You’re so excited to know about how to be gamma male. But hey, do you know that it’s one of the most undesirable personalities?

Well, if you want to take a break from your responsibilities, this is undoubtedly the best choice. And this think-piece will help you actualize that wish.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

How to Be Gamma Male?

Before you begin, let’s clarify that the gamma male personality has more negative traits. And of course, becoming a gamma male doesn’t require you to unnecessarily embrace them. So, this guide will completely ignore those and focus on the positive ones alone.

So, let’s make you a flawless gamma male here!

1. Research on gamma male personalities

Honestly speaking, most gamma male personality traits are unflattering. There are much more flaws than strong suits in this personality. Any other personality in the socio-hierarchy is way better.

Of course, nobody is categorizing this personality as the worst one. If you found reasons to embrace it, only the ignorant ones will judge you. However, think slowly about why you want this change.

Find out more about gamma male personality types. Especially, research the effects of this personality on their personal and professional life. Know how their friends, coworkers, boss, or lovers perceive them.

Identify what you find impressive in this personality. Which gamma male traits do you resonate the most with?

Is it because you want to be confident and content with whatever you have? Or, is it because you are tired of chasing above and beyond for others? Do you not want to try harder and relax a bit? Or, say you want to impress your partner with diehard romantic gestures?

If it’s any of these, then that’s a great reason. You can certainly change for the better.

However, if you’re still lost about your goals, get some clarity first. If you want to embrace it just because someone else asked you to, you won’t like this quest. Instead, you’ll give up out of frustration.

2. Avoid the negative traits

While you research gamma males, don’t forget to find the cons of the personality. For instance, gamma men avoid conflict and act passive-aggressively.

They ignore their body shape and health. They focus on being kind and get the nice guy syndrome. So, they feel that they deserve more attention from women for being a kind man. Their entitled attitude makes them less desirable to women.

When women reject them for alphas and betas, they say, “women only want bad boys” or “I only meet gold diggers”.

When the alpha males or sigma males get a better chance at dating, they say, “Those men are players” or “I get rejected because I’m pure and the true alpha

There’s no end to their delusional thoughts, and it makes them sound like a complete loser. So, they are also poor at attracting women.

They never take risks due to the fear of failure. This obstructs their growth and success in all areas of their life.

So, make sure you avoid these silly traits. Despite how much you want to be a gamma male, it’s not okay to embrace the negative characters.

However, it’s okay if you want to avoid taking risks just to play safe. Or, if you want to avoid conflicts because you don’t want to hurt someone, that works too. If you embrace any weakness, make sure there’s a good reason behind it. Otherwise, it won’t help you in any way.

3. Don’t try to be an all-rounder unless you are one

Gamma men are good at only a few nerdy things. They aren’t good at everything possible, like alphas or sigmas. However, the handful of skills helps them be on the top in their own field.

They might not be good enough to reach leadership positions. But they are the best on their own and bring impressive results.

So, identify your passions instead of being good at everything.

If you’re a student, find what subject you enjoy the most and score easily. You might be gifted in that subject, so don’t ignore that.

Your parents or professor might force you to ignore that subject and focus on the rest. But don’t neglect your strong suits. Otherwise, you’ll lose your skills and intelligence.

It’s okay if you’re not the best at everything… have faith as that’s perfectly fine!

If you aren’t the best, your life won’t go in vain. You can still have a meaningful and successful life if you have limited strengths.

If you’re a working adult, don’t let others force you into learning more unless you can handle it. Your coworkers and family might suggest you acquire new skills. But if you’re not comfortable with it, don’t push yourself.

Don’t burn yourself out just to meet these demands. Focus on what you truly want and, instead, improve your current skills. 

4. Be kind and empathetic to everyone

If anyone around you is in trouble, be a gentleman to them. So, your classmate forgot to bring their book? Don’t pretend to not have noticed, and share your textbook.

Or, perhaps your co-worker made a huge mistake? They probably can’t deal with it on their own. Extend a helping hand to them and support them as much as you can.

Don’t think that “it’s their fault, so why must I?

Anyone can make a mistake, and if you support them today, the kindness will return to you someday. Remember, everyone can’t even express their troubles. Some people are too shy and guilty to seek help. So, while you’re on your break, observe your colleagues if they need some help.

If you see a stranger in trouble, try to support them so long you feel safe. If your loved ones need help, definitely stand by them.

Of course, don’t ignore your own needs for others’ sake. Prioritize yourself and your loved ones before anyone else. But if you have an opportunity and can afford to help others, don’t miss that!

Try to understand people’s emotions before you judge them too fast. Whether it’s a loved one, acquaintance, or stranger… don’t assume that they are bad. Well, if they take advantage of you, be wise and ignore them. But don’t hurry to judge others.

5. If you want to pamper yourself, just do it!

Do you know that gamma males have certain feminine traits?

No, don’t jump to conclusions, that doesn’t imply they are drag queens or get extra-long manicures. By “feminine”, it implies they like to take care of themselves.

Most men aren’t into self-care and self-love practices. They feel these are too “unmanly” for them. So, if any man applies a face mask, moisturizes their skin, or even applies sunscreen, the other men groan in disgust.

However, the gamma man doesn’t care about such judgmental thoughts. He does what his skin or mind needs without feeling ashamed. He wants to be pampered, and he does that gracefully!

So, to be a great gamma male, focus on taking care of your needs. Don’t be ashamed to do something because “no man around you does it”.

If you want to protect your skin, it’s okay to lather sunscreen. In fact, it’s a basic must-have! People might snicker behind you because the bottle looks colorful or the lotion is scented. But don’t bother because you’ll save your youthful look and be eye candy for your partner for longer.

If you want to get a spa, do it. Unless you borrow others’ money for it, there’s no shame in it. Just focus on what your heart desires and get rid of this masculine and feminine discrimination.

6. Follow your heart’s desires

Gamma men know how to enjoy their life and explore the raw world. They are fun-loving and adventurous, so you must be too!

For starters, whenever you get time for yourself, set out on an adventure. Whether you’re an outdoorsy or indoorsy person, this can work out for every kind of person.

If you want to enjoy the outdoors, rent a car or van (if you don’t have yours) and set off for an unknown destination. Don’t forget to take some basic necessities.

Go camping, trekking, or stargazing, depending on whatever you like.

Wondering how to have adventures indoors?

Well, you can try to create a dish from scratch without any inspiration. Or, use your living room to create a date plan. Create a fort out of blankets and pillows, hang fairy lights, order takeout, and play a round of board games with your partner. If you don’t have a life partner yet, why not have a cozy evening with your family?

But being adventurous isn’t just about leisurely fun. Try to explore life and enjoy its real taste. For instance, don’t abide by all the rules. No, don’t break the law and order or disrespect strict household rules.

Rather, choose for yourself sometimes. If your instincts say that your choice can offer better results, give yourself a chance. It’s okay if you commit a mistake on the first go. But don’t give up, and instead, learn from them. It’s no fun if you let others dictate your life, so spread your wings and explore!

7. Take it easy if you don’t want to lead

If you have leadership qualities and you enjoy leading, move on to the next pointer. You don’t need to change a thing about yourself!

However, if you

  • are a leader, feel spent, and want to step down
  • don’t want to be a leader at all, but people are pushing you to be one, or
  • don’t have leadership qualities,

stay back and embrace this quality!

Not everyone is born to lead, and that’s the fundamental truth. Some of us are born to lead, some to follow, while others like to be independent. In any hierarchy, everyone isn’t equal intellectually, emotionally, or physically. People have unique shortcomings, and that’s natural.

So, if you don’t have what it takes to lead, never push yourself too hard. It’s okay to be where you are and be content with it. It doesn’t matter if your parents or mentors feel disappointed in you.

If they tell you that you’re lazy or you didn’t put in enough effort, don’t listen to them silently. Stand up for yourself. Don’t embrace the poor conflict-avoidant attitude of a gamma male.

Even if you are a great leader, it’s completely fine to lead a more laid-back life. You don’t always need to chase a better position. Let yourself breathe and enjoy the moment. Otherwise, you won’t get a chance to appreciate the moment.

8. Embrace self-awareness

Self-awareness is your ability to recognize and regulate your emotions mindfully. Better self-awareness is useful in leadership, healthy boundary setting, following disciplined routines, and much more.

Unless you’re self-aware from the beginning, this isn’t an easy task. So, here are some tips to cultivate it:

  • Be open-minded: Don’t judge others right from the beginning. Don’t assume the worst, and be hopeful. Don’t blindly trust others but never jump to conclusions either.
  • Learn about your strengths and weaknesses: Know yourself from deep within. Journal what you believe are your strong and weak suits. If you’re not confident in this, ask trustworthy people to point them out.
  • Focus and be present: Whenever you do something, whether the situation is serious or not, concentrate on your task. Don’t be distracted at any cost.
  • Set healthy boundaries: Create limits in your life and learn to say “NO”. Help others, but learn to prioritize your needs.
  • React properly to emotional triggers: When your emotions get triggered, don’t deny or repress them. Instead, face them and figure out ways to deal with them.
  • Believe in your intuition: Trust your instincts in life decisions. Be open to follow yourself and ignore others. Your instincts will help you succeed, so trust them even if you go against the grain.
  • Lead a disciplined life: Follow a healthy sleep and exercise routine. Eat healthy food but know when to relax and indulge yourself.
  • Study the consequences of your actions: Before you speak or act a certain way, think about how it’ll affect the people around you. Don’t let your emotions take the better of you.
  • Apologize when you’re wrong: Everyone makes mistakes, and apologizing doesn’t make you weak. So, admit your mistakes and improve.
  • Seek others’ advice: Don’t be shy to ask others’ opinions. No, you don’t need to obey others completely. Only listen to trustworthy people.

9. If anyone tries to uplift you, believe in yourself

If you always feel confident in yourself, that’s great. You don’t need this tip at all, so head to the next one.

But if you suffer from low self-esteem, whoa there! There’s a lot for you over here…

Society always attacks people’s weaknesses. But who doesn’t have drawbacks in this world? Everyone is flawed, so no human being is qualified to judge another person’s basic flaws.

But people still judge each other… and among them, some people cheer others. They see the good in everyone else and constantly uplift them gently.

However, if you have serious self-confidence issues, you may not believe them. You might think they are just being nice. But unless someone is your ill-wisher, they won’t be optimistic even through your flaws.

So, if the intentions of that person are pure, believe in them. Focus on their words and try to think optimistically. Don’t brood over spilled milk for too long. Otherwise, you’ll lose too much to control later on.

10. Be a hopeless romantic

The gamma male is also a hopeless romantic. But it often backfires because of his entitlement, nice guy syndrome, lack of understanding about women, and jealousy.

However, if you ignore the negative traits, many women will swoon at hopeless romanticism.

If you already have a partner, discuss your thoughts about a romantic bond. If they aren’t too keen on it, don’t bother. But if they like it, embrace it!

If you don’t have a partner yet, definitely accept it. Learn to treat your partner well. Don’t seek multiple relationships simultaneously and court one person at a time. Woo them with the intention of a long-term relationship or even more.

If you believe in ethical non-monogamy and want someone in that community, that’s your choice. But don’t do it just to experiment, as it shatters others’ hearts into pieces.

Focus on one partner if you truly want to make them happy. Especially if monogamy is your choice, don’t ever compromise with it. There’s nothing to be ashamed of in desiring a monogamous relationship!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

The quest to be a gamma male won’t be easy… for yourself and others. Especially since you’ll take a break from trying too hard, people will discourage you. They might even feel disappointed or have trouble accepting the change.

Moreover, remember that the steps might be short, but they’re tough. So, don’t force the transition too quickly. Instead, focus, take time, and watch the magic happen!

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