So, you want to know about beta male traits. Do you feel your loved one is a beta male? Or, did someone say you’re one?

Well, I’m glad that you’re here because this think-piece will let you know about all the traits in detail. You’ll be able to identify a beta male easily once you know about these characteristics.

C’mon, let’s get started!

Beta Male Traits

In the socio-hierarchy, the beta male is often perceived as the weaker personality. Due to their submissive nature and for being content with the “second-in-command” position, people assume they are incapable. But it’s high time to bust the myths and know him for real!

1. He is a team player, not a leader

Beta men find it difficult to lead as they can’t make decisions for themselves or others. They respect leaders from the bottom of their hearts but they don’t desire to be like them.

They are more interested in teamwork and group effort. But people often look down on them for not having leadership qualities. Potential partners mock them because they can’t reach the pinnacle of their careers this way.

2. He helps everyone without judging

Men with beta male personality traits act friendly to anyone that seeks help from them. They are mature and don’t look down on people for needing help. Everyone feels understood around them and loves them.

Even if the other person is supposed to know more, they never look down on them.

3. But this often invites trouble in his life

Though he is pretty helpful, not everyone around him is a good person. He always supports others with a pure mind. However, some people just take advantage of him.

Due to his kind attitude, dominant folks often walk all over him. Opportunists pretend to need help and make him do the hard work for them. Beta men understand the truth only when it’s too late.

4. His love for peace makes him conflict avoidant

One of the common characteristics of a beta male is that he avoids conflicts, fights, and arguments. He doesn’t like to debate with others to prove himself right unlike alpha males.

He enjoys peace and tranquility in his life and is even ready to ignore any provocation for that. He won’t even try to defend himself if the other person tries to defame him. He thinks this makes him a nice guy.

5. But unlike the gamma male, he isn’t passive-aggressive!

The gamma man also avoids conflict but he lets off steam with passive aggression.

But a beta male isn’t like that. He will neither fight nor try to inconvenience others with passive aggression or derogatory remarks. He tries his best to solve any issue by himself if that’s possible. However, if that’s not a choice, he’ll ignore the situation completely.

6. If something is wrong, he’s ready to take responsibility

As mentioned before, the beta male likes to follow. However, when push comes to pull, he doesn’t fear taking charge. It’s just that being laid back defines his comfort zone.

Suppose at work or home, something went wrong and nobody is there to solve it. He will take responsibility instead of avoiding them. He doesn’t run away from his duties ever.

7. He isn’t a fan of competition

Beta men don’t like to compete for a higher position. For this, their loved ones, crush, and society often looks down on them.

However, it’s not because they don’t believe in themselves or aren’t capable enough. They are just way too laid back to show off their skills. They like to stay in their comfort zone and don’t wish to push themselves. 

8. You can trust him blindly

He is pretty open about his thoughts to his loved ones. He knows that everyone has flaws and there’s nothing wrong with that. This trait makes you believe that he’ll never betray you.

Everyone around him trusts him and shares their vulnerabilities. Due to his understanding and accepting nature, people trust him easily. People can share their darkest secrets easily without feeling judged.

9. He isn’t insecure at all

Many people believe that beta males are insecure or they don’t believe in their capabilities to succeed. However, that’s completely wrong!

Beta men know that they have strengths and weaknesses like any other person with different personalities. They are comfortable with themselves. They don’t feel self-conscious in a negative way.

However, they are pretty conscious about themselves. This helps them choose better in life.

10. You’ll never feel disrespected by him

The beta male never judges others based on their capabilities, qualifications, position, age, gender, race, or anything else. He respects everyone as they are and never demands people change.

He treats everyone the same and this probably stems from his personal experiences. He doesn’t feel respected and wants to change that. So, he treats others the way he wants to be treated.

11. Sadly, he’s a Yes-Man

The beta man can never say “No” to others… even if he does, it took a lot of pondering and debate!

He only ever wants to be nice to everyone else. This man hardly ever cares about how saying “yes” to the other person might hurt him. He accepts others’ demands disregarding those.

He is kind, but often people take advantage of this trait.

12. He always follows clear communication

One of the best parts about a beta male is his way of solving issues. Firstly, he doesn’t like to fight with others. But that doesn’t imply he always walks away and leaves problems unresolved.

Rather, if things can be solved, he tries his hardest to communicate clearly and openly to sort everything. He doesn’t like to drag things out unnecessarily.

13. Solitude makes him comfortable

Instead of hanging out with new people during the weekends, the beta male likes to spend time with himself. During this time, he learns new skills or improves the existing ones.

He takes a break to recharge himself and maintain the much-needed balance in life. This prevents him from getting burnt out way sooner than usual. This allows him to work on his creative juice and feel motivated.

14. His nerdy nature makes him reserved

He likes to spend time in solitude. But even in a social situation, he isn’t as outgoing as the alpha male. He is pretty nerdy even when he is outdoors. This makes him reserved and introverted.

Even if people around him do the wildest things possible, he won’t get influenced by them. Instead, he’ll silently watch them do whatever they like.

15. He is loyal to everyone around him

Once a beta male commits to someone as a friend, lover, family member, or even an employee, he stays loyal to them till the end. If he promised something to you, he will keep his word even if takes more time.

He will make sure that you don’t feel disturbed because of his incapabilities. He will take care of things once he gives the word.

16. He cares way too much about others’ opinions

The beta man doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He also depends on others for making the final call. All of this is because he gives way too much importance to others.

He is actually focused on society’s thoughts instead of following his guts. Eventually, this prevents him from unleashing his true powers.

17. He avoids all sorts of attention

Some people assume that beta men are actually jealous of alphas because they can’t be in the spotlight. They often forget that beta men are confident in their position. They like to be in their comfort zone. So, even if the world ignores their presence, they don’t care at all.

Rather, he likes to be the mastermind behind the scenes. He takes pride in his skills and prefers to calmly use those without any attention!

18. He gets friend-zoned way too often

The beta male is friendly, kind, helpful, and reserved. He is so nice to everyone that his crush can’t even imagine that he wants him/her romantically. He acts pretty passively as he’s afraid of admitting his feelings.

He treats his crush like a best friend. Yet they always ignore how much of a sweetheart he is. He gets friend-zoned because of this issue.

19. He might sabotage himself

Originally, beta men have no ego. They are pretty confident and content about their second position in the socio-hierarchy.

However, jealousy and a big ego are possible due to the excess love, and attention alpha men get. He’ll turn bitter, and this can eventually result in an ego issue and sabotage his life.

He is extremely prone to this issue and ruining all relationships.

20. He’ll probably be more codependent in relationships

Since the beta male isn’t good with decision-making or leading, he’ll often depend on his partner. This can lead to codependency in relationships. If his partner wants to be independent, the relationship won’t work out.

So, beta males are more compatible with alpha females that are ready to take charge in the relationship. Otherwise, it can turn frustrating and draining for both.

21. In relationships, there won’t be any toxic masculinity

Often, beautiful women seek alpha men. In their pursuit, they miss out on the submissive and loyal man completely. Beta men have no ego or competition for not being the better one.

He doesn’t care if his partner earns more or leads in the relationship. He won’t give in to toxic competition just to be called a “man”. Instead, he’ll cheer for his partner’s welfare.

22. His confidence is a mess in social situations

Often people assume that beta men are insecure or they lack confidence. But that’s not the complete truth. Beta men are pretty confident about their position in their life. However, they aren’t good with social situations.

Beta males lack the confidence to see others in the eye. They feel anxious about making eye contact. This often makes them look like a dishonest person in public.

23. He tries to play safe everywhere

Beta men are completely risk-avoidant. They don’t like to do anything adventurous or out of the box in serious situations.

For instance, if they take chances at work or take different paths, they might make mistakes. And at any cost, they don’t want to create any extra trouble for others.

So, they just don’t want to step out of their comfort zone only to disappoint others.

24. He never hides his emotions

The beta male is in touch with his emotions and openly expresses himself. He believes that being transparent about his emotions doesn’t make him any less of a man. When he cries, he doesn’t consider that as a weakness.

He even encourages others to let their emotions out. He doesn’t judge others just because they can’t hide their pain away.

25. He gives a mediocre performance

To identify a beta male in the vicinity, focus on his performance and skills. Even if he is capable and skilled, he won’t put enough effort into his tasks. He will never put his best in anything because he likes to stay laid back.

You’ll either feel he is average or even less. He is always unwilling to show his true strength, which makes him stay in second.

26. He lacks ambition and admits defeat too soon

A man without much ambition or high goals is usually a beta man. Most beta men are not driven enough to reach the pinnacle. While their classmates or co-workers try to become the best, they take it easy.

They don’t want to reach their goals or don’t have a clear vision of them. They take their sweet time doing things. If they fail at something, they give up instead of trying.

He hopes people will accept him as he is and not demand perfection from him!

27. His looks don’t intimidate others

When it comes to appearance, the beta male is much more approachable than alpha and sigma men. He doesn’t look intimidating which gives you a warm feeling. Though he isn’t that charismatic, his friendly looks will make you believe he won’t hurt you at all.

28. He is always too calm for his own good

When in trouble, the beta male acts calmly. He can’t decide how to deal with the situation. So, he waits for others to take care of the situation and help him share his burden.

If the problem doesn’t put others in danger, he procrastinates too much waiting for help.

29. He lacks any sense of self-entitlement

The beta male knows what he is worth and never demands to be treated better. He won’t push others for his rights. He will never demand anything because there’s no sense of entitlement. Even if they are denied the bare minimum, they won’t seek more.

30. He never prioritizes himself for future benefits

The beta male doesn’t just come second in the hierarchy. He also puts himself in the second position on his priority list. And do you know who comes first? Everyone else!

You might say that’s stupid but because he’s on a losing streak. Well, he definitely goes out of his way. But it’s only so that he can hit them up for any favor or help.

31. Discipline isn’t an integral part of his life

Some men are beta males by choice while others are so by default. So, let me explain, when a man chooses to be the second-in-command, he wants to be a beta.

But some men don’t even have that choice. They truly become betas because they don’t have enough skills. They lack discipline in their life, which prevents them from showing their true capabilities.

32. He might be physically weak or frail

This one is a pretty controversial opinion, according to many. Some believe physical strength has nothing to do with being a beta male.

However, others believe that compared to true alphas, betas aren’t that muscular or well-built. They say that beta men don’t get respected because they look physically weak.

It’s unknown whether this is true or not, and may not always be the best way to identify a beta personality!

33. He is so humble that people assume he lacks confidence

This one is a hidden virtue of beta men. They are modest and lack arrogance which helps them feel satisfied with the basic happiness of life. However, many people assume they are insecure or lack strength.

34. He’s not into playing the chase

The beta male might not be the most desirable man. But he is relationship-oriented and won’t play mind games or play hard to get. He’ll rather treat you well, pay attention to you and your needs, and will stay connected.

He may not get you excited by acting mysterious. He won’t even confess his love for you. But he’ll support you like a loyal man.

35. He’s a great listener

The beta male is patient, kind, and helpful. These traits make him a great listener.

When someone shares their thoughts and worries with others, he listens to them carefully. He isn’t in a hurry to score a 100 or become the manager, so he always has a lot of time to spare.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you feel some similarities with the beta male, learn about the advantages and drawbacks of your personality. Figure out ways to improve yourself.

But if you know a beta male in your life, stop assuming the worst about him. Be more open to understanding him and you’ll have a gala time together!

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