So, you’ve been wondering how to be sigma female… and the thought just won’t leave your mind? Wondering how to be as awesome as a sigma woman?

Welp, the way to be the miraculous woman of your dreams is no more a secret! And this think-piece will show you that in great detail.

C’mon, let’s dig in!

How to Be Sigma Female?

A sigma female is so mysterious that the men just can’t have enough of her… but she’s also a wild feisty one when it comes to her loved one’s happiness. She’s an absolutely balanced woman and you want to be nothing less than that.

With full faith in yourself and your abilities, let’s dig in!

1. Never overshare anything

The most remarkable trait of a sigma female is her mysterious aura. So, to be a lone wolf yourself, first, figure out how often you share your feelings with others.

If you’re a reserved person, this isn’t much of a problem for you. You can be your usual self and enjoy your sweet space by yourself. When people see you having a gala time all by yourself, that’ll make you a sigma in their perception.

However, if you’re a transparent person and often share everything on your mind, it’s time to talk a bit less. Before you misunderstand the suggestion, let’s be clear… it’s okay to be expressive, but don’t spill your secrets. Practice this in every area of your life to become a sigma female. This will also protect you from getting hurt.

2. Don’t shy away from stating your opinions

Another of the attractive traits of a sigma female is her intimidating nature. If you’re wondering how to be intimidating, don’t worry, you don’t need to scare others with weapons or threats!

The trick is to state your mind where it’s needed. Though you must act reserved, never back off from expressing your opinions when something goes against your wishes.

Be confident, stand straight, and make sure your body or voice doesn’t shake when you oppose. Make sure you look into your opponent’s eyes. Take your physical space to sit comfortably to send signals that you know what you’re saying and that you won’t back off.

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3. Be loyal to your loved ones

The sweetest trait when it comes to a sigma female is her loyalty towards her trustworthy and close friends. So, to be a significant sigma woman, first identify which are your precious ones.

If you have more friends than you can count, it’s time to figure out which are actually great friends… and which people only want benefits from you.

Figure out which people supported you during your darkest hour. Then promise to be the most loyal to them only. Don’t let anyone hurt them or get away after hurting them. Protect and support them when you can’t help in any other way.

Of course, you don’t need to ignore your social circles but treat your true loved ones better than the rest.

4. Be self-dependent

Life is full of setbacks and difficulties… no chapter of life is free of these hurdles. And sigma females deal with these setbacks like a boss, so it’s time to work on your reaction during crises. Whenever you face any difficulty or opposition, don’t ever think that it’s the end… because that’ll serve as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Instead, try every possible way out to deal with yourself. Neither wait for others’ help nor request anyone to help you.

Of course, if someone lends you a helping hand, don’t push them away. But don’t expect special treatment from anyone. Remember you have what it takes and keep going!

5. But never give up on teamwork

Though being independent is a great trait, never look down on teamwork. By all means, whenever you get a chance, take independent tasks. But, if you don’t get that option and are forced to partake in a group, don’t be upset. Remember, women with sigma personality traits are pretty adaptable to their surroundings.

However, you can still reveal your independent nature during the group task. Try to avoid depending on your team members excessively and undertake your task meticulously. If anyone needs help, share a helping hand to seem reliable.

However, don’t overdo it as you might seem rude instead of a charismatic sigma female.

6. Try to be strong and motivated

This one is pretty tough if you usually feel demotivated easily. For starters, depend on your support group whenever you face failure or feel demoralized.

Next, slowly try to give yourself pep talks the same way your loved ones do. Make sure you regularly do it because your thinking process won’t change otherwise.

Until you truly become strong and feel motivated even in the worst situations, follow this routine: Put some sticky notes with positive self-talk phrases on your washroom mirror just before going to sleep.

Meditate before going to bed and after waking up. And read the sticky notes of the previous night while freshening up.

7. Even if you dislike socializing, instill good manners

If you already like socializing, then there’s nothing new to learn for you. However, if you like to stay aloof from the crowd, then adopt a hint of sigma female personality type in yourself. Learn to deal with social situations like a pro even if you feel dislike making shallow small talk.

Learn about the social hierarchy of the people attending an event and treat everyone respectfully. To respect others and not even mistakenly offend others, familiarize yourself with the social norms of your culture. Practice good manners whether you want to excuse yourself or retire for the night.

Your every move will show the world whether you’re a sigma… or not… so, start practicing right now!

8. Though you’re introverted, you can still be a party goddess!

Sigma females grab the spotlight knowingly around their loved ones. They usually keep their distance from the crowd, but they’re close to their loved ones. So, when you’re at a party with your inner circle, go all out to make them feel loved.

For this, you must work on your sense of humor, your socializing and entertaining skills, and how you carry yourself. Remember, you don’t need to act this way in front of strangers. Do it only when the most special people are there.

So, if any video or picture of you enjoying yourself with your loved ones goes out, people will be mesmerized and will try to get close to you. They’ll want to know the real you for themselves.

9. Nurture your leadership qualities but keep it low

Sigma women have great leadership skills, yet they aren’t loud about it. So, your first task is to build some leadership qualities, but don’t express them to others by yourself. Show them only when someone seeks you.

If someone is in trouble around you, it’s okay to wait until they seek your help or truly can’t deal with it by themselves. Then, start guiding them in your own way.

Never try to claim to know better than others or force them to spill their troubles because you’re a great leader. Instead, let them decide if they want your help. To be a high-value sigma woman, give away your wits only when they need it and let others realize your worth.

10. Neither give excuses not let others use them

To be a full-fledged sigma woman, put effort into reaching your goals. Don’t make excuses for being unable to succeed or for lack of any resources. Even if you fail, you must try tirelessly to reach your current goal.

If the current goal is unattainable, then change your goal or take smaller steps. If you lack resources, don’t cry over it. Instead, use that time wisely to collect resources.

On the other hand, if someone around you gives you excuses for being unable to do something, don’t accept it. Ask them to improve their performance and if needed advise them to work on it… but don’t buy any half-hearted work.

11. Don’t judge others

Unless you know someone else’s story or you have been through the same predicament, you don’t have the right to judge others’ actions. Sigma females live by this rule, so you must too if you want to become one.

Never judge others because you don’t know what the other person experienced. That person didn’t ask you to help them or blame you for their troubles, so why even pass any remark in this situation?

Try to understand that the other person definitely had no choice and went along with the best possible option. But if you know something about the situation and can help, go ahead and reach out for help.

12. Keep your distance from gossip

You can’t deny that human beings are gossip mongrels. For instance, the mean girls in your college or office gossip about your relationship history… while the neighborhood middle-aged lady will talk behind your back about when you’ll get married and stuff.

To be an impeccable sigma female, make sure you stay miles away from gossiping about others. Never be that double-faced bitch that acts sweet in front and spews nonsense behind.

Understand that you can’t have that sort of negativity in your life. Focus on more important aspects of your life instead. If people in your circle like to gossip, it’s time to stop spending time with them or lower the amount of time.

13. Be open to compromises

Don’t feel demoralized but the world will never work the way you want it to. So, no matter what situation life throws at you, learn to compromise. Only when you adapt according to your situation can you win greater things in life.

Don’t follow this just because you want to be a sigma female… rather, do it because it’s an important part of success in life. But remember, compromises aren’t about losing or letting your opponent win. It’s about the little things you sacrifice to gain something greater.

So, compromise only where you can get something better. Don’t compromise without understanding the situation or bargain, otherwise, people will walk all over you.

14. Don’t shy away from the important chances

While life is full of setbacks, the number of opportunities is equally high. All you gotta do is keep an eye out for it. Moreover, judge the risk-to-reward ratio before taking any chance and invest in only the favorable risks.

Of course, the chances of risk being low don’t promise that there won’t be any trouble. In that case, your adjusting skills will help you deal with it. However, be more open to taking risks once you find out that they’re worth it.

Don’t second guess it… don’t wait to take the opportunity and jump right in. Otherwise, the more you delay, the more you doubt the idea and miss your chance.

15. Always stand up for yourself

Firstly, never let anyone take you for granted or take advantage of you. Try to get to know people before you let them get such opportunities. However, you’re only human and you might be tricked too.

However, if you ever face such moments, make sure you don’t let the other person go easily. To be a sigma female, you gotta be fierce and feisty… and never let anyone play with you.

Even if they do, don’t let them get off easy… you can definitely verbally call them out for their dirty games but, if that’s not enough, let’s know another way here…

16. Don’t take revenge, claim justice!

When someone does you dirty, the sigma women rules say don’t take revenge! Just because they’re no less than garbage, you don’t need to compete with them. Instead of playing as dirty as them, head on the path of justice. Protect yourself and your pride and make the other person pay for the physical or emotional damage.

Show them their place by publicly ripping off their mask. Once you do that, erase them from your memory. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but try and you’ll eventually succeed.

Only this can help you learn your lessons and feel satisfied after being wronged. If thoughts of revenge invade your mind, focus on self-growth.

17. Never settle for less in romantic relationships

Sigma women also know their worth. They don’t let someone less worthy than you deserve. Sigma women are all about getting an alpha male for themselves. They know that they’re precious and are out to treat themselves right. They won’t let someone that doesn’t know how to treat them.

So, settle with a partner only when you know they match your expectations. If you feel someone takes you for granted, don’t dilly dally because their actions won’t change until you say what you want.

If you’re already in a relationship and somewhat unhappy in it, this isn’t your cue to break up. Instead, discuss what you need in a relationship… and maybe you can awaken their inner alpha!

18. When you say something, do it!

When a sigma woman says she’ll do something, she makes that happen… she doesn’t just say it for show. So, learn to be the same. If you take a challenge or promise something, make sure you can do it.

Unless you’re sure of something, don’t speak out. If you can’t take responsibility, don’t let your big mouth go wild.

Whether in your professional or personal life, always keep your side of the bargain. This will help you stand out as a trustworthy woman and prosper in your professional life. Your boss and coworkers will recognize your talent better and you’ll be recognized as a reliable employee!

A sigma female isn’t a trendy woman at all… even if she knows about the trendy memes, fashion, or videos online, she won’t do it. She doesn’t have that much time to fool around and always has better things to do.

People that follow the trends actually want others to validate them, so you gotta feel good without depending on others’ thoughts.

Do something that makes you feel accomplished and depend on your own thoughts to feel good about yourself. Stop chasing likes and comments… and detach from social media!

20. Have strong boundaries

In this world, people will have a lot to say. They’ll share unnecessary advice from time to time. However, if you know that you’re on the right path, don’t let others waver your resolve.

Even if they say that you’re wrong, don’t let them affect you. Think for yourself before you let others’ opinions affect you because a sigma woman doesn’t care about such things. Be confident in your own choices and follow them.

No, don’t fight with people when they say anything against your beliefs… just ignore them and zone out. Let them say what they want while you do what you want.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

While you’re on your journey to be a sigma female, don’t ever forget that you’re wonderful in your own way. Adapt the positive qualities of a sigma female… but don’t let go of your values and beliefs.

Remember, tapping into your inner sigma will help you improve your and your loved ones’ lives. But if any step doesn’t fit well, you’re welcome to skip it and define your unique sigma! 

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