Do you want to know what a beta male refers to? Wondering why the term beta male is used as a derogatory word? Or, are you aware of what it is and want to know more?

Well, whether you know anything about it or not, this article will help you clear all the questions.

So, let’s explore!

Beta Male Infographic

What is A Beta Male? - 20 Traits Help You To Identify Them
What is A Beta Male? – 20 Traits Help You To Identify Them

What is a Beta Male?

The beta male personality, though the second best in the hierarchy, is often looked down on by others. Due to his submissive nature, people often misunderstand him and he doesn’t even try to fix things.

The beta male comes second from the top in the socio-hierarchy. He is a born follower because he feels anxious about taking on others’ responsibilities as a leader. He’s emotional and conflicted and risk-avoidant. Society judges him a lot for his choices.

However, he doesn’t want to upset people that matter to him. So, he often lets others take charge of his life.

But well, there’s always more to it. So, it’s better to check his traits in detail…

Beta Male Traits

Beta men are friendly, non-judgmental, and supportive. They are cooperative but pretty naïve. They often fall prey to others’ traps.

Though one of the top guys, they are often taken advantage of. C’mon, let’s know more about him here

1. Teamwork is more suitable for him than leading

The beta male is all about following a leader and being loyal. He doesn’t feel comfortable leading a huge team as the pressure of being perfect makes him anxious. He respects the leaders for their hard work and prefers to put effort as a team player.

2. He helps with no judgment

When anyone seeks help from him, he never judges the other person. Unlike others, he doesn’t feel disturbed but gladly reaches out to the other person. If the other person is skilled, he doesn’t look down on them. Or if they’re unskilled, he doesn’t feel annoyed.

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3. People often take advantage of him

Since he helps everyone without any judgment, opportunists often have their way with him. He never tries to find the reason behind the other person’s needs. Many just push their responsibilities on him and it’s too late when he understands the truth!

4. He avoids conflict for peace

The beta man is a peace lover, so he can’t stand any kind of fight. Whenever a fight might break out, he flees from the situation. He avoids conflicts and confrontations like the plague especially if he can’t figure out a solution by himself. His habit frustrates his loved ones.

5. There’s no passive aggression in him

People that avoid conflict often react with passive aggression. But that’s not the same for the beta male. If something doesn’t go his way and he doesn’t fight for it, he no longer dwells on that. He already gave up on it and moved on.

6. He takes responsibility with adequate information

If you need some work to be done and nobody is ready to accept it, the beta male is always there. All he needs is clear instructions to do the job without any hitch. Explain everything so he doesn’t need to make solo decisions and he’ll be your savior!

7. Even if you provoke him, he won’t compete

Beta men don’t have the least interest in competing for a better position or designation. Since they like to follow along with the team, they don’t work too hard. Instead, they desire to stay back in their comfort zone and take it easy.

8. Nobody is as trustworthy as him

If you express your thoughts and opinions to him, he won’t judge you for it. Rather, he’ll accept you completely because he knows that nobody is perfect. He’ll never hurt you or use your vulnerabilities to bully you. Everyone can comfortably share their secrets with him.

9. He’s way more confident than people think

Since the beta male is the second in command, everyone thinks poorly of him. They assume that he feels insecure about being unable to reach the top or get attention. However, the beta male is confident about himself. He chooses to stay behind the scenes and follow.

10. He respects everyone despite everything

Whether you’re his boss or the sweeper… his customer or his server… he will always respect you despite the differences. He doesn’t treat powerful people with more respect or disrespect the weak. He treats everyone equally and never lets differences interfere with his manners.

Many more beta male traits are waiting for you here, so don’t forget to check those!

Now, if you’re curious about if these men have any strengths at all, don’t forget to check this out

Beta Male Strengths and Weaknesses

Since beta males are looked down on, people assume that they don’t have any strength at all. But they come second in the hierarchy, so that assumption is completely false!

C’mon, let’s learn the truth here…


1. He’s cherished for being helpful

Everyone around him loves him for his selfless helpful nature. Since he doesn’t judge, people feel comfortable seeking him during their troublesome times. They feel comfort in his presence and look up to him. His mature attitude attracts and inspires many young men around him.

2. He can protect himself from unwanted fights

Conflict avoidance is observed as a negative trait, but this is his hidden strength. He can save the unnecessary mean and derogatory exchange of words… especially when there’s no solution to the problem. He thinks on his own about solutions and when there are none, he lets them go.

3. He never shows passive aggression

When people get the shorter side of the stick and can’t protest against it, they show passive aggression. A beta male doesn’t let such petty thoughts take over him. He lets go of any unfair situation and moves on.

4. With a little guidance, he can make things happen

He isn’t leader material, but if you guide him well enough, he’ll show his capabilities. He can take charge if prompted for the necessary steps. And once he takes responsibility, he takes care of things until the very end.

5. He accepts himself completely

While the entire world judges him for being different, he embraces himself. He knows that he is good enough the way he is and doesn’t second-guess his choices or habits.

He doesn’t let random assumptions and labeling get to him and leads a life as he desires… as a non-competitive follower and emotional man!

But do people mock the beta guy for nada? Actually, there’s some truth behind those rumors. Even though he’s one of the best men, he has some weaknesses too. So, let’s know those here…


1. He can’t choose independently

The beta male is a follower because he can’t decide for himself or others. He depends on others to take charge of situations whether at home or work.

He can never plan something by himself because of his pessimistic thoughts about disappointing others. This prevents him from knowing his true power.

2. He’s surrounded by too many opportunists

He never judges others when they seek help from him. Even if someone can totally do something, he doesn’t suspect anything. So, many people just take advantage of this fact and push their tasks on him. Of course, he doesn’t even get to know it until it’s too late.

3. He’s no good when it comes to conflicts

He avoids all kinds of conflicts unless he can solve the situation. He doesn’t want to hurt others by exchanging mean words. So, he tries to play the nice guy and suppress his opinions. This charade hurts his life a lot as unresolved issues can destroy any relationship.

4. Saying “No” is too hard for him

Again due to his “nice guy” game, he can’t ever refuse others’ requests. If he ever says “no”, he gives it a lot of thought and feels guilty and sorry for a long time. This only hurts his own life as he prioritizes others over himself.

5. Social opinions have too much control over him

He doesn’t want to hurt anyone by mistake. So, he cares a lot about others’ opinions before doing anything. Though he won’t change himself based on their demands, most of his choices are influenced by others. It’s also because he isn’t certain about his own decisions.

But don’t judge him based on these alone. Check out this detailed list to know the complete truth.

However, are you a beta male? Wondering if you must change your personality? Keep reading before you decide anything…

Pros and Cons of being a Beta Male

Like all other personalities, there are perks and drawbacks of being a beta. Whether you wanna change or not is your decision, but before that, check out what’s good in your personality


1. You easily gain people’s trust

People feel comfortable, appreciated, and accepted around you. You never judge them which makes them trust you blindly. So, everyone can open their hearts and become vulnerable around you. They know that you will only lend them a shoulder to lean on and never backstab them.

2. You’re pretty confident about yourself

Contrary to society’s assumption, you’re not insecure about yourself at all. Rather, you’re aware of your strengths and weaknesses and accept yourself completely.

You don’t feel insecure about not having the best social status. Despite your flaws, you don’t stress about being the one and enjoy being yourself.

3. You can talk things out like a mature person

Though you avoid conflicts, you have excellent communication skills. So, when you can’t stall the conflict any longer, you don’t lose your mind. Rather, you talk things out like a mature man and reach a conclusion. You also use this skill to mediate others’ fights.

4. Solitude makes you feel content

Unlike the alpha male, you don’t like to be surrounded by too many people. Socializing is just not your cup of tea and you’d rather take a break.

During these times, even if your close ones aren’t around, you don’t mind. You can enjoy yourself even alone and never prevent others from enjoying themselves.

5. You never waste your time even if you have nothing to do

When your loved ones are too busy to pay attention to you, you always use that time properly. You learn new skills like cooking a new dish or studying something new. You might also sign up for courses to improve your professional skills.

But not everything is good about any personality and yours is no different. So, it’s always better to know the truth even if it’s bitter. So, keep reading!


1. You can’t be with an independent partner

Since you can’t make crucial decisions in life, you need someone to do it for you. So, in romantic relationships, you might grow codependent. If your partner is independent, they’ll feel burdened by your dependence and you’ll be dissatisfied with their lack of support.

2. You feel self-conscious in social situations

You are confident about yourself and your choices. However, in social settings, you exhibit insecure body language. You avert eye contact, run out of topics, and act like you’re disinterested in any conversation. People assume you lack confidence in general or pity you and move on.

3. You’re risk avoidant

Since you are worried about hurting others with your choices, you want to play safe about everything. You avoid any risk and as a result, lose all opportunities. You only follow your predecessors’ path. Even if you want to try something different, you stop yourself from it!

4. You get friend-zoned by your crush

When you fall in love, you treat your crush similarly to a friend. The only different thing is how much time you spend with them.

As a result, your crush can’t even guess that you have romantic feelings for them. So, despite everything, they friend zone you for being passive and secretly desire someone else.

5. People take your humility as a weakness

You are modest and dislike boasting about your achievements to others. You know that not everyone around you is happy. So, if you boast along with the alphas, they’ll feel self-conscious. However, people assume that you don’t have anything to share at all and look down on you.

If you found that interesting, click here for more!

However, if you’re curious about how different beta men are from alpha men, let’s dive in…

Beta Male vs Alpha Male

Beta men come second to the top guys – alpha males. But they are pretty different regarding multiple matters. These men, though extremely desirable,  are pretty different from each other. So, let’s know more about that here…

1. They are both confident

Since the beta male isn’t on top, many assume that he is insecure about himself. But that’s far from reality. Rather, he is pretty secure and wants to continue being the second-in-command.

However, he has good skills and knows if anyone gets to know about it, they’ll push them to try harder. So, they slack off to create a worse impression.

On the other hand, alpha males are confident because they know they’re the rulers. They are confident in every situation and believe they can get through any situation. 

2. Beta males are reserved while alpha men are outgoing

Beta men aren’t interested in socializing. In fact, social situations make them uncomfortable. They prefer to hang out with close ones or stay on their own and focus on improving their skills.

On the flip side, alpha men are outgoing and loud. They enjoy their time off partying with the boys. They enjoy getting everyone’s attention and being surrounded by lively atmospheres.

3. Beta men are followers while alpha males are leaders

Alpha and beta men are complete opposites in this one. Beta males enjoy being part of a team instead of leading. Even if they are asked to be a leader, they won’t as it makes them anxious.

But alpha men have what it takes to deal with problems head-on and represent others. They are more suitable for leadership and they are also eager about it.

4. Beta males are physically weak while alphas are charismatic

Beta males may not be muscular gym freaks. They are physically weaker, so they don’t look as outstanding as alpha males. They can’t charm most women because of their frail build.

However, alpha men are charming as they are pretty much self-obsessed. They take extra care of their health and looks. So, men and women like them much more than betas.

5. Beta men are submissive but alphas are dominating

When faced with a conflict, a beta male will avoid it by any means. They don’t want to cause unnecessary trouble or get their loved ones hurt. Instead of dealing with it head-on, they just let it go.

But alpha men can’t back off when they feel threatened. They deal with the situation or person directly and charge through. They are hot-headed and make sure that the other person feels intimidated.

Now that you’ve started comparing, why not keep going down the hierarchy? C’mon, let’s keep going…

Beta Male vs Delta Male

Delta males are ex-alphas that changed because of a bad experience. FYI, they are almost the opposite of alpha men. So, you might expect many similarities here. C’mon, let’s get down to the details here…

1. They are both reserved

The beta male is reserved and shy, so he chooses to resign from social situations. Even if he socializes, he feels self-conscious. He feels comfortable at home or around loved ones.

Delta males are also reserved but they were outgoing alphas at some point. They changed because of a bad experience and have serious trust issues. They no longer care about their past social life.

2. Both might sabotage themselves

Beta males often sabotage their lives and relationships when they get fed up with the alphas’ fate. They are usually confident and calm. But with time, they might lose this gentle nature and become egoistic.

Delta men often put the blame for their reality on others. Instead of working on things, they manipulate others to fulfill their desires. This often sabotages their relationships.

3. Betas choose to follow but deltas can’t lead

Beta men feel comfortable when they follow. Leadership responsibilities make them anxious. They feel better when they play on the team.

But deltas can’t lead because they are fed up with being an alpha male. They don’t want to do more than what they’re told. They don’t want to face unnecessary troubles at all.

4. Unlike beta men, deltas have grudges

Beta males never have grudges, so when things don’t work out, they just let it go. They forgive their sinners and forget all bad situations. They don’t believe in suppressing all negative thoughts.

On the other hand, delta males hold grudges. The situation or person that led them to change from alpha to the delta is always on their mind. They feel unhappy and can’t focus on their life because of this.

5. Unlike betas, delta men hate not being the alpha male

Beta males are confident in their current social status. They don’t desire any change to this at all. But delta males were alphas at some point. They hate how destiny played a poor game with them and led to this situation. They become moody and act unpredictably because of this.

Now let’s jump to the next level, i.e., gamma men here…

Beta Male vs Gamma Male

Gamma males have several similarities with betas. So, people often confuse the two. However, there’s a heck lot of difference too. So, let’s get going!

1. Both are kind and friendly to others

Beta males are kind and helpful to everyone else without any condition. They don’t want them to help them back or praise them for it. They don’t even ask others about the reason behind it.

Gamma males are empathic and sensitive. So, they can sense others’ emotions and thoughts pretty clearly. They help others but they feel entitled to be treated better as the “nice guy”.

2. They both like to follow rather than lead

Beta men feel anxious about leadership positions. They know taking others’ responsibilities isn’t a matter of joke and it needs major perfectionism. They can’t take the pressure as they’re afraid of disappointing others and like to follow.

Gamma men also like to follow and are equally afraid of leading. They don’t want to be responsible or face any sort of conflict on others’ behalf.

3. For society, beta men are too emotional and gamma men are too feminine

As usual, society always has something mean to say. Beta men own their emotions and don’t believe in suppressing their emotions.

Whenever they feel overwhelmed, they let the tears down without caring about society. It depends from person to person whether they do it publicly or behind closed doors.

Gamma men on the other hand are pretty feminine. Like a woman, they might be obsessed with caring for their skin or grooming their brows. They don’t care if people judge them and do what makes them happy.

4. Beta males are confident but gammas are jealous

Most people assume that beta males are insecure because they can’t be like alphas. In reality, beta men enjoy being betas and own the second position. They chose it and it’s not because they can’t achieve more.

Gamma males, however, are not happy with their personalities or their rank. They believe that good guys must come first and demand to be the true alpha males. They also feel jealous of sigma, alpha, and beta men because they easily get high-value women.

5. Beta men avoid attention unlike gamma males

Beta men don’t like it when others pay attention to them. They want to be treated as if they don’t exist. They are pretty introverted and feel comfortable when they blend in with the crowd. They don’t want any kind of fame at all.

On the other hand, gamma men want attention. They specifically go out of their way for others’ appreciation and validation. They are emotionally sensitive and a little bit of appreciation sends them to cloud nine!

There are many more differences and similarities, so don’t forget to check this!

And let’s move forward to the last one here…

Beta Male vs Omega Male

Omega males are at the pit bottom of the socio-hierarchy. So, you might expect a large difference between them and betas. So, let’s check if the guess is true!

1. They both dislike socializing

Beta and omega males both don’t like to socialize a lot. They are both reserved and like to be on their own. Instead of hanging out with a group of unknown faces, they feel more comfortable spending time with their close ones.

2. They are both friendly and non-judgemental

Both of them are helpful to everyone around them. They don’t judge people for having different choices and are open to supporting their goals even if they don’t agree with others. People trust them both easily because of their non-judgmental attitude.

3. Beta men like teamwork while omegas like solo work

Beta males are cooperative and believe in mutual help. They don’t like to lead or work solo. Their dependent nature also makes them prone to depend on loved ones.

But omega men are always about independence. They don’t want to be attached or dependent on anyone. But they often overdo it and become lonely even in their personal life.

4. Unlike betas, omegas can’t get influenced and decide for themselves

Beta males can’t decide for themselves and need to depend on others. They care a lot about their community and try to follow their demands. So, they never decide independently out of fear of disappointing others.

On the other hand, omega men decide for themselves. They don’t let others take charge of their life. They believe in their choices only to make things work!

5. Beta males always put themselves second on the priority list unlike omega males

For beta men, people around them always come first. If anyone needs help, they just can’t refuse them. Even if the choices hurt them somehow, they can’t let others down at all.

On the other hand, omega males put their own interests first. They support others only once they are done taking care of themselves. This often delays them from helping their close ones.

Oh, and how can you forget about the one outside the hierarchy? Keep reading for that…

Beta Male vs Sigma Male

Sigma males are known to be pretty similar to alpha males. So, you probably expect this comparison to be similar to that of alpha males. But, enough with the assumptions because it never hurts to make sure…

1. People like them both

Beta men are helpful, friendly, trustworthy, and compassionate. People love them because of these traits.

Sigma males, however, are liked by people because they are charming, independent, confident, and mysterious. People want to know them better and feel attracted to them.

2. Unlike beta men, sigmas are socially confident

Beta males feel insecure publicly and avoid eye contact or conversations with others. They seem suspicious and dishonest to people.

But, sigma males are confident and can even manipulate situations in their favor. They are also popular because of their skills.

3. Unlike betas, sigmas take calculated decisions

Beta males are not good with decisions and depend on others for them. But sigma males can accurately guess the probable troubles of any situation. They always make aware choices along with backup plans. It’s all thanks to their rare intelligence!

4. Compared to beta men, sigma males work solo

Beta males like to do teamwork and want someone to lead them. They don’t want to lead because they feel anxious about others’ responsibilities. They don’t want to hurt others.

But sigma men want to neither lead nor follow. They don’t lead because they dislike being held back by others. They don’t follow because they wish to follow their own mind.

5. Unlike betas, sigmas aren’t society’s puppets

The beta male often lets society’s opinions change their decisions. Unless it’s about their expression of emotions or choice to follow, they let others’ opinions dominate their desires.

However, sigma males don’t care about society. They don’t care what the world says and dance to the beat of their own drum.

Even though you’ve compared beta males with everyone, do you still have trouble understanding them? Then keep scrolling for some examples!

Beta Male Examples

The beta male can be pretty hard to understand because he hardly shares much about himself. But if you get some real or reel-life examples, you’ll be able to relate better. So, let’s get started!

1. Mark Zuckerberg

In this era, who doesn’t know about the introversion of this business magnate? After all, a lot of memes about his social awkwardness still make rounds on the social media he owns.

However, he has learned to overcome his inhibitions a lot. Check out his interviews and you’ll notice he is pretty shy and geeky.

2. Kumail Nanjiani

This Pakistani-American actor, comedian, and screenwriter claims to be a beta male. He is aware of his flaws and is content with himself. He doesn’t try too hard to reach the pinnacle and never takes life seriously. Though he is not physically frail like the beta men, from deep within he matches with beta traits a lot.

3. Chandler Bing [FRIENDS]

He has a beta male personality because he is not sure about his decisions. Most women lose interest in him because he can’t take charge or lacks authority. He lets his emotions out whenever needed. But he also makes sure that nobody gets worried because of him.

4. Barry Allen [The Flash]

Barry isn’t the alpha despite playing the lead character – Flash. He is a beta male in multiple ways because he is compassionate, kind, understanding, and funny. You won’t notice a hint of arrogance in him. Despite having superpowers, he avoids any kind of attention and merges in the background.

5. Samuel Tarly [Game of Thrones]

He is the only man that cares for others and has a kind heart. The rest are just crazy about war and bloodshed.  Though he is physically too weak, he has immense intellect which only works out for the greater good as it helps him survive during the war.

If you want to know more about such examples, don’t be shy to click here!

Now, are you curious about his professional life? Then you can’t miss this…

Beta Male at Work

Professionally, a beta male might not be a great leader or the best employee. But he definitely supports all the other rookies and pushes everyone to reach their dreams.

To know more such important facts about his performance, let’s begin!

1. He supports all coworkers

Beta male employees never back off from helping others. Even if they must put their own tasks on hold, they try to help others gladly. They don’t mind whether the other person is a rookie or a veteran and just reach out with a helping hand!

2. He respects everyone around them

Whether you are the CEO of the organization or the janitor… a beta male employee will always respect you. He is pretty mature and doesn’t act like a petty person or show off his power. He just wants this world to be a better place by treating people right.

3. He’ll always miss the work event

He’s introverted, shy, and reserved, so he’d rather stay at home than attend professional parties on the weekend. This way he can balance his life and recharge to get back to work in the coming week. He feels uncomfortable around a bunch of unknown people.

4. He learns new skills when he’s at home

While he avoids events, he doesn’t waste his time like most assume. Rather, he works hard to improve his skills or gain new knowledge. He never lets a moment go by without adding value to his life. He’s not sleeping when he skips socializing.

5. He’d never compete at work

The beta man doesn’t crave power or authority. He knows that those come with responsibilities for the weaker. And decision-making on others’ behalf is a huge task. He’s just not ready for it and feels anxious. So, he never wants to compete for leadership positions.

Before you assume that’s all, there’s more about his professional life here! So, don’t forget to check that.

But if you’re curious about his personal life, dive in here…

Beta Male Relationships

In his personal life, the beta males are extremely sweet and understanding towards everyone. However, due to their imperfections, they hardly get appreciated by others. C’mon, let’s know more facts about it here…

1. He can’t make solo decisions

Beta males lack the confidence to decide for themselves. In their personal life, they always need someone else to make major decisions. They’d rather be instructed to do things than take charge. This often angers their close ones as he’s too dependent on others.

2. You won’t find a more helpful man

A beta man can’t come up with solutions during troubles. But he will always support you in meaningful ways. Once you explain how you wanted to be supported, he won’t let you down. He’ll gladly help you in any possible way.

3. He’s vulnerable to opportunists

Since he loves to help others, he often doesn’t seek the other person’s reason for needing them. He won’t even try to know if they genuinely need help.

They might try to take advantage of his helpful nature and he’ll be completely oblivious. It’d be too late until he knows the reality.

4. He loves peace so much that he avoids conflicts

He hates getting into a confrontation with his loved ones. The only thing he demands from them is peace. For that, he flees from any kind of fight… especially if there’s no solution.

But this annoys his loved ones because conflict resolution often brings people closer but he isn’t ready for it.

5. He doesn’t show passive aggression either

Often, when people avoid conflicts, it comes out in the form of passive aggression. They hurt others with derogatory comments or make small inconveniences for others.

But a beta male doesn’t believe in passive aggression. If things don’t work his way, he lets it go completely instead of holding grudges.

However, if you’re curious about who is more suitable to him romantically, let’s chat over here…

Beta Male Compatibility

Beta men are emotional, submissive, and often misunderstood. So, they need a partner that accepts them and sees the good in them. C’mon, let’s figure out who’s a good fit for him!

1. They must take charge

Since the beta man can’t usually decide for himself, his partner must take the lead. They must be aggressive and headstrong enough to initiate relationship milestones and make important decisions. His partner must love to wear the pants in the relationship and not push him to be manly.

2. Someone patient

The beta man is shy, reserved, and introverted. So, it can be hard to make him open his heart. He won’t easily express his true feelings. He’s also pretty passive about his feelings. So, his partner must be patient and calm and mustn’t friend zone him too soon!

3. They must listen to him

Everyone thinks the worst about beta males. People won’t even try to ask him his perspective and jump to conclusions. In this lonely world, beta men at least deserve a partner that listens to their side of the story. They must not assume anything too fast. 

4. They must believe in his capabilities

The beta men are often looked down on for being the second-in-command. People feel they have limited capabilities only because they won’t try to get the throne.

So, they are compatible with someone that believes in them and understands their desires and goals.

5. Someone open to commitment

The beta male wants a serious relationship and works hard to impress his crush. He doesn’t play with the prospective partner’s heart. He doesn’t just want sex and a fun time. He wants to make a true relationship that’ll last forever. So, the partner must be open to committing and dating exclusively. 

Whoa there, don’t be disheartened if you’re not described in this list. There’s more about his personal life and compatibility, so catch it here!

But before you propose to him, it’s better to know more here…

What is it like to date a beta male?

If you have a crush on him or are courted by him, you might wonder how he’ll treat you as a partner. So, let’s get the facts straight here

1. He’ll always notice small details

He’s a great listener, so he pays attention to the smallest things you share with him and remembers them. On the other hand, he also has a good eye for detail, so if you feel low and don’t tell him, he’ll still get a rough idea.

2. He wants to be together forever

When a beta male falls in love, he dreams of getting married to that person. He may not be the first one to propose marriage, but deep within it’s on his mind. He probably didn’t choose a ring for you yet but he wishes you two can settle sooner than ever.

3. For you, he’s always free

He will never refuse anyone because of his Yes-Man attitude. But in his relationship, he’ll be more than willing to take you out on a movie date whenever you wish. He truly wants to make you happy but doesn’t know how. So, whenever you seek him, he’ll be at your service!

4. He will truly make you his Queen/King

He can’t decide on his own, so he’ll let you decide as you wish. Unless it’s something about finances or relatives, he won’t interfere in things. He will also let you order you around without complaints and have complete faith in your choices. `

5. He’ll make an amazing dad

The beta male is calm, kind, gentle, and honest, He also has excellent communication and listening skills. He’ll listen to his kid instead of ignoring him for being young. He’ll raise them with outstanding values. All of this makes him a great dad to the kids.

Check out many more thrilling facts about dating him here!

However, if you’re a beta male, don’t expect all women to accept you. Keep scrolling to know about some serious issues.

Things about beta males that turn off women

Though beta males can treat their women right, not all women are impressed by it. After all, different people have different standards. But as a beta male, if your dating life isn’t going well, the reason might be here…

1. Uncertainty

Beta men are uncertain about their decisions because they are extra conscious about others. They have one aim and that’s to not hurt anyone even by mistake. So, they feel unsure about every step of their life. Since women want someone more assertive, beta males are undesirable to most women.

2. Anxious body language

In social situations, men with beta male personalities act insecure. They don’t maintain eye contact or initiate conversations. Women feel that these men don’t have any interest in them. Rather, they act as if they feel intimidated. The evident lack of confidence turns off women.

3. Pessimism

Beta men always worry about the worst-case scenario whenever they do something. This stops them from making crucial choices. Their pessimistic thoughts make every woman anxious. Since women are more interested in optimistic men, beta males are a killjoy for them.

4. Risk and conflict avoidance

Beta men avoid any kind of risk and conflict and try to stay peaceful and safe. Some men assume that women also like feeling safe and at peace, but it’s misinterpreted. Sure, women don’t like fights or risky situations. But they also want a man that will protect them and not flee from danger.

5. Following

Beta men are known to be followers, unlike the dominating alpha males. Though this is the age of strong and independent women, women still want someone reliable by their side. They don’t want to care for a man-child and a beta man’s dependency and following habits turn them off.

More such crucial facts are right here, so definitely check it!

But if you’re tired of misunderstanding beta males and want to make a difference, let’s get going…

Beta Male Myths

Beta males face a lot of discrimination due to false beliefs. So, if you want to make a difference in their life, start by busting the myths here…

1. He’s weak

In modern vocabulary, “alphas” imply powerful and dominant men. So, people assume that “beta” means weak. Some even use it as a derogatory word. It also implies the poor physical strength of betas. But beta men are way more health-conscious now. So, this is completely false.

2. He’s feminine

Since beta men own their emotional sides and choose to be submissive, everyone calls them girly. But these traits are no longer connected with women. Just as there are dominant and emotionally unavailable women, it doesn’t change a beta male’s masculinity.

3. He’s insecure

He is one of the top men but still not the best, so people assume that he’s insecure. It might also be because he doesn’t boast about himself. However, he is perfectly fine with his social status and achievements. He feels comfortable this way and wants nothing more.

4. He’s a passive follower

He is more comfortable following the orders of a leader. He respects the leaders for taking on everyone’s burden. Since he doesn’t rebel, people believe that he only passively follows. But in reality, he is also a leader. He supports from within the team and encourages everyone.

5. He’s too timid

Since he avoids anything dangerous like conflicts and risks, people assume that he’s timid. But honestly, he is only cautious about possible danger.

It’s not that he is a scaredy cat but he just doesn’t want to put others in danger. He wants to keep things peaceful and avoid unnecessary troubles.

To dig deeper and tear down more myths about him, click here!

Now, do you think that you or someone close is a beta male? Want to know for sure? Let’s have a quick exchange here!

How to identify a Beta Male?

Sadly, there’s no official personality test to reach your answers. But, no worries, because you can check this concise yet detailed quiz to know the truth!

However, if you suspect someone else to be a beta male, make sure they take the test themselves. Don’t answer on their behalf to get the perfect answer!

Now go and find your answers and return here.

So, did you find that you’re a beta male? Then you gotta know a few things here

What to do if you’re a Beta Male?

Being a beta male, you only want to be accepted. However, it doesn’t hurt to work on yourself, right? Take all the time you need and slowly become a better person with these tips…

1. Start with smaller decisions

Work on your fear of taking the lead. Identify the decisions where you have the leeway to make mistakes. Proactively make those decisions because nobody will be disappointed even if things go wrong. Take time and grow your confidence gradually.

2. Take a moment before agreeing to help

You love to help everyone around you. But you never try to know the reason. Someone might genuinely need some help. Or, they might act as if they need it but secretly want to take advantage of you. So, figure out what’s truly the matter to protect yourself.

3. Before avoiding conflicts, think

You want to have peace in your life and avoid conflicts for that. But when you don’t talk things out, this only hurts your relationships. So, let the other person express themselves.

Stall conflicts only if you need time to sort out your emotions. Otherwise, pick the topic ASAP.

4. Learn to say “No”

You can’t ever refuse others’ requests. Rather, you agree with things even if it hurts you somehow. You often compromise your boundaries this way. So, before you agree to every request, think hard. Prioritize your own needs before you take care of others.

5. Don’t let society rule you

You want to be the proverbial nice guy and let others’ opinions affect you. The beta male behavior makes you want to avoid burdening others emotionally, mentally, or physically. It’s time to chase your dreams and stop others from influencing your choices.

However, there are lots more issues, so find the full guide here!

On the flip side, do you know a beta male? Then, keep scrolling down…

How to deal with a Beta Male?

Beta males aren’t ready to change themselves, so you gotta treat them strategically. Follow these steps to reach mutual grounds

1. When he avoids conflict, clear your own mind and approach him

He is a peace-lover, so he often avoids confrontations. He only wants to prevent unnecessary clashes with others.

Well, let him off for the time being. Cool yourself and think clearly. Once you get a better vision of the situation, communicate!

2. Explain in detail before assigning him any task

He doesn’t like to lead or take action solo. This is because he fears making wrong decisions and disappointing others.

But he’s a great follower, so explain all the necessary duties. Tell him to contact you whenever he’s stuck and he’ll do his best!

3. Even if his choices are different, respect him

He doesn’t want to be a leader even though he has enough skills. Due to introversion, he doesn’t want any attention… even if it’s the public appreciation of his hard work.

But he is happy this way, so let him enjoy his life!

4. Teach him to decide alone

He feels anxious about deciding important things. So, let him decide the smaller matters like where he’d like to eat, and what colors he wants to paint his wall, or ask him to suggest a probable approach for projects.

Let him get used to deciding the smaller matters. He’ll eventually grow more confident to work solo.

5. Protect him from opportunists

Now, you can’t focus on him 24/7, so be a little mindful when you spend time together. If anyone seeks his help, he naturally doesn’t ask them their reason.

You must try to find out whether the other person is truly helpless or if they just want to take advantage of him. Don’t let him fall prey to manipulators.

To grab more such intuitive steps, grab the full guide here!

However, if you have some communication issues with him, keep scrolling…

How to communicate with a beta male?

Since he is shy and reserved, it’s pretty hard to make him speak out. He often suppresses his thoughts to protect others’ feelings. If you’re tired of this, follow these steps…

1. Take the liberty to initiate contact

He is shy and reserved, so he definitely won’t strike up a conversation first. If you want to get close to him, it’s all on you. Though this might sound like a pain, you gotta warm him up to yourself. Once he feels welcomed, he’ll get much closer.

2. Ask more about him

Though he is rather open, he won’t let you know about his troubles. So, don’t wait for him to open up. Be curious and ask many questions. He’s non-judgmental, so don’t worry about what he might think of your questions. You’ll communicate more openly once you know more about him.

3. Initiate plans to hang out with him

If you want to know him personally, communicating during regular hours isn’t enough. Spend more time with him outside your regular premises. For instance, if you’re classmates, meet outside school. Choose a calm place or ask for his advice and invite him out.

4. Text first

To communicate even better if you’re close, make sure to text him first. This is even more important if you guys are in a long-distance friendship or relationship. This isn’t important if you’re just acquaintances or know each other professionally.

5. Never try to change him

While you communicate and know him better, you’ll notice that he has many flaws. Make sure you don’t try to change him. Never say anything like “If only you’re more outgoing…” He’ll only take it as a mockery and stop communicating with you.

To understand the steps in more detail, check out this!

However, are you interested in embracing the beta male personality? Then here’s your chance to do it perfectly

How to be a better Beta Male?

You might be tired of being an alpha male and wish to step down… or, wish to step up to the beta position. If you find even the smallest similarities between your current personality with the beta one, you can do it. All you gotta do is follow these steps…

1. Learn to lead from within the team or give up on leaders

If you are a leader and enjoy your duties, connect more with your team. Work alongside everyone else and teach them by example instead of being a distant and cold leader.

Or, if you’re tired of leading, step down and let someone more capable take over your duties.

2. Be a compassionate follower

If you are a part of the team and not a leader, be cooperative with both your leader and team members. Don’t unnecessarily defy your leader. Try to understand his views and follow his orders with perfection. Respect them for being there for everyone

3. Postpone fights if you’re short-tempered

When a fight breaks out, if you can’t think straight, take a break. Remember, verbally abusive words will only worsen the situation, so take your time to calm down. So, first, clear your mind and only then talk to them.

4. Don’t show passive aggression

When people avoid conflicts, passive aggression is a natural reaction. If you ever face an unfair situation, don’t let the urge to show passive aggression overpower you. This is a basic necessity if you want to be a good beta male. Don’t let revenge blind you!

5. Be clear about your responsibilities before accepting them

Beta men are great followers because they try to understand everything well down to the detail. So, when you’re assigned tasks, don’t just get excited. Ask the other person about all the queries without feeling shy. This will help you perform better.

Whoa there! That was obviously not everything, so click here for all the steps.

Now, do you still have some queries? Well, you might get your answers here…

FAQs about Beta Male

The beta male is one of the top personalities yet it’s pretty shunned. As weird as that sounds, that’s completely true. So, it’s only fair that you have some questions buzzing in your mind. So, dive in to know more!

1. Do beta men really exist?

Yes, there are beta men everywhere around you. Notice your social or corporate circle closely. You’ll find people that have what it takes to be at the top but they don’t want to use that. They’d rather enjoy the calm and peace and take it easy!

2. Is the Beta Male personality rare?

No, it’s the other way around. More men are coming out as beta males in the 21st century. But one trait might be missing compared to the past. Today’s beta men may not be as physically frail as those of the older days.

They are more health and fitness conscious and improve themselves with small steps. The beta man around you might even be more outgoing than usual.
It’s all because the betas are trying to change for the better every day.

So, if you can’t pinpoint a beta male easily, it’s not because they are rare. Rather, they don’t show all the older traits and are working on themselves.

Nowadays, beta men have broken up into two subgroups. One group of beta men tries to get along and they perform better in their personal life. In the other group, beta men resent the first group and feel insecure.

3. What are some beta male zodiac signs?

Men from any zodiac sign can be beta males. So, you can’t particularly pinpoint them based on astrology alone. However, there are some common zodiac signs associated with beta males are:

– Pisces – These men are betas because they are sensitive and don’t like to take charge. They need someone to show them the path or they feel too lazy to take action by themselves.

– Cancer – Cancer men are beta males as they often prioritize their loved ones over themselves. They are protective and empathetic. Their physical build isn’t close to being active or athletic and they have an artistic side.

– Virgo – They care about the result of their actions much more than others. They also don’t feel comfortable taking the lead.

– Taurus – These men are easy-going, compassionate, and empathetic.

4. What motivates a beta male?

Beta men are quiet observers and don’t make much noise. So, they feel more motivated when they’re assigned tasks that require observing using their senses – sight, hearing, smelling, tasting, and/or feeling.

They don’t unnecessarily focus on their looks or position in the socio-hierarchy. So, the regular things don’t distract him. This trait usually makes people great scientists as they’re focussed on their surroundings. This also improves their problem-solving skills.

5. How is life for a beta male?

As a beta male, life may seem pretty exhausting to you emotionally and mentally. It’s because you’ll often avoid conflict, and try your best to keep everyone’s requests. People easily manipulate and bully you, yet you don’t stop overcommitting to people.

You’re aware that your over-commitment has reached its limits and you can’t accept any more requests. But you’re also too submissive to refuse anyone.

6. What do beta men experience in their lives?

Here are some of the things most beta men experience:

– They are mentally exhausted due to over-committing themselves to others’ needs
– They feel they are others’ servants and can’t focus on their own life
– Fear of letting down others always works in the back of their mind
– They feel weak when compared to other men
– An urge to give and do more for others and gain their approval overwhelms them
– They believe they’re a servant to their partners and their needs
– A constant ominous feeling that something bad will happen any moment haunts them
– They always wonder if there’s more to life
– They feel things need to change but are uncertain
– They are afraid someone will point out their weaknesses and slander them for something

7. What do beta males desire the most?

Beta men wish to find themselves in a utopia where they’d never face confrontations ever again. This is because they have fear of conflicts. They try hard to avoid any kind of conflict as it overwhelms them beyond imagination and feel misunderstood.

8. What do women think about beta males?

A beta man is a blessing in any woman’s life as he talks things out and doesn’t fight.

However, mean women use manipulative and toxic tactics to make him do what they want. If the woman is self-dependent, she’ll use a beta man for her sexual and romantic needs and then forget about him.

After meeting a toxic female, a beta male will be scared of leading life his way. He won’t be able to pursue his dreams and passions.

She might also take control of his finances and use it all for the household or her personal enjoyment. But he won’t be allowed to invest in his interests.
That doesn’t imply that beta men always get into such toxic relationships. If they find the right match, they can avoid all of this drama.

Some women will also hang around beta men as friends. They might use them for little “requests” like doing chores or going on friendly dates and joining in as a pretend-plus one. Or, they might use them as a wingman to get the attention of the better man.

If the beta male isn’t conscious, he’ll often be used by women.

9. What do friends think about beta males?

The friends of beta men think they’re way too weak and need to “man up”. They hate how the beta man gets abused and taken advantage of. They don’t understand that he is this way because he chose to not let others down.

When he complains about life, instead of empathizing, they only ask him to change himself. They want to drill some sense into his mind and make him aware of the manipulation and abuse in his surroundings.

This often makes him even more insecure as he knows his friends think he’s weak and laughs behind his back.

10. What do coworkers and bosses think about beta males?

Everyone at work knows that the beta male employee often gets taken advantage of and nobody respects him. The bosses know that he is not a good candidate for a promotion because nobody will obey him.

However, they know he is useful due to his obedient nature. They can request him to work any time even beyond shift hours because he dislikes conflict.

His coworkers often push their tasks on him. They know that he won’t snitch on them to the boss due to his conflict-avoidant attitude. So, they can easily take credit for his hard work.

Even if he’s assigned a task and he does it independently, he’ll push the credits to others because he doesn’t want attention. His juniors feel more confident because of his support and progress in life better than him.

11. How are beta men in love?

In romantic relationships, they are not arrogant, cold, or proud. They are sensitive, great listeners, and make the best boyfriends. They know their partner might feel tempted by alphas but they know only they’ll stay with their partner in the long run. They also make great fathers and are confident in their marriages.

12. How are beta men as friends?

In friendship, beta men are always supportive. They are equally compassionate towards both their male and female friends.

13. How do beta men act in their careers?

Beta men know they aren’t cut out for managers or CEOs, yet some of them run small yet leading businesses.

They aren’t aggressive or strong like the alpha male personality. But they have a great sense of democracy while leading their small-scale businesses.

Since they own their emotions, their employees or group feel more connected to them. Their empathy helps them understand their client’s and customers’ needs.

Most beta men pick careers like writing or art where they can stay quiet and efficient. They silently research and find detailed aspects.

14. What do beta men desire in relationships?

Beta men want their loved ones to get along with each other. They don’t want to get into debates or intense fights. If their loved ones fight with each other, they can’t take anyone’s side. Of course, he has opinions about every matter but won’t share them unless the situation bugs him a lot.

He also doesn’t want to compete with other men around him like his family members, friends, classmates, or coworkers to grab a woman’s attention. He knows this can ruin his relationship with those men for good.

15. Which personality is higher than a beta male?

Within the socio-hierarchy, the alpha male is better than the beta. And beyond the hierarchy, the sigma male is higher than beta men.

16. Is a beta male personality good?

According to society, the beta male personality is not attractive at all. Men with such personality types are constantly pushed to perform better in life. However, the beta male personality is a sign of being trustworthy and selfless. So, this personality is significant in the world.

People might judge one for being a beta male but they get multiple benefits from them. Without a beta male, alphas and even the people from the lower hierarchy can’t carry on.

17. Is alpha or beta male better?

Alpha males are stronger and more dominant personalities. Whereas beta males are the weak and submissive kind. However, to get a definite answer about who is better, first figure out your needs and preferences. After that check the alpha vs beta male comparison to understand who is preferable.

18. Is the beta male inferior to the omega male?

In the socio-hierarchy, beta men come second while omega men are at the bottom. So, beta males are far better than omegas. However, it all depends on your perspective.

19. How do beta males think?

Beta males let social opinions rule their life. Since they don’t trust their own choices, they think that society’s demands are legit. This often leads to them seeking approval from others.

20. Can an alpha female and beta male date?

The pairing of the alpha female and beta male is one of the best matches. Since alpha women are ambitious and like to take charge, they complement a beta male’s follower attitude.

Beta males are supportive of their partner’s growth and progress. Unlike alpha men, they won’t get jealous of their girlfriend’s better income or higher authority. Things work out perfectly in this pairing!

21. How to tell if someone is a beta male?

Beta men are extremely loyal to the leaders or alpha males. Since alpha males are always in the limelight, find the alpha first. Look for the men that serve him, manage others that follow his rules, and report about every last detail to him. That loyal underman is a beta male!

22. How can the beta male personality ruin someone’s life?

A man with a beta male personality often has poor health and financial success. He abides by society’s demands and puts his personal desires on hold. He avoids conflict even if it costs his self-respect. He’s busy catering to others’ needs and letting people and circumstances control them.

In the end, they either let their boundaries get violated or can’t even create sturdy boundaries. This eventually leads to anxiety, depression, and existential crisis.

They don’t let their worries show and their loved ones keep imposing on them. They feel bitter and desperate while their fears control them.
If the negative traits of the beta male personality overpower someone, it can ruin their life for good.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you are a beta male, remember that even if you’re satisfied with your current life, some things need to be changed. It’s okay if you wanna take it slow. But at least, do it!

If you know a beta male, get rid of all the misconceptions. Communicate with him to understand his viewpoints better. Be honest but not brutal while you express yourself.

Lastly, if you want to be a beta male, remember that the path is tricky. Don’t overdo anything and things will work out!

Disclaimer – “The opinions and information given in this article have been researched and put to use from the various web sources on the topic. The names of the celebrities / fictional characters given under the particular personality type do not reflect the opinions of ‘ThePleasantPersonality’. We recommend that readers use the names with discretion if required. The company doesn’t make any claims regarding the authenticity or accuracy of the source content on the web.”