So, you want to know about the performance of a delta male personality at work… is it because you plan to hire one in your workplace soon? Or, do you have a delta male co-worker? Or you’re one yourself?

Whether you want to get along with him better or know the secrets for yourself,  this think-piece will share all the deets. You’ll know about all his work habits right here.

C’mon, let’s get down to business!

Delta Male Personality at Work

In the professional world, a delta male doesn’t have the best reputation. He neither cares for his superiors’ validation… nor tries to overachieve. He wants a stable position even if it’s entry-level.

But there’s much more to know about him, so plunge in right away!

1. He’s not a fan of loud fun

Men with delta male personality types like to avoid loud situations and stay quiet. Even if there are lots of other rowdy men in their workplace, they won’t join in the fun. They are introverted and might just watch from one corner.

Even if there’s a dinner party, picnic, or short vacation organized at work, they might not attend. But if he joins, he won’t stay for too long. He’ll retire from the crowd way earlier to recharge in solitude.

Due to his introversion, he doesn’t easily make friends. Especially at work, he has the least chance of making friends and he doesn’t even care. He’d rather get home and relax!

2. He has many plans on his mind

Though he keeps quiet most of the time, a lot of stuff goes on in his mind. While he seems shy and keeps his opinions to himself, he’s a deep thinker. He’s extremely sharp and intelligent.

He has clashing opinions and even has reasons to support his thoughts. However, he likes to keep his thoughts to himself.

Most people assume that he has no idea about what’s going on around him. However, he knows everything but chooses to not react.

This is all because he doesn’t want to grab the opponent’s attention. His safety and security are more important to him. You’ll know the real him only when you get closer.

3. He won’t trust you easily

Another of the popular personality traits of a delta male is his mysterious nature. He always has his guard up around new people.

He trusts nobody in any formal platform like work or school. So, he won’t easily open up to coworkers, managers, classmates, or even professors.

He dislikes sharing anything about his personal life. So, if you try to make an idle chat with him about his romantic interests, he won’t entertain you. Even if he has a lower position than you, he won’t feel obliged to share more than necessary.

In fact, he hates it if he turns down such conversations and people still pry in. He wants nothing more than privacy to protect himself and his loved ones.

4. He’s not a leader material

Do you know that the “Average Joe” defines a delta male perfectly? Whoa… before you misunderstand anything, let’s be clear, being average isn’t anything bad. Rather it means that he doesn’t have what it takes to lead a team.

Even if you appoint him as a team leader, he’ll try to get away from this responsibility. Instead, he wants to merge in the background. He’ll be a great team member… because he can take care of his tasks without worrying about others.

His lack of ambition, lack of mental strength to deal with people, and even his lack of charm to make others obey him are responsible for this.

5. He has no faith in himself

Delta males were at some point alpha males. Believe it or not, they were dominating, outgoing, and confident leaders. They faced something bad in their life and became delta males.

So, most delta males suffer from low self-esteem after that poor experience. They don’t believe they can do anything to turn their life around. His poor self-confidence stops him from accepting new challenges.

Even if you believe in his capabilities and try to convince him to give it a shot, it won’t work. He’ll always tell you about another co-worker who can succeed in the task. You’ll be tired of pushing him to improve his professional growth.

6. But sometimes he is confident about his decisions

Though all delta males were alpha males at some point, the insecurity isn’t a must-have. Even if they feel insecure in the beginning, they might work out of it eventually.

It’s possible especially if a delta male employee has a supportive mentor that doesn’t push them but shows them options.

For starters, he’s not oblivious to his situation. So, if he puts his mind to it, he can change his life within an instant.

Don’t assume that he’ll always second-guess himself. If he’s sure about something, he’ll be the most confident one. If it’s an important matter about his job security, he’ll become an assertive beast.

7. He’s not growth or career-oriented

Okay… after reading the previous point, you probably became hopeful. But don’t… stop your train of thought right there!

The reason?

A delta male employee will exude confidence only to protect the bare minimum, i.e., his current job and designation. He won’t tap into his inner intelligence and assertive nature to grow in his professional life.

He doesn’t want to overachieve or impress his supervisors by any means. He doesn’t want to grab promotions and likes to be in his comfort zone.

Even if you push him to do more, he won’t agree to it. However, if you reward him with bonuses for more work instead of promising promotions, he might be more eager.

8. He’ll never share his opinions to avoid conflict

A delta male doesn’t have the same goals as the men at the top of the social hierarchy. And he doesn’t feel ashamed about it, so you might feel he can express his mind confidently.

Naturally, nobody can even guess that he’s actually a people pleaser. But watch him closely and he never puts forth his opinions in meetings. Even during casual conversations, he never shares his thoughts.

This is because he’s afraid of being the black sheep at work. He doesn’t want others to know about his different thoughts. He’ll accept the most absurd ideas just to avoid conflict and confrontation. This makes him unfit for influential positions.

9. He might get hurt due to substances consumption

Here’s a possibility: Your delta male employee might become addicted to substances.

The reason?

A lot is going on in his mind. He’s never expressive about anything. Even if he’s inconvenienced at work, he won’t say it out loud. All that leads to emotional and mental pain.

Many people deal with this sort of blues with alcohol and drugs. Since it’s in his personality to keep things bottled up, he can become addicted.

Especially if he does manual work, he might hurt himself while working with a hangover. He will also struggle to give the bare minimum to keep his job. It can later add trouble for other employees.

10. He’s not a great person when hurt

A delta male is pretty petty if you hurt him. Even if you’re his best buddy at work, he won’t forgive you for it. He won’t tell you that he’s after you… instead, you’ll feel that he still likes you as much.

However, he’s only waiting for the right time to tear you apart. So, be careful and don’t offend a delta male by any chance.

If you’re his rival, never try to pull backhanded tricks to defeat him. You never know what he might do to get his revenge. In fact, he might take his revenge after years when you’re most vulnerable.

11. He’ll complain about his job but not try anything worthwhile

If a delta male doesn’t get paid well or if his vacation application gets denied, he becomes extremely dramatic. He’ll act like the victim in a poor situation where his employer doesn’t treat him well.

Even if the employer has a good reason to deny the time off or already pays him appropriately, he can turn the tables within seconds! He might even be at fault and hide it slyly. He’ll make you seem guilty for something although you aren’t.

However, he won’t try to find work elsewhere or increase his qualifications for a better job. He truly plays dirty in these situations.

12. Coworkers treat him like an outcast because of his interests

If you’re a team leader or department head, you might feel that everyone treats the delta male like an outcast. You might feel that something is odd or even assume that he’s getting bullied.

But give your overthinking a break! Almost everyone tried to make the delta male feel comfortable and include him in the gang.

In reality, he turned down others’ invitations all the time. He’s most probably employed in a basic position but he’s nerdy and likes to read science fiction, technology, and complex subjects. His interests are way different from others which leaves no common grounds for them to bond.

13. He harms his career by overthinking

He’s not just a deep thinker but also an overthinker. Ask a delta male employee to think about doing something new and daring. Every time, his intrusive thoughts interfere with his work-life decisions.

He has a lot on his mind about everything around him… and the world isn’t a great place, so he often has pessimistic thoughts. Even if he himself wants to do something by himself, he’ll start overthinking about every small bit.

He analyzes the people around him, their choices, and the consequences. He stops because he’s afraid of unknown setbacks and never progresses in his professional life. He creates random scenarios and gets scared of the negative possibilities.

14. His mood can hurt others

This type of male was once an alpha with all the traits of a leader. But right now, he doesn’t feel confident and isn’t even fit to lead. He doesn’t even want to be a leader anymore… but he suffers due to his suppressed anger.

He can’t accept his position in the social circle. He’s discontent with his changed personality. He’s furious at himself for not being able to deal with his past and even the circumstances he faced.

He doesn’t express his dissatisfaction but his feelings seep out in the form of passive aggression. His sudden unpredictable mood can impact the rest of his coworkers and bring down their spirits.

15. He doesn’t try to please the seniors

In the workplace, the higher-ups are usually alphas. While most people at the bottom try to please them in whatever ways, a delta is unfazed by them.

He believes that team leaders, department heads, managers, etc. are meant to take care of others. They have the power to defend the weaker, help them out with work and motivation, and fight for what they deserve.

The moment a superior or leader can’t undertake these responsibilities properly, a delta male stops obeying them. He won’t let such a person enjoy the status if he can’t take care of his duties. He demands the alpha to be replaced immediately unlike others that silently accept the situation.

16. If he tries, he can do better… or worse

A delta male has a flexible personality and this can be either good or bad news for the workplace. He has the potential to work harder and become an alpha, beta, or even a sigma male. One fine day, he might feel motivated and give it his all in work. Everyone else will also feel motivated by him.

But similarly, he might dive into the depths of negativity. He might give up on his current social position and go down the hierarchy and become a gamma or omega male. If he undertakes any major responsibility or project, that might go under along with his status.

17. He stands true to his job

Whenever a delta male goes to work, he completes all the tasks he’s responsible for. He clocks in and out at the right time, not a second later or earlier.

His superiors often assume that he’s a lazy bum and probably didn’t work well throughout the day… but the truth is, he DID!

He doesn’t even care about others’ thoughts regarding his working style. He won’t ever work more to satisfy his boss. He doesn’t want validation for overachieving.

Since he doesn’t aim to climb the ladder of success or get promoted, he does the necessary. He never leaves his work for later and stays updated on his tasks.

18. He proudly shows his skills

He knows that he doesn’t do anything worth boasting about. He probably works in some entry-level job or somewhere around. However, he knows that he is the best in his own way. He is not confident enough to aim higher, but he knows his worth in the hierarchy.

Though he’s an Average Joe, the organization depends on his skills. But he doesn’t feel overconfident about that. Rather, he only feels satisfied with his own work and boasts to others about his skills.

He’s ready to be loyal to his employer for a lifetime if the organization treats him well.

19. He wants to be respected for his skills

Though he pledges ultimate loyalty to his employer or organization, it’s not unconditional. He is too lazy to get another job… but he’s not that lazy to take disrespect and neglect silently.

If his employer or the higher-ups doesn’t do anything to protect him… or takes a decision that’s not in his favor, he feels disappointed in them. He slowly loses all motivation to work for them.

He knows he’s valuable in the workplace and demands well-deserved respect from him. If he’s in a disadvantageous position, many more are too. He can easily influence others to quit and make the organization turn upside down!

He only desires the business to take care of him in exchange for his skills.

20. He always goes MIA after work

A delta male is dedicated to his work only within his shift. He won’t go above and beyond to make others happy. Once he clocks out, he completely focuses on his personal life.

He’ll either play video games or listen to music. Even if he’s on his phone, he won’t check work emails or receive calls about any work. He’ll be completely out of reach during the weekends.

This guy has great work-life boundaries and won’t let anyone violate them. He might be a people pleaser deep inside… but he feels extremely tired after the long day. Even his own body doesn’t allow him to be that active during his off time.

Moreover, he’s not one to impress others with overtime and overachieving.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

A delta male is a great employee if there’s not a lot of growth opportunity. But if there’s an opportunity, his manager and boss might assume he’s not a good catch.

However, it’s better to not assume so fast. Remember that this gem makes wonders even at the lowest position. So, appreciate him more for his efforts and try to get along better.

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