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Who Is an Omega Female? [15 Identifiable Traits]

Who Is an Omega Female? [15 Identifiable Traits]

Updated on Jun 20, 2022 | Published on Nov 01, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Omega Female: 15 Identifiable Traits of Omega Personality Female

An omega female is rather unique of all the socio-sexual personality types. She is independent, smart, and prefers her company over that of others. An omega woman can be childlike. Also, she has unrealistic expectations when it comes to relationships.   

Among the male personalities, an omega male usually stands out for his aloofness and intelligence. He does not care to conform with an alpha male and beta male standards. This way, he is similar to a sigma male and sigma female

Just like omega males, omega women also do not concern themselves with things like alphas, betas, and hierarchies in general. 

Omega men and women are intelligent, keep to themselves, empathetic, and often seen as misfits. An omega person can also be submissive. If you want to know more about an omega female specifically, read on!

Omega Female Infographic

Omega Female - 15 Identifiable Traits of Omega Personality Female
Omega Female [15 Identifiable Traits of Omega Personality Female]

Omega Female Definition

An omega female is intelligent, creative, empathetic, submissive, and prefers being alone. Her aloofness sometimes leaves her being seen as a misfit.

Omega female personalities are characterized by their introverted nature. Underneath this shyness, she feels a lot of emotions. Also, when you get to know her better, you realize and might even be taken aback by her intelligence and creativity.

An omega woman does not like being in the spotlight. She has a small set of friends and prefers being alone. Often, she is lost in her world or pursuing her passions on her own. Consequently, she is seen as a social outcast by many.

Additionally, she is highly empathetic, which sometimes leaves her physically and emotionally exhausted. Besides that, she has a submissive attitude, which leads to her feeling ignored and bullied.

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Omega Female Characteristics

Following is a list of characteristics that an omega female is endowed with. These traits are a detailed account of what was described in the above definition.  

1. An omega woman keeps to herself

Omega female personalities are likely to be reserved. However, they are the introverted people you see on television. That is, they seem withdrawn, but when you get to know them you realize how passionate and knowledgeable they are.

The first impression that an omega woman gives off is that she likes to keep to herself. An alpha female is outgoing and constantly on the lookout for expanding her network. Meanwhile, an omega female prefers staying by herself.

An omega female hates being the center of attention. She is comfortable being on her own and does not feel lonely. Moreover, she keeps herself occupied with her interests. She may engross herself in books, movies, single-player games, among other solo activities.

With that said, she takes time to warm up to people. When she feels more comfortable, she allows people to get to know her on a personal level. 

2. An omega female is intelligent

A rather striking thing about an omega female is her high intelligence. This trait comes as no surprise as she spends copious time reading books, writing, and learning new skills. Essentially, she engages in activities that intellectually stimulate her.

An omega woman does not hold back when it comes to challenging long-held beliefs and ideas. She loves a good philosophical or political debate. A smart and independent woman, indeed!

When working in a group, she is most likely the one to supervise the project. She ensures that they are meeting the appropriate standards or criteria.

Additionally, she utilizes her intelligence to connect with others. She also helps people around her grow and succeed. Most people trust her knowledge and often turn to her for some solid advice.

Along those lines, before giving her two cents, she ensures she has a thorough understanding of their concerns. She does not take it lightly and puts in the effort. Also, she considers the other party’s emotions apart from their thoughts.

3. An omega woman is highly empathetic

Speaking of taking stock of other people’s emotions, and omega woman are incredibly empathetic. She tries to put herself in others’ shoes before talking to them. Her understanding and kind nature stand out even during your first conversation with them. 

With that said, you cannot take omega women for granted. They are simply trustworthy, non-judgemental, and provide a safe space for people to vent.

In social situations, she is the peacemaker, just like a beta female. She takes care of people she loves and provides them with unconditional support.

4. They can be clumsy yet creative 

Being a profound thinker, an omega woman often loses herself in her thoughts. This habit causes other things in her life to take a backseat.

For instance, an omega female is likely to be clumsy. Her living space is usually cluttered, which is a striking contrast to the way a gamma female lives. With that said, she almost always knows where she keeps her things.

Therefore, what seems like a chaotic mess to others, it is rather organized for an omega female. In a way, she takes comfort in her clumsiness.

Adding to that, an omega woman is creatively messy. Whatever she undertakes, she likes to add a personal touch to it. Despite being unorganized, her creativity is something only she understands and she likes keeping it that way.

5. She tends to be aloof

Speaking of creative messes and personalized things, an omega woman is quite aloof. It makes sense considering she likes creating her own world that only she comprehends. This characteristic is contrary to an alpha woman’s emphatically sociable nature.

Her tendency to turn inward gives her the space to construct her ideal living sphere in her mind. This space is adventurous, exhilarating, and most importantly, a safe haven for an omega woman.

Although she spends most of her time by herself, she never gets bored. Her brain is always on overdrive. She spends a considerable amount of time on intellectual pursuits, questioning her beliefs, and making sense of her life.

6. She tends to be hypersensitive

Given an omega woman’s reserved nature, it is initially difficult to notice her tendency to get emotional. Additionally, she does not open up to people about her emotions. Therefore, her feelings start piling up and she ends up having an outburst eventually.

These emotional eruptions due to pent-up feelings make omega women particularly susceptible to developing mental health issues. Although from the outside she might look okay, she feels strongly beneath the surface.

As noted earlier, she spends a lot of time in her head. This comes with the downside of overanalyzing things. Despite being highly intelligent, she finds it challenging to rationalize and regulate her emotions sometimes. 

Moreover, her hypersensitivity can be associated with her empathetic nature. Sometimes, she tunes into other people’s emotions way more than required. Besides that, she tends to internalize others’ problems and this brings her down.

If you think you are in a similar place as an omega female, this is a reminder that there is help. You can reach out to a professional to manage your emotions better. 

7. She doesn’t care to fit in

An omega woman is least bothered by what others think. Many people often see her as unconventional, a misfit, and even rebellious. She is quite laid back and does not concern herself with what others think about her.

An alpha woman typically desires to be the leader of the group. Meanwhile, beta personalities do not want to lead and are comfortable following. And then there is an omega woman, who does not even want to be in the group.

As mentioned earlier, an omega female is comfortable being by herself. She never looks for approval from others. No matter what people say about her, she knows herself and is comfortable being her authentic self.

Several people cannot figure her out and this particular trait can intimidate them. Her nonchalant outlook on life can even threaten some. 

Most individuals spend too much time thinking about their social status and their ranking on the dominance hierarchies. This tendency disallows them from understanding omega women.

8. Her social circle is small

Although she loves being alone, an omega woman enjoys a few meaningful connections with other women. An omega woman prefers opening up only to two or three people. However, these friendships are significant and provide great support to her.

Likewise, an omega woman is loyal and committed to her friendships. They have a wholesome connection wherein they always have each other’s backs and turn to each other for advice.

For an omega female, quality matters more than quantity when it comes to friendships. So, she does not have large groups of friends. Her friends understand and respect her space. They do not push her into spending time with her when she is not up for it.  

9. She despises shallow thinking

An omega woman comes across as a snob to many people. However, she merely loathes shallowness. People who chase external validation do not intrigue an omega female personality. 

For instance, she finds individuals who “dress to impress” shallow and boring. Similarly, people chasing gossip and joining the bandwagon for new trends do not leave a mark on her. 

Moreover, small talk does not grab omega women’s attention. They get easily bored when people try conversing with them about things that do not fascinate them. They also have trouble masking their lack of interest. This behavior comes across as their being rude.

An omega woman is continually on the lookout for profound discussions. She loves connecting with people on a sincere level. 

10. An omega female is childlike in many ways

Omega females are like a child in that they notice the little things that most people take for granted. For instance, they get overjoyed by their favorite food, a good read, or taking their pets for a walk. 

Apart from paying attention to the little things in life, they also cannot hold grudges for long. Additionally, their imagination also runs just as wild as that of a child. They might jump on furniture pretending that the floor is lava or pretend to have superpowers. 

With that said, they are not childish. Omega females are responsible adults and are kids at heart. In fact, it is commendable that they can preserve their inner child. This trait is possibly owing to their lack of need to fit in.

11. An omega female has a submissive mentality

The mindset of an omega woman is quite submissive. She spends so much time and effort helping others, that sometimes she feels ignored or misunderstood. 

A lot of her emotional resources go into bettering the lives of others. In the end, she feels defeated and emotionally drained. Additionally, this mindset and behavior leave them feeling bullied in social situations.

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Omega Female Personality Traits in Relationships

12. Omega women are romantic

Indeed, an omega woman is shy and reserved. This may leave you wondering how, given that characteristic, they are described as romantic. 

Although they might hesitate to chase after romantic interests in their waking life, fantastically speaking, they are not afraid at all. You can find an omega woman devouring classic romantic books. She also daydreams about her life with a fairytale touch. 

In real life, an omega woman desires to find someone with whom she can share her interests, passions, and wholehearted commitment.

13. She knows what she wants

As noted before, an omega woman possesses high intelligence and engages in activities that pick her brain. She has the ability to carry intellectual and meaningful conversations. This tendency is something many personalities desire in relationships.

Additionally, her smartness allows her to know what she wants. Specifically, an omega woman yearns for a deep, meaningful, and genuine connection with somebody she considers special.

An omega woman not only knows what she wants from her partner. She is also keenly aware of what she wants out of the relationship. 

14. An omega woman is traditional

An omega female has a traditional outlook on relationships. She often dreams of finding her “soulmate.” Also, she believes in old-school romantic gestures.

She does not believe in the modern or online means of dating. An omega female desires the conventional process of courtship. She wants her romantic interest to take effort and make her feel special.

Moreover, an omega female prefers expressing her feelings in person. She is not inclined toward displays of affection on social media. 

15. She tends to think in black-and-white terms

An omega woman thinks in an all-or-none manner, wherein if it is not a committed relationship, she would rather stay single. 

She spends most of her time with her thoughts. An omega woman thinks a lot about her love life.

Therefore, she overanalyzes and comes up with detailed descriptions or expectations when it comes to her partner. Sometimes, these expectations are rather unrealistic. It becomes challenging for her to find somebody who can meet those standards.

Closing Word from ThePleasantPersonality

Just like every personality type, an omega female is a mix of strengths and weaknesses. What makes an omega female stand out is her imaginative world that exists beneath her introversion.

Working on her social skills will definitely allow an omega woman to reach incredible heights of success. Along those lines, drawing boundaries and improving her assertiveness will also help. 

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