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Is a Sigma Female Too Good to Be True? Find Out Now!

Is a Sigma Female Too Good to Be True? Find Out Now!

Updated on Jul 19, 2022 | Published on Nov 25, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Sigma Female - 19 Powerful Traits of Sigma Female Personality

To know who a sigma female is in simple terms, ask yourself this. Have you come across someone who is self-sufficient and does not care about what the rest of the crowd is up to? If yes, the odds are you are looking at a sigma female.

Among the socio-sexual personality types, a sigma female is least concerned with the dominance hierarchy. She lives for herself while being socially well-adjusted.

Interesting personality, right? Keep reading on to know more about her!

Sigma Female Infographic

Sigma Female - 19 Powerful Traits of Sigma Female Personality
Sigma Female – 19 Powerful Traits of Sigma Female Personality

What Is a Sigma Female?

A sigma female is a socio-sexual personality characterized by independence and mystery. She makes her own rules and focuses on her life.

A sigma female is predominantly known for her independence, confidence, and mystery. Sigma women are associated with living life on their terms. They do not care about societal demands and pressures.

This personality is perfectly content with who they are. A sigma female does not care to fit in, is unafraid of taking risks, and focuses solely on bettering her life. 

Sigma Female Characteristics

Now that you know who a sigma female is, the following covers detailed descriptions of sigma female characteristics.

1. A sigma female tends to be mysterious and intriguing

A sigma female is enigmatic, and it stands out. People may find this trait incredibly attractive or straight up off-putting, there is no in-between. This aura of mystery can come across as her being cold-shouldered or aloof. 

However, you eventually come to understand that, beneath the surface, she is not so. It takes time for her to lower her guard, for which you need to be patient. As soon as she lets you in, you will discover a world of magnificence.

Underneath this conundrum, she has an incredible sense of humor. She is also witty, highly empathetic, and most people find her intriguing. You cannot encounter a sigma female who does not pique your interest.

Despite being hard to read, she is genuine, and it shows. She attracts those people who let her in and take an interest in hearing her out. If you are willing to listen to her, she will allow you to see her for who she is.  

2. She is intimidating

You are highly likely to feel intimidated by a sigma woman if you come across one. Similar to the alpha female, she has too much going on for her.

However, you eventually understand that she is alright so long as you do not provoke her or try to harm her.

With that said, if you harm her, she will show you how right you were to feel intimidated by her. On the other hand, if you befriend her, she will protect you fiercely. She will remain loyal and dedicated to your friendship.

Therefore, some people will love sigma women to bits, while others will veer away from them. The difference lies in the manner of approach and intentions.

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3. She desires to be an alpha female sometimes

A sigma female sometimes strives for power and social status. In other words, she occasionally wishes she were an alpha woman. 

However, unlike an alpha female, she is quite emotional. Sometimes, she allows her feelings to get the best of her. She also finds it challenging to let go of things and move forward from things that bother her.

Although she seems hardcore on the outside, she has an enormous heart and lots to give. She is quite afraid of getting hurt, so she wears the mask of a detached lady to conceal her pain.

With that said, when you get to know her, she will let herself be more vulnerable. She will show you the sides of herself that she otherwise guards so fiercely.

4. Sigma females make great friends and partners

A striking characteristic of sigma females is their fierce loyalty. They are incredibly trustworthy and you can count on them to have your back at all times. When a sigma woman tells you that she will be there for you, she means it.

Arguments and disappointments are never enough to break the bond a sigma woman shares with her loved ones. She understands conflicts are a part of every relationship.

Moreover, a sigma woman is typically the pillar of support among her family members and friends. People trust her and turn to her during challenging times. No wonder sigma females are outstanding friends and partners! 

5. They are independent women

One of the main things a sigma woman is known for is her independence. She can balance being a team player and maintaining self-sufficiency. Sigma females are cooperative in groups, but they never depend entirely on others.

People love working with a sigma female. She is hospitable and her enthusiasm is contagious. At the same time, she never surrenders her agency or displays weakness in any situation.

At home and at work, a sigma female works toward her aspirations on her own. She does not want or need others to put in the effort for her success.

A sigma woman works hard and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her dreams.

A sigma woman does not compromise on her social life. Nevertheless, she is happy to use that time to work on improving those skills and knowledge that will help her in the future.

6. Sigma females embody strength

Given the independent nature of sigma women, it is understandable that they emanate strength.

It takes incredible fortitude to make choices for yourself and follow through. A sigma female does exactly that. She takes decisions consciously and sticks to them.

Staying on track does not come easy. A sigma woman puts in the effort required to not go astray while working toward her aspirations. 

A sigma female is a role model for many, both at home and at work. She earns people’s respect and admiration wherever she goes. 

To be as self-sufficient as a sigma woman requires immense courage. Adding to that, she not only serves herself but also works toward giving back to others. You can imagine the strength that would take. 

Often, sigma females are the breadwinners of the family. Simultaneously, she is super effective behind the curtain as well. She organizes everything, so it is easier for people under her care. A sigma female is a real-life Supergirl!

7. She goes at her own pace

Honestly, there is an insane amount of pressure on the women of our society. There are expectations surrounding appearance, career, relationships, marriage, family, and whatnot! 

People count on women to have it all – look a certain way, have a successful career, and act as the glue holding a family together. All of this is overwhelming just to spell out. So, imagine the pressure they face. 

A sigma woman knows this, but she goes at her own pace. She will dismiss societal demands and focus on her and her loved ones’ happiness.

Simply put, a sigma female lives life on her terms. She refuses to do anything she is not comfortable with.

This trait enables her to achieve her dreams while staying content. Often, people feel burnt out despite being successful. A sigma woman understands this and that is why she plays by her rules.

8. She is sociable

Given her independent nature, you may wonder how a sigma female can be described as sociable? Indeed, she is not fond of socializing. However, a sigma female does not lack social skills. 

In other words, she simply prefers being alone over interacting in groups. A sigma woman is quite popular in her own way. She also knows how to get things done by making use of her social repertoire.

Simply put, a sigma female does not incline toward idle chit-chat, random parties, or whiling away time in groups. She would rather pursue her interests alone. 

9. A sigma female can be the center of attention

Although she hates catching attention, the spotlight finds her. Despite being reserved usually, she doesn’t mind being the center of attention among people she likes. If she is in a crowd she is not familiar with, she will keep to herself.

When she is around people she is fond of, chances are they do not know how quiet she can get. Therefore, to get a sigma woman to open up, she needs to consider you a great friend. 

10. She is a born leader

A sigma woman is charismatic and exudes confidence. These powerful personality traits make her an inherently perfect leader. She does not speak much, but her silence is enough to attract people’s attention.

Unlike the alpha female, a sigma female is not an outward leader. However, she is the one people look up to for answers, particularly during challenging times.

A sigma female is the type of woman who makes people’s heads turn when she walks into a room. She immediately grasps the crowd’s attention and respect when she speaks.

Within her personal life, her loved ones turn to her for advice, more so when making important decisions. All of this goes to show what an outstanding partner a sigma woman makes.

Moreover, sigma women are not attention-seekers by any means. They steer away from drama and politics that typically come with leadership.

Instead, they are low-key leaders whom most people admire and hold in high regard.

Despite trying to avoid attention, a sigma woman finds her way under the limelight. She is a natural leader, who silently takes charge. 

11. She does not settle or look for excuses

Extremely similar to an alpha female, a sigma female does not make excuses during challenging times.

Instead, she is on her feet searching for answers. A sigma female embodies the idiom, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Adding to that, a sigma woman is highly principled and committed to her goals. She is also constantly striving toward excellence.

While most people are busy making excuses or resigning to their circumstances, a sigma female is out there working harder.

This trait does not stop with herself. She is continually working toward bettering the lives of those she cares about. 

Despite appearing quite detached, on the inside, a sigma woman has a blazing fire that fuels her with energy. She is focused on achieving her dreams and visions, and nothing can stop her.

12. A sigma female does not needlessly judge 

You might have come across people who judge without even getting to know them on a personal level. A sigma woman is NOT one of them.

She does not form baseless opinions, much fewer judge people needlessly for their actions.  

It is common to find people to pass comments without knowing what took place behind closed doors. You can see this not just regarding famous personalities, but also concerning strangers, neighbors, and even close friends.

A sigma woman is not fond of talking about people she barely knows anything about. Even with people who have a poor reputation for genuine reasons, she does not throw them under the bus. 

Sigma females take an active interest in understanding people. They wish to experience their behaviors first-hand before forming significant impressions. Sigma women do not form opinions based on hearsay.

This trait makes her an incredible judge of character. It is also an admirable characteristic and many people must learn from her, especially those that are quick to pass judgments.

13. She stays away from gossip

Being social creatures, human beings not only talk to others but also talk about them. And then there are sigma women. Apart from not judging people baselessly, a sigma female steers clear of gossip.

Firstly, she finds gossip a pointless act. To her, it is a waste of multiple resources, including time, energy, and emotions. She believes it is unnecessary bitterness.

Secondly, she doesn’t feel good engaging in tittle-tattle. She never finds it fun, as most others do.

As a matter of fact, she ends up feeling quite drained after such idle talk. She would much rather spend some quality or productive time with a couple of close friends.

Lastly, a sigma female believes she has a lot on her plate already. Taking on other people’s behaviors and controversies is not worth it, according to her.

14. A sigma woman is highly adaptable

People are inherently resistant to change. They are comfortable with the familiar. You are probably familiar with the saying, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” A sigma woman goes against this phrase.

Although sometimes she finds changes or setbacks challenging, she embraces them. She adjusts rather quickly.

It is because she is focused on her principles and priorities. Therefore, external factors do not affect her as much as they do others.

This characteristic helps her at work as well as with personal circumstances. If a romantic relationship does not work out, she bounces back quickly, owing to her resilience.

Similarly, if a project she is working on does not go as per plan, she rapidly improvises and adjusts.

A sigma female plays by the cards she’s been dealt with without cribbing. She makes the best use of what she has and acts accordingly. 

She is a lone wolf who is not afraid to traverse unknown perimeters. To add to it, she does this with courage and enthusiasm. 

She does not wait for life to happen to her. Instead, she takes charge and confronts challenges head-on. She goes with the currents of life rather than against even in the face of adversities.

15. She does not let herself get pushed around

Even when things do not go her way, a sigma woman treats it as a lesson learned. She will consider it a minor setback but will not be too bothered by it.

Instead, she will treat it like something that strengthens her and makes her more knowledgeable.

This mindset helps her not get pushed around by people. She will allow no one to tell her what she is capable of or worthy of. A sigma female will draw clearly defined boundaries with people around her.

At the same time, she will push herself to achieve her dreams. If anybody tries to discredit her, she will not have it. She will simply brush past you and allow you to stew in your spite. 

A sigma woman is never vengeful. She is focused on her results, and that is why she is content and successful all at once. Her attention remains on her well-being, finances, personal life, and spiritual health.

Moreover, she never settles for the next best thing. She will let nobody, including her closest people, tell her when to stop. A sigma woman is her own boss. 

16. She is adventurous and willing to take risks

Considering her tendency to adapt quickly, a sigma woman is fond of adventures. She engages in risks when necessary.

A sigma female understands that sometimes it is important to go out on a limb if you are eyeing the benefits. 

For instance, getting into a relationship always involves the risk of having you heartbroken. She is ready to take that dive when it matters.

Similarly, if her career is likely to progress better by moving to a new city, you bet she will follow through. 

It is important to note that a sigma woman is not reckless. She is courageous but never careless. Her aspirations and priorities are clear. She sticks to the plan but is flexible enough where it counts.

The bottom line is that she is focused and can adapt herself based on the demands of the situation. At the same time, she is daring and adventurous when she deems it essential.

Here are a few quotes that a sigma woman stands by when it comes to taking risks.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far it is possible to go.”

T. S. Eliot

“Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash.”

General George Patton

17. A sigma female stands up for herself

If you betray a sigma female, she will not let it slide. She is not vengeful, wherein she goes around with a chip on her shoulder. A sigma woman stays away from drama and never holds grudges.

With that said, if you deceive her, be it at work or personally, she will ensure you pay for it. She will give you a piece of her mind or will make you repair the damage you caused. 

This trait is noticeable during any argument, big or small. She will let nobody push her around and will stand her ground so long as she believes she is right.

At the same time, she is not aggressive. A sigma female is assertive, wherein she will calmly yet firmly push her point across. 

Additionally, a sigma female will not care who the other party is. Even if they are authoritative figures, she will call them out. She does not discriminate in any sense.  

18. She never joins the bandwagon

A sigma woman never chases after trends and mainstream activities. She does things that genuinely bring her happiness, regardless of their popularity. 

Moreover, a sigma female unapologetically goes after what she likes. If people make fun of her for her unconventional interest, she takes it, but she never bends over backward to fit in. 

This trait pervades all areas of her life. She is often the go-to person for underrated, less-known recommendations in pop culture.

A sigma woman owns her originality. She never thinks about changing herself to keep up with what is in vogue. 

19. A sigma woman is straightforward

Another admirable trait is a sigma female’s tendency to utter nothing loosely. She means everything she says. Also, she doesn’t care to sugarcoat or mince her words and always says it like it is. 

A sigma woman’s straightforward characteristic enables her to gain the trust and respect of others.

Therefore, this trait is helpful in her personal and professional life. If she commits herself to something, she will persist and see it through. 

Further, considering the ubiquitous nature of gossip and sugarcoated talks, people find being around sigma women rather refreshing. Her tendency to speak the truth allows her to build credibility wherever she goes.

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Sigma Female Personality vs Alpha Female Personality

A sigma female and an alpha female have differences in their overall personality, social life, personal style, relationships, and career.

Sigma and alpha females are so similar, yet different. Read on to see how they compare in terms of their personality, social life, fashion, relationship, and career!

1. Overall Personality

Sigma women are focused on their goals and live life on their terms. They are self-sufficient, confident, and the definition of a boss lady.

A sigma female does not restrict her thinking, so she is open-minded. She is also diligent and assertive.

Moreover, she is intelligent and has a logical style of thinking. She does nothing to fit in. In fact, she is known for her unique tastes and interests. She is also enigmatic, which always leaves people wanting to know more. 

On the flip side, alpha women are adventurous, assertive, strong, and go after novel experiences.

They are courageous in that they are not afraid of exploring new opportunities. Also, they let nothing come in their way to success.

2. Social Life

Despite her reserved nature, a sigma female is quite good at adapting to social settings. Indeed, she appreciates her freedom and space. When the situation calls for it, she will step up and connect with every type of person.  

A sigma woman has no interest in going up the social ladder as compared to an alpha female. Her authenticity attracts people. 

Additionally, a sigma woman adjusts quickly according to her mood and the situation.

On some days, she would rather be by herself, while on other days, she connects with people she takes an interest in. Her killer sense of humor effortlessly reels people toward her.

An alpha female is often described as a social butterfly or the life of the party and with good reason.

She loves being around people, including family, friends, peers, and even meeting strangers at a party. Attending social gatherings is one of her favorite activities.

She thrives on being surrounded by people. Most individuals feel drained by social situations, but an alpha female gains energy from the same. She is immensely popular and liked by all.

Moreover, she is an excellent social leader owing to her gregarious personality. For instance, an alpha woman often fills in the roles of a team captain, sorority president, or head cheerleader.

3. Personal Style

A sigma female is not in favor of fashion trends. She dresses in a way that makes her feel confident and comfortable. A sigma woman stands out for her unique style. She is not fond of jumping in on the latest fads just to impress others. 

You can count on a sigma female to purchase sustainable fashion, which will last her for years. She is not particularly inclined toward fast fashion.

A sigma woman considers fashion an investment, so she does not want to change up their closets often.

On the other hand, an alpha female is up to date with the latest craze. She has an amazing fashion sense and purchases everything that is in vogue. An alpha woman spends a significant amount of time ensuring she looks her best. 

She believes personalities are closely tied to the way people dress. In other words, she thinks that you can tell a lot about a person’s character by how they dress. According to her, fashion does not mean being expensive.

4. In Relationships

In terms of non-romantic relationships, a sigma female prefers deep, meaningful connections with very few people.

She is extremely loyal to this small circle and will always have their backs. Although she takes time to warm up, people feel it is worth it.

A sigma woman seems content being single. She never feels pressured to find a romantic partner.

Also, she prefers taking time to understand her potential partner before committing herself. This behavior stems from her tendency to get emotionally attached. 

At the same time, she does not refrain from setting boundaries. She likes and respects her space as well as that of others.

Meanwhile, an alpha woman desires a partner similar to her in most aspects. She wants someone who is as driven as her, incredibly motivated to chase after their aspirations. Therefore, they are mostly attracted to alpha males.

5. Regarding Career

Given her independence and confidence, sigma women are frequently entrepreneurs. As noted earlier, they dislike following rules. So, being a businesswoman allows her to take control of her professional life. She is not afraid to take charge.

Her assertiveness provides her the comfort of leading effectively. She also speaks up and knows how to captivate people’s attention.

With that said, she is often more inclined to work independently on projects. This is the reason she also makes an excellent freelancer.

Alpha female personalities are incredibly career-oriented. They are competitive, dominant, and completely focused on climbing the professional ladder.

Alpha women desire to be viewed as powerful leaders who form lasting bonds with people at and outside of work.

You will not be surprised to find alpha women as c-suite executives or occupying any leadership role.

They readily take charge and are successful. To a large extent, they are assertive, but sometimes the lines get blurred and they become aggressive.  

Compatibility Between Sigma Female and Sigma Male

Sigma women may find it challenging to find a romantic partner for no fault of theirs. Men with insecurities can find their independence and confidence intimidating.

A sigma woman lives life on her terms and she does so unapologetically.

Enter sigma men. They are self-sufficient, make their own rules, and respect women. A sigma man understands his female counterpart’s mindset because sigma men and women are so alike. Also, he will never feel threatened by her personality traits.

The sigma personality type respects space and freedom. If one of them desires their alone time and wants to travel, the other party will be understandable.

Together, they can build a meaningful and healthy relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

Additionally, both personality types are fiercely loyal. They are supportive of and trust each other. Between them, there is no room for unhealthy possessiveness or jealousy. They feel perfectly secure in their relationship.

So, simply put, a sigma male and female can create a wonderful and enduring partnership!

Sigma Female Personality Test

There is no specific test one can take to determine their personality type. Typically, everyone fluctuates from one type to another.

For instance, sometimes you might resonate with an omega personality while at others a sigma or beta female.

With that said, you may have a general style. If you want to get an overview of the socio-sexual hierarchy, you can read this article on alpha vs beta vs gamma vs omega vs delta vs sigma. 

Final Words from ThePleasantPersonality

By now, you must have a comprehensive idea about this mysterious and powerful personality. Everybody has a lot to learn from a sigma female. If you think you are a sigma woman, welcome that side of you with open arms.

By making your own rules, you are finding genuine contentment. Allow yourself to tap into the wonderful potential this personality harbors.

Remember that your strength is contagious and you are allowing more women to embrace themselves. 

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”


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