Are you wondering how to balance your relationship if you’re an alpha female? Perhaps, your personality type and traits affect your love life. Want to figure out a way to make things work?

Well, fret not because here you’ll find all the important steps to achieve your goals. To get rid of all the trouble in your love life due to your personality, dive right in!

How to Balance Your Relationship if You’re an Alpha Female?

If you’re an alpha female, you know that you expect a lot from your partner. You want them to do more, but you also aren’t ready to let go of the reins.

Even if you feel confused about your expectations in a relationship. So, let’s find a way to even out your rocky relationship here…

1. Show gratitude to his masculine side

Your alpha female personality traits make you a strong and independent woman. People feel intimidated by your powerful nature and you become the leader, manager, or boss at work pretty soon. So, this personality type helps you out a lot when it’s your professional life.

However, in your personal life, the alpha personality might attract a bit too much trouble. Since you have always been in a leadership position in other areas of your life, you also try to lead in your relationship due to higher masculine energy.

Men, on the other hand, usually have more masculine energy and desire a partner with feminine energy. So, your man needs enough space and opportunity to express his masculine energy.

Now, if you want to be the boss in the relationship, you’ll only observe his energy as a challenge. You won’t easily appreciate his masculine side and make him feel less.

So, try to not feel threatened whenever he shows his masculinity. Instead of feeling challenged, appreciate his energy. Remember that you are always powerful, but it doesn’t hurt if your partner is also powerful. There’s no need to compete with him. Rather, be glad that he is also skilled enough to make you both the best couple.

In the relationship, if your partner wants to make a decision, let him. Have faith in his choice until the end. Meanwhile, take your time to rest and enjoy the moment. Though you love to be in charge, it doesn’t hurt to let your nerves relax.

Even if he makes a wrong choice, don’t criticize him. Don’t forget that even you make mistakes.

Instead of obsessing over the negative possibilities, appreciate his courage to step forward. Meanwhile, you can think together to clear up the messes.  

2. Embrace your feminine powers

In all human beings, there are both masculine and feminine powers. Being an alpha woman, there’s a chance that you have more masculine energy. Or, you exhibit the male counterpart of your energy more because you believe that’s more effective to dominate others.

However, do you know that your feminine energy is equally wonderful?

So, use that side of your energy from time to time to get more benefits in your relationship. For instance, your feminine energy can make your partner feel accepted, loved, and comfortable just with warm body language.

Without saying much, you can persuade your partner into many things with your feminine energy. So, stop perceiving femininity as a weakness and use it in your favor.

Instead, notice how much power women hold despite being feminine. Nobody needs to be rough and manly to be intimidating and powerful, you just gotta use your energy in the right way.

Don’t assume that being feminine makes you submissive in the relationship. Neither will your partner try to control you or monopolize decisions in your relationship.

It’s all about supporting, honoring, and nurturing your partner. Instead of taking the pain of doing everything for yourself, let your partner care and provide for you and protect you.

After a long day, don’t try to act tough and independent at home. Instead, express how you feel and show your vulnerabilities. Let your partner pamper you and make you feel better.

Your feminine side will awaken his hero instincts and make him want to fix all the problems for you. He might not always have a solution, but he will feel better when he does the smallest things for you.

You might deny it now, but you’ll also feel great when he supports you. This will be a different kind of happiness that will balance your relationship.

3. Support him to grow along with you

Alpha women are obviously better than most men, especially if they are not dating alpha males. If it’s the same for you, you might be much more efficient in any task than your partner. Eventually, you might get fed up with your partner and the relationship might turn shaky.

Now, you might be much more qualified and skilled in many things. But in a relationship, don’t let your differences interfere.

In matters of the heart, you can’t let things like talents change your feelings. Otherwise, if you’re still single, it’s better to find an equally talented partner.

However, if you already have a partner, don’t even think about breaking up. Instead, focus on how much you can teach him. Rather than assuming that he’s good for nothing, focus on the possibilities.

Let him try before you label him a loser. So, let him take the simpler decisions, which can be fixed later. Or, if you only have a complex situation, support him to decide.

Don’t just test his abilities by letting him decide solo. Instead, support him through every step. If he’s about to decide something is wrong, don’t startle him with a “You’re wrong, stop!”

Instead, ask him why he believes that’s a better choice. Then, calmly convey the flaws in his plans. Ask him whether he can combat the existing flaws with any new idea. If he can’t decide till the end, spill your thoughts.

Help him learn new things and have his back. Especially if he’ll take a major decision, give him all the support he needs.

4. Remember to influence him mindfully

In a relationship, you and your partner are each other’s most precious people. So, you can influence him even more than his parents or best friends once you have a serious relationship.

Whether it’s his thoughts, feelings, beliefs, or opinions, you can influence most things in his life. As an alpha female, you are almost immune to external influence. So, you might believe that relationships might not have as much impact on others.

On the other hand, due to your dominating side, you’ve always known that people follow your orders without much question.

However, your partner doesn’t listen to you just because you’re an alpha. Rather, he trusts you with his life and believes that you’ll never hurt him.

You both have an invincible bond that makes him follow you blindly. He isn’t your subordinate, so he isn’t bound to listen to you. It all happens because he genuinely loves you.

He might not care if you act bossy even if he likes to take charge. He might follow you to meet your friends even if he doesn’t like them.

Don’t always expect him to accept your demands even if he does. Respect his choices and let him bail out of certain situations if he’s uncomfortable. Your romantic partner is your equal, so you can’t drag him around against his wishes.

If you demand, he’ll give in to your demands. But if you want to balance the relationship, you must let him have his space and choices. Otherwise, the relationship won’t last long enough.

5. Understand that it’s all about the spectrum

The masculine and feminine energies or the alpha and beta personalities aren’t distinct things. Rather they both exist on the same spectrum: one extreme is masculine and the other extreme is feminine. Some people might be more masculine and less feminine or vice versa.

The balance of masculine and feminine powers in everyone isn’t always the same. They also don’t stay the same over a long period of time.

Perhaps you were more feminine in your past and shifted over to the masculine spectrum gradually. If your partner is more feminine, they might return to the masculine side with time.

You both must understand that you guys won’t stay the same and it’s okay. So, embrace the entire spectrum and don’t push away something or someone just because they don’t conform to a particular definition.

Accept the fluidity and communicate how you can balance your energies rather than rejecting each other. This alone can help you balance your relationship a lot.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

While you practice these steps, remember that it’ll take time to achieve the desired balance. So, never hurry to reach the ultimate goal.  

Talk to your partner that you’re trying to improve the situation and desire their cooperation. Find out what they desire and then work on the goal together. 

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