People assume that the omega female is the weakest due to her position in the hierarchy. Some even mock them to the point of making erotic novels and animations about them.

However, these women get way less credit than they deserve. Their dedication in their professional life is on par with alphas. They are also extremely romantic women.

To know more such facts about her, let’s get started!

Omega Female Infographic

Omega Female - 15 Identifiable Traits of Omega Personality Female
Omega Female [15 Identifiable Traits of Omega Personality Female]

Who is an Omega Female?

An Omega Female is intelligent, messy yet creative, aloof, and lives in her own thoughts. She is also empathetic while being a child at heart.

An omega female is an introverted woman with a pretty small inner circle. She’s an overachiever at her work if she’s interested in her work.

She’s confident in herself and doesn’t want to belong to social groups. She is a diehard romantic and knows her worth.

But to get to know her even closer, just keep reading!

Omega Female Traits

An omega female isn’t a social butterfly. She’s close to only a few friends. But does that imply she clings to them all the time? Or does she have a life of her own? Let’s clearly know everything here

1. She’s extremely introverted

The omega female is popular for her introversion. She doesn’t feel comfortable joining events with unknown people. If she has no choice but to join, she feels like a fish out of water.

She also has limited social skills which is a big issue when it comes to getting along with others. So, she can’t spend time or connect with people if she’s new to them.

2. She likes to keep a small circle

An omega woman doesn’t like to make a lot of friends. Her friends’ circle usually has 2-3 women she met at different phases of her life. While making friends, she focuses on quality instead of quantity.

Most people feel that she’ll be lonely because she doesn’t have friends. But for now, she’s content with a few and doesn’t want to extend it. 

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3. She’s way more intelligent than people think

Being an omega female, people generally assume that she’s way inferior in looks and intellect. However, that’s not even close to the truth. In her workplace, she’s a popular problem solver due to her creative intelligence.

So long as she feels intellectually challenged in her work, she gives her best. Her superiors are impressed by her effort.

4. She’s empathetic toward everyone

An omega woman is known to have a lot of empathy within her. She can feel others’ emotions even when they don’t explain a lot. So, she can also help others out as she puts herself in their shoes and understands their troubles. She won’t ever tell others that “I understand your pain” or “I’ll help you out” unless she means it.

5. She struggles due to her empathetic nature

Due to her empathy, she can feel others’ emotions even when she doesn’t want to. She usually doesn’t let others’ thoughts or opinions affect her. But when she interacts with big groups of people, she’s overwhelmed. She feels anxious and breaks down because others’ negative emotions push her off the edge.

6. She hates shallow conversations

She isn’t a fan of small talk at all. So, if anyone talks about the weather, sports, or something about fashion, she gets turned off. She doesn’t understand the meaning or purpose of these topics. Since none of these help her grow in any way, she doesn’t like to invest her time in them. 

7. She’s interested in deep discussions

Instead, if someone talks about deep topics, she’s extremely interested in those. It might be about global welfare, the universe, world politics, science, arts, the meaning of life and death, etc. If her opinion is different from the other person, she spends hours debating about it. But she doesn’t think she’s always correct and is open to being enlightened.

8. She’s a bit messy

She’s so obsessed with the deep, intellectual, and interesting facts of life… that she forgets to take care of her surroundings. She’s pretty disorganized in both her personal and professional life. At home, you’ll never find things in their own place. At work, her desk is chaotic. Only she ever knows where her things are.

9. She knows she’s different

Since childhood, an omega woman always felt like an outcast. She tried to fit in with her friends in the neighborhood, at school, or at college. But she never had anything in common with others.

Eventually, she accepted that she was different. Now, she doesn’t want to be a part of any social group like a sigma female.

10. She’s childish

Girls can hardly keep their inner purity as they grow up. They feel judged and self-conscious if they act childish as they grow up. Women are often made to act a certain way and sacrifice the inner child. But an omega woman cherishes this innocence. She never lets it fade and can even revive others’ childishness.

There are more such interesting traits of an omega female. To know all of them, click here!

But if you’re in charge of an omega female, you must definitely know about her good and bad sides. So, let’s find them here…

Omega Female Strengths and Weaknesses

Most people assume that omega women are the weakest. Or, that they are full of weaknesses and handling them is a big deal. They can hardly imagine them having any strength. So, it’s time to change those thoughts here


1. She can enjoy her own company

Omega females are introverted and like to have only a handful of friends. Most people assume that she’s clingy around her friends and loved ones. Or, that she feels lonely without them.

However, they don’t need others’ company to feel good. They can spend time in solitude while reading books or playing video games and enjoy being alone.

2. She feels emotionally strong with her inner circle

Since she has only 2-3 close friends, people think that she is emotionally discontent. But having more friends never imply that she’s happy. Rather, an omega female only befriends people she can trust and relate to.

She only lets her guard down around people with similar beliefs and thoughts. They emotionally support each other whenever they need help.

3. She’s super intelligent

Omega females are intellectual beings. They are not an alpha female when it comes to leadership and success. But they are intelligent in problem-solving and resolving conflicts.

They’re usually silent around others, but don’t sit still when they notice others in trouble. People look up to them for their hard work and meticulous solutions.

4. She doesn’t want to fit-in

Everyone wants to belong somewhere in society. Nobody likes the feeling of being alone or abandoned. Moreover, the pressure is way higher for women. They must fit in a social group or are treated like outsiders.

But omega women know better than to yield to such groundless pressure. They stay independent despite the circumstances.

5. She protects her innocent heart

Society is cruel to any woman that acts innocently. They are called immature, aren’t taken seriously, and are even seen as easy targets of abuse. Most kids are taught to “act mature” so they don’t become a victim of any of those.

Despite everything, an omega woman keeps her innocent side alive and hidden. She shows them only when she’s on her own or around trustworthy people.

But are you wondering if everything about her is good? Well, it’s not! Like any other human being, she also has weaknesses like these…


1. Her empathy overwhelms her

Since she’s an empath, she can feel others’ emotions quite vividly. If people say anything to her face, she doesn’t feel hurt instantly. But everything stays in the back of her mind.

So, when she’s not busy, she often overthinks and puts herself in the worst situations.  She’s often on the verge of losing her calm and breaking down.

2. Shallow convo isn’t her cup of tea

People usually strike up conversations with small talk. Otherwise, how’d two strangers ever start talking? But she can hardly stand shallow conversations.

She doesn’t expect everyone to bring up deep topics. But when someone mentions something shallow, she can’t contain her thoughts. She may not say anything, but her expressions give her away. People think she’s too arrogant.

3. She is a disorganized person

Wherever she goes, she’s a big pile of mess. At the office, papers and files are all over the place. At home, her hair dryer is in the kitchen and the ladle is in the living room. Since she feels a great sense of peace with the mess, she never thinks about organizing. If she shares her space with others, this can get on their nerves.

4. She may not work consistently

An omega female achieves more than her target at work… only if she feels intellectually challenged.  If her job makes her brain work, she devotes more hours and works harder.

But everyone might expect too much of her. She won’t be able to meet these expectations if the task isn’t that interesting. She won’t succeed professionally if that’s the case.

5. She might need a makeover

Since she’s a complete mess, it can even harm her physical appearance. She might be too focused on the deeper aspects of her life to focus on her skin, hair, or outfit. This will be a major issue in her professional and romantic life. Without a makeover, she’ll struggle with getting a job or a partner.

Do you believe that she has more weaknesses than strengths. But before you assume anything, know the full truth here.

But hey are you an omega female? If you’re wondering what’s good or bad about your personality, c’mon, let’s talk here!

Pros and Cons of being an Omega Female

Before starting, remember, every human being is flawed. But don’t put yourself down! Your personality makes your life easier too. To boost your self-confidence, let’s start with how that happens here


1. You’re empathetic toward others

Since you’re an empath, you know exactly how people around you feel. You can put yourself in their shoes and understand their worries. You tell them things they want to hear and cheer them up.

You’re loved by everyone because you can be so understanding during hard times. They feel blessed that you don’t take advantage of their weaknesses or make fun of them.

2. Self-awareness results in your confidence

You know yourself the best… whether it’s about your emotions, thoughts, ideas, actions, boundaries, or anything else. In your life, you take aware actions and decisions. You know what you want from life.

So, nobody can make you second-guess yourself. Whether people are genuinely concerned or want to play with you, you never feel insecure and are always assertive.

3. You’re serious about love

Modern dating is all about casual things. Most people aren’t serious about relationships whether it’s men or women. People want to connect their bodies but not their minds.

But you’re one of a kind and aren’t a golddigger. You believe in true love and don’t judge potential romantic connections based on their looks or wallet. Women like you make men still hope for love. 

4. You respect yourself

In romantic relationships, you don’t demand a lot. You want to be cared for, loved, and respected. Your partner must be loyal to you. You only seek the bare minimum for a healthy bond.

You never let anyone take you for granted. You either want quality romance or stay single forever. Whatever happens, you won’t sell yourself short.

5. You don’t feel jealous about others’ fame

You don’t desire to be the center of attention. You also befriend only a few people that understand you. So, people often assume that extroverted people can’t be your friends.

But, you encourage your friends to live their life. If they want fame and popularity or desire to party with others, you let them be. You can be happy even if they don’t spend all the time with you.

But nobody claims that everything is great about your personality. There are some issues too which are expected… because you’re a human being, not because of the position of your personality in the hierarchy. So, if you’re ready to improve yourself, here you go!


1. You often struggle to deal with reality

You’re way different from others. For instance, you don’t like small talk. You’re more interested in deep conversations, but hardly many people that share the same interests.

Or, you’re serious about relationships, but most people around you discourage you. They ask you to settle for anything you get.

You struggle to deal with these and often immerse yourself in a fantasy world. You’re bored and tired of reality.

2. You might become lonely

For now, you don’t need a lot of friends. You feel comfortable with your intimate circle. However, your friends will become busier with their personal and professional life eventually. Most of their time will be devoted to work or family. You’ll be way lower on their priority list. So, you might get lonely when you grow old.

3. You can’t be your best self without a bit of help and guidance

Due to your empathetic side, you often feel overwhelmed by others’ emotions. You focus way more on people’s emotions than your own. You forget to focus or take care of your own emotions. So, you must get regular appointments with a mental health therapist or life coach.

4. Your boss might expect too much from you

When you feel interested in a task, you work harder. You feel motivated to pick up the challenge and that makes you feel amazing. You overwork and overachieve which makes your boss rely on you. They expect you to consistently overdo it.

But you don’t perform similarly if you don’t feel interested. You disappoint them and they might even take it out on you for “poor performance”.

5. You can’t maintain a great bond with acquaintances

When people don’t know each other well, they resort to small talk to break the ice. But you are not interested in it. Rather, you can’t suppress your negative reaction to it.

You either leave the room or seem bored. The other person might talk a lot and you zone out. This hurts them and they think you’re snobby. Your bond with acquaintances doesn’t work out.

Now, if you’re ready to know more of these interesting facts, click here!

Since you’re at the bottom of the hierarchy, ever wondered how different alphas are? If yes, let’s discuss all that right here…

Omega Female vs Alpha Female

People worship alpha women but look down on omega women. So, is the difference between an alpha and an omega woman huge? Whether they are completely different or not, let’s find out here…

1. They are both confident

Omega females are self-aware, so others’ doubts don’t make them insecure.  Even if people judge them and their actions, they stick to their grounds. Since they do everything mindfully, they are sure that they didn’t mess anything up.

Alpha females are self-confident because they rule the hierarchy. Whether they take risks or follow the usual path, they always win in their life which results in their confidence.

2. The ambitiousness of omega females varies, unlike alpha women

An omega female feels ambitious in professional or academic life only if it’s interesting. If the task makes her use her brain and research a lot, she can’t resist the challenge. But if a task isn’t challenging, her performance falls drastically.

However, an alpha female is always ambitious in every area of her life. The task itself doesn’t change her drive.

3. Omega females desire privacy unlike alpha females

Omega women are introverted, so they don’t want any attention. When they join social events, they retreat to an inconspicuous corner. She feels more comfortable on her own than entertaining vain small talk.

An alpha female, on the other hand, has fun being the center of attention. She expands her social circle and feels left out without the spotlight on her.

4. Omega women want to be pursued, alpha women pursue

In romantic relationships, an omega female wants her potential partner to woo her. She wants to be courted like in the past. She doesn’t want to chase her partner by herself and wants them to make the first move.

Alpha females don’t wait for their crush and hit on them first. They don’t care what the world thinks. Once they set their eyes on someone, they go after them!

5. Omega women may not be visually pretty unlike alpha women

Omega females may not pay attention to their appearances. They are too messy and hardly care about how they look. They also stay in disorganized spaces. She doesn’t put much effort into herself or her surroundings. Her crush might judge whether she will even care for them.

An alpha female is considered the prettiest of all. They take care of themselves and are organized which attracts many partners.

Before you assume that they are different, check out the complete comparison here!

But if you’re also curious about the comparison with the remaining personalities, here you go!

Comparison with the remaining four personalities

The omega female might not have such distinct differences or similarities with the remaining female personalities. But there are some subtle differences. So, to avoid unnecessary repetition, let’s know the important factors about omega women here!

1. Omega females are introverted, homebodies, and confident

These women like to be on their own instead of going out. They are ready to step out if it’s with their loved ones. But otherwise, she never does it willingly. She’d rather stay at home and enjoy her time by herself. She’ll play video games, read fantasy novels, or watch videos about deep facts about life or the world.

They are also known to be self-aware which makes them confident.

2. She is empathetic and emotionally intelligent

Due to her empathy, she’s emotionally intelligent. She understands others’ feelings and thoughts well. She can put herself in their position and think fairly. She often suggests the best advice for others.

However, she often feels overwhelmed by others’ thoughts. During these times, she can’t help but take care of herself before thinking about others.

3. She wants someone to pursue her before she does and doesn’t settle for less

In romantic relationships, she wants her partner to chase her instead of the other way around. She believes in old-school romantic stories. She grew up reading and watching romance novels and movies. She wants that in her life as well.

She doesn’t want a wealthy or powerful partner, but they must at least take care of her, respect her, and be loyal and loving. 

4. She doesn’t desire to fit in

She knows she’s different and accepts to be one. She doesn’t want to belong to a social group or hierarchy. She gave up on trying to fit in but she tried at some point.

5. She is a messy person

She often forgets to tidy her space. Her home and desk at work or school are always messy. She isn’t an organized person but she remembers wherever she puts things.

Now that you’re all set with the basics about the omega female, let’s start off in order!

Omega Female vs Beta Female

Beta females are known to be meek, submissive, and sacrificing. She puts herself way down than she is. So, an omega woman is much more confident than her. If you’re curious about how different these people are, let’s dig in!

1. Compared to omega females, beta females are unreactive

Omega women are confident about their choices. But beta females are submissive and even step back to avoid conflicts. If their choices lead to fights, they are ready to yield to the other person which makes them look unconfident and weak.

2. Beta females’ empathy and care are way more intense but they neglect themselves

A beta female, much like an omega woman, is also empathetic. They don’t let others suffer and help them out whenever possible. However, they overdo themselves and get in trouble instead. They suffer by themselves to protect others. They are reliable but at the expense of their own happiness.

3. Similar to omegas, she doesn’t make the first move, but the reason is different

Both omega and beta women don’t pursue their partners. But omegas are confident and know their worth. But beta women feel they are too inferior and don’t deserve their romantic interests.

4. Unlike omega women, she wants to fit in

Beta women feel anxious about not being enough. She feels she must try to fit in. This makes them more scared and nervous and harder to fit in.

Now, let’s get going with the next in the hierarchy…

Omega Female vs Delta Female

Delta women are popular for being compassionate and helpful. But they are pretty realistic, so people assume they’re pessimistic. So, let’s compare them here…

1. Like omega females, delta women are also introverted

Just like omegas, delta females also like to stay at home and avoid socializing. They can’t have fun with new people out of the blue. They feel shy and reserved just like omegas. 

2. Similar to omega women, deltas are also helpful, but they’re realistic

Omega women inspire others with their positive approach. But delta women are realistic and can make others feel low. Their practical thoughts often scare others.

But delta females, like omegas, are also helpful. They support others as much as they can but don’t give them vain hope.

3. Like omegas, delta females want a loving partner

A delta female desires her partner to love, respect, care, understand, and cherish her. She wants them to be loyal to her, communicate their differences and work on a healthy bond.

Moving on, gamma females come next in the hierarchy, so let’s head right in!

Omega Female vs Gamma Female

Gamma women are self-confident, self-aware, and compassionate. They are pretty similar to omega women. But is that the entire truth? Let’s find out here…

1. Like omega females, gamma females are self-aware

Gamma females know their true value similar to omega women. They are self-aware and don’t let others treat them wrong. If people try to make them second-guess their actions, they are still confident in themselves.

2. Gamma females, like omegas, are also helpful

Gamma women, just like omega women, are extremely helpful toward others. She’s motivated to reach her goals. If she depends on others to fulfill her wishes, she’ll definitely support others to pick the pace of the process.

3. Like omega women, she knows her worth

Gamma females know their own worth. They never settle for anything less than what they deserve. The greatest quality in her partner must be a strength.

4. Unlike omega, she’s an organized person

She has a strict schedule, leads a healthy life, and has an organized lifestyle and space.

Lastly, let’s figure out the relationship with the one outside the hierarchy!

Omega Female vs Sigma Female

The most obvious similarity between sigma and omega women is their desire to be out of the hierarchy. But they definitely aren’t the same. Sigma females are comparable to alpha females… Whereas omega females are at the bottom. So, let’s compare them here…

1. Sigma females are much more confident than omega females

Sigma women are also self-aware. They know what they do and they can voice it out confidently. Their confidence reaches a different peak. When they debate with someone, they carry themselves with extreme self-confidence. This makes the other person doubt themselves instead.

2. They can do anything for loved ones like omegas

Much like omega women, sigma women are ready to go out of their way for their loved ones. They don’t mind getting the shorter side of the stick to help them out.

3. Unlike omegas, sigma women want the best for themselves

Sigma females aren’t too big on romance and love. Rather, they want a smart and successful person by their side. She usually goes for alpha or sigma partners and occasionally wants beta partners.  

4. Like omegas, they are never interested in fitting in

Sigma women don’t care about the hierarchy. They don’t want to do anything with it. They like to be lone wolves away from any social group.

However, are you curious about an omega female’s performance professionally? Let’s unveil everything here…

Omega Female at Work

Omega women are more focused on their work than getting close to coworkers. However, they help their coworkers when they need them. They don’t want to be in charge or follow others’ lead. To know more such interesting facts about them, dive in!

1. She’ll keep her coworkers at a distance

She doesn’t believe in making a lot of friends. Rather she is content with 2-3 friends that always support her. She’s also introverted, so she doesn’t seek friendship in her workplace.

Before she joins the workforce, she probably has enough friends. So, she won’t get too close to them. However, even if she doesn’t become extremely close to them, she’ll always help them out.

2. She’ll hardly attend office events

Due to her introversion and limited social skills, she’ll also not be present at most office events. Unless attendance is mandatory, she won’t be there. She’d rather work harder or stay at home and enjoy herself.

Her superiors might have a poor impression of her, but she doesn’t mind. Her comfort is her priority and if people get offended by so little, she can’t help it.

3. Coworkers feel inspired by her

Due to her creative intelligence, she always finds the solution to the worst problems. Her approach is way unique from others which helps her deal with things with ease.

Though she’s at the bottom of the hierarchy, she’s no less than an alpha female when she faces troubles. She’s popular in her workplace for being a great problem solver.

4. She’s overachiever in interesting jobs

If her profession challenges her intellectually and makes her use her brain cells, she’s beyond motivated. She devotes herself to performing well in her task. Eventually, she performs far better than expected.

Most employees lag in challenging tasks. But she gets charged up to improve herself. Her boss feels proud to have her onboard.

5. Her performance hits rock bottom in boring jobs

On the other hand, it’s troublesome if her job is too easy, repetitive, or needs muscle memory instead of using her brain. She won’t be able to deliver even an average performance. She might struggle to meet her targets or make mistakes in her job. She can’t survive in a job or project where she doesn’t feel challenged.

There’s a lot more to know about an omega female’s professional life. You can know everything about her here!

On the other hand, if you’re curious about her personal life, here are some juicy bits about it!

Omega Female Relationships

When it comes to relationships, omega females cherish their close bonds. They can go out of their way for them. But if they aren’t close to them, they have their guard on. So, let’s dig deeper into that here…

1. If you’re a stranger, she needs time to trust you

Omega women are introverted and don’t feel comfortable around new people. They need time to let their guard down. They’re always shy and reserved.

So, if you aren’t close to an omega female, she won’t express her thoughts openly to you. Even if you’re a distant relative or were classmates in first grade, she needs time to open up.

2. She limits her friends’ circle at 5

She doesn’t believe in befriending everyone she meets. She only makes friends with less than 5 people in her life. If she doesn’t befriend you, don’t think that you’re a bad person or she doesn’t trust you.

Rather, she only wants to stick to smaller circles to stay away from drama. She doesn’t like a bustling group because it overwhelms her.

3. If you’re close, she’ll never force you to be with her

Omega females often stick to a close and intimate friend circle. So, people often assume that she clings to these people 24/7. However, that’s far from reality. She never pushes her loved ones to be around her.

If they have prior engagements, she tells them to have fun. Even if they feel bad because she’ll be left out, she doesn’t let them sacrifice for her.

4. She’s always there with good advice

If you face a tricky life situation, she’s always ready with great life advice. Whether you’re her coworker or her best friend, if she notices you’re in a pinch, she’ll support you. But if you’re close to her, she’ll go out of her way for you.

Omega girls have creative intelligence, so she always figures out solutions for all problems.  She’s a great advisor, motivator, and problem solver.

5. Small talk won’t land you a date

An omega woman doesn’t like small talk because it doesn’t help her growth. Discussing the obvious doesn’t make her feel good at all… rather, she feels bored and zones out. She might even use an excuse to get away from you.

So, if you want to hit on her, find out her interests. A deep topic can catch her attention and land you on a date!

Omega Male Romantic Compatibility

However, are you interested in an omega woman romantically? Then you must know about her compatible partners and their qualities first!

1. Alpha partner

Omega women are old-school romantics and they want their partners to woo them. Alpha men and women are known to chase their partners. They are straightforward about their feelings and desire to dominate the relationships. An alpha partner might make an omega’s heart skip as she’s romantically submissive.

Due to the alpha’s jealous and overbearing nature, he/she’ll dedicate a lot of attention to her. A romantic pairing of these two will emotionally, sexually, and romantically satisfy both.

2. Someone who knows when to make her a priority

An omega female has a pretty small circle. But she never desires to be the only highlight of her loved ones’ life. She wants everyone to be happy with their own interests. So, if her partner wants to go out with friends, she’ll never stop them.

But they must know that relationships depend on mutual love. Just as she lets them enjoy, they must also prioritize her. They must know when to give her time and not always be selfish.

3. Someone who can deal with mess

An omega woman lives in a messy space. She hardly focuses on tidying because a chaotic space calms her.

Now, her partner doesn’t need to accept her mess and sacrifice hygiene. But they must not be too concerned about it. They definitely mustn’t be a perfectionist or minimalist or the relationship won’t last even a week.

She might also not care much about her looks. So, they must accept her natural beauty.

4. Someone who appreciates her long rambles

She loves to talk about deep stuff. But she never expects everyone to be interested in it. Rather, she knows that everyone has different interests. However, in front of her lover, she’ll be transparent about herself.

So, when she talks about that intellectual stuff for hours, her partner must at least be open to listening. They must get away from any distractions and pay attention to her. They must at least say “You steal my heart every time you talk about these things”.

5. Someone who wouldn’t want to change her

An omega female is still childish deep within. No woman around her is the same. She lets out her inner kid around her trustworthy loved ones. People always ask her to change but she confidently protected this side of her.

So, she’s compatible with a partner that won’t ask her to change. If she acts goofy, they must never ask her to “act like a lady” or “behave herself”. Rather, they must encourage her to be that way.

But hey, that’s not all… if you want to know more about her personal relationships, check this out!

However, do you suspect you or someone close is an omega female? Let’s have a little chat here!

How to identify an Omega Female?

Till now, there is no official test to identify omega female personality. However, don’t be disheartened!

Based on all the details experts found about an omega female, here’s a test to find out your answer. If you feel someone else is an omega female, suggest they take the quiz for the perfect answer.

So, did you find out you’re an omega female? Great, let’s talk a bit here!

What to do if you’re an Omega Female?

Being an omega female, you might feel inferior due to your position in the hierarchy. There are also some cons to your personality. You might also feel low because you don’t fit in any group.

To work on everything and feel better about yourself, here’s a quick guide!

1. Get some sunshine

Whenever you don’t want to socialize, your friends are too busy, or you’re just stressed, you do one thing. You shut yourself in your room, play video games or read books. You set off for a fantasy world to enjoy your time.

However, this harms your health in multiple ways. You might hurt your posture and weaken your muscles from sitting throughout the day or even hurt your eyes from too much blue light exposure.

You MUST go out in the sun for some Vitamin D for your bones. The natural light and greenery will also keep your eyes healthy.

2. Make more friends

You’re pretty happy with your small and intimate circle of friends circle. You don’t see any need to get more friends. However, your friends will become busy at some point. They’ll have a hectic schedule with their job, baby, partner, in-laws, and their own parents.

You might feel fine being on your own currently. After all, they make time for you even if it’s once a month. But eventually, it’ll be hard to meet them even once in a few months.

And don’t even assume that this is exaggerated because life takes the worst turn in your 30s and 40s. So, before you feel lonely and abandoned, get some more friends.

3. Be careful about your career choice

You can progress and succeed in your career only if you’re motivated. But your sole motivation at work comes from challenging jobs and responsibilities.

If your job doesn’t make you burn some brain cells, you don’t feel driven at all. In that kind of job, you won’t feel like giving your all. Your career will lead to a stand-still situation.

So, you must find out the things you’re genuinely passionate about fast. Especially, before you pursue college, this is a must-do. Otherwise, you’ll get an unnecessary student loan for yourself.

4. Socialize once in a while

Social events make you feel uncomfortable. You often avoid it unless it only involves close people. You also dislike how your empathetic side notices others’ negative feelings and feel anxious.

However, it’s not a good idea to skip all the time. You might lose the chance to make influential connections. Whether you’re a businesswoman, an office lady, or a freelancer… you can get many opportunities in your professional life through socializing.

You can also find a suitable partner through socializing. Otherwise, it’s almost impossible to find anyone in your small circle.

5. Consider a makeover

Since you’re so focused on your academic or professional life, you often overlook little details like tidiness. This issue can even affect your appearance. Due to a lacking appearance, you might not land the perfect job or your crush might ignore you.

You’ll say that’s a poor way to judge human beings but it’s a standard in the current world. If you don’t look put up, people won’t consider you a great catch professionally and romantically. So, get a makeover if you need it!

Of course, that’s not enough to manage your troubles, so check the full guide here!

But if someone close to you is an omega female, it’s time to be a bit cautious. So, let’s know more here…

How to deal with an Omega Female?

If there’s an omega female around you, remember that she’s sensitive to negative emotions. She’s also pretty strict about her socializing with new people. So, whether you’re close to her or not, here are a few things to help you deal with her well…

1. Never force her to socialize

She’s introverted, reserved, and shy. No matter what you say, you can’t force an introvert to enjoy a social situation with unknown faces. She will often turn down social situations, so don’t mind her.

If her presence is important to you, be by her side throughout the time if you’re close. Or, allow her to bring a friend with her to help her feel comfortable.

If it’s an office event, you’re not close to her, or she can’t bring anyone with her, don’t force her to attend it.

2. Help her set limits for me-time

If you’re her lover or her best friend and are extroverted, she’ll always encourage you to go out. She won’t ever ask you to stay back with her because she likes it.

However, just make sure that you don’t overdo it. Don’t take advantage of her goodwill. She also needs you by her side because she hardly has many people around her. So, understand when she genuinely needs you beside her and sacrifice the parties on those days.

3. Don’t push her to make more friends

Her social circle is extremely small. So, she might eventually be left alone when her friends become busy with their life. She must make more friends before she reaches that miserable point. However, you must never force her to make a choice. Don’t always nag her to go out or make more friends.

Make sure you don’t sound rude. If you’re her friend, be cautious of how you convey this. Otherwise, she might assume that you’re tired of her. She’ll also feel hurt and rejected.

4. Respect her inner circle

She only makes a few friends in her life. They accept and love her unconditionally and make her feel validated. So, they are extremely precious to her. Sometimes, she might devote more time to her friends than herself. If you’re her lover, family member, or another friend, you might feel jealous of them.

However, communicate if you feel left out. Don’t speak ill of them as she’s pretty protective of them. Otherwise, you’ll only worsen your bond with her.

5. Never expect consistency in her work

If you have an omega female employee, she’ll impress you with challenging responsibilities. You might assume that she’s a genius and rely a lot on her.

However, she’s not a great worker if the task is too easy, repetitive, or doesn’t appeal to her brain at all. So, just because she’s great at the tricky tasks, don’t expect her to be good at the common tasks too. Otherwise, you’ll be extremely disappointed.

There are many more ways to make your connection work out. So, refer to this piece for the rest!

However, are you interested in becoming an omega female yourself? Well, the perfect ways are waiting for you here!

How to be an Omega Female?

Honestly, nobody wants to be an omega female because of the lowest position in the hierarchy. But this personality comes with its own perks. So, if you want to become one, let me help you embrace the good traits of an omega female here…

1. Focus on quality over quantity in friendship

In this era, people mostly consider Facebook friends and Instagram followers as real-life friendship. If you’re the same, it’s time to snap out of it. Gaining a million followers or friends doesn’t make any sense at all.

If you lose your job or break up with your long-term partner, these people won’t care. If you post about it on social media, they’ll only have fun listening to your story. So, they are nothing like real friends.

So, make genuine friends that care for you, and stop chasing numbers. A bigger circle doesn’t make you a happier person!

2. Set good socializing boundaries

People struggle to refuse invitations most of the time. Students fear losing out on the fun and becoming uncool. So, they try to attend all of their classmate’s events… even if they aren’t close. Employees attend office events because they’re afraid of getting on their boss’ bad side.

If socializing exhausts you, then it’s time for a change. Prepare a believable excuse and refuse them. Even if you can’t do it right away when they invite you, don’t extend it till the last moment. That way you won’t offend them.

3. Don’t always monopolize your friends

Suppose you dislike socializing and turn down an event. You’ll feel insecure and overthink whether you made the right choice. During this moment, seek a friend for company. Go out with them to keep the negative thoughts at bay. It’ll help you distract your mind and get used to refusing invitations.

However, if your friend might not be available, then what?

Well, don’t force your friend to do anything, Don’t expect them to be there for you all the time. Accept that they have a life too and might not always be around. Make sure you also don’t demand their time whenever you refuse socializing. They may not always have time for you.

4. Invest in your interests

When your friends aren’t available, you might be in a pickle. But it’s not that bad… you only gotta focus on something else. Find out some solo interests and don’t you dare think it won’t be fun because you’re alone!

You can start watching that interesting crime series. Or, visit the classy restaurant you always wanted to. You can play with the kids in the neighborhood, and so on.

You can also join the gym or go for a walk in a new neighborhood. Or, prepare your favorite dish at home. It’s your call, so choose wisely!

5. Embrace empathy

To be a perfect omega female, try to be empathetic. Even if you aren’t naturally empathetic, learn it slowly. You don’t need to be so empathetic that you’ll be overwhelmed like an omega woman. But you must at least try to be compassionate towards others.

Be open to listening to their worries and pay attention to them. Get away from any distractions and focus on their emotions. Try to put yourself in their shoes, consider their circumstances, and then advise others.

But the methods aren’t so simple at all. There’s a lot more to do and you can get everything here!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re an omega female, understand your positive and negative traits. Enhance your strong parts and work on the flaws.

If you know an omega female, don’t challenge her confidence for her personality. She knows what she wants in her life. Encourage her to improve herself but don’t expect too much. If you’re her close friend, support her during the trying times.

Respect her thoughts and emotions, and you’ll have an amicable bond!

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