So, you are curious about beta male relationships and compatibility. Probably, you want to know how a true beta male acts in all sorts of interpersonal relationships. Or, are you curious if you’re compatible with him?

Well, this think-piece will quench your curiosity in no time. You’ll soon learn about this man’s actions in different situations in all sorts of relationships and whether you’re a good match for him.

C’mon, let’s begin!

Beta Male Relationships

Whether it’s a platonic, romantic, or family relationship, a beta male is friendly to everyone. He is known to be kind and understanding. And this man can never refuse anyone’s request. But is everyone satisfied with him? Let’s find out!

1. He depends on others for any decision or plans

He won’t ever make any plans on others’ behalf if you want to hang out. During crises, he won’t even come up with solutions or suggestions. He is miles away from any action that includes leading.

So, he always needs others to plan and decide for him. This can eventually get on their nerves.

2. But he will always help others out

Though he can’t make important decisions by himself, he is always ready to help others out. Whether it’s for the same crucial choices or just something within the household, he is eager to support others with everything he has.

He never questions others about why they can’t do something by themselves. Rather, he enjoys making people smile and does his bit!

3. Yet he often gets taken advantage of

He never asks about the reason why someone can’t undertake their responsibilities by themselves. But not everyone around him genuinely needs help. Some are just opportunists and want to take advantage of him.

It’s too late when he knows the truth. But the relationship gets destroyed for good at that point.

4. His conflict avoidance will frustrate you

Conflicts make him anxious and he always avoids confronting others. Even if he is disappointed, he won’t mention it. Naturally, this is pretty annoying because suppressed dissatisfaction ruins relationships.

But he is too scared of arguing and hurting others. He has a small inner circle and worries about losing them otherwise.

5. But fortunately, he isn’t passive aggressive

Some men avoid conflicts and let negative thoughts pile up in their minds. Instead of facing the conflict head-on, they attack with demeaning and rude words. Or, they make slight inconveniences in others’ lives.

But a beta male either works on a situation silently or lets it go completely. He won’t annoy you with passive aggression.

6. He’ll always be responsible for his tasks

Once you tell him what to do and how to accomplish it, he’ll make sure that it’s done for sure. He hates deciding on his own, but once he’s shown the path, he’ll take care of things.

If you can explain everything methodically, he’s pretty reliable. You can depend on him any day with a little help!

7. The lack of competition might frustrate you

He isn’t ambitious and doesn’t care to earn more or aim high. So, if he is the sole earning member of his family, this will tick them off.

They can’t stand it when he stays in his comfort zone while everyone else fights for better pay and position. People hardly understand his priorities and goals.

8. He’s a trustworthy soul

He is loyal to everyone and always keeps his promises. He never lets anyone down once he gives his word. If anyone shares their dark secrets with him, he won’t let another soul know.

You can trust him with your soul and everything precious to you. If you ever cheat him, he won’t even consider taking revenge with your dirty secrets.

9. You’ll always feel cherished and respected

Nowadays only the aged and authoritative people get respect. For instance, in a family, the grandparents’ ideologies are more important than the grandkids. It’s not just because they have more experience but because of their power. 

But a beta man won’t judge anyone based on their age, experience, or race. He respects everyone’s opinions equally.

10. He’ll never say “No” to anyone

He just can’t let others down, so he has a hard time refusing his loved ones. He always gives in to their little whims and desires. Even if he puts his own happiness on the line, he’d still do it.

His true loved ones feel frustrated about how he never cares about himself.

11. He will communicate to solve resolvable issues

If his loved ones fight or one of them picks a fight with him, he has no option to avoid it. Instead, he will listen to the other person’s point of view calmly. He’ll then respectfully communicate his thoughts.

He won’t get emotional and start fighting with everyone else.

12. He may often take space

He is introverted, so if you invite him to a party with strangers, he won’t join. At most, he will socialize with his loved ones or attend events that are truly important to his loved ones.

Otherwise, he’d rather join events with an intimate circle only. People mustn’t take it personally if he refuses to attend.

13. You might not get close to him easily

He is nerdy and reserved, so even if he joins a party, he won’t be comfortable. You truly can’t be friends with him any time soon.

He might follow others’ lead and want someone to take charge. But he won’t let a new person control him. Due to his introversion, he won’t warm up or share his personal life with anyone easily.

14. He’s sensitive to opinions

If his loved one has some negative opinions about him, he’ll try to change that ASAP. This is because he doesn’t want to disappoint them by being wishful and he’s also pretty insecure about his choices.

So, even if he makes up his mind, he changes his course of life if dear ones say otherwise.

15. If anything attracts attention to him, he won’t do it!

Suppose he threw a housewarming party. He might need his friends or family to host it because he’s not comfortable with any sort of attention.

Or, suppose he does something great, but he won’t let others know because he despises attention. He just wants to be on his own without any kind of spotlight.

16. He’s just a friend to all of his crushes

When he gets a crush on someone, he doesn’t act assertively. He treats them well, listens to them, and spends time with them. But that’s the same with the rest of his friends.

Honestly, life doesn’t wait for anyone, so his prospective partners friendzone him and move on to someone more assertive. They can’t even suspect that he caught feelings.

17. He’s prone to codependency

Since he can’t take charge of his own life or doubts his own choices, he is prone to get into codependent relationships. And co-dependency can also seep into non-romantic bonds.

If his parents, friends, siblings, children, or partner are the independent type, they’ll push him away and obviously, make him feel worse about himself.

18. He’s a supportive partner

In relationships, lame men bring toxicity to the table. They can’t stand it when women earn more than them. They might even shame them for sleeping with their bosses.

However, the beta man is honest about his issues and never stops his partner’s growth and development. Rather, he supports and cheers for them.

19. Society might believe that he’s insincere

Due to his introversion, he can’t socialize smoothly. In social situations, he acts a bit suspiciously because of a lack of confidence to carry himself publicly.

For instance, he might not maintain eye contact, avoid talking to new people, or not give firm handshakes. These small issues in his body language make him seem dishonest.

20. His approachable looks results in him having more friends

Alpha and beta men look completely different to people. While alphas intimidate others, these types of guys seem warm and approachable.

Their friendly appearance attracts other friendly people and people in need. He gets more chances to expand his social circle and do good deeds.

21. He will never demand respect from you

He doesn’t feel entitled to be treated well because he tries to be the proverbial nice guy everywhere. He never asks others to respect him even if he’s denied the bare minimum.

Due to this trait, people often take him for granted. They don’t even repay his kindness because he doesn’t fight for his right. His interpersonal relationships can turn really bad with toxic people.

22. His crush might reject him for his physique

Most beautiful women judge men based on their physical strength, muscles, and fitness. In short, they seek true alpha male traits in men.

Well, some beta men aren’t into fitness. This is not true for all beta males, but some are physically weak.

So, high-value women won’t like such beta men. Even if they impress them in some way, they won’t stay together for long.

23. He’ll never boast about his wins and take care of others’ feelings

He knows that not everyone around him fairs well financially. Nobody expresses it but they might be low from some sort of lost opportunity.

To avoid hurting anyone unknowingly, he doesn’t mention his own achievements. However, people often assume that he doesn’t have much to share or that he’s a loser.

24. He won’t play mind games in love

In his relationship, he won’t play hard to get his partner to value him. When he falls in love, he treats his partner nicely unlike other men. He will pay attention to them and often text or meet them.

He doesn’t act mysterious or add unnecessary distance in the relationship to stand out.

25. He’ll always lend you an ear

He won’t mind spending time with his loved ones when they experience a rough patch. Since he isn’t that driven to reach the top, he always has time to listen to his loved ones.

This way, he knows exactly how to cheer them up or suggest solutions. He also feels fulfilled when he can support his close ones.

But are you solely interested in dating a beta male? Then let’s share a word here…

Beta Male Compatibility

To date a beta male, you don’t need to consult a dating coach. He has pretty simple demands in romance. If you are ready to satisfy most of them, he’ll truly fall for you.

So, let’s know about those criteria here…

1. Someone who willingly takes the lead

Beta men aren’t good at taking charge of anything. They are submissive and ready to follow others’ lead. So, he’ll be pretty compatible with an alpha female/male.

If not, the partner must at least be comfortable about being in charge of the relationship. For instance, they must be ready to take crucial decisions.

2. Someone who’s patient and calm

The beta male is introverted and takes time to warm up to others. So, his partner must have a patient personality. They mustn’t hurry him to open up fast.

He acts passively in love, so they must also not jump to a conclusion or friendzone him because he took too long to express his feelings.

3. Someone who listens well

People judge beta men a lot, and they never hesitate to assume the worst about them. Even before they say anything, everyone has some twisted idea about his personality.

They feel discouraged and don’t even try to express themselves. So, a beta man’s partner must listen to him before judging him based on rumors.

4. Someone who sees the best in him through the roughest time

Nobody notices the beta male’s strengths. Rather, people only look down on him. Moreover, he never boasts about his achievements so everyone thinks he’s a loser.

But he is more suitable with a partner that always sees the good in him. They must genuinely believe in his strengths even behind him.

5. Someone who’s open to commitment

The beta male is relationship-oriented, so casual hook-ups aren’t his cup of tea. He wants a serious and exclusive relationship. So, his partner must want a monogamous connection and not date him just for fun.

Similar to him, their intentions must be pure. They must genuinely look forward to a future together.

6. Someone who values teamwork

Though the beta male isn’t good at taking charge, he is simply amazing at teamwork. He might not do everything in the relationship, but he will contribute partly.

In fact, they want to make their partners happy, but they need a little bit of support to make things work. So, his partner must openly discuss things and help him out to make the relationship work!

7. Someone who’s honest

The beta guy believes in clear, open, and honest communication. His partner must also be honest with him about everything. They mustn’t play hard to get or act hot and cold to get his attention. Instead, they must just be honest if they feel neglected.

If his partner wants something, they must clearly state their mind. After all, he is more than happy to grant their wishes.

8. Someone who’s not superficial

Some beta males lack physical strength and aren’t as attractive as the top dog. The characteristics of a beta male definitely don’t express as much masculinity as that of alpha males.

So, a superficial person can’t ever treat him well. Even if he tries to change himself for such partners, he can’t find true happiness. 

9. Someone who doesn’t force him to work harder

The beta male isn’t driven to reach the pinnacle. The throne isn’t his goal and he wants to take it easy. Rather, he feels uncomfortable when people force him to step out of his comfort zone and chase big dreams.

So, he is compatible with someone that isn’t luxurious and can be satisfied easily. They mustn’t force him to work more.

10. Someone who doesn’t judge his sensitivity

The beta male embraces his emotions, unlike the alphas. He is sensitive and feels no shame in expressing himself. Society often judges him and calls him a crybaby.

So, the last thing he needs is a partner who shames him for being expressive. He’s compatible with someone that accepts him with his sensitivity.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

In his personal life, the beta male is a total darling. He does as told without a question and he cares for everyone around him like a reliable older brother. However, his lack of ambitions often put him in a spot.

So, if you personally know a beta male, try to understand his viewpoint. Give him a safe space to express himself and try to accept him as he is.

Remember, not everyone needs to be the best, and let him feel at home!

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