If you learn about some beta male examples, you’ll have an easier time spotting the beta men around you. These men always flee from any kind of attention, so it’s hard to spot them.

They usually stay calm and reserved, so you can’t even tell whether a man is a beta or just not interested in small talk.

So, let’s get a small glimpse of the real beta males here…

Beta Male Examples – Real Life

Beta men don’t easily show themselves in society. However, some people claimed to be betas while others were observed for a long time and perceived as beta males. So, let’s familiarize ourselves with them…

1. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg (14 May 1984 – )

This American business magnate and internet entrepreneur is smart yet introverted. Just as beta males lack socializing skills, he also feels awkward in social situations. However, he learned to overcome it through the years.

He is geeky and shy but he is also one of the greatest… even if he isn’t the top dog. Over the years, he began by founding Facebook and now it has expanded by owning WhatsApp, Instagram, and many more.

2. James Edward Franco (19 April 1978 – )

He is an American filmmaker and actor. Many mistake him as a true alpha male. But honestly, he knows that he doesn’t have any alpha male traits. But he does not take that seriously and is aware of his flaws like the true beta male.

Beautiful women might be charmed by him and approach him but he knows how women come and go as they know the real him.

3. Kumail Nanjiani (2 May, 1978 – )

This Pakistani-American comedian, actor, and screenwriter is pretty popular for his handsome face and fit and muscular body. But as said, all beta men aren’t frail… it’s only a small part of them.

He claims himself as a beta male and even performed a comedy show for hours about being one. Just like the common characteristics of a beta male, he knows about his weaknesses. He’s aware that stepping out of his comfort zone will get him anything… even beautiful women!

But wait, those aren’t all because many more fictional beta men are waiting for you here…

Beta male examples – Reel Life

Non-fictional beta men hardly ever reveal themselves publicly. But thankfully, the media is here to save the day. Throughout the history of entertainment, they portrayed many beta men. So, grab this chance to identify this man better!

4. John Paul Cusack’s (28 June 1966 – ) roles

He is an American actor, screenwriter, producer, as well as a political activist. He isn’t a muscle man like most alphas but good enough to be on the top.

Even in the movies he starred in, he mostly doesn’t end up with the heroine because of his shortcomings. However, most of his roles portray an empathetic guy with great listening skills. However, he often gets friend zoned because he doesn’t have the alpha charm.

5. Winston Bishop (New Girl)

This character is a known player in pro basketball in the series. However, he still believes that mythical creatures like Werewolves, Vampires, or Santa Claus exist. He might be a good player but gets high from a mixture of fruity drinks… talk about weak tolerance!

However, he is a nice guy that cares for everyone around him. He always thinks about his friends’ welfare. But he is so introverted and reserved that his best friend is a cat.

6. Franklin aka Foggy Nelson (Daredevil)

This fictional lawyer is everyone’s favorite… or maybe not! Of course, some people might beg to differ but he actually dealt with real issues in the most realistic ways.

His blind best friend fought every night to beat the bad guys and he had to deal with this drama repeatedly. But like a beta male, he’s happy that someone else is leading.

Again, like a beta man, he cares extremely for his best friend Daredevil and he is always there to support him.

7. Mike Ross (Suits)

Okay, you might say that Mike is an alpha but focus on how Jessica and Harvey dominate his entire life! If not for them, he wouldn’t be on this list. They always treat him like a typical second lead throughout the show and he also follows their lead.

Of course, you might argue that it’s unfair because he always stands his ground and questions them and sometimes even has his way in the end. But it’s still sometimes and not always!

8. Leonard Hofstadter (The Big Bang Theory)

You might say that all the guys in the show are betas because they are nerds. But Leonard matched the most with the beta male definition. For instance, unlike Sheldon, he isn’t bossy. He isn’t creepy like Howard at all. And he was totally not like the weird ol’ Raj.

However, he was a true friend and helped everyone throughout the show… despite his own deep-seated concerns.

9. Ben Wyatt (Parks & Recreation)

The character Ben is sweet will make everyone giggle, and politely greet everyone. He always looks out for others and makes sure everyone is fine. He tries hard enough to only complete his own tasks… but he isn’t as ambitious as getting his name on the tabloids.

He doesn’t want to be an aggressive man. Rather, he acts like a sweetheart throughout the show. Everyone knows he lacks the lead character’s energy but he is enough to make anyone’s day. 

10. Phil Dunphy (Modern Family)

This guy is a businessman… quite the successful one at that but he also makes grave mistakes often! At home, he is completely useless and only increases the workload.

His father-in-law often wonders what his daughter saw in him. But deep inside, he knows that Phil has a clean heart and embraces his awkward self confidently.

11. Chandler Bing (FRIENDS)

This dude is the ultimate beta man. He is uncertain about his choices, and regularly loses the interest of women because of his own fault.

He is sensitive and embraces his emotions. But tells everyone he is fine with lame jokes because he loves his friends truly and doesn’t want them to worry.

12. Samuel Tarly (Game of Thrones)

In this gory series where men slaughter or get slaughtered, Tarly is a kind and caring character. Physically, he is too frail to wield a sword but his intellect covers for that. Like beta males, he is loyal and honest and never judges others.

13. Barry Allen (The Flash)

Barry aka Flash though the protagonist, he’s definitely not an alpha male. In the entire Arrowverse, only Oliver Queen is an alpha. But Flash is pretty much a solid beta male because he is kind, compassionate, funny, and way more understanding.

He isn’t arrogant for having superpowers and doesn’t mind merging in the background when it’s not his time to shine. He’d never care for stealing others’ thunder!

14. Jim Harper (The Newsroom)

Talk about the nice guy and Jim is the nicest of them all in the entire show. He truly cares for others as he means it.

He witnessed a heart-wrenching war and massive bloodshed but that never changed his psyche into thinking that “it’s okay”. His heart still hurts when he sees people in trouble. 

This is the calmest character throughout the show as he was never seen losing his calm anywhere.

15. Eric Foreman (That ’70s Show)

Eric is funny, loyal, never believed in toxic masculinity, and above all… he’s cute, not handsome!

Despite the social prejudice, the character cried out loud about being a man. He also never cared that his fiancé performed better professionally. Rather than being intimidated, he was proud. He is a beta male through and through!

16. Castiel (Supernatural)

In the show full of alpha males like Dean Winchester, Lucifer, Gabriel, Michael, and Cain, Castiel is a beta man. Being an angel, he is supposed to be stronger than others, but he is a special case.

He has a kind, uncertain, and curious personality. He can’t feel emotions but he tries to show empathy.

17. Marshall Eriksen (How I Met Your Mother)

Marshall, though belongs to a family of intimidating giants, is like a cute ol’ teddy bear. He is the shortest in his family and embraced his emotions, unlike others. He always cared about everyone’s feelings.

Despite getting his ego attacked, he never initiated fights. He clearly knows he’ll win in the end but just doesn’t want confrontations. It is obvious that he loved everyone a lot!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

The clash between alpha and beta men has always been there. In the near future, the war of being the better charmer probably won’t stop. But in the end, it’s all about your perspective.

If you like alpha men, that’s your choice. But that’s no reason to look down on the betas because they are also a true spectacle in society!

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