So, you want to know how to be omega female after reading the traits? Did you feel mesmerized after reading about her? Want to embrace the personality completely?

Great choice!

Well, not everyone seeks to be an omega female because she’s at the bottom of the hierarchy. But this personality has some crazy good traits. So, of course, anyone would want to be like her!

C’mon, let’s find your answers here…

How to Be Omega Female?

Omega female personalities are known to be introverted. But if you’re outgoing, you don’t need to change yourself just to become an omega female. Rather, it’s all about embracing the good omega female personality traits

1. Only make quality friends

Nowadays, people believe that hanging in bigger groups of friends is cool. People treat it as a sign of their popularity. They boast how they are “in demand”. 

They feel great about themselves because more people want to spend time with them. They value the number of friends and followers they have online. They believe every person that sends them a connection request is their well-wisher.

However, are these their true friends? Will these people support them during their worst times?

The current generation fails to understand that everyone can’t be a true friend. Or, perhaps, they don’t know the difference between “friends” and “acquaintances”.

But remember that you can’t trust everyone around you. Some people might only latch onto you for benefits. Once you don’t meet their demands or get in trouble, they’ll leave you to tend to yourself.

So, only befriend those who support you during your worst. Get rid of opportunists pretending to be your closest kin.

2. Set healthy boundaries about socializing

Most people struggle to say “No” including your friends, family members, or even the person that walked past you. At times, you feel bad to refuse others because of blurry boundaries.

If you’re a college student, you feel you MUST join that classmate’s birthday party. Otherwise, people will estrange you.

At work, you’ll feel bad about turning down your boss’s invitation. As a homemaker, you feel obliged to attend the neighbor’s kitty party.

If you only hesitate initially but later enjoy it, that’s okay. That way, you feel good from socializing.

But many people feel exhausted after dealing with people. So, if you’re the same, remember it’s okay to turn them down. You’re free to choose and not attend these events. Just make sure you give them a heads-up with a valid reason.

Unless you’re an extrovert or the party only includes a close one, you won’t enjoy it. So, feel free to look out for your comfort.

3. Seek your friends but don’t demand their companionship

The first time you refuse an invitation, you’ll feel guilty. You might overthink the situation, like… “What if they hate me now?” or “What if I miss something major and become the black sheep?”

The human brain is so funny that it makes you think of the worst possible scenarios. To calm yourself down, hit up your friends. Tell them that you’re free and ask them out.

A good company can help you get your mind off stupid thoughts. Plus you can enjoy your time doing something worthwhile.

However, they might not always be available… right?

If they can’t, don’t assume that they don’t care about you. Understand that they also have a life, other loved ones, and commitments.

Moreover, if you spend the day alone, some might hurt you by calling you a loner. So, you might not misunderstand your friends. But others’ comments might hurt you.

Well, snap out of negative feelings and believe in your buddies!

4. Try spending time on solo interests

You probably thought, “It’s not easy to get over negative thoughts!”

Instead of depending on your friends, learn to be independent. Why must you have fun only with your friends and loved ones?

Even if you feel left out, encourage your friends to enjoy pursuing their interests. Meanwhile, you must seek your interests. If you hold them back, they’ll only feel restrained and push you away.

Spend quality time with yourself while watching TV and munching on takeout. Watch the rerun of your favorite shows. Play video games or listen to audiobooks.

Or, go for healthier alternatives… go grocery shopping and make a healthy meal from scratch!

Try solo healthy activities to get rid of negative thoughts and boost feel-good hormones. Join the gym, go for a jog, or walk in a nearby park.

If you want to visit the theaters or try out a restaurant, go by yourself.

5. Sharpen your mind

Women with omega female personality types have creative minds. They can deal with any troublesome situation with it. These women are usually shy and reserved. But when problems arise, they immerse themselves in deep thoughts. Eventually, they come up with unique ideas to deal with things.

Honestly, creative thoughts aren’t a common talent. If you have it, you can use it. But if you don’t, it’s hard to cultivate.

But hey, don’t let this kill your spirits. If you set your mind on something, it’s not impossible. So, don’t give up just because it’s tough.

Rather, seek ways to awaken your creativity. When you face any setback, don’t give up on the situation or seek others’ help.

Instead, depend on yourself until the last moment to find the solution. Force your creativity out by putting yourself on the edge.

Another way is to learn by example. If anyone around you has immense creativity, watch them deal with things and learn!

6. Learn to be more enthusiastic about work

When an omega woman is passionate about her job, she puts a lot of effort into it. She works harder and devotes more hours to her job. She overachieves and impresses her coworkers and boss with her dedication.

However, that doesn’t mean you must overachieve too. The key here is to always find a healthy work-life balance. But if you genuinely want to invest more hours in work, that’s your call!

But staying at the office for longer doesn’t make you a better employee. So, try to focus on your job and work diligently. Don’t get distracted during your shift hours… and complete your tasks regularly.

Even if you don’t overachieve, you’ll steadily head toward success. Just be present when you’re at work and don’t let other thoughts and concerns creep in.

Of course, if something major happens, you can’t help it. But otherwise, focus on your work as much as possible.

7. Or, seek a job you’re truly passionate about

Omega women are dedicated to their job only if they feel intellectually challenged. If it’s something repetitive or easy, they can’t keep up.

Don’t be alarmed! You don’t need to seek tougher jobs or projects. Don’t give up on the easy tasks either.

That’s not the focus at all. Rather, the highlight is that an omega female seeks a job that she’s passionate about. She doesn’t stand it when her job doesn’t fulfill her needs. So, you must also seek a job you can enjoy.

If you don’t connect with your current job, don’t forcibly continue it forever. While you earn from it, invest in your personal and professional development. Once you’re ready, hunt for suitable jobs.

But before you take this step, figure out what you’re passionate about. Don’t invest without thinking about things well. Otherwise, don’t waste your time on trial and error.

8. Be empathetic towards others

Omega females are extremely empathetic. They feel people’s emotions so vividly that sometimes they are overwhelmed. But this is also why they can customize perfect advice for others. They listen to others’ worries, put themselves in others’ shoes, and figure out the best for them.

So, try to be as understanding as an omega female. Whether someone in your personal or professional life shares their troubles with you, listen to them.

Don’t be distracted and try to understand their true thoughts. Don’t just focus on the words they say. Figure out what made them think and feel that way.

It’s okay if you can’t plan the perfect solution for others. But try to help as much as you can. Don’t ignore anyone when they want your help. If you can’t respond instantly, don’t forget to reach out to them.

9. Don’t invest too much time in shallow topics

In social situations, people often try to make small talk to connect with each other. They speak about the latest news like sports, weather, fashion, trends, etc.

An omega female doesn’t like these shallow conversations as it doesn’t help her growth. She doesn’t understand the aim of discussing these.

If you personally like small talk, go ahead and don’t feel ashamed to be yourself.

But if you dislike it, listen to them for a while. Avoid turning them down instantly. Otherwise, you’ll appear arrogant. Then, don’t feel guilty about taking your leave. Use excuses like you need to use the loo or someone called you.

Don’t let them take too much of your time and bore you. If you don’t like a topic, you just don’t. Don’t be tortured with boring topics just to maintain your image.

Turn them down every time this way and they won’t bother you again.

10. Instead, take time for the deeper ideas

To be a perfect omega diva, one of the must-dos is discussing deep matters. It can be about world politics, science, the meaning of art, life, evolution, etc. It can even be something about your work or school.

If you don’t have anyone to discuss the matters with, study them on your own. Refer to the latest research, news articles, or YouTube videos.

It might be boring initially and you might even fall asleep. But it’ll support your personal growth. You’ll be more aware of your surroundings. This will also increase your chances of success in academic and/or professional life.

If you meet anyone with similar interests, speak to them about it. Remember, your knowledge isn’t complete, so listen to others to know more. If their knowledge contradicts yours, state your mind calmly. Don’t try to fight, and be respectful.

In the end, you might be proved wrong. But don’t be ashamed of that, and look forward to expanding your knowledge!

11. Understand yourself better

Omega women are popular for being self-aware. This helps them understand their emotions, thoughts, boundaries, likes, and dislikes. They are self-confident because they know themselves and their actions pretty well. If anyone tries to make them insecure, they fail miserably.

So, if you want to be like this awesome queen, start by knowing yourself.

Now, this is where everyone gets stuck!

At one point, everyone thinks, “Who am I?”

Well, the best way to understand yourself is only by journaling. Every day, journal your experience and feelings. Note what made you happy, excited, sad, or angry. You’ll eventually understand your boundaries, likes, and dislikes.

Next, practice being mindful during every action of the day. For instance, when you walk on a familiar road, you become unmindful and still reach your destination.

You do many similar things unmindfully every day. During those moments, you don’t notice your surroundings. People might question your actions. You won’t be able to recall anything and get in trouble. So, be mindful from now on!

12. Don’t force yourself to fit in

Did you ever feel like you don’t belong anywhere? Wherever you go, you don’t genuinely connect with people. Perhaps, you pretend to be a part of the group?

Well, do you feel good being in such groups? If it’s better than nothing and you’re ready to compromise, that’s great! Choose your own happiness and skip to the next point.

But if you feel depressed pretending to be someone else, it’s time for a change. An omega woman is somewhat like a sigma female about this.

Leave the social groups where you don’t relate with others. You might feel that you’ll be on the losing side. But trust me, you’ll feel great when you get to choose for yourself.

On the other hand, at work, you usually have two options:  Be a leader or a team member.

If you don’t like either, you can eventually choose to work solo. Don’t lead or follow and become a freelancer once you get enough fame and demand.

13. Cherish your inner child

Most people lose their inner innocence while they grow up. While dealing with the chaotic and dangerous world, women grow up scared and afraid. They can’t express their childish nature. Because the world observed women with dirty eyes.

If you’re the same, let’s revive your pure side. Okay, you’re probably scared to express yourself freely. But give it a shot!

You can build a fort with blankets and a pillow while it’s raining. Build a sandcastle on the beach during summer and play with the water. Visit the animal shelter and play with the furry beings. Or, pick up a childish hobby and play with the kids in the neighborhood. 

Jump on the puddles with your loved ones or shoot a dance video together.

These might not be enough ideas, so just follow your heart. Think about what you desire but never allow yourself to do.

14. Set good standards for romance

If you like the idea of casual relationships, that’s fine. So long you genuinely want it and it’s not to feel accepted by others, skip this point.

But if you believe in old-school romance… If you want someone to cherish you and not seek your body, stick to your standards. There’s no reason to settle for less.

Sometimes, people might tell you that you expect too much. Or that kind of person doesn’t exist at all. Or, that you’ll be alone forever.

These comments hurt you and you might even second-guess your decision. But don’t compromise your standards out of insecurity.

It’ll be a huge challenge as people will often insist you give up. Even your crush might ask you to consider a casual connection. Make sure you don’t do anything regretful.

15. Take a break when you need

Real life is full of twists and turns and it’s normal to feel exhausted. Like an omega female, never push yourself when you’re tired. Don’t hesitate to take a break.

Remember, if you force yourself to continue, you’ll collapse unannounced. You’ll create trouble for everyone around you and also impact your health negatively.

But if you take a rest, you’ll save everyone from chaos. So, invest in self-care immediately. You can take care of your skin, digestive system, overall physical fitness, or emotional stability. Choose what you need right away.

Even if others try to guilt-trip you for it, don’t let them succeed.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

On your quest to be an omega female, don’t lose patience. Remember, you can’t make a big change in a day. Everything good needs time. Be patient, diligent, and honest in your quest. Don’t question your decision and believe in yourself. You’ll eventually reach your goal!

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