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An Elaborate Guide on the Delta Male Personality

An Elaborate Guide on the Delta Male Personality

Updated on Jun 20, 2022 | Published on Nov 15, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Delta Male - 16 Traits and How to Be a Better Delta Male

A delta male is mostly associated with traits, such as a lone wolf, being resentful, and leading a quiet life. 

The concept of socio-sexual personalities was developed by Vox Day, a designer of video games. He has come under the light of controversy for his ideas, which have been described as misogynistic and anti-liberal.

Moreover, the dominance hierarchy was originally used in the animal kingdom. Primates were grouped into social rankings based on their interactions.

Are you curious to find out who a delta male is and where he ranks? Keep reading to know this and more!

Delta Male Infographic

Delta Male - 16 Traits and How to Be a Better Delta Male
Delta Male – 16 Traits and How to Be a Better Delta Male

What Is a Delta Male?

A delta male personality is characterized by aloofness, self-esteem issues, resentment, loneliness, and leading a quiet life.

The delta male personality is characterized by aloofness, resentment, loneliness, hard work, among others. He is quite resigned and withdrawn. In terms of dating, he is likely to end up with someone of his social ranking.

Moreover, the delta male ranks third on the pecking order. A delta man is typically one that was mostly an alpha or gamma once. He is likely to have undergone something painful before reaching this social status.

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Delta Male Traits

By now you must have a general idea of who a delta male is. Following is an elaborate list of personality traits that characterize a delta man.

1. A delta male keeps to himself

One of the most evident characteristics of a delta man is his reserved nature. 

A delta male is often a lone wolf. He likes to be by himself and despises social gatherings. Because he struggles to even put on a smile at parties and events, he goes out of his way to avoid such situations. 

Give him a cold pint of beer and some fresh pizza and he is set for the weekend! He loves relaxing at home and carrying out his interests.

This trait allows his creativity to flow. He tends to do things that invigorate him, so he pays attention to these activities.

People often mistake people who like to be alone for being lonely. However, with a delta male, this is not always the case. He actively chooses this life. 

Besides, he socializes when necessary. In fact, he is incredibly fun to be around! His sense of humor is amazing and he knows how to tickle anybody’s funny bones.

2. They feel lonely sometimes

He actively chooses to keep to himself and is typically fine. However, occasionally, he does feel lonely. He tries to convince himself into thinking that he is happy and does not need a partner or friend to feel good. 

Fundamentally, human beings are social creatures, who need love and affection. We are dependent on each other in more ways than one. So, although a delta male tries to ignore it, he does get lonely now and then. 

Moreover, he tells himself that the discomfort he feels from loneliness is better than the possible rejection.

It is common for a delta man to have been an alpha male once upon a time. So, he knows what it is like to have people surround you and possibly dominate a pack. To fall from that is likely to hurt. 

Beneath the surface of nonchalance perhaps lies pain from missing his outgoing self. He was once the light and life of the party.

A delta man is painfully aware of his charming and hilarious personality. However, he continues to consciously suppress those sides.    

3. He likes to keep his personal life private

Do you have a friend in life whom you feel like you don’t know enough sometimes? He is quite possibly a delta male. They prefer leading a quiet life and do not open up to people about certain parts.

Keep in mind that they do not make an effort to keep their personal life private. It comes rather naturally to them. Just as much as they do not talk about themselves, they are not fond of listening to other people’s matters.

This trait often leads coworkers and people from his social circle to suspect a delta man. As much as they want to find dirt on him, the simple truth is that he has none. These doubts often lead to fights, which really affect a delta male.

He does not attempt to explain himself or make amends. Instead, he prefers walking away. He believes that he is preserving his dignity by walking away. Little does he realize that it does more harm than good. 

4. He is not career-oriented

A delta man doesn’t care to compete in the professional world. He is not ambitious, either. He often resorts to his current job position and does not aspire for anything more.

Additionally, if he feels content with whatever he is doing presently, he prefers staying there. Unlike the other male personality types, he is not quite career-driven.

He is the type of guy for whom his career takes a backseat on the list of what makes him happy.

On the flip side, there is a chance he is not happy with his job. However, owing to his low self-esteem, he does not bother to change his status quo. 

Adding to this, he might believe that he will never be satisfied or he will always fail. All these pessimistic thoughts will drive him away from acting on changing his situation. 

5. A delta man has self-esteem issues

Most delta men have problems with their self-esteem. This trait fuels their tendency to stay aloof and lead a quiet life. Even if he has a romantic interest, he hesitates to approach them for fear of rejection. 

In fact, he will try his best to conceal his emotions. He believes that they will go unreciprocated. 

This outlook is possibly owing to an experience in the past. A delta male was likely cheated on or betrayed in some way. These incidents can take a toll on anybody’s sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

Sometimes, he protects his self-esteem with his belief that he is better off alone. However, he might push the envelope by becoming resentful of those people in romantic relationships.

Moreover, a delta man often does not realize his issues with self-esteem. 

6. Delta men are resentful

As mentioned before, he pushes people away and becomes resentful toward other people in committed relationships. 

Apart from that, his thorny past also makes him indignant toward people from his life. Instead of turning inward to resolve his issues, he tries to assign blame. His bitterness might be toward someone he dated or a friend with whom things were unhealthy.

Rather than moving forward in life and focusing on personal growth, he blames the other person for his status quo. He refuses to take responsibility for his unhappiness and a lack of productivity. 

Unless he looks at things he can control and change to lead a happier life, he is likely to stay stuck in limbo.

7. Delta males value love

Delta males hold love and affection in high regard. They believe that their loneliness often stems from the absence of a significant other.

There is a part of them buried underneath that simply wants to give and receive love. They might feel anxious to chase after romance, which in turn fuels their low self-esteem. 

Additionally, the absence of a romantic life might make him resentful. This bitterness can affect him and those around him. If a delta man worked on his self-esteem and attempted to open up to people around him, he can lead a satisfying life.

8. They can engage in self-sabotaging behaviors

As is probably evident by now, a delta man sabotages his career as well as social and romantic life. He does so by making things hard for himself, although sometimes unintentionally. 

Concerning his social circle, he tends to push people away in a way to protect himself. He believes they will eventually leave or hurt him one way or another.

Unfortunately, it turns into an unpleasant and unfortunate event for himself as well as the other party.

In fact, he has a whole lot to give to the world. However, he holds back in the name of self-preservation. Another reason for his withdrawal is resentment.

People need other people to live a more fulfilling life. Although a delta man yearns for such experiences, he jeopardizes them for himself. It typically is owing to his hurtful episodes from the past.  

In addition to that, a delta man tends to externalize his behaviors. He is likely to not take personal responsibility. Instead, he assigns blame to something or someone else. This tendency creates a disillusioned sense of a lack of control, which is self-sabotaging. 

9. He fears dominating

Most delta males are ex-alpha males. They possibly went through something that altered their life and worldview. He understands the nature of leading or dominating people. 

Something likely went horribly wrong. Therefore, now as a delta male, he does everything he can to avoid going down that route.

On the other hand, those delta men who were never alpha males simply do not wish to dominate people.

They would much rather stay in their lane, minding their business. As mentioned earlier, they like pursuing activities that interest them by themselves.

10. He does not care about fitting in

A delta male does not bother with whether he is fitting in or not. He is not one to change himself to please others.

His past has changed him in ways that he does not want to go back to being a certain way. So, he would rather carry on with his life instead of concerning himself with societal demands. 

11. Delta males do not wish to lead

Keeping in mind the previous point, a delta man values teamwork and cooperation nonetheless. This regard stems from their desire to get their work done. Therefore, they also do not possess any leadership ambition. 

They merely want to show up, complete whatever was delegated to them, and leave. Delta males would much rather spend time pursuing their interests. 

A delta man’s wishes are rather straightforward – he wants to be allowed to do their work, get recognized, be respected, and be rewarded justly.

Additionally, he wants an environment that supports taking pride in his accomplishments. Delta men strive towards contentment. 

12. He holds on to his competence

A delta male prides himself on his effort and work. He always seeks to do his job well. Therefore, a delta man struggles if, at his workplace, his supervisor makes it difficult for him to excel and take pride in his work.

Sometimes, the higher authorities at work can make it challenging for people to accomplish meaningful work.

Depending on their personality, some might get exhausted or drained. Another consequence of such leadership is an increase in the turnover rate.

The bottom line is that delta men desire to perform well so that they can feel pleased with themselves. So, when someone or something comes in the way of this, their trust in the hierarchy leadership starts faltering. 

13. A delta male wants to be respected

A delta man dictates respect whenever and wherever he feels he deserves it. He does not wish for his effort and works toward the hierarchy to go unacknowledged. 

Moreover, a delta man turns resentful if someone on the hierarchy fails to recognize, respect, and reward his tenacity. 

This thought process is quite reasonable. They indeed add the most value. Often, they do not reap enough benefits the way alphas and betas do. People must start recognizing their contributions, whether at home or work.  

14. He is likely to move along the hierarchy

Apart from a lot of the delta males being alpha males before, they are also likely to change their ranking as they go. They might move up the ladder to a beta male. On rare occasions, they might also return to the status of an alpha personality.

Additionally, a delta male can turn into Mr. Nice Guy and enter the domain of a gamma male. Delta males may also go down the vortex of disillusionment after some form of rejection and turn into omega males.

15. He gets his work done

As seen earlier, a delta man is neither career-focused nor wishes to lead a group. He is the type of guy who gets his work done.

A delta male lives a simple life – he shows up, finishes his work, and leaves to carry on his daily activities and passions.

He wishes to keep his life simple. A delta man does not have huge dreams and aspirations like the other male personalities. This contentment and simplicity allow him to get his work done.

16. A delta male has no interest in pleasing alpha males

Unlike most of the other socio-sexual personalities, delta males have next to no interest in pleasing alpha men. 

With that said, a delta male respects those alphas that hold a powerful, functional hierarchy. On the other hand, he disapproves of alpha men who do not succeed at this. 

Some delta men typically see alphas as a servant of the majority. Specifically, if an alpha does not live up to his role, these delta men will attempt to replace him with somebody else.

In their eyes, this replacement must fulfill the role of a servant leader appropriately.

A delta man is often democratic in his thinking. He wishes to serve the hierarchy in an egalitarian sense. Moreover, the democratic system enables deltas to make an impact. When employed correctly, it works well for the entire pecking order.

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A Comparison of Delta Male to Other Personality Types

This section covers a detailed account of how the delta male compares with the other socio-sexual personalities. If you wish to obtain a bird’s eye view of the personalities, read this article on alpha vs beta vs gamma vs omega vs delta vs sigma

Delta Male vs Alpha Male

The main difference between a delta male and an alpha male revolves around leadership. An alpha male focuses on being the leader of the pack. Meanwhile, a delta man has no desire to wield any sort of power over anybody.

With that said, for an alpha male to succeed in his leadership, he must impress the delta males under him. 

Delta men do not shy away from demanding respect for their active and honest contributions. They also take pride in carrying out such important activities within the social system. Delta males want recognition, reward, and respect.

If the alpha male is smart enough, he will recognize the co-dependency. He understands that the power he holds is owing to his stature and ranking. At the same time, he realizes that the hierarchy is maintained by the delta men.

Therefore, alphas and deltas can work together to further everybody’s welfare. 

Delta Male vs Sigma Male

Delta men and sigma men differ in their roles in and outlook on the hierarchy. A delta male thrives in maintaining the stability of the social order. Meanwhile, a sigma male chooses not to associate himself with the rankings altogether.

Nowadays, it is best to be the sigma male personality. It reflects progress in terms of breaking stereotypes and putting people into boxes. He does not like to be brought down to a mere label.

Then again, this progress is possibly likened to the hard work of delta men. They put in a lot of effort to help others thrive. 

Delta Male vs Beta Male

The delta male does not bother with whether or not he is in the same circle as the leaders. Beta males, on the other hand, insist on being away from the spotlight and simply following.

An underlying similarity between the two personalities is their reserved nature. They keep to themselves, albeit in different ways.

With that said, a beta male stands out owing to his nerdy and nurturing personality traits. On the other hand, delta males blend in.

Delta Male vs Gamma Male

A common thread that ties delta and gamma males is that both types are not associated with the inner circle. What differentiates the two is that delta men care enough to put in the effort. 

Contrastingly, gamma men are mistaken as lazy and unambitious. They are thought to not have dreams and visions. Indeed, gamma men always work on the borders.

However, they tend to make their own rules and live life on their terms.

Delta Male vs Omega Male

An omega male is often considered to be an outlier among the male personalities. He lives on the periphery of the societal framework. A delta male, however, lives by the roles defined. He seeks to maintain the hierarchical structure. 

Delta Male Personality in Relationships 

A delta male leads a tricky dating life. Although he lends an ear to his partner’s problems, he tends to put them off by taking his witty remarks to the extreme. 

In the heterosexual dating world, delta men are not as prosperous with women as alpha, beta, and sigma males. With that said, they are more victorious than gamma and omega males. 

They do not attract women easily. Delta men tend to take their sarcasm overboard, which can be off-putting. 

On the other hand, delta men are empathetic and listen patiently to their partners. They do not focus on themselves alone. Delta men give importance to their partner and their concerns.

Their sarcastic and sardonic repartees make it challenging for delta men to lead fulfilling lives. If they work on their communication skills, they can find the right partner. 

When a delta male finds someone compatible, he tends to lead a satisfying and almost transformative life. To do so, he must first work on his confidence levels. He can also utilize his strengths, particularly his listening skills.

Delta Male Personality at Work

A delta male is not focused on leading a group or climbing the ladder. He works hard, takes pride in the same, and wishes to be recognized for it.

A delta male might not be at the top of the corporate hierarchy. There is a good chance that he was, but a tragic experience caused him to slip. At the same time, he does not have any ambition to lead a group or climb the professional ladder.

A delta man takes pride in his work and merely wants recognition and rewards for the same.

He is content in showing up and getting his work done to the best ability. Excelling at his job motivates him. He also values his intelligence. 

Moreover, he contributes to the hierarchy with his hard work and effort. While the alpha personality seeks to better themselves, a delta man is more focused on communal betterment.

A beta personality works away from the spotlight and is the wind beneath an alpha personality’s wings.

Meanwhile, delta males feel good doing meaningful work outside of the professional area. They care about the bigger picture.

Takeaways from the Delta Male

Most male personalities look down on the delta male. They believe that they do not want to be one. However, each socio-sexual personality has something or the other to learn from the delta male.

For instance, the alpha male can learn to step down from their pedestal once in a while. Doing so will allow him to think about the welfare of the people around him. This trait is something to learn from the delta male personality.

A beta personality can try to live more for themselves. Beta men can draw inspiration from delta men to pursue their interests and hobbies.

Sometimes, living away from the fringes of society is admirable and needed!

Next, a gamma male can aspire to tone down their idiosyncrasies. He can try leading a calmer, quieter life like a delta male. 

Similarly, gamma males can learn to soften the mysteriousness and defiant parts of themselves. 

Overall, every male personality can look up to a delta male’s tendency to work hard.

Upsides and Downsides of a Delta Male

Following is a list of the pros of being a delta male. 

  1. The personality traits of a delta male surround simplicity.
  2. Delta males lead a sexually successful life with women that match their social status.
  3. A delta man tends to live a fulfilling life in terms of marriage, children, building a home, and even retirement.
  4. He is less stressed than most of the other male personalities. 
  5. A delta male makes good money, and therefore, is financially secure.
  6. He makes meaningful contributions to the hierarchy without which it is likely to slip.

Here are some of the drawbacks of being a delta male.

  1. Women might leave delta men for a lack of aspiration in life.
  2. They end up resentful.
  3. Their tendency to stay aloof causes people to leave.

How to Be a Better Delta Male

Not all hope is lost when it comes to a delta male’s lifestyle. Here are some things that you can do to make your life more satisfying being a delta male.

1. Try to take down the wall you built for yourself one brick at a time. 

It is understandable to have your guard up after getting hurt. You are afraid to become vulnerable again, but life is sometimes about taking risks along with a leap of faith.

2. Open up slowly to people you trust. 

Occasionally, check on them and share with them how you are feeling. It can be scary, but remember that people around you love you!

3. Start working on your self-esteem slowly. 

You can begin with refraining from comparing yourself to others. Realize that everybody has it differently and what is within your control is your personal growth.

4. You have the power to change

Carrying the past with you everywhere you go is detrimental. Come to terms with what has happened and impart the takeaways going forward.

A Final Word from ThePleasantPersonality

In a nutshell, delta men possibly went through something distraught to reach their social status. Now, they prefer leading a quiet life, wherein they carry on with their interests. They also work hard to contribute toward the welfare of others in the hierarchy.

A delta male has many strengths. Examples include his ability to lead a simple life and being more content with his stature than the other types.

On the other hand, he has areas of improvement, such as working on his self-esteem issues and becoming less resentful.

Keep in mind that these socio-sexual personality types are a mere guide. Sometimes, you might resonate with an alpha mindset, delta or beta, or gamma. Use it as a frame of reference to draw on your strengths and work on your weaker areas.

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