Do you want to know how to be an alpha female? Want to be the best woman possible? Do you wish to be a leader and let everyone know of your authority?

Well, this article will help you actualize this dream, so stay tuned. Here you’ll learn about all the important things to embrace and let your inner queen shine.

C’mon, let’s get started!

How to Be an Alpha Female?

Being an alpha female isn’t just about getting power. It comes with huge responsibilities, and you must know how to deal with every situation if you want to keep the throne.

So, follow these steps to make it work!

1. Figure out what you want to be in the future

Identify your dreams about your career instead of what others expect from you. Even if it’s too late, try to switch to your dream career slowly.

Set new goals, and push yourself to embrace new skills every day to fulfill that dream. Connect with people in that field and understand what you need.

This way, you can plan for the future and even get tips for the switch.

2. Be stubborn about your decisions and dreams

Once you set your goals, chase them stubbornly. Don’t let others influence you towards their choices and stick to your plans.

3. Listen when others talk

Alpha women love to grab attention but look around yourself before you do that. If someone else wants to share something about themselves, don’t steal their thunder. Otherwise, you’ll look insecure… and alpha females are confident!

Even if you like attention, don’t crave it to this point. Instead, ask others about themselves and be the cool and interesting one everyone wants to be with.

4. Be open to risks and adventures

You can grow into an alpha woman only if you expose yourself to risks and adventures. Take up challenges even if they don’t come your way.

Step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to try new things and excel in them. If you don’t try, you can never be the best.

5. Share your wisdom

If you know better than others about something and people aren’t aware, share your ideas. Don’t feel shy about what they might think. They might feel disrespected, but it’ll eventually help them out.

6. Never let others look down on your beliefs

People may never agree with your ideas, beliefs, thoughts, or opinions… and it’s okay to agree to disagree. But if anyone disrespects your take on something, don’t stand it. Give them an ultimatum that you won’t compromise in this matter.

7. Be straightforward

If you ever want to share anything, state your mind directly. Don’t beat around the bush or play games. It’ll help you reach your goals faster.

8. Be confident

Confidence doesn’t come easy, so think about the past. Think about your accomplishments despite all the worries. Understand that if you look down on your wins, everyone will.

List out all the good traits, achievements, and compliments you’ve got until today. Put the list in a personal yet noticeable space so you read it regularly.

If it still doesn’t work, just pretend to be confident until you get used to it!

Make sure your confidence also makes others feel confident about their situation. Only then will you have better leadership skills.

9. Lead, but don’t be high and mighty

Strive to be a leader in all areas of your life. However, don’t assume that you’re better than others. Instead, work side-by-side with your team members and teach them by setting examples instead of ordering.

10. Be open to competition and challenges

One of the best alpha female characteristics is that they feel excited and motivated when they’re challenged. They love competition, so never back off from a good race in life.

Try to be the best whether at work, school, fashion, or relationships. If you feel challenged, never let negative emotions overpower you. Grow every moment in your life!

11. Make any situation work for you

Being an alpha female also attracts lots of negative attention to you. So, make sure you enjoy every bit of attention and boast about your wins whenever people gossip about you.

12. Don’t pressure your partner for anything but learn when to relax

Never depend on others to fulfill your dreams. Especially, don’t force your partner to agree to everything you desire or depend on them emotionally. Work hard to gain what you desire and make yourself happy. If you’re an emotionally independent woman, you’ll never cheat on them.

However, if someone wants to give you a hand, let them. If you always refuse, they’ll feel disrespected. So, create a balance!

Also, ask your partner to run errands for you. Otherwise, they’ll feel you don’t need them in your life and chase new love elsewhere.

13. Wear the pants in your relationship

In romantic relationships, decide where you want to date, drive the car, choose the food, and everything else.  Just don’t force your partner if they aren’t comfortable with something.

14. Make the last shot in love by yourself

Never assume that your partner will agree with everything. Ask for their opinions about everything. But when it comes to important decisions like finances and investment, make the last call!

15. Have clear boundaries in relationships

If you don’t want your partner to hang out with someone, want them to be honest, or have other basic demands, communicate! Don’t assume they know everything.

16. Never cling to a betrayer

Even after clear communication, if they hurt you somehow, leave their sorry ass! Suppress your emotions and walk out. Learn to treat yourself better.

17. Boost your EQ

With good EQ, you can understand your and others’ emotions. You’ll eventually make better decisions and be a better leader. Here are a few ways to improve your EQ:

  • Be aware of your strengths, weaknesses, emotions, beliefs, and boundaries.
  •  Instead of impulsive actions, take a moment and reply when you’re calm.
  • Learn empathy
  • Inspire yourself and others to do better
  • Work on your social skills
  •  Journal your thoughts and emotions.

18. Always try to learn new things

Don’t stop learning things whether it’s life lessons, new life hacks, professional or academic skills, or just a new recipe. Just don’t sit idly at all.

19. Be strong from the inside out

There’s no need to compete with men for strength. Rather, just be stronger physically and emotionally compared to yourself in the past or other women to be an alpha.

20. Help others whenever they need you

The term “alpha female” associates the closest with great leadership skills. So, you’ll be someone that everyone can rely on. So, if anyone ever seeks your help, don’t turn them down.

Try to support them most of the time. Even if you’re not in the mood, don’t let your emotions put them in a tough situation. Otherwise, they’ll lose the little faith they had in you.

21. Mediate fights

If you ever see people fighting, stop them and help them communicate like an alpha woman. Don’t wait for them to sort it out by themselves.

22. Support your partner in their dreams

If your partner wants to try something that might keep him away from you for long hours or just physically keep you apart, encourage them instead of being clingy!

23. Focus on all areas of your life equally

The alpha female might be a famous leader, but make sure you don’t let that rule your life. Remember that she also has a great work-life balance.

So, while your work is important, spend time with your loved ones too. Communicate about the tough things and have basic fun conversations. Don’t let anyone feel left out.

24. Embrace all kinds of change

Everyone gets worried when they face changes. But it isn’t the case for a true alpha female personality. Alpha females don’t let any situation get to them. Instead, they stay calm and optimistic even during troubles.

Being an alpha woman, everyone will look up to you. If you can’t stay calm, nobody will accept you as a leader. So, don’t let your emotions affect your mind!

25. Love your close ones unconditionally

There’s no need to love the entire world. But if you have people that you care for, bare your heart with them and go out of your way to support them.

26. Never be ashamed of your shortcomings and improve

Everyone has shortcomings and alpha females never feel less for that. So, instead of hiding your negatives, share them but watch how you talk about yourself.

Don’t put yourself down in front of others. Otherwise, everyone will follow suit. Even if you doubt yourself, sound positive or neutral about the situation.

Remember to do the same if you’re alone. Criticize yourself constructively only when you’re by yourself.

27. Don’t try to control others

Being a leader, everyone might not follow your lead. They might rebel to annoy you. Instead of controlling them, let them choose for themselves. But if they come your way, get them off your team!           

28. Never feel intimidated by men

If you ever compete with men, don’t feel scared if they tell you they are better. Instead, ask them to respect your skills and maintain an amicable connection.

29. Don’t look down on other women

Just because you want to be the best, don’t shun other women. Instead, learn all the girl codes and support fellow women. Don’t fight with them over anything.

Alpha women are often misunderstood, but make sure you don’t embrace any assumed trait. Rather, focus on building close groups of friends in all areas of your life.

Know them, help them work on their shortcomings, and be their backbone.

30. Never let opinions hurt you

People will always have different opinions. But never let their words hurt you. Remember that they don’t know what you experience and mindlessly pass remarks.

31. Try to gain others’ respect

The alpha female traits make you a leader. You can truly lead only when people respect you genuinely. But people can’t start respecting you too soon and you need time to gain others’ trust.

Just try hard enough that even if people don’t respect or obey you, they can’t find any major faults in you.

32. Never apologize too much

If you often apologize, you’ll look like a loser. Being an alpha female, you aren’t beyond anyone. So, if you make mistakes, you must definitely apologize. But don’t overdo it and especially never apologize for things that aren’t in your control or aren’t your fault.

Otherwise, people will perceive you as weak and try to dominate you. So, think hard before opening your mouth!

33. Take responsibility for your actions

Despite the results of your actions, always own up. If things go wrong, don’t make excuses and be responsible for things. If you do something great, always take the credit and don’t pass it on to someone else.

Be honest with yourself and others if you wish to be a good leader. Don’t blame the situation or others.

34. Demand what you need

Identify what you want from life – a better job, happy family, healthy relationships, power, authority, or something else.

When you have an answer, demand that from others. Don’t feel afraid to express yourself but prepare a reason beforehand for the desired change. Convey your thoughts with clear communication and never beg for what you deserve.

35. Control the chaos

When a group of people can’t manage a situation by themselves, hop in. Don’t feel shy to help them out. Being an alpha female, you must take care of shaky situations and be a social conductor.

Grab attention and help people sort things out. Say the obvious because others can’t understand simple things due to their emotions.

36. Grab attention without trying

Being the alpha female, you need attention whenever you walk into a room. However, you can’t beg for it or the entire game will be spoiled. Instead, just practice looking confident whenever you enter a room. Walk firmly with relaxed shoulders and chin up.

Pretend that you’re important and people will notice you, so you must act your best. Everything will fall back into its place eventually.

37. Expand your connections

If you’re an introvert, you gotta compromise to claim the alpha throne. Expand your social circle and be liked by others without being a people pleaser.

Connect with people in relevant academic or professional fields so you can seek their support whenever necessary. Link your contacts to each other to improve your chances of more support.

Try to remember people and their names even if you can’t be close friends with them. This will leave a good impression and everyone will be more willing to support you.

38. Focus on your looks

If you want people to follow your lead, then dress to impress. You may skip on heels, tight skirts, or uncomfortable blazers. But look sharp with pressed and clean clothes. Complement your outfit with proper accessories and pick only one statement jewelry.

Do your hair and makeup appropriately based on the occasion. People will naturally feel attracted to your beauty!

39. Embrace good facial expression and body language

When you enter a room and make eye contact, smile confidently and greet them with a nod. This shows you’re optimistic and reliable. People will be more loyal to you.

40. Prioritize your health

Being the alpha female, you must take care of everyone else around you. But that’s not possible unless you’re healthy. So, balance your life with healthy habits.

Sleep well, have a balanced diet, exercise, read, pamper yourself, and so on. Give up on all kinds of addictions and deal with stress with a good strategy. Don’t embrace trending complex healthy habits out of the blue. Keep it simple and it’ll work out!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

While practicing these tips, remember that the results will need some time. Even if you do everything perfectly, nothing will change overnight. Instead, be consistent and believe in yourself and your actions.

But if you face lots of roadblocks, don’t feel frustrated. If you made up your mind once, don’t give up. That’s the greatest hurdle to turning into an alpha female. Be stubborn and everything will work out!

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