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Are You a Gamma Male? Find Out Here!

Are You a Gamma Male? Find Out Here!

Updated on Jul 19, 2022 | Published on Oct 21, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Gamma Male - 25 Traits to Identify Them

A gamma male is typically considered a culmination of all the personality types. This makes him the most integrated and level-headed in the socio-sexual hierarchy despite ranking fourth. He has a desire to live life to its fullest, is adventurous, and rather approval-hungry.  

To back it up a little, the video game designer Theodore Robert Beale, alias Vox Day, coined the term socio-sexual hierarchy. He intended to categorize people based on behavioral patterns and how they determined success in various areas of one’s life.

Read on to know more about the gamma male and where he stands on the pecking order!

Gamma Male Infographic

Gamma Male - 25 Traits to Identify Them
Gamma Male – 25 Traits to Identify Them

Gamma Male Definition

A gamma male is a personality type that is characterized by intellectual and emotional intelligence. He is empathetic, compassionate, and has a curious take on life. 

Most research on socio-sexual rankings comes from studies on nonhuman primates. 

Typically, terms such as alpha, beta, and gamma are ascribed to where a person positions on the dominance ladder. These terms are applicable to female personalities as well, such as gamma female and alpha female.

A gamma male ranks fourth on the socio-sexual hierarchy. He is characterized by his empathic nature, curiosity, desire for adventures, and self-awareness.

Moreover, he is looked down upon for being in touch with his feminine characteristics. He is also positioned at the fourth rank in the socio-sexual hierarchy but is the most well-rounded.

Do not be surprised if you find a gamma man backpacking across the world. They are zealous, highly skilled in various things, and have a taste for adventures. Besides that, they are highly aware of who they are, their emotions, as well as their actions.

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Gamma Male Traits 

1. A gamma male is intelligent

A gamma man is intelligent. This trait mixed with his diligence makes him rather successful in whatever he pursues. 

Despite flourishing in his field, he stays humble and has his feet planted firmly on the ground. He has high regard for hard work and looks down on vanity.

Moreover, he understands that a career is only one aspect of his life. He is inclined toward leading a fulfilling life wherein he pays appropriate attention to his work, friends, romance, adventures, and the like.

Going beyond his intellectual intelligence, a gamma man is also emotionally and socially perceptive. He is in touch with his feelings. A gamma man understands others’ emotional needs and wants.

Further, he is socially aware and fits well in his friendship circle as well as workgroups.

2. They are highly empathetic

To elaborate on a gamma male’s emotional intelligence, he is exceptionally empathetic. Although stereotyped to be a feminine characteristic, a gamma man takes pride in being this understanding.

He is almost always mindful of his emotions and those of others. A gamma man takes a genuine interest in gaining insights into what the other person is going through. Consequently, this trait allows himself to become their support system.

Besides that, most people feel reassured owing to a gamma man’s empathy. Eventually, they embrace his nature in its entirety. This behavior goes to show that a gamma man is the most levelheaded of the socio-sexual personalities.

3. He owns his feminine side

Gamma men get pushed around for not being “macho” enough. However, they are secure in owning their femininity. They are self-aware and understand that vulnerability is strength and not weakness. Also, they are attuned to their emotions and are highly expressive.

Moreover, he embraces this side by prioritizing self-care. Specifically, he confidently engages in practices typically associated with women. 

To put it simply, a gamma male is a type of man who does not differentiate between “masculine” and “feminine.” If he wants to do something, he goes after it without any embarrassment. 

Carl Jung spoke of the anima and animus archetypes, which are present in everyone. Going by this psychoanalytical approach, a gamma man is wiser and more integrated than the other socio-sexual personalities. 

4. A gamma male is adventurous 

One of the most captivating personality traits of a gamma male is his inclination toward adventures. He loves the adrenaline rush one gets from going on thrilling expeditions. 

Moreover, a gamma man is always down for trying new things apart from having a rather insatiable appetite for exploring life and nature. He also prefers to create his own path.

For instance, he will persuade his friends to sign up for wild endeavors and is the life of the party in his social circle. He is quite laid back and is inclined toward having fun. Therefore, a gamma man is an incredible friend and partner.

It is impossible to find a gamma man boring. Adding to that, he always finds ways to get you out of your comfort zone, giving you an opportunity to improve yourself. He challenges people close to him in compassionate and exhilarating ways.

5. They are zealous

A gamma man’s zealous nature goes hand in hand with his passion for adventure. He is eager not just to go on invigorating journeys, but also to learn new skills.

On top of that, a gamma man is keen on obtaining the approval of and affection from those around him. Despite being independent in most ways, he still wishes to be the object of admiration among his loved ones.

6. A gamma male is aware of his actions

Being the empathetic and self-aware person he is, a gamma man is attuned to not just his emotions, but also to his actions. He always tries to reflect on the way his behaviors affect others. 

Specifically, he is continually on the lookout to improve himself and make the people around him lead comfortable lives. His high emotional intelligence can exhaust him at times. Constantly thinking of the betterment of those around him takes effort. 

With that said, a gamma male would not give up this trait for all the tea in China. Kindness is so ingrained that it defines a large part of a gamma man’s personality.

Even in romantic relationships, this trait allows a gamma man to be his partner’s best friend. People look at him as someone whom they can trust to have their back at all times.   

7. Gamma males are versatile

People typically look down on those who are described as “A jack of all trades.” However, little do they know that the whole phrase goes, “Jack of all trades, master of none, but better than a master of one.” A gamma man embodies this saying.

It makes sense that they show versatility as they are adventurous and like to experiment. They are inherently curious and eager to try their hand at various things. 

8. They are incredibly romantic

Gamma men are expressive and wear their hearts on their sleeves. They adore their partners and rejoice in planning elaborate dates. A gamma man is always willing to go the extra mile for their romantic interests. They make excellent partners. 

While being aware of their emotions, wants, and needs, so are they of those of their partner. They are compassionate and provide a safe and comforting space for their lover. 

With that said, a gamma man tends to have his heart broken (multiple times, mind you!) as he tends to fall hard and fast. 

He would not have it any other way because he treasures the concept of love. A gamma man firmly believes that the thrill of falling in love surpasses the pain of heartbreaks.

9. They can be clingy

Following the aforementioned characteristic, gamma men go overboard making them come across as clingy. Because they fall hard and fast, their romantic interests are often not on the same page as them. 

Even in friendships, he tends to become overly possessive, making them feel suffocated. Consequently, his friends may start avoiding him and he ends up losing people with whom he built connections. 

10. A gamma male is self-motivated

A gamma man is highly self-motivated. He is his best cheerleader and does not need any external push to go after his dreams. Being highly introspective, a gamma male fosters confidence by learning from his experiences and understanding himself better. 

This characteristic is rather striking when compared to an alpha male who thrives on external validation. An alpha man derives most of his motivation from other people’s approval. On the other hand, a gamma man is self-driven.

11. He is compassionate

Everybody likes a gamma man as he makes an excellent best friend, neighbor, and overall human being. He is a warm person and someone you can count on for practical advice. 

Moreover, he is empathetic and understands people by trying to see where they are coming from. This characteristic makes him approachable and allows him to be a great friend and a team player at work.

12. A gamma male avoids conflict

Gamma men will go to great lengths to avoid conflicts as they find such situations deeply discomfiting. When someone does wrong by them, they are passive about it. That is, gamma men would rather stay silent than voice their opinion.

Despite his ability to think quite analytically, a gamma man gets easily uncomfortable when a disagreement ensues. This uneasiness drives him to swallow his voice or avoid such situations altogether.  

13. He is averse to failure

Apart from being averse to conflicts, gamma men do everything in their power to evade failure. This attitude translates into risk-avoidance of all sorts in personal and professional lives.

Everybody knows that sometimes it is necessary to take risks. Leading a comfortable life at all times can be detrimental in many ways. 

They believe that they have to succeed in all their undertakings. This can be difficult for them because of their tendency toward versatility and trying different things.

In a world that is changing so quickly, the biggest risk you can take is not taking any risk.

– Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal

14. Refuses to get off his moral high horse

A gamma man often considers himself morally superior. They may feel so because of their escapades and the experience they gain from the same. Additionally, they have trouble getting off their high horse.

Moreover, gamma men are keenly aware of their intelligence. This drives them to believe that they are wiser and morally better than the other types of men. 

Regarding dating circles, a gamma man is often met with rejection. Consequently, he tends to believe this makes him more experienced. Along those lines, he may also start perceiving people who succeed in their dating life to be promiscuous and dishonorable. 

15. They have a rigid worldview

Gamma men tend to have an idealistic worldview and are resistant to change. Often, you can catch him with a “good things happen to good people” mindset. The psychological term for this attitude is known as the just-world hypothesis

This mindset causes them to meet with disappointments more often than not. A gamma man might start feeling jealous of the other personality types, as he believes he deserves better than them. 

16. A gamma male tends to look down on others

Adding to the previous characteristic, a gamma man is of the opinion that he is better than the rest on the pecking order. 

Gamma men may not be vocal about this feeling of superiority. However, they believe in a silent sense of grandiosity that they are more intelligent and even wealthier.

17. They tend to be unsatisfied with their status

A gamma man’s positioning on the socio-sexual hierarchy often leaves him dissatisfied. He believes that his intelligence makes him better than the other personality types. So, he typically copes by denying the truth.

Specifically, he might claim to be more of an alpha or sigma. Faced with rejection from a romantic interest, he might put them down instead of facing his reality. 

18. They compensate with an inflated ego

A gamma man copes with his inferiority regarding his ranking by inflating his sense of self-esteem. This mechanism is commonly known as the Gamma Delusion Bubble or the Secret King Complex. 

To elaborate, a gamma man tends to conjure up a narrative to rid themselves of their insecurities, especially in the face of rejection. They pretend to be the actual alpha and believe that others are not intelligent enough to understand their brilliance.

19. A gamma man is a follower

A gamma man is comfortable following rather than leading. He believes he is indecisive and likes going with the flow, which makes him better suited to obey orders instead of leading the crowd.

20. He can be lazy

Although adventurous, a gamma man can be unmotivated and lazy. He yearns for a fulfilling life but often refuses to work for the same. This characteristic also explains the previously mentioned trait of gamma men being averse to taking risks.

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Gamma Male Traits in the Dating World

Despite having many outstanding qualities, a gamma man can find it difficult to find his footing in the romance segment of life. 

21. Gamma males find it difficult to understand women

Firstly, heterosexual gamma men sometimes struggle to understand women. This difficulty can seem confusing considering how in touch gamma males are with their feminine side.

A possible explanation for this involves the analytical mind of a gamma man. Because they usually think in rather linear ways, it might be hard for them to get a grip on the nuances of flirting and connecting. 

Courtship involves paying attention to the nonverbal behaviors as well. This is something which a gamma man might struggle with being a unidirectional thinker.

22. They can turn resentful

If a gamma man faces multiple rejections while seeing other men flourish in their dating lives, he is likely to turn bitter. This indignation might be toward other socio-sexual personalities or their romantic interest. 

They might form generalized opinions of those who reject them. For instance, in the case of a heterosexual gamma man, he may start resenting women in general. 

This tendency can make their romantic situation worse in that most people find such fragile attitudes unappealing. So, the chances of such a gamma man facing rejection continue to increase. 

Additionally, it turns into a vicious cycle of dismissal, resentment, and off-putting behaviors.        

23. Gamma males tend to be obsessive

As mentioned earlier, gamma men can go over the top with their feelings and romantic gestures so much so that they may come off as too strong. Additionally, their romantic interest or partner may feel like they are not on the same page. 

Just after a few dates, a gamma male becomes preoccupied with thoughts about whom he is seeing. This tendency can be challenging to deal with for him. With that said, he respects boundaries and will do nothing impolite.

His clinginess is counterintuitive. Specifically, the more he tries to pursue his romantic interest, the further they are likely to move away from him. This act deeply hurts a gamma man, although it is not the other person’s fault. 

Moreover, a gamma man would want to take his relationship at breakneck speed. This is something for which many people may not be ready. Again, this tendency could jeopardize a gamma man’s chances of forming sustainable relationships.

24. He may come across as entitled

His intelligence attracts women, but what is often off-putting is a gamma man’s entitled attitude and behavior. When a gamma male looks at others through a lens of condescension, especially in terms of intelligence, it can come in the way of his dating life. 

Viewing himself as intellectually superior drives him to assume an entitled attitude. Specifically, he thinks that he deserves more than what he receives from life. This outlook often spills over into his dating life, which crops up as a red flag for many people.

25. Their outlook on attraction can be skewed

A gamma man’s beliefs on how attraction works is occasionally somewhat warped. He believes that his love is genuine and enough to get his romantic interest to like him back. 

Specifically, he believes the harder he loves, the more his chances are of them falling for him. Moreover, a gamma male might look down on the other socio-sexual personalities in terms of the genuineness of their feelings. He opines that his love is more real than theirs.

Therefore, when he faces rejection, he copes by rationalizing it. He convinces himself that his romantic interest does not deserve his affection.  

Gamma Male Personality in Comparison to Others

Outlined below is a detailed account of how gamma men compare to the other socio-sexual personalities, namely alpha, omega, delta, and beta. 

Gamma Male vs Alpha Male

A gamma male differs from an alpha male commonly in terms of their expression of masculinity. An alpha man is typically considered more “macho” than a gamma man, who is often referred to as sensitive.

To further explain, a gamma man is more vocal with his emotions, whereas an alpha man believes like the tough guy. 

Gamma Male vs Beta Male

A gamma male differs from a beta male in that the latter is more laid back than the former. Both betas and gammas are Mr. Nice Guys. Ranking second on the dominance hierarchy, beta males are a lot like gamma men, except they are likely to be much more relaxed.

Gamma Male vs Delta Male

Delta men, when compared to gamma men, are not as likable in social settings. Moreover, a delta male personality type is not as goal-oriented as a gamma man.

Delta men may seem like the guy next door, who is pretty easygoing and prefers being away from the spotlight. However, he may have the tendency to avoid any and all human interactions and be a recluse.

Gamma Male vs Omega Male

An omega male is positioned at the bottom of the socio-sexual hierarchy. They are often described as the opposites of alpha men. 

Gamma men and omega men are differentiated based on their social skills. The former is outgoing, sociable, and brightens up even the dullest events. Omega personalities, on the other hand, are wallflowers in any social situation. 

Gamma Male vs Sigma Male

Sigma males actively disregard associations with the socio-sexual hierarchy. Meanwhile, a gamma male often occupies himself with the same, specifically regarding where he ranks.

With that said, on a personality level, a sigma male is a lone wolf. He is likely to take on a manipulative and calculated approach to most things in life. On the other hand, a gamma male has a lax attitude and is inclined towards going on adventures. 

How to Be a Better Gamma Male

A gamma man can unleash his full potential by socializing, spending more time with himself, slowing down a bit, working on his insecurities, and learning to be more logical while dating.

1. Socialize with other personality types

By expanding his connections, specifically with alphas and betas, a gamma man can widen his understanding of women. 

Specifically, he can broaden his charismatic repertoire and also learn to be more assertive from alpha men. Although gamma men are laid-back and fun-loving, with beta men, they can get the hang of telling legitimately hilarious jokes. 

2. Spend time alone

Spending time alone is commonly associated with introspection. Despite being highly self-aware, a gamma man needs to be alone for other reasons. 

To be more specific, a gamma man is a highly empathetic and easygoing person. Many people often approach a gamma man to talk about their concerns owing to this personality trait. He can get exhausted and overwhelmed in the process.

By taking some time to be by himself, he can regain composure and recharge his emotional and social batteries. 

3. Slow down

Romantically, a gamma man has the tendency to put all his eggs in the same basket in that he often falls too quickly. His obsessive nature typically leads to heartbreaks. 

One reason for this could be how in tune with his emotions a gamma man is. This characteristic is something about which he should not feel ashamed. With that said, he can use his empathy to stop and see where the other party is coming from. 

The other party may feel smothered when a gamma man pours so much love. It might be difficult for him to understand their side. Pausing to use his intelligence and awareness could help a gamma man slow down his relationship trajectories.

4. Work on insecurities

Having an unsuccessful dating life or feeling insecure about his ranking can take a blow on a gamma man’s self-esteem. Instead of focusing on his position on the social ladder, he can try finding inspiration from others’ success.

Similarly, rather than comparing himself with other male personality types, he can try to focus on his strengths and work on ways to improve himself wherever necessary. 

5. Be more logical at dating

As much as one needs to listen to their heart when it comes to love, it is equally important to use their head. A gamma man is empathetic and soft, which makes him easily exploitable.

Without truly getting to know someone can lead to heartbreak if gamma men do not learn to be more careful. As much as kindness is an incredible characteristic, it is imperative that a gamma male reminds himself that not all people mean him well. 

Famous Gamma Males

Here is a list of a few famous gamma men.

  1. Seth Rogen
  2. Adam Sandler
  3. Leonardo DiCaprio
  4. Marshall Eriksen
  5. Ben Stiller
  6. Jim Carrey
  7. Michael Scott

Gamma Male Books

Following is a compilation of books that depict gamma male personalities. These men are portrayed in a humble yet sexy light, who do not shy away from showing their vulnerability. 

  1. Crazy in Love – Annabelle Costa
  2. Baby Crazy – Annabelle Costa
  3. Sky High Love – Bree Kraemer
  4. Not You – Diana Vale
  5. Finally There – Diana Vale
  6. Capture Us – Diana Vale
  7. Oopsie Daisy – Iris Morland
  8. Helping Hand – Jay Northcote
  9. Hearts in Darkness – Laura Kaye
  10. After the Night – Sandra Marie

Parting Thoughts from ThePleasantPersonality

Ranking fourth on the socio-sexual hierarchy, a gamma male is mostly a healthy mix of all the other personality types. He is laid-back, emotionally aware, and is inclined to go on exhilarating adventures.

On the flip side, a gamma man easily gets insecure about his social ranking. He compensates by frowning at the other types of men. Adding to this, his dating life is quite bleak because of his obsessive nature and wanting to take things faster than his partner.

At the end of the day, no person​​ality type is “better” than the other. For the most part, everybody has a combination of traits that are typical of each personality type. 

Try focusing on your strengths and working on your weaknesses to be the best version of yourself! 

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