Just make sure the probable beta woman takes the test herself… whether it’s you or someone else. Only then will you find the most accurate results!

Go ahead, and find your answers and I’ll wait until then.

So, did you find that you are a beta female? Here are a few ways to improve yourself

What to do if you’re a Beta Female?

Being a beta female, you face a lot of prejudice. It can be seriously hard to deal with this constantly. You’re bound to feel low and question your judgment. So, here are some ways to improve your life…

1. Socialize a little more

Due to your introverted, reserved, and shy nature, you often skip social gatherings. Well, this affects the chances of meeting a compatible partner.

People hardly notice you because you’re shy. So, you delay finding your destined partner for way too long. Moreover, the alpha woman always grabs all the attention and nobody even notices that you’re missing.

So, join the party once in a while to remind everyone of your presence and find your partner earlier.

2. Don’t always push away attention

Any kind of attention makes you uncomfortable. You don’t need it because you’re confident on your own and even dislike it. However, if you receive any kind of attention, don’t push it away.

Remember, people don’t respect you because they don’t know about you. You lose many opportunities because nobody knows about you. Everyone chooses the alpha at work, school, or even personal life.

So, embrace the little bit of attention to grab opportunities easier.

3. Take charge in relationships once in a while

In romantic relationships, you want the traditional approach. You feel more appreciated if your suitor takes charge while you follow their lead.

However, they aren’t sure about your choices and preferences. If you never initiate anything, they’ll take it the wrong way. So, it’s important to take charge sometimes. Tell them where you wanna hang out or initiate dates. They’ll feel more sure about your interest in them.

4. Speak to loved ones about any confidence issue

Most beta women are confident about themselves. But some definitely suffer from low self-esteem. Some beta females also experience self-esteem issues when they face rejection.

If this rings a bell, don’t suppress the negative thoughts. Speak to a loved one to get a clear picture of the situation and regain confidence. Reach out to them and vent your feelings. Let them take care of your worries!

5. Have a limit to the gentle approach

You follow the passive approach when others make mistakes. You don’t wish to be aggressive with others as it might demoralize them. Well, gentle and sugar-coated words work well only if the other person is eager to learn.

If they repeatedly make the same mistakes, they probably want to annoy you. Don’t entertain them for too long and treat them a bit aggressively.

I’m sure you want to improve yourself, even more, so click here for the entire guide!

But if you know a beta female in your life, you better check this out…

How to deal with a Beta Female?

Beta women are pretty understanding, kind, and happy-go-lucky. So, you might feel that she has no complaints about you. But you might still hurt her unknowingly. So, here are some tips to deal with her well…

1. Learn from her in school and work

The beta gal is extremely dedicated to her career. She studies hard to reach her goals and is disciplined at work. Success comes only with effort, dedication, persistence, and punctuality and she knows that.

Learn the basic skills to improve your performance in school or work. Her creativity also helps her deal with stubborn issues and undertake artistic tasks. Take inspiration from her art and knowledge.

2. Get advice from her

The beta woman has marvelous listening skills. She silently observes everyone around her. She knows how people feel and what they are up to. She already knows about your struggles. When you complain, she knows the very reason behind your dissatisfaction.

With her intuitive and observant skills, she is a great advisor and a mindful mediator. So, seek her help any time about any issue whether it’s about work, academics, or anything artistic.

3. Avoid judging her choice to follow

She knows that she isn’t great at leading others. She also doesn’t want the hassle of controlling others. She chooses to be in the back and silently follows the alpha’s commands.

She is great in her own job but she isn’t too keen on the commander position. So, if she refuses a promotion, don’t judge her. Or, don’t assume that she’s incapable just because she always stayed behind the scenes.

4. Don’t second-guess her intentions

Even in her wildest dreams, a beta female never thinks about hurting others. She is loyal to all loved ones and friends or acquaintances and strangers. You’ll never see her wishing bad for others.

If you share secrets with her and somehow it got leaked, the beta girl isn’t to blame. If someone spoils your day, it’s never her. She only ever wants the best for others.

5. Entrust an emotional situation to her

The beta woman is extremely sensitive to human emotions. She can read the room even without much explanation. She is empathetic and can feel others’ emotions vividly.

So, if someone is emotional and you can’t handle them, call for the beta woman. She knows exactly how to deal with a person with calm and soft words. She can help them resolve their issues without prying on personal matters.

There’s more to this guide and you can find it all here!

But if you want to embrace the beta female personality, here are some ways

How to be a better Beta Female?

No person completely adheres to a single personality type. So, you may or may not find some basic similarities with the beta female. So, whichever your case might be, here are some ways to turn into the beta even better here… 

1. Embrace great work ethics

In your academics and job, get serious. Put in enough effort, stay dedicated towards your goal, and thrive to reach a stable position. Stay updated with your work regularly and avoid procrastinating.

When a mentor teaches you, pay attention. Ask again if you don’t understand in one go. Be serious about your career and never depend on others.

2. Think and observe before advising anyone

Your friends and acquaintances will often seek you for advice. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro at it or not. You can also be an expert advisor like a beta female. Listen to the other person’s thoughts, troubles, and needs. 

When they share their thoughts, truly listen. Don’t jump to conclusions and let them share their story. You’ll get a good gist of the situation. Consider everything and only then suggest any ideas.

3. Always try to maintain peace around you

When people fight each other, passersby only watch silently. They never try to break people apart. If possible, they’ll even grab popcorn to enjoy the show.

But to be a beta female, you must try to maintain peace. Help the parties communicate their worries openly and calmly and help them reach a middle ground.

4. Be caring

Like the beta woman, awaken the motherly love within you. If your parents are away, take care of your siblings. If your friend recently lost someone close, stay with them to help them get over the pain.

When your partner leaves for work, make sure they don’t forget important documents. When your parents are sick, nurse them. Care for your close ones as long as you don’t push yourself too much.

5. Let loyalty be your signature

If anyone trusts you with crucial information, never share it with another soul. Don’t judge them for their dark secrets. Even if they hurt you in some way, never use their vulnerabilities against them.

Be loyal in all sorts of relationships. If you have a romantic partner, don’t seek anyone else unless you both want casual relationships.

Nope… no way was that all! Check this piece to find the complete guide.

If you have more questions about the beta female, let me help you out here…

FAQs about Beta Female

The beta female, though one of the top female personalities, is still a mystery to many.  These women often hide from the public eye. So, let’s clear some of your queries about her here…

1. What are some career choices for beta females?

A beta woman can flourish in a creative industry like interior designing, flower shop, fashion industry, exterior landscaping, food garnishing, and any other career that needs artistic skills.

2. Who are some well-known beta females?

Beta females usually don’t want any attention. So, most of them aren’t popular even if they made great contributions to society. However, some beta women that gained the spotlight are Mother Teresa, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Jennifer Aniston.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

The beta female is gravely misunderstood by everyone. So, people often hurt them and feel that it’s okay. Sometimes, they even have a hard time dealing with them. Well, check all of the relevant guides and you’ll know how to treat her better.

But if you’re a beta female, learn to know more about yourself and express yourself better. On the other hand, if you’re not a beta female but want to be like her, stay dedicated and you’ll definitely actualize your goals!

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