Did you fumble across the gamma male on the hierarchy? Maybe you thought this personality is based on the Hulk (because he absorbed gamma radiation)?

Well, sorry if that was too lame… if you want to get straight to the point, that’s cool! You see, the gamma male personality isn’t too fun. There are too many flaws and you’re bound to feel depressed.

But don’t worry, whether you’re a gamma male or know one, you’ll get to know everything you need.

So, let’s begin!

Gamma Male Infographic

Gamma Male - 25 Traits to Identify Them
Gamma Male – 25 Traits to Identify Them

Who is a Gamma Male?

Gamma Male is characterized by intelligence, empathy, love for adventure, and owning his masculinity. On the flip side, he can be clingy, risk-averse and stubborn.

The gamma male is highly intelligent, self-aware, empathetic, and romantic. However, he has much more flaws compared to good points. This makes him the most annoying and undesirable man in Vox Day’s hierarchy.

He gets jealous, acts entitled, and doesn’t want to own his mistakes. In romance, he doesn’t understand that women might have standards. He calls them names if they don’t agree to date him.

As a result, not a lot of people want to associate with him. So, if you want to know more about him, let’s keep reading!

Gamma Male Traits

Gamma men are like open books that lack any hint of mystery. You know their deepest fears and their worst prejudice if you spend some time with them. But they are also pretty helpful.

To understand these men a little better, begin with these traits!

1. He’s intelligent but only in certain cases

A man with a gamma male personality type is pretty intelligent. However, it is only restricted to a few nerdy subjects. So, he’ll shine bright in his studies only in those fields.

And before he begins his career he must figure out what his true passions are. If he enters the wrong field, he won’t be able to flourish. He’s also judged for not being good at everything.

2. Empathy results in nice guy syndrome

He is kind, warm, and helpful to everyone around him… whether he knows them or not. So, he is a gentleman in that way.

However, he thinks he is the best in the world because he helps others. He believes, being a nice man, he deserves better and more than any other man. He feels entitled to romantic connections and when that doesn’t happen, he doesn’t like it.

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3. He’s super out of shape

This is not to judge human beings by their looks, but gamma men seriously never take care of their appearance.

They are always way too lazy to brush their hair or groom their beard. They don’t exercise, eat healthily, or sleep well. Instead, they might even be addicted to substances. They need a whole new routine to improve themselves.

4. His hopeless romanticism is a bit overboard

The traits of a gamma male make him believe in the Disney-type movie where a man and woman love each other despite wealth, appearances, and everything superficial.

Instead, he focuses a lot more on grand gestures, surprises, and gifts and hopes it’ll work out. He doesn’t understand that this might not be a priority for his partner.

5. His definition of love is crooked

He solely depends on romantic gestures to propose to women. But high-value women want a stable, handsome, and authoritative man. Since he doesn’t have those, they may not settle for him.

But he doesn’t understand that to gain their love, he must fulfill those particular demands. He instead tries to compensate with even more romantic gestures which tick off his crush. 

6. He hates how other men have the advantage

While high-value women don’t pay attention to him, they chase alpha, beta, and sigma males. He feels extremely jealous of how those men have the upper hand in dating.

He wonders why they get so many women even though they do nothing special. Women further feel turned off by him for not understanding what they have.

7. The lack of mystery is a major spoiler for him

His mind is full of negative thoughts. For instance, he judges women for having standards and feels jealous of men that have a better dating life.

His resentful feelings are pretty vivid in his expressions and body language as if he’s an open book. He lacks the mysterious aura, so women feel even less interested once they know him better.

8. He is too delusional for his own good

He believes that he is the true alpha male and others have yet to notice it. In his group, he is the best among everyone, so he believes that he is the secret king. He fails to notice that everyone else in his circle has too low an IQ.

He also thinks he’s morally superior for being rejected so many times. His delusions only stop them from improving themselves.

9. He is conflict avoidant

He avoids conflict but it’s not like the beta men. He is not afraid of hurting others with his different opinion. Rather, he is scared of facing others or being questioned by others. He doesn’t want to get in the mess directly.

So, he harms others with passive aggression. He acts like he is fine but won’t resolve the conflict face-to-face.

10. He is also afraid of failure

He avoids any kind of risk in any area of his life because he’s afraid of failure. This obviously makes him lose out on a lot of important opportunities in life. Life is full of risks and due to his fear, he can’t get success in life. He also can’t give the best life to himself or others.

Oh no… that’s definitely not the end. To know more about his unique traits, check here!

But if you’re curious about his strengths and weaknesses, keep scrolling down…

Gamma Male Strengths and Weaknesses

Most people assume that a gamma male doesn’t have any strength at all. Because his negative sides always get highlighted, people forget that he also has some strong suits… like every other personality type!

So, let’s know about them here…


1. He is the best at his job

He is intelligent in the field he’s passionate about. He can thrive in it and even compete with an alpha or sigma in it. All he gotta do is find out what he’s good at and voila! His life is all set!

He’s a serious worker, and his boss and coworker respect him for his dedication.

2. He’s feminine and he owns it

He doesn’t follow the traditional definition of men. He isn’t rough and rude like the alpha or sigmas. He doesn’t shy away from taking care of his skin or practicing self-love.

He knows that being a man doesn’t mean that he must be covered in scars or neglect his basic needs. Even if people make fun of him for being girly, he doesn’t care!

3. He’s kind and empathetic

He can feel others’ emotions even before they express them. He knows it even if people try to hide it. He helps them in his own way even before they ask him.

He knows that everyone isn’t comfortable seeking help. So, he doesn’t wait until they mention it and step forward. This makes him pretty likable to others.

4. He knows how to enjoy life

He’s a fun-loving and adventurous man. He partakes in fun activities whenever he gets time. If he can’t go outdoors, he brings the fun home.

He might play board games and bet exciting rewards for the winner. He also likes to go against the grain and take a different path to enjoy the thrill of life.

5. He doesn’t feel ashamed of following

He likes to follow and avoids leadership roles and he doesn’t feel inferior for that. He understands that not everyone is cut out to lead and he’s one of them. He knows he can perform better if he follows someone else’s lead. So, he is honest about his ability despite others’ judgment.

However, people don’t lie when they criticize the gamma man. Since so many people dislike him, there’s definitely some reason. And honestly, most of those are because he isn’t ready to face reality.

C’mon, let’s know the troublesome parts!


1. He’s not good at regular things

He is only good at nerdy and bookish things. So, his intelligence can only help him deal with school and workplace problems. In his personal life, his intelligence may not help him enough. He might often make mistakes in his life because of this shortcoming.

He also feels insecure because his loved ones don’t acknowledge his limited intelligence. Instead, they feel disappointed in him.

2. The nice guy syndrome wrecks his dating life

He feels that since he is a gentleman and helps others even before they ask, he’s a great man. So, he deserves romantic connections with high-value women for being a nice guy… which is the story behind the syndrome.

He believes that women will naturally feel attracted to him romantically and/or sexually. But that’s not true and he only feels worse about it.

3. He isn’t conventionally handsome

He doesn’t care enough about his appearance. He might practice skincare due to his feminine traits. But that’s not enough to look good. He probably doesn’t groom his facial hair. Or, he might not follow a healthy routine with enough exercise, a balanced diet, or uninterrupted sleep.

This makes him look his worst and it impacts both his personal and professional life.

4. Hopeless romanticism doesn’t work in his dating life

He feels that romance is the same as in novels and movies. He thinks that gentlemanly gestures like holding the door for a woman, walking on the outer side of the sidewalk, or surprising her with gifts will impress his date.

He doesn’t understand that a woman might not want that. He never thinks or even asks if she likes anything different.

5. Even if she tells him, he doesn’t get the point

The dating life of a gamma male is completely in ruins. Even if she tells him that she has different expectations from a partner and they can’t work it out, he won’t understand.

For instance, he tries to compensate for traits like good looks, stability, or authority with even more romantic moves. He feels entitled to love if he keeps pushing hard. Women just feel turned off by this.

Nope, that wasn’t all either. There’s a lot more to know about his strong and weak suits right here!

However, if you’re the gamma male, you probably wanna switch your personality. But before that, let’s talk here…

Pros and Cons of being a Gamma Male

You can’t suddenly switch to an entirely new personality. It’s not like changing clothes and it’ll definitely be hard. So, it’d be much easier to know which are the acceptable parts and which you gotta work on.

C’mon, let’s know what’s good about you!


1. You’re aware of your actions and emotions

When you feel a certain way, you know the emotion and the reasons. This knowledge stops you from taking impulsive actions. You don’t inflict intense pain on others intentionally. Since you’re an empath, you understand others’ pain.

Self-awareness and empathy together help you communicate your feelings to others. If you get in a sticky situation, you can talk it out.

2. Others’ prejudice doesn’t stop him from relaxing

You love to indulge in self-care activities. Be it getting a spa, manicure, or waxing your body… you guess it and you get it. You know the world judges you for having a skincare routine, but you just don’t care. You know what keeps you happy and healthy and you follow it.

3. You know your limits and don’t let others violate it

You’re aware that leading others isn’t your cup of tea. You know you have certain issues so you can’t handle leadership roles. People are disappointed in you for this but you don’t let them push you out of your comfort zone. You know that your choices don’t make you any less deserving of happiness and success.

4. You don’t demand too much to be happy

You don’t want expensive gifts or surprises to feel better after a fight or misunderstanding. Due to your emotional hypersensitivity, acceptance, validation, positive feedback, compliments, and appreciation alone make you the happiest in your life.

Sweet words help you feel better and deal with any bad day easily. It can instantly boost your confidence.

5. You’re intelligent

People may not appreciate you enough for it, but you’re great at your passion. If you found it already, your life is all set to take off. You have a few nerdy interests and they can help you reach the peak of your career.

Others look down on you for limited talents. But the few that you have are enough to help you reach the pinnacle.

You’re probably dying to know the issues. Don’t worry, all the answers will be shared in a jiffy. But before you jump into some of the major issues here, remember not to go too hard on yourself and focus!


1. You’re jealous of other men

You secretly resent men of higher status – alpha, beta, or sigma. You can’t accept how they never make any romantic moves, yet all the women desire them. You wonder why no woman wants to be with you and always chases the bad boys.

Even in professional life, they excel much more than you, and you feel jealous of them.

2. You often think you’re the best

You’re good in your own field and always make the best decision in it. This boosts your confidence, and you feel you’re good at everything… even when you’re clearly not.

You ignore others’ advice and call them haters or fools. You don’t even pay attention for a second to their words. This obviously puts you in danger.

3. You never own mistakes

Once you ignore others’ wise words, you’re bound to fail. But when things don’t follow the plan, you don’t accept your mistake. Instead, you blame the universe, your fate, life, and everything else. You will point your fingers toward everything other than yourself.

You believe that being the nice guy you must be favored in everything. You just won’t snap back to reality.

4. You’re easy to manipulate

You are emotionally hypersensitive, so others’ actions deeply impact you. If anyone says two sweet words, you feel great about yourself. If they criticize you, you feel the lowest lows.

People can easily play with your emotions and feelings this way. You don’t even notice when you get manipulated and do everything you can to be validated.

5. Clinginess ruins your relationship

You believe that in a relationship, partners only need each other and nobody else. You can’t accept it when your partner spends time without you… whether alone or with her friends.

You cling to them or even stalk them to find where they are. This can seriously destroy your relationship and push away your partner for good.

But of course, these are only a few of them so you can’t make a fair judgment yet. Rather, know more about the pros and cons here!

However, are you just curious about how different gamma men are? Or, why they aren’t desirable? Let’s know that with a comparison here…

Gamma Male vs Sigma Male

Gamma males are known to be one of the most undesirable male personality types. Whereas people are diehard fans of sigma male personalities.

It’s only normal to wonder about the reason behind this huge difference. So, let’s find everything out here

1. Gamma men are followers, but Sigma doesn’t wanna be in groups

Men with gamma male personality traits feel more comfortable following others’ lead. They are conflict avoidant and risk-averse, so they’re simply a bad fit for leadership roles. They avoid it and try to show their skills by following others’ plans.

On the other hand, a sigma male personality wants to be independent. He won’t lead because that’s too much responsibility and won’t follow due to excessive restrictions. However, he can be an even better leader than an alpha male.

2. Gamma men care about others’ opinions unlike sigma males

The gamma man is emotionally hypersensitive. He’s on cloud nine if anyone appreciates or accepts him. But his self-confidence crumbles down if people reject or criticize him. He doesn’t do anything to seek validation.

On the other hand, a sigma man doesn’t care much about others’ opinions. He’s confident despite others’ perceptions about him. He knows that he’s great and others feel intimidated and insecure due to that.

3. Gamma men aren’t desirable like sigma men

Gamma men aren’t bad but there are way too many flaws. It’s not just about his appearance either. His mentality is also a big issue. He feels entitled, believes his romantic gestures can compensate for everything and calls names when women don’t accept him. Women obviously don’t want to be associated with him. 

On the flip side, sigma men are simply mysterious. They don’t want to settle down too early. They never boast about their qualities, so women want to know more about them and feel drawn toward them.

4. Gamma men have a few skills only compared to sigma males

The gamma male has only 2 or 3 skills based on academics or work. He isn’t well-versed in regular life skills and extracurricular activities. He’s nerdy with only a few talents. So, people often feel disappointed in him for not being an all-rounder.

But a sigma male is both street-smart and book-smart. He has an innate talent in everything. Even if he tries something new, he learns it fast and becomes perfect at it.

5. Gamma males dislike risks while sigmas like to play with fire

Gamma men have an irrational fear of failure, so they dislike taking risks. They often miss opportunities to grow. They can’t grow in their career or business because of this fear. So, they often miss the chance to grow financially.

Sigma men, on the other hand, like to take risks. The thrill from the adrenaline rush makes them feel at the edge and alive. They like to face challenges instead of leading easy lives.

But whoa there, there’s more! Along with many more differences and even a similarity, go check the full comparison here!

However, that’s probably not the only comparison you’re curious about. So, let’s begin with the king!

Gamma Male vs Alpha Male

In the socio-hierarchy, alpha men are at the top. They are the leaders in every area… whereas the gammas are the inconspicuous followers.

But is that the only difference? Let’s find out here…

1. Unlike alpha men, the confidence of gamma men isn’t invincible

A gamma male’s confidence mostly depends on the situation. He is emotionally hypersensitive, so others’ opinions and actions can impact his self-esteem. If anyone treats him poorly, he second-guesses himself and seeks validation to feel confident.

On the other hand, despite what others say or what an alpha male faces, he is always confident. Others’ opinions never put him down. He might feel bad if anything goes wrong. But his confidence level never falls because he knows he can deal with any situation.

2. Compared to the alphas, the gamma men might be confident for the wrong reasons

Gamma men are delusional about their position in Vox Day’s hierarchy. They believe that they are the true alpha males and people have yet to realize that.

They are so confident about themselves because they have high intelligence, are kind, and show romantic gestures. They believe they are the nice guys that deserve everything. Of this, women don’t desire them as much.

But the alpha male is confident because he knows he is great in multiple ways. He can take charge, decide the best for others, have a lot of power, and belongs to a higher status.

He is confident of the traits he actually owns and doesn’t bluff around. Since they follow through on their promises and are capable, women want them.

3. Alpha men are leaders unlike gamma men

Gamma men feel comfortable following others’ orders. They are conflict avoidant and risk-averse. If anything goes wrong, they can’t take charge of the situation. They know they aren’t that capable and don’t mind following others.

However, alpha men are born to lead. They can protect the weaker people below them and fight for them. They are aggressive and don’t mind fighting for others.  

4. Gamma men only have limited skills unlike alpha men

A gamma male only has a handful of talents based on books. He can flourish in his studies and work only… that too in limited fields. People look down on him for not being better in more fields.

On the flip side, an alpha male is talented in numerous subjects and fields. He knows almost everything. Even if he doesn’t, he can easily learn and grasp new skills and talents.

5. They can both be too prideful in some situation

The gamma male is proud of his intelligence and feels he is always right. He looks down on people when they advise him. He either calls them jealous or thinks they are fools. He also believes that he is the best man ever for being thoughtful and romantic.

Similarly, alpha men, due to legit reasons, are too proud and admire themselves for their strengths.

These men’s self-admiration can be a turnoff for many people.

Now that you cleared the first round with the alphas, let’s gradually go down the hierarchy…

Gamma Male vs Beta Male

Beta males are known as the submissive and introverted version of alpha men. So, you might expect a similar comparison to the last one.

But it’s always better to know for sure than assume anything. So, let’s head right in!

1. They both avoid the spotlight

The gamma male avoids any leadership position because he knows he’s not good at it.

But a beta male avoids it due to his introversion. If needed, he can take charge of the situation. However, they prefer to avoid such situations knowingly.

2. They are both friendly and kind

Both gamma and beta males are friendly with everyone around them.

Even if they don’t know someone, they treat them well and help them during troubles. They don’t mind stepping forward to help first. They try their best but don’t put themselves in inconvenient situations.

But if the person in trouble is a loved one, then of course they go out of their way to help them.

3. They both care about validation

Both of these men feel good when they get validated. They are sensitive to criticism and it can keep them worried and awake at night. When people appreciate them, they feel great about themselves.

4. They both avoid conflict but for different reasons

Gamma men avoid conflict because they don’t want to be interrogated about anything. They don’t want the other person to attack them either. However, they aren’t forgiving and show passive aggression instead.

On the other hand, beta males are also conflict-avoidant. But it’s only because he’s worried about the other person’s feelings. He doesn’t want to hurt them with his demands. He even lets others take charge of any situation to avoid hurting them. He follows their lead even against his own will.

Now you know that there were quite a few differences. So, it’s even more important to carry on with these comparisons. So, let’s go down the ladder once more…

Gamma Male vs Delta Male

You probably expect the delta male, aka the Average Joe, to be better than the gamma male. After all, the delta comes right before the gamma. So, let’s get on with the comparison!

1. They both blame others for their problems

The gamma male believes that he is always right. If anyone defies him, they are fools. Or, if they advise him otherwise, they want him to fail in life.

When he gets rejected, he blames his crush for chasing money and power or for being superficial. When others have a better dating life, he calls them playboys or manipulative.

Similarly, a delta male also resents others if he fights with anyone. He hates his ex-partners and friends. He’ll blame them for snatching away his happiness but do nothing to change it.

Both men never notice their own faults.

2. They are both lonely

The gamma male’s beliefs are pretty flawed… and toxic! So, not a lot of people stay in his life. In fact, his lovers often leave him for his warped notion of love or for believing he’s better than others. His friends can’t stand his overconfidence. Eventually, people leave him for thinking he’s the best.

On the other hand, the delta male was once an alpha male with a lot of people around him. But due to a tragedy, he became introverted and resentful. People left him once he lost his power and status. They are both abandoned by the world.

Oops… you probably feel that these men are the one and the same. But in reality, it’s only due to the lack of comparable grounds. There’s a reason behind the hierarchy!

So, c’mon, let’s get to the last one here…

Gamma Male vs Omega Male

You probably expect that gamma man will be much better than the omega man. However, as mentioned before, you can’t jump to conclusions about personality types. So, let’s dig into the truth here…

1. Unlike gamma men, omega men disregard people’s opinions

Gamma men care about people’s opinions of them. But it matters only if they usually validate them or hold the power to make their day. Otherwise, they don’t care about people’s advice and opinions much.

On the other hand, omega men never cared about society. He depends on his inner circle for reassurance. He doesn’t crave random people’s acceptance to feel better about himself.

2. Compared to gamma men, omega men are way more intelligent

Gamma male is intelligent about less than 5 nerdy topics. He isn’t skilled in things he can’t learn from books. He can’t even diversify his skills by learning more.

But an omega male is much greater in nerdy things. He can pretty much learn about everything and soak it all in. He eagerly listens and even learns from others’ experiences.

3. Gamma men’s motivation is acceptance. For omega men, it’s the task

At work, gamma men are more motivated to work because they want to be validated. They want good compliments from their boss, coworker, and loved ones. It’s their driving force to do better.

But the omega man’s motivation is his task. He wants to successfully complete it and feel gratified.

As you can see, you can’t say that one is better than the other!

And now that the comparisons are over… Are you curious about his professional performance? If yes, let’s get started here…

Gamma Male at Work

A gamma guy is a cool person in his work life. After all, his nerdy interests help him shine in his job. But there’s always more to know… and you might find some not-so-cool facts too.

So, let’s plunge into the details here…

1. He’s the best at his job

He might be intelligent in only a few things. But those are nerdy talents and help him in his career. So long he is within his own field, he is as good as any alpha or sigma man.

He is an asset to any organization due to his outstanding performance. However, don’t force him to multitask because of his limited expertise. Let him focus on his particular responsibilities.

2. He doesn’t want a leadership role

This guy isn’t unambitious and wants to grow professionally. However, he’s not good with leadership roles. He can do anything but lead. He knows that he can’t be a good leader and avoids that by all means.

He’s eager for a hike in his pay, appreciation, and promotions. But he’ll always turn you down if you want him to show the ropes to a rookie or handle an entire team.

3. His first impression isn’t the best

A gamma male job seeker might have a hard time getting a job. He isn’t conscious of his appearance. So, his outfit might be wrinkled, he might stink, or his health stats might be pretty low.

Organizations usually can’t hire him unless they know about his absolutely marvelous performance. Even if he gets a job, he isn’t presentable enough to deal with customers and clients.

4. He is afraid of risks and failure

Due to his irrational fear of failure, he has an aversion to risk. But in the workplace, any risk is a good opportunity. Since he’s scared to fail, he also loses growth opportunities repeatedly.

If he ever opens a business, his firm can’t grow because he’s not ready to take risks. Or, if he’s a salaryman, he won’t switch to a better job. He won’t take the risk of not being able to adjust to his surroundings.

5. He avoids conflict and creates troubles at work

He never faces any confrontation or conflict directly. Instead, he shows passive aggression toward the other person. He might delay their work for too long or make mistakes knowingly.

He’ll always make small inconveniences for them instead of resolving the actual issue. The organization suffers due to his way of handling situations.

There are many more interesting facts about a gamma employee, so find those here!

But if you wonder how he fairs in his personal life, let’s take a sneak peek here!

Gamma Male Relationships

This dude, unfortunately, doesn’t shine that much in his personal life. But it’s not completely his fault… the judgmental people around him are also to be blamed.

So, let’s not jump to conclusions and get to know him here

1. Loved ones often feel disappointed in his limited intellect

Not everyone knows everything and that’s okay. However, the gamma man has something to boast about… even if it’s less than 5 nerdy skills.

But his family members often have high hopes when they notice the first talent. They want to make him the best in everything and push him to the edge.

However, when he can’t meet their expectations, they feel disappointed and even overlook what he has.

2. Nobody feels neglected around him

The gamma man is kind and warm to everyone around him. He doesn’t ignore anyone if they are in a pinch. Rather, he knows that people won’t usually seek help out of shame. So, he keeps an eye on others and reaches out whenever they’re in trouble. 

He tries his best to help others whether they are loved ones or a stranger. But if it’s a loved one, he goes out of his way to support them by whatever means.

3. His friends are tired of explaining love to him

He believes that showering unlimited gifts on a partner is enough to make them like him back. So, if a crush rejects him because of his looks, entitled attitude, or delusions, he doesn’t get the hint. Instead, he tries harder than ever to win them back. 

His friends feel bad about his lack of understanding of “love”. They try to explain it to him yet he just isn’t ready to understand/.

4. He’s too jealous to be cool

Since other men on top of the social hierarchy enjoy a better dating life, he feels jealous of them. He doesn’t understand why no girl reciprocates his feelings.

Whenever he sees authoritative or successful men, he harbors negative feelings for them… even if they never hurt him. His friends and lover feel he’s like a loser because of this.

5. The transparency adds to his poor relationships

He’s like an open book, so there’s no hint of mystery in him. Everyone can read his mind which is full of overconfidence and toxic thoughts.

People don’t give him a chance to change his impression. They understand their negative perception of others and feel turned off.  His friends and lovers push him away even before they grow close.

But if you’re wondering who’ll be his best partner, let’s show you the way…

Gamma Male Romantic Compatibility

Nobody usually falls for a gamma male. Even if they do, they don’t have that much of a resolve to stay till the end. But if you’re interested in a relationship with him, be ready to check out these boxes here…

1. They mustn’t be too judgmental about looks

His partner is allowed to have standards for their partner’s physical appearance, hygiene, and health. However, they must not judge a book by its cover. Rather, they must inspire him to take care of his physique and health.

They must take him out to the gym and enjoy healthy diets together. They must always cheer him to be better without any poor remarks.

2. They’ll be careful about manipulative actions

A gamma man is prone to manipulation due to his emotional hypersensitivity. He craves appreciation and validation and feels low from criticism and rejection.

They must be careful about not this and not let any manipulative pattern enter the relationship intentionally. They also mustn’t play with his emotions for selfish reasons.

3. They can deal with clinginess properly

He believes in fairy tale romance as he’s a hopeless romantic. So, he also feels that partners don’t need anyone else other than each other. When his partner spends time with friends or alone, he might often try to intrude.

His partner must never enable such dynamics in the relationship. They mustn’t accept such toxic demands and always be honest about their needs for space.

4. They must be able to lead and not push him

He feels more comfortable when others take the lead, and he’s asked to follow. In his personal life, his partner must take crucial decisions whether it’s a date, vacation planning, or investment plans. They must be mentally stronger than him.

He also doesn’t like to take leadership roles at work. So, his partner mustn’t force him to grab a promotion.

5. They’ll never support his delusions

He’s delusional and believes he’s better than the alpha male or that all women want him. His partner must always be honest about how the world works. They mustn’t ever ignore facts just because he might be hurt. His compatible partner must stay on track and show him what’s right and what’s wrong.

If you want to know about his personal and romantic life, don’t forget to check this link!

However, if you’re curious whether you or someone else is a gamma male, let’s help you here…

How to identify a Gamma Male?

Sorry to disappoint you, but the official personality test for a gamma male isn’t out yet. There’s no news, update, or research about it either.

However, here is a short quiz to find your answer. This is based on all the research on a gamma male and is updated on all important facts.

But if you suspect someone else is a gamma male, let them take the quiz by themselves to get an accurate answer. So, go and take the test and continue reading here once you get the answer!

So, are you a gamma male? If yes, you’re probably worried about many things. But don’t worry because some tips are waiting for you here…

What to do if you’re a Gamma Male?

There are so many negative gamma male personality traits… so, if you’re worried, that’s completely understandable. However, this is not the time to feel anxious. So, let’s help you out here

1. Don’t be insecure about your skills

Since you only have limited and geeky skills, people often look down on you. They judge you for not being an all-rounder like the alpha and sigma males or feel disappointed. This impacts your self-confidence a lot.

Don’t let people’s thoughts hurt you and believe in yourself. You’re a unique individual, so don’t compare yourself with others.

2. Don’t assume kindness makes you better

You show empathy and kindness to everyone around you. But this is never a selfless act. Rather, you want people to notice you and validate you. Especially, if you want your prospective partners to think highly about you since no other guy is as kind.

Remember, that a good trait doesn’t make you better than everyone else. So, don’t be mad if women don’t feel attracted to you for it.

3. Take care of your appearances

You are out of shape because of your poor lifestyle habits. You don’t follow a healthy diet, exercise, or sleep. It might even be because of past or current addiction issues.

You must work on yourself because looks are important. No, it’s not because the world is superficial. Rather, it signifies that you’re serious about yourself and your life.

4. Never assume that romance is all she wants

You’re a hopeless romantic and believe that everything will work out if you show grand gestures in love. However, don’t assume that a woman only wants gifts and surprises.

Some women want emotional and financial stability. Others may want their partner to have high status and power. Snap out of the fairy tale ideas and try to embrace the desired qualities.

5. Don’t compensate with the wrong thing

If your crush wants a man with good looks, a house, or a stable income, that’s what she truly wants. You can’t change her demands in a relationship.

Even if you try to compensate those with more expensive gifts, it may only make them happy for a few moments. She’ll be distracted for a while but eventually desire her dream man.

Don’t be confused, it’s not the end yet. So, go grab the entire guide here and become your best version here!

But, did you find someone else who is a gamma male? Do you want to maintain a good connection with them? Let’s work on that here…

How to deal with a Gamma Male?

A gamma male can be quite annoying but he might also be pretty close to you. Where most people push away problematic people, you’re probably too attached to him.

Or, you know he can be better and want to help him?

Your feelings are totally legit, so let’s help you here

1. Don’t judge his skills

Most people look down on a gamma male for not being enough. They criticize them for being intelligent in only a handful of bookish things. This hurts him so hard that all of his insecurities begin with this.

He denies his pain of not being the best instead of working on it. So, if you want to deal with him, don’t judge him for not being like the sigma or alpha males.

2. Appreciate his feminine traits

Every human being has a masculine and feminine part. Some balance both parts while others let either of them overpower… and it has nothing to do with gender or sexuality. However, a gamma man is often judged for being girly.

If you want him to trust you and deal with him successfully, embrace his feminine side. Encourage him to do what he likes.

3. Don’t force him to be a leader

Whether at work, in school projects, or in a surprise plan at home, he feels comfortable following others’ lead. He wants others to guide him, and he’ll try to realize their vision. However, some people can’t imagine a man not being in charge.

Well, that’s how he works, and there’s nothing wrong with following. So, unless nobody else can lead or his income isn’t enough, and he must take charge at work for better pay, don’t push him.  

4. Snap him out of the nice guy scenario

He always helps people and believes that he’s the best man around. So, since he’s a “nice guy”, he expects women to desire him more than others. He expects women to notice him because he’s a gentleman.

But when they don’t, he feels angry and blames women for wanting bad guys more. If he treats you or someone else that way, tell him that attraction is not just about being nice. Explain what women truly want in a partner

5. Deal with his jealousy with kindness

The gamma man often feels jealous of the men at the top of the dominance hierarchy. So, if he’s jealous of you or if you notice him feeling jealous of someone else, deal with it strategically.

Share a few tips to have a successful dating life. Help him work on his attitude or share insightful ways to attract a partner.

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However, are you tired of him? If you want to put an end to this charade, let’s share a few words here…!

How to defy the gamma male in your life?

You can try to deal with a gamma male and help him return to the normal flow of life. However, he is pretty stubborn… and you just do not want to deal with him at all. Don’t worry, nobody will judge you for feeling that way.

But, if you’re a family member, neighbor, classmate, or coworker, you can’t avoid him completely. So, here are a few tips to have him in the vicinity yet not care:

1. Never expect him to change

If you tried hard enough and he doesn’t understand you, get rid of any expectations. If he doesn’t want to step up his game, you can’t force him to. The best way to not get hurt or bothered by him is to expect nothing from him.

2. Set healthy boundaries

Gamma males are easy to manipulate with validation and criticism. They crave appreciation from others. Unknowingly, you might even manipulate him, which makes him stick to you more. Learn to take space and get rid of such dynamics. Avoid commenting on everything he does.

3. Let him deal with his crisis

A gamma man always blames the world for his troubles for attention. He never owns his mistakes and you get drawn to him to help him out of the pinch. Next time he complains, let him deal with it himself. He’s at fault from the beginning, so don’t worry! It feels the worst to ignore others’ pleas for help but stick to your grounds.

4. Distract your mind

If you’re used to worrying about him, you’ll often feel guilty when you follow these steps. Your mind will always lead you back to him. So, keep yourself busy with something worthwhile if you want to end this for good. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck to him forever.

5. Build fulfilling bonds

After you remove the toxic gamma male from your life, you’ll feel lonely without his clinginess. So, spend time with your friends and family. Share your feelings with trustworthy people.

Seek help to stick to your resolve. Learn to rebuild healthy relationships with new people. Make new friends and learn to identify toxic people with your loved ones’ help.

But if you don’t feel that way at all, but feel inspired by a gamma male, let’s talk some more here…

How to be a Gamma Male?

Honestly speaking, the gamma male archetype isn’t desirable at all. However, if you are tired of meeting everyone’s expectations and taking on a lot of pressure… or, if you’re an alpha male and want to improve yourself, this is the perfect personality for you.

Of course, you don’t need to embrace the negative traits. But you’ll gain a lot from the good traits. So, let’s begin this quest!

1. Never force yourself to be everything at once

Society glorifies the alphas, betas, and sigmas for being the best in everything. However, there’s no reason to force everyone to fit into that category. Yet, society never cared and always judged men when they can’t be superheroes.

Well, mate, it’s completely okay not to be an all-rounder. If you want to be one, that’s your choice. But never feel forced into it, and cherish whatever strengths you have.

2. Be kind and helpful to everyone around

If anyone around you is in trouble, reach out to them. Don’t overlook them, and definitely never assume that they’ll get help elsewhere. Life usually doesn’t work that way, and you might save someone’s life… you might take this as a joke, but it’s not!

So, if you can do the bare minimum to support someone, do it. If you can’t, spread the word to increase the chance of finding help.

3. Don’t hesitate to pamper yourself

Okay, so you’re a man, and you must act manly… at least, that’s what society fed your mind. But brother, self-love isn’t a women-only thing. Everyone deserves mental and emotional peace.

So, if you’ll feel better after having an entire chocolate cake… or, if you feel optimistic after getting a hair spa, do it. Don’t listen to the haters, and enjoy life as you wish!

4. Be adventurous

So, you have nothing much to do during your spare time? Head out for a spontaneous adventure to the woods or set out on a road trip. If you’re indoorsy, cook something new or paint your house.

Embrace the fun-loving gamma man within you. Don’t be shy to be childish and jump in puddles. 

You can also add adventure to life decisions. Make your choices independently instead of following the same old traditional approach to everything!

5. Don’t be shy to be a follower

Whether you’re a leader and don’t want to lead anymore or want to continue being a follower, there’s nothing to be ashamed of! You’re probably scared about your desire to avoid leadership roles. You know people will be disappointed if you tell them so.

But do you know what’s worse? Not listening to yourself!

If you just try to make others happy and ignore your comfort zone, you’ll regret it big time. So, do what you gotta and enjoy life!

Yes, of course, that wasn’t all! Get rid of your impatience and complete the quest here.

But if you have more queries about this personality, let’s dive in here…

FAQs about Gamma Male

The gamma male personality is pretty confusing. He might seem completely hopeless because of his jealousy, overconfidence, and sense of entitlement. But he’s also kind, self-aware, and even gets manipulated.

He’s a total mess, so you’re bound to have more questions! So, let’s clear your doubts here…

1. Is there any potential for growth in gamma males?

Gamma men are extremely stubborn and proud due to their self-imposed delusion of grandeur. So, some people simply give up on them instead of working things out.

After all, if they refuse to acknowledge their personality, you can’t help them. Change begins with acceptance and they’re in denial. So, even if a few changes in the behavioral pattern can help him, it’s hard.

But the gamma male has great potential once he accepts his flaws. If he doesn’t lie to himself and others, stops avoiding conflict, and takes the risk, he can improve himself.

2. Where does the gamma male personality fit in the hierarchy?

In the socio-hierarchy of Vox Day, the gamma male archetype is positioned second from the bottom. This is placed right above the Omega male. The Alpha, Sigma, Beta, and Delta Males are above the Gamma Males.

3. What do women think about a gamma male?

Since gamma males are empathic, friendly, and hopeless romantics, women feel that they are prince charming from a fairy tale. They feel impressed by their funny conversations only until they find out their inner thoughts.

Once they know about the entitled nature and fake pride, they feel suffocated in the relationship. Women understand that they are being looked down upon for having standards.

They find that these men are delusional about life and lie to themselves and others. So, women’s opinions about them hit rock bottom pretty soon. Most women avoid them because they don’t know what’s real and what’s not.

4. What do friends think about a gamma male?

A gamma male’s friends watch him get rejected by his crush and feel bad about him. Initially, everyone wonders why such a kind and compassionate man is so lonely.

Eventually, they learn about the other side of reality and know about his lies and delusions. They won’t feel sympathetic toward him anymore. They might either try to talk some sense into him or steer clear completely.

They might even feel embarrassed and try to warn any girl around them… be it a prospective partner or a female friend.

5. What do coworkers and bosses think about a gamma male?

Everyone will appreciate him for his hard work and intelligence. He refers to his achievements way too often. So, they know he fishes for compliments too often. They might put some distance in between as it exhausts them.

He might think he is much better than the rest. His boss and manager might be tired of his plea for an increase in wage or a promotion to a non-leadership role. They’ll avoid him and keep him away from other employees to not get distracted or annoyed.

6. How to change from a gamma male to an alpha or sigma male?

Don’t seek validation or acceptance. If people ignore this, the hint is to stop seeking it. Otherwise, you’ll become an eyesore, and they’ll ignore you completely. Try to give others space and wait until they reach out. You can’t forcibly have your way in life. Lastly, stop living in a fictitious world and accept reality.

7. What is it like to date a gamma male?

If you date a gamma male, here are something you’ll face:

– He’ll be obsessed with you, and it can be pretty hard to handle at times. He might even stalk you if you spend time with your friends or take time for yourself.
– Since he lacks self-confidence, he wants to show you that he’s all you need. So, even if you tell him that you only have eyes for him and that he’s enough, he won’t believe you. He’ll do what he feels is right.
– He can become pretty clingy to the point of ruining your relationship.
– In love, he thinks that his partner is the best any man can ever get. He feels the same, whether it’s about you or his ex. And he fails to notice if a partner takes advantage of him. 
– Even if you tell him to be more aware and not get scammed by his partners, he won’t comply. He’d rather trust his partner completely than doubt them.

8. Who coined the term “gamma male”?

Dan Savage, in his “The Savage Love,” coined the term “gamma male”. He used it to describe a man that’s neither as dominant as the alpha nor as powerful yet kind as the beta. According to him, the gamma male is any man that doesn’t fit in the traditional male hierarchy due to their lack of power.

9. How does the gamma male make society more competitive or aggressive?

Gamma men are intelligent and driven in their respective fields, so there are loads of gamma men in the workforce. Since they are the best in their particular subject, they are often placed in important roles. Many others want to covet his position from him. So, the competition for that designation is pretty high.

Though the gamma male doesn’t want a leadership role, he’s pretty territorial about his own position. To protect his own place, he doesn’t mind taking advantage of others.

This can be borderline bullying and harassment at work. But he usually does this unintentionally because he doesn’t want to get in a direct conflict with others. He only has his own goals in mind and doesn’t see anything wrong with his actions. His actions make society more aggressive and competitive this way.

10. What is a gamma male in the Omegaverse?

In the Omegaverse (alternate universe), the alphas are dominant, betas are neutral, and omegas are submissive. People assume that the entire wolf pack theory doesn’t exist when it comes to Omegaverse but that’s false.

Rather, gamma men are exactly betas but also have omega male traits. However, unlike the real omegas, gammas aren’t weak to the pheromones of alphas, gammas, or even omegas. A gamma male also can’t easily detect the presence of an omega or alpha nearby unless they go into a rut.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re a gamma male, remember that the first step of improvement is acceptance. Accept that you’re flawed and that you must make slight changes in your thinking style.

If you know a gamma male, it won’t hurt to give him at least one shot to help him. If that doesn’t work, choose for yourself.

Remember, whoever you are and whatever your goal may be, efforts will give the result. So, stay dedicated and you’ll definitely reach your goals!

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