So, the question “how to be a better beta female” is on your mind?

Let me guess, you already found some similarities with a beta woman? Now, you want to embrace that personality completely?

Well, you’re at the perfect place then. This piece will guide you through this quest.

C’mon, let’s get started!

How to Be a Better Beta Female?

If you found some similarities with the beta woman, that’s great. Jot down similar qualities to avoid working on them afresh.

But if you’re hardly like a beta woman, that’s okay too! You can still make your wish come true.

C’mon, follow these tips earnestly!

1. Have good work ethics

On your quest to have a female beta personality, get serious about your work. Embrace good work ethics, get passionate about your work, and be career-oriented.

Be dedicated and avoid procrastinating. Stay updated with your work regularly instead of pushing it for the next day.

Respect everyone and their time at work. Don’t be absent minded when anyone teaches you anything. If you don’t learn something on the first go, ask again and take notes. Make sure others don’t suffer for your work unless you’re a newbie.

But if you don’t have a job and are a homemaker or student, focus on that. However, try to have some income and don’t depend on anyone else financially. Financial independence is the secret to being a high-value woman.

2. Perceive your surroundings before advising others

People around you will always get in trouble and seek your advice. Even if you’re not good at it, you’ll often be sought for suggestions.

The beta woman is exceptionally wise at giving advice. She silently observes everyone’s feelings and circumstances and thinks of the best for them. Everyone is astonished about how she has the solution for all problems.

So, if you want to be like her, hone your problem-solving techniques. When you hang out with your friends, don’t just focus on superficial stories. Focus on their troubled expressions and try to connect them with what they desire from life vs what they got.

Listen well and think twice before you suggest anything!

3. Strive to sustain peace in the surroundings

If people around you are fighting with each other, don’t grab the popcorn!

I know that it’s fun to watch the fights… but honestly, don’t encourage the chaos. Mediate any poor situation to the best of your abilities.

Stop both parties from screaming relentlessly. Make them express themselves one at a time. Depend on your understanding to help them reach a middle ground.

Sometimes, one of the two sides might lie. To rat out the liar, keep a close eye on the situations around you. If you find out the credibility of one of the two, the rest is easy!

4. Care for people around you

The gamma female is a motherly figure in everyone’s life. She cares for everyone around her.

To be more like her, nurse your loved ones when they’re sick. If your sibling broke up, listen to them whine. If your friend lost their job, cheer them up and keep them updated about new openings.

Before your lover leaves for work, check if they got everything. If they had a bad day, cook something delicious for them.

Look out for others’ needs and listen actively to them. You’ll find many things they need from you. So, long as it’s possible for you, do it.

5. Be loyal to your close ones

This goes without saying and is a basic human behavior. If someone shares something with you, they trust you so don’t betray them. Respect their secrets and don’t share them with anyone else.

Even if they hurt or backstabbed you, don’t use their vulnerabilities to get back at them. I understand your emotions but two wrongs won’t make a right.

If you promise something, follow through. Be honest and don’t do anything harmful in romance or any other relationship. If you’re taken, don’t even think about other romantic prospects… unless you’re in an open relationship!

6. Deal with situations with empathy

Beta women are empathic and emotionally intelligent. They can read the room even if nobody tells them anything. They are pretty sensitive about human emotions.

This helps them deal with others’ emotions pretty well. They can also avoid offending others unknowingly.

It’s not easy to cultivate these traits unless you have it since birth. But nothing is impossible, so here are some tips:

  • Try to know more about the people around you.
  • Instead of judging others, think from their point of view. Expand your horizons.
  •  Listen to others and share your thoughts. 
  •  Be aware of your emotions, and don’t say anything impulsively. 

7. Dedicate yourself to social work

The beta woman is sensitive to the world’s suffering. She wants to make this a better place. So, she often participates in social work.

She might volunteer in soup kitchens, cuddle with the pets in the shelters, donate her old clothes or money, or spend a day with orphans.

Find out a cause that touches you the most. Look up online the different things you can volunteer in the vicinity. Remember, your good deeds will follow you back as blessings. So, open your heart to the unfortunate.

However, this isn’t a must-do to become a beta female. If you’re too tired to focus on anything or you just don’t want to partake in anything, that’s okay too!

8. Be content with your own company

If you’re extroverted, I have nothing against you enjoying your time. I won’t suggest becoming an introvert like a beta woman.

However, don’t be hooked on people’s companies. Sometimes, your loved ones will be too busy to make time for you.

For those times, learn to have fun by yourself. If your partner can’t take you to watch the movies, treat yourself. If your friends can’t go shopping with you, go alone!

Learn to enjoy your own company. I understand you feel happy from togetherness. But accept that things might not always work out in reality.

9. Gain knowledge about your surroundings

The beta woman knows a lot about her studies, work, and even fun things. So, this helps her deal with her regular life much better. She is prepared to deal with all kinds of situations.

She can solve most problems because she’s both book-smart and street-smart.

So, nurture your intelligence with not just your regular studies or professional skills. Invest time in your hobbies and interests.

Learn about the eateries or pubs you’d like and their perks. Find out about trending fashion and technology and the latest shows. Stay updated with the era!

10. Be confident on your own without attention or validation

People will always say something or the other about you. In your childhood, they’d ask about your scores. If you don’t tell them, they’ll say you didn’t do well.

Since then, you got into the habit of sharing your accomplishments to fish for validation. However, they still talked badly behind your back.

Well, the truth is that you don’t need to do that. Who cares if you got a raise or a promotion?

You know what you’re good at and be content with that. Ignore the clowns and find happiness within.

11. Don’t make the first move in love

If you like to take charge in relationships like alpha female personalities, that’s totally cool. There’s nothing wrong with not following the traditional approach. Go for whatever makes you happy.

However, if you wanna give a break to your alpha tendencies and be more beta, listen up!

Even if you have a crush on someone, don’t bow first. Don’t initiate the first convo, the contact exchange, or the first date. Let that person chase you and make an effort to win you. Don’t let them get everything for free and let them know your worth!

12. Seek true love in relationships instead of materials

In romantic relationships, what do you want the most? Or, what is your priority?

If big money is a priority in your relationships, I’ll probably offend you.

Well, of course, your partner’s finances are important. You don’t want them to impose on you. However, don’t only go for rich people. Choose a financially stable person.

Don’t financially depend on them unless you’re a full-time mom or homemaker. Remember, if you have YOUR own income, you can make your dreams come true and leave a toxic person any moment.

Lastly, date someone that cherishes you in the most innocent ways. They must make time for you and not be done just after giving you money and having sex.

13. Learn to respect yourself

If modern dating culture makes you happy, enjoy. There’s nothing to worry about.

However, do you date casually because everyone else does it? Or, do you let your partner date multiple people because your friends told you? Maybe you don’t want to be the black sheep?

If yes, honey, respect your feelings otherwise nobody will.

If you want a serious relationship, it’s okay to not settle for something less. Don’t force yourself through heartbreaks this way!

If you want commitment, wait for the right person. If you feel lonely and left out without a relationship, focus on a hobby!

14. Have high morals

A woman with the beta female personality type has good morals. She is in tune with her spiritual side and can’t stand any immoral action. She follows a moral life and guides her loved ones to do the same. She doesn’t feel uncomfortable even if such conversations lead to fights or attract attention.

So, it’s high time you start following this regime. Before you act on anything, think about whether it’s morally right or not. Ask your inner self and you’ll get the answer. However, don’t try to reason wrong actions with twisted logic.

If you have an immoral history, I swear you can change that. Practice repeatedly and don’t give up. You can definitely reach your goals.

On the other hand, you might have good morals. But you can’t tell others off. Well, you can help yourself only if you try. Begin with kind words to convey your intentions easily.

15. Keep down the brutal honesty and take the passive approach

If someone hurts you or makes a mistake, people usually criticize them brutally. They never reconsider the other person’s feelings.

Women with beta personality traits believe in taking a gentle approach instead. They understand that aggression only makes the human mind rebel like a toddler. So, they try to perceive the other person’s views and show the right path with clear communication.

So, next time you face similar situations, control yourself from lashing out. Even you wouldn’t like it if someone did the same to you. So, treat people how you want to be treated. Use sweet and gentle words and feedback.

16. Even during the worst moments, stay practical and never hurry

During hard times, people let their emotions take control and make mistakes. Sometimes, they even rush out of panic or because others hurried them.

A beta female is beyond such issues. She can stay calm, collected, and practical. Even if people around them get emotional and push her, she never lets that overwhelm her.

So, before major decisions, take some time away from yourself. Unless you have no time, don’t hurry even if people say.

Brush off others’ opinions and thoughts and think carefully. If you feel emotional, take a break.

Mindfully suppress your overflowing emotions. Nurture the ability to understand that people say hurtful things when they are weak. So, don’t let that affect you.

17. Nurture your creative side

All of us have some creative energy within us. But if you say otherwise, you have yet to find yours. Beta women are brimming with creative and artistic energy.

Her creativity helps her deal with stubborn and sudden problems. Her artistic skills help her with house renovation, house décor, and kids’ art projects.

To awaken your inner beta, try out all kinds of things you want. Patiently practice each of them to figure out if you have any skill in them. Remember to give it enough time.

Wherever you go, focus on creative things to understand what attracts you. Take inspiration and create your personal projects at home!

18. Acquire good taste in fashion

Women with beta female personalities know how to dress for every occasion. Her wardrobe is full of pieces dedicated to different situations.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not full of Disney princess outfits. Rather, she has the right suit for an interview, regular work, and meetings. She also has the right kind of casual wear for the pub and to meet her partner’s parents.

So, check your wardrobe ASAP and figure out what’s for what. Don’t throw things away and try to mix and match them before reusing them.

If you don’t have enough funds, don’t sweat on an entire wardrobe makeover. Instead, get the piece that you need the most… which is probably work attire.

19. If you’re not ready to lead, don’t

The beta female prefers to follow rather than lead. She understands that not everyone is good at leadership positions. She might even lead once in a while, but it’s out of her comfort zone.

So, if you like to take charge, that’s good for you. Head to the next tip!

But if you wanna lead because people expect you to, that’s messed up. Listen to your heart, and don’t let society’s judgmental views dictate you.

If you don’t like being the leader, just own it and step down. There’s no shame in making yourself comfortable. Don’t push yourself, and you’ll be just fine!

20. Help everyone without hesitation

A sweet trait of a beta female is her helpful nature. She helps anyone and everyone around her. It doesn’t matter whether she knows them or not. Since she wants to make the world a better place, this is another way to support her cause.

So, next time your loved one is in trouble, try your best to help them. If it’s not possible for you, seek others and go one step out of your way. You never know because help might be right around the corner.

Even if the person is a stranger, reach out to them. Don’t inconvenience yourself but do as much as possible for yourself.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

The beta female personality might come second in the hierarchy. But it’s one of the most sought-after personality types. So, this journey won’t be easy. You’ll face many setbacks and the change won’t be visible anytime soon.

However, don’t give up too fast, and have faith in yourself. So long as you say “I can” in your mind, you will make it happen!

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