Are you here to know how to communicate with a type B?

It’s absolutely great that someone finally asked about this!

Everyone knows that people with type B personalities are sweet and caring… so they think nothing pisses them off. They treat them however they like just because these sweethearts aren’t hostile and arrogant like Type As.

People always take B-types for granted and don’t even know where they went wrong. This is just absolutely heartbreaking. And finally, here you’ll know where and how you went wrong.

So, sit tight as you learn to treat type Bs better….

How to Communicate with a Type B? 15 Ways

Individuals with Type B personality traits – the friendliest of the bunch and the social butterflies – treat everyone warmly. So, everyone expects that they won’t mind small jokes and leg-pulling. Well, they actually don’t… unless someone hurts a sore point.

So, if you have a B-type around you, learn to avoid some landmines and treat them respectfully here…

1. Stop calling them lazy

There’s a difference between being lazy and laid back. A lazy person delays their task to the point of forgetting. They remember it only when others remind them of it. A laid-back person has their own pace. They don’t hurry to complete their job.

So, remember that Type Bs aren’t lazy just because they don’t hurry like any other type A person… they’re laid back!

Just because a type B individual takes it easy, you mustn’t call them lazy. They know what they’re doing and they’re aware of their responsibilities. Don’t worry yourself by reminding them of things.

They might forget to bring books to class or their notepad to meetings… but that doesn’t mean they’re unfocused or unprofessional. Rather they’re actually aware of what they need to do.

They always pay attention to the important stuff… so stop assuming they aren’t.

2. Accept their different ways

An individual with Type B behavior patterns might not do things the same way as others. They don’t always carry notebooks in schools and files in offices. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t take notes. Their memory is enough to help them out.

Their workspace, bookshelves, or even home might be disheveled. But don’t judge them for that. It doesn’t mean they don’t cherish their work, studies, or home… it’s just that they don’t mind it.

They just don’t like to follow rules and orders. They’re free-spirited… so they’ll feel most cherished when people don’t pass comments on their ways of doing things. So, stop correcting them.

If you accept them, they’ll feel more confident, and positive, and thrive to make wonders. Don’t try to point out everything around their space because it’s out of place. It’s not… rather, they just know their priorities.

3. Get over their disorganized way of working

Most people with type B personality traits have a messy space. Compared to type A, type Bs just don’t mind the clutter. It’s not that they like being in a messy workspace or home, but they know that cleaning up is an unnecessary task… and they just can’t bother to waste their time cleaning.

So, it’ll be great if you don’t waste time reciting “Clean your space”. They can stay amidst the chaos because they know where their things are better.

Especially if they’re working on something, they just can’t afford to spare time or attention to such minute things. They know they’ll do it eventually when it harms them, so let them be.

However, that doesn’t mean type Bs stay in unhygienic situations for too long or ignore their hygiene. Don’t assume the worst about them and try to understand their point of view.

4. Never try to overwhelm them

Type B folks quietly work towards their goal. They’re pretty motivated but they don’t like it when anyone forces them into doing anything.

When they face troubles, they’re aware that it’s something HUGE… but, don’t repeatedly say that it’s something unachievable just to force a reaction out of them. If they don’t react, let them be.

They’re aware that the setbacks can’t ruin their life or harm them anyway. They don’t want to overreact to situations as they’re aware it’ll lead to further disasters… so, let them deal with things calmly.

Give them the space and time and they’ll get back to you with something. If you can’t stay calm, take your time away from them.

Why aren’t you the least bit worried? Why don’t you see that we have more pressing matters at hand? These questions won’t make them more aware or change their mind about the way they work. If they thought about following an order to tend to tasks, that’s how it will be.

5. Stop ignoring their smart work

Type B people don’t feel comfortable with the idea of pulling all-nighters. No matter what happens, their mental and physical health is precious to them and they just won’t do that.

But does that mean they won’t hand in their task? Obviously not!

They don’t believe in working long hours, breaking their bones, and ruining their mental peace. Instead, they’re all about doing smart work. They’re good at finding efficient ways that won’t consume so much time. This saves them from the overwhelming worries about meeting deadlines.

However, most people say that they learn nothing from it. Don’t assume that they’re not focused on their task just because they accomplished their task in a shorter time. Instead, acknowledge them for it.

6. Don’t lecture them unnecessarily

In the world’s opinion, type As are the most ideal of all the personalities. But people often forget that there are many routes to reach a goal… so, everyone may not use the same path. Some take the road less traveled and some take the generic route.

Type Bs are a fan of the lesser traveled road… where there’s more greenery. Even if they may face more setbacks, they want the journey to be unique. They want to enjoy the experience.

So, just allow them to live every moment. Don’t reprimand them for losing sight of the endpoint. Because that didn’t even happen… Instead, they want to soak in every moment of the journey.

When you communicate with them, be ready to broaden your horizons and B-types can show you some interesting parts of life.

7. Never panic if they don’t obsess over their problems

When B-types face new stubborn troubles, they don’t chase solutions day in and day out. They know that when they focus excessively on something, they might become more confused.

They don’t want to let the problem consume all of their attention and lose track of their bigger picture. So, even if they face something humongous, they don’t jump to it instantly. Instead, they solve their issues systematically, i.e., they take care of the previous tasks first.

During this time, they tend to other issues. This also allows them some time to consider the bigger picture and take a look from a different angle.

Often people misunderstand this habit and think they’re running from their problems. But they just take some necessary time to understand the problem from afar and also complete other duties.

So, don’t assume that they’re not doing their best. Instead, wait and let them handle things their way.

8. Let them be if they back off

People with Type B personalities never chase losing battles. They know when a task is worth worrying over and when they must give up. Others call them losers or spoil sports for it.

Though type Bs are dreamers, they’re quite realistic when the situation seems dire and out of hand.

For instance, if they find that some task or dream is impossible to accomplish or actualize, they raise their flags and quit immediately. During this phase, don’t poke fun at them.

On the other hand, B-types usually follow their heart only. But sometimes, they know it’s better to follow conventional methods and not rebel. Don’t mock them when they do that. Instead, try to understand their view.

9. Make sure you don’t hurt them

B-types are extremely sensitive. They don’t like being called anything negative. Just because they’re different from the stoic A-types, everyone assumes the worst of them. They feel misunderstood, unheard, and unappreciated.

Whether you meet a B-type person in your workplace, school, or family… whether they’re old or young… try to be a bit more understanding. They’re not as dedicated as A-type… and they’re aware! After all, the world compared them and made them feel worse at every moment.

A B-type person has a lot of pain suppressed within them. So, be patient and try to understand their viewpoint. Don’t look down on them… defend them… include them in your group.

They’re pretty sociable and feel extremely hurt when people don’t pay attention to them. So, highlight their positives and acknowledge them to help them feel better.

10. Don’t expect them to work all the time

To B-types, time with loved ones is quite precious. They can’t miss it for anything in the world. So, if you’re a B-type person’s co-worker or boss, avoid seeking them during their family time.

Of course, if the work is extremely urgent, they won’t ignore you… but at least respect their personal time.

If you know a B-type student or child, make them complete their homework before playtime and don’t snatch away their happiness by pushing them to study all day.

If you have a B-type partner, don’t ask them to skip the friends’ outing just because you forgot to ask them to fix the car. Get all the work done by them in proper time and don’t intrude during their fun time.

11. Don’t call them “Type Bs”

Type B individuals hate labeling people. They believe that everyone is unique and people can’t and mustn’t stereotype others. They don’t understand the meaning of categorizing people.

So, even if your fellow B-type took a personality test and found out they have a B personality, avoid mentioning that. They don’t find it funny. Instead, since people compare type Bs a lot with As, they dislike it.

If you don’t want to offend a B-type, don’t utter it. Even if you want to talk about their work performance or a health issue, refrain from talking about their personality type or relating that to other areas of their life.

12. Let them sleep in

Type B people don’t follow a strict routine. They’re not just flexible for the heck of it… they like to do exciting things.

Especially when they dream and immerse themselves in their creative imaginations, they lose track of time. Often, they stay up all night brainstorming ideas and figuring out a way for their next project.

Sometimes they work the entire night and sleep till late. So, if you have a B-type loved one, stop reprimanding them for being a night owl. While you shine under the sun, they sparkle with the stars.

Allow them time to rest and don’t bother them. That will be your ultimate language of love. However, if this B-type has a big day… like an exam or presentation, you have all the right to wake them up.

13. Appreciate them as friends

B-types are understanding, sensitive, caring, and loving people. And if you’ve known one such person, you’ll know that everyone needs a B-type friend in their life… be it in the form of a co-worker, a partner, a parent, a sibling, a child, a neighbor, or anyone else.

No matter which area of your life you meet a B-type… they’ll make sure to pick your broken bits during your hardest times. Even if you fail, they’ll highlight your good parts.

So, stay true to this bond. Never backstab them… never talk behind their back… never hurt them. Be grateful for their non-competitive attitude and comfort. Be the one person a type B always needed.

Thank them when they help you out. Show them that they’re irreplaceable in your life. Support them during their toughest times.

14. Stop hurrying them!

B-types are smarter than you think. So, if you’re their co-worker or boss, don’t hurry them to finish their tasks. They’ll wrap it up all in good time. They like to keep their calm during work. But aggressive hurries might spoil their efforts. So, try to let them do it at their own pace.

On the other hand, if you’re dealing with a B-type child, don’t hurry them for meals, studies, or even extracurricular activities. You have the right to discipline them. But make sure you don’t overwhelm them. Try to sound kind to teach them better.

If you’re with a Type B adult family member or lover, relax your tone before you talk. If they’re procrastinating or missing their chores, don’t assume they want to slack off or push it on you. Communicate honestly to know what’s up.

15. Invite them in group activities

If you know a Type B in your workplace, try to include them in group projects. Interact with them about their ideas. Warm them up in brainstorming sessions. Let their imaginations flow wild along with the remaining team members.

If there’s a Type B child around you, put them into group activities instead of solo ones. If there are group projects and competitions, enroll them.

If you know one in your personal or social life, include them in your outings and celebrations.

Don’t leave out a type B from group activities as it helps them thrive. When they’re happy, they can share the positivity around.

On the other hand, if you ignore a B-type and don’t include them in group settings, they feel left out and disrespected. They don’t always express their negative emotions. But their facial expressions, body language, and mood are enough to show that they hold a grudge that ruins everyone’s mood.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Once you keep these tips in mind, you’ll learn to deal with all B-types. If you think that, don’t forget the part that human beings are unique.

The Type B person you’re around might be more sensitive… this is normal if they were treated cruelly all their life. Or, they might be more chill… if they grew up in a healthy environment. It all depends on their life experiences.

So, remember that the mentioned pointers are only basic and average ways to communicate with them. Don’t assume that all Type Bs will feel satisfied with the bare minimum. That’s why you must take your time knowing them while you cherish them in the mentioned ways.

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