So, you can’t wait to know about the performance of a gamma male at work. Are you curious about your gamma male co-worker? Or do you want to evaluate the contributions of your gamma male employee?

Well, depending on your designation in the workplace, you might have different questions. But don’t worry, you don’t need to search different articles for that. This piece will share everything you ever need about him at work.

So, let’s get rolling!

Gamma Male at Work

At work, the gamma male might not be the best of the best. However, he does well in his particular job… given that he pursued his passions. But there’s more to know about his actions and behaviors at work. So, let’s find out what awaits us here…

1. He’s pretty sharp in his field and has a lot of scope

Employees with gamma male personality types are famous for their intelligence. They aren’t as brainy as alpha or sigma males, so don’t expect them to be all-rounders. They are only good in their respective fields.

These men can’t take on a lot of responsibilities, but they are good in 2-3 nerdy skills and fields. So, they can be the brightest in only their own chosen field.

However, due to their exemplary performance in that field, people assume they are good at everything. So, if the boss or mentor of a gamma male pushes him to take care of more, that’ll be troublesome. The supervisor will be disappointed to find out his limitations.

Meanwhile, it’ll be a great burden when people push them to try new things. But once he tries something new and finds out about his limited talents, he’ll face a great blow. Moreover, his supervisor’s disappointment will also hurt his pride.

So, if there’s a gamma male in your workplace, don’t hype them to aim higher. Let them enjoy their work and position unless they want to aim for something better. 

2. He’s kind to his colleagues but it can lead to something bad

A coworker with the gamma male personality type is kind and friendly. If his coworkers are in trouble, he won’t ever neglect or ignore them. He can’t stand to see them struggle from afar.

He is also empathetic, so if a co-worker is anxious, scared, or feels any other negative emotion, he gets a hint. Without much explanation, he can understand them and feel their emotions as his own.

After understanding others’ pain, he can’t ignore them even if he’s dissatisfied with the other person. So, he is present to aid everyone around him anytime, anywhere.

For this, he is loved and cherished by his coworkers. Especially those who receive his help are forever indebted to him.

However, his kindness can sometimes (not always) lead to poor situations. If he likes anyone romantically in the office, he might expect them to notice him more. Even in the workplace, the nice guy syndrome might kick in.

Sure, he isn’t at work to find a partner, but if he falls for someone, it’ll be hard! Unless dating is strictly prohibited in the workplace, this is a possible issue for a gamma employee.

3. His appearance might unexpectedly affect his professional life

The gamma male often neglects his fitness and appearance. He doesn’t follow a healthy lifestyle, so he’s completely out of shape. He also might not pay much attention to his appearance.

Now, you might say that what does looks have to do with jobs? After all, the gamma male is intelligent, so why’d it be a problem if he’s in the right field?

Well, if he already joined the workforce, it won’t be an issue. But, it’s a big issue for his job hunt quest.

Nowadays, recruiters don’t just focus on degrees and scores. They also note a candidate’s body language, facial expressions, appearance, and fitness. If the candidate doesn’t dress well, they assume he’s unprofessional. If his body is not fit, they assume that he’ll neglect his job just like his health.

If the gamma male seeks new jobs or wants to switch to another organization, he’ll have a hard time. Unless he puts some effort into his looks, he’ll get rejected often. He can keep a job but getting a new one will be a real struggle.

4. Jealousy for authoritative men is obvious in his eyes

One of the negative personality traits of a gamma male is his jealousy towards other men. He can’t stand the men with a higher ranking in the socio-hierarchy.

This hatred basically stems due to their better dating life. Despite his endless effort and grand gestures, women don’t pay attention to him. They’d rather be friends with him but that’s it!

On the other hand, the sigma, alpha, or beta men get a lot of high-value women. But they don’t put much effort. This hurts a gamma male down to his core. Yes, this hatred is basically due to the chaos in his personal life. But it spreads out to all high-ranking men he knows.

So, even if he sees his employer, the CEO, or his manager, he feels a similar wrath. He knows they get high-value women far easier and hate them. Even if those coworkers did nothing wrong to him, they unknowingly receive hatred from him.

They notice his negative emotions and only pity him. They know no other way to deal with this issue either. So, his bond with authoritative coworkers is a bit rocky.

5. He never likes to face conflicts directly

Another trait of a gamma male is that he avoids conflict. But it’s not because he’s worried about others’ opinions or feelings. Rather, he doesn’t like to face negative situations directly.

He doesn’t want to get into a confrontation and figure things out all alone. Instead, he shows passive aggression toward the other person.

Now, there’s a high chance of workplace conflict. For instance, his ideas may clash with his team members, or his rival might disrespect or bully him.

Out of his fear of conflicts, he can’t speak his mind. Even if anyone wrongs him, he can’t stick to his grounds to protect himself. 

His coworkers, team members, rivals, or business partners might even take advantage of this flaw. After all, he can’t charge anyone directly. Even if he shows passive aggression, they might not care. Because in the end, they got what they wanted.

So, a gamma male might be in big trouble if he can’t get along at work. If others can’t communicate their thoughts without creating conflicts, he’ll always get the shorter side of the stick.

6. He has a serious fear of risks and failure

Gamma men are also risk-avoidant because of their fear of failure. But in jobs and businesses, risks are actually hidden opportunities. If you can make things work in your favor, you’ll gain a lot.

Moreover, every step of life is full of risks. Whether you get admitted to college or get a job, your mental health is at risk. You get chosen by multiple organizations and choose one. Here, you risk choosing the wrong one and being dissatisfied.

But the gamma man doesn’t understand this fact. He only steps back from certain risks that can actually help him progress in his professional life. Even though he’s intelligent, he can’t flourish in his career because of his aversion.

Even if others try to convince him to try, he won’t. He doesn’t want to fail and be responsible for the poor consequences.

If his current employer doesn’t treat him well, he probably won’t switch. He fears that things will be the same in the next job. Or, that his current employer will know it and he’ll lose his current job too.

He’s also not a good fit for building his own business. Since he’s not ready to take risks, he can’t beat his competitors and the business will only go down.

7. Though he’s risk-avoidant, he takes adventurous choices

This one might sound a bit contradicting to the last one. But wait, these have completely different implications. Men in the gamma male archetype are fun-loving.

They don’t want to take serious risks where they gamble on huge things. However, they want to take smaller harmless and more adventurous risks. These include doing something their way or defying conventional methods.

For instance, a certain task has always been done with a strict method. If he found a different, easier, and more appropriate method to undertake the task, he won’t follow the old ways.

He wants to enjoy every moment of his life. Even if that’s his job, he wants to try out new things. This is only so long he can control unexpected results.

So, if he has an urgent project in hand but is short in time, he won’t take chances. In that situation, he’ll follow conventional methods to avoid any kind of mistakes.

On the other hand, he’s adventurous in his personal life too. So, whenever he’s off work, he’s busy enjoying life and won’t respond to work calls or emails.

8. He’d rather follow than lead

As mentioned before, a gamma male employee is conflict-averse and risk-avoidant. So, he definitely can’t take the lead of an entire team. After all, conflicts among team members are pretty common. And the leader must face the issues and decide for everyone’s best even if they get hated.

On the other hand, it’s only natural to take risks as a leader. The leader guides the team to work on those risky ventures. If anything goes wrong, the leader takes responsibility. They are answerable alone because the remaining team just did as told.

The gamma man knows that he can’t deal with such situations. He’s not ashamed of being afraid of certain things. Instead, he accepts the fears and chooses to stay within his comfort zone. He wants to stay as a team member that follows others’ lead.

Since he’s the best at his job, he’s more relaxed if he follows instructions and shows off his skills. This way others’ responsibilities won’t drag down his spirits. Even if he was appointed to lead, he’ll gracefully turn it down. He doesn’t care if that disappoints his superiors. His comfort is his priority.

9. He is aware of his actions

The gamma male is pretty self-aware, so he never does anything unmindfully. This reduces the chances of his mistakes which is why his skills are A-grade.

Even if he’s upset over something, he doesn’t allow his emotions to disturb his work. He can keep his work and personal life separate pretty well. His performance is pretty neat because he knows what he wants in his life to succeed and works on it.

For instance, he’s not good at leadership and avoids it. This helps him focus on doing actual work and being a productive employee in an organization. He has clear goals because of self-awareness.

He is also aware of his own emotions and the reasons behind them. So, he can smoothly avoid any impulsive actions as he knows their consequences. So, he won’t unnecessarily upset anyone influential.

It also boosts his self-confidence which makes him a calm communicator. He doesn’t jump to conclusions while communicating with clients and customers. He patiently tries to understand everyone’s perspective to reach the final decision.

10. You can make or break his spirits

This type of man is emotionally hypersensitive. Though he mustn’t let his emotions impact his work, he’s only a human being. His self-confidence is dependent on others’ thoughts and feelings about him.

If anyone appreciates, validates, or accepts his effort, he feels great about himself. He believes in his skills and talents even more. But if anyone criticizes him or rejects his proposals, he takes it personally. He feels hurt and his self-confidence deteriorates easily.

This can turn into both a pro and a con for a gamma male employee.

As a pro, if his superior is supportive, he can perform pretty well even through the worst times. Or, if his coworkers root for him, he can deal with all sorts of troubles optimistically.

As a con, anyone can affect his performance. Especially, if they find some flaws in his tasks, they can negatively impact his reputation at work.

Eventually, he might become a people pleaser to feel better. He might try to go the extra mile and let others violate his own boundaries. Others can take advantage of him once he reacts this way.

11. He believes he’s always right

The gamma male, due to his intelligence, believes that he’s right about everything. He feels proud of himself and his performance. But this eventually takes the form of ego and pride. He believes that he can never make mistakes and is close to perfect.

He feels so confident about himself that he even refuses to listen to his coworkers. If anyone says the opposite, he thinks they lack intelligence or wish for his doom. He arrogantly refuses others’ suggestions and follows his own path.

As a result, this makes him prone to more mistakes. If he works with an entire team, he might fail everyone at once. If he works solo, someone must oversee his way of working to avoid unwanted failures.

If a gamma male employee acts arrogantly and ignores the advice, they’re not a good bet for important projects.

12. But he also denies his mistakes

He has his own way of working and defines the rights and wrongs by himself. Of course, he makes multiple mistakes when he acts that way.

Since he’s confident about being “the right one”, he feels that his life is unfair. He can’t own his mistakes and change. Rather, he’d act like he was completely right at his point.

He blames something or someone else for the failure. He feels that his talent isn’t recognized or fate played an ugly game on him. However, he’ll just not recognize his mistake or fix it. He stubbornly sticks to his own position which makes it hard to coordinate with him.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re a hiring manager, you’re wondering if it’ll be a good idea to employ a gamma male. Well, test him to understand if he has the necessary skills. Don’t focus on the irrelevant details about his jealousy towards other people or his appearance.

If you have a gamma male coworker, figure out ways to deal with them. Avoid hitting their sore points and just maintain the bare minimum civil bond. If you’re indebted to his help, repay his kindness in some other form. If you feel some sort of resentment from them without a reason, communicate.

If anything goes wrong among coworkers, clear and honest communication can always fix things!

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