Key Takeaways

  • Type B personality individuals are the most outgoing, adventurous, optimistic, and enthusiastic group of people. They are socially active, people’s person, and take the center of stage easily.
  • They live stress-free life but are short-tempered. Type B(s) are least susceptible to cardiac diseases.
  • These people are great motivators, flexible with changes, and super creative. This makes them productive at the workplace, but they are also great procrastinators.
  • B type people cannot tolerate humiliation and criticism, as they live for recognition and appreciation. They have an outstanding sense of humor and are fun-loving people.
  • The B types have strong social connections, and beautiful relationships because they’re the most understanding and empathetic among all others.

You must have come across a Type B Personality in your life but didn’t know he/she was a Type B.

Most people relate either to a particular personality type and if not, there are chances you consider yourself to be a hybrid. Nonetheless, all human beings fall into one of these categories.

Today, let’s discuss one of the most common personality types: Type B!

Type B personalities are the most entertaining and mind-blowing people you might have come across in life. They are simply super fun to be with.

So, now without further ado, let’s dig in and first find out…

Type B Personality Infographics

Type B Personality Meaning, Traits & Strengths
Type B Personality Meaning, Traits & Strengths
Type B Personality Weaknesses, Ideal Jobs & What to do if you are a Type B Personality
Type B Personality Weaknesses, Ideal Jobs & What to do if you are a Type B Personality

What is a Type B Personality?

Type B Personality people are outgoing, enthusiastic, energetic, and have buoyancy. They enjoy being around people but thrive on being the center of attraction.

Type B people know how to build good relations with others and most often are considered likable people.

In order to seek validation, they try their best to create a mutual liking. They always look forward to congratulatory words and affirmations about their various achievements. Applause and recognition are the greatest rewards for Type Bs.

They are more interested in the bigger picture and are often referred to as solution finders. They try to find solutions to all the problems and create a healthy work atmosphere.

Type B personalities, if managed carefully, can prove to be strong partners within the workplace. They can create healthier work relationships and be open to new approaches.

To claim this definition, here is a summarized version of the scientific research about type B personality that can help you better understand its origin.

You can also know more about the regular behavior patterns of personality type B in detail here!

Evaluate yourself with our personality tests that are clinically approved by Certified Psychiatrist and draw a path to successful work life and happy relationships.

Research behind Type B

Type B people are less susceptible to coronary heart diseases. They show a stress-free, patient, relaxed, and not-so-competitive spirit.

Empirical Research

Cardiologists Meyer Friedman & Ray Rosenman (1976) conducted research with Type B personalities.

The research was to establish their hypothesis related to the physical health of two personality types: type A and type B personality.

The longitudinal study revolved around the prediction of incidents of heart disease. The Western Collaborative Group Study completed the research with 3154 healthy men. 

The men were 39 to 49 years old, and the observation continued for eight long years. To derive exact and appropriate conclusions, they compared to type A personality with type B.

The research included a questionnaire round for the participants. You can take a quick glance at the list of questions:

  1. Do you feel guilty if you use your spare time to relax?

2. Do you need to win in order to derive enjoyment from games and sports?

3. Do you generally move, walk and eat rapidly?

4. Do you often try to do more than one thing at a time?

Depending upon their answers, nature, choices, and behavior, the participants were categorized under two different groups.

The type A group consisted of type A personalities. They were competitive, impatient, aggressive but ambitious. It was also noticed that these people had a faster accent when they used to talk.

On the other hand, type B personalities were very relaxed and they did not show as much competitiveness as type A.

So, based on the answers 1589 individuals were put under Type A personality and 1565 people were put under type B personality.


The chances of Type A people developing coronary heart disease were higher than Type B people.

Initially, when the researchers analyzed the living style of both categories, it was pretty evident that type B was on the safer side than type A.

The lifestyle of type A people had a higher risk factor of developing coronary heart diseases compared to type B people. This clearly states that type B people have a healthy lifestyle.

However, when it came to women, they did not show much difference in their physical health. It can be because women in general have a different mechanism and lifestyle compared to men. Their coping strategies are also different.

Since the research was based upon factors determining the influence of coronary heart diseases, researchers have come up with a common conclusion.

Type B personalities are mostly relaxed and patient in their dealings. They have an easy-going nature.

B types keep working and celebrate their victories. However, even if they fail to achieve their goals they are not struck hard by stress. This keeps them safe from coronary heart diseases.

Type B people have a greater capacity to tolerate nuisance around them. They experience low levels of depression and anxiety compared to other people.

They are also very relaxed in their approaches and accepting of their surroundings. Type B people are blessed with imaginative and creative powers.

All these personality traits point towards one conclusion that type B people are more resistant to coronary heart diseases.

To learn more about the traits, keep reading!

Type B Personality traits

In case you want to know whether or not you belong to a type B personality, or you want to learn more about type B personality because you already have one in your life, the traits are going to give you a clear and vivid description of their personality.

P.S. Like every human, Type B personality also comprises both kinds of traits: positive and negative.

So, let’s begin!

1. Type-Bs are flexible

Type Bs are usually extremely flexible with their schedule. They are lenient while dealing with others and in the way, they work.

They tend to forget what was used earlier in order to try something unique, completely new, and experimental.

The leniency and flexibility while on one hand can be an advantage, can also be a great disadvantage at places where the task demands gravity.

2. They don’t get stressed easily

B-Types tend to show relatively low-stress levels towards challenging situations which is one of the star advantages of this personality type.

Even if you put them in a situation that demands thoughtfulness and seriousness, they will still deal with it with utmost ease.

They work really hard for their goal but are extremely silent about it. They don’t pressurize themselves with the fear of failure and self-doubt.

However, the relaxed and carefree approach is a great advantage for them when it comes to their emotional and physical health.

3. They are balanced

Their balanced approach makes the Type B personality more likable. There are fewer chances that they will lose patience and lash out.

They remain calm and patient with their decisions and other choices in life.

4. They can easily adapt to new changes

B Type personalities are not rigid with their rules. This is where their flexibility comes into play. B types are ready to adapt to new situations.

They usually don’t care about failing in order to succeed. This saves them from a lot of pressure and unnecessary stress in their life.

5. They are super-creative

Type B personalities are dreamers and are extremely creative beings. They have the potential to fulfill their vision. The B types spend more time drafting creative solutions and are also exceptional implementers.

These people brainstorm new and unique ideas and create something exciting. While the logic behind their inputs might sound philosophical to others, they find solace in working in a productive and creative atmosphere.

6. They procrastinate (a lot!)

The type B group is (in)famous for procrastinating. This can root in their laid-back attitude and their short-tempered nature. They also fail to look into details of a particular matter like Type Cs.

7. They have a laid-back attitude

B-Types are often found to be lazy. Their urge to feel relaxed and rested builds a laid-back tendency in their personality.

Though their laid-back attitude allows others to feel comfortable around them, they also project a negative aspect of not investing the desired hard work.

While these were some dominant traits of Type B personality, it’s time to take a look at some traits that are present but are rarely observed.

8. They concentrate on the “big picture”

Type B individuals are more concentrated on the bigger picture than focusing on the smaller ones. 

What does it mean? It means Type B people are going to be focused on performing the best outcome rather than focusing on deriving the best output. They are more invested in the process than the final outcome.

They work smarter if not harder. Most importantly, they have a creative approach to their work.

9. They are more about collaboration, not competition

If you think Type Bs are going to steal your credit in a project where both of you worked together, you are absolutely wrong here!

Type B people are going to share equal recognition and praise if you have helped them achieve a successful outcome. They are wonderful at collaborating. Working with them is going to be an enthusiastic adventure rather than being a competition.

10. They’re the friend EVERYONE needs

The beautiful souls are so good when it comes to identifying the good side of people. Type B people are more particular about what good they see in you, rather than what bad they have noticed or experienced with you. This is a hallmark trait of type B personality.

They are so noncompetitive that they can appreciate every good feature of a person irrespective of the relationship you share with them.If you want to know more of such interesting traits of type B personalities, check this article!

With that, it’s time to look into the strengths and weaknesses of Type B personality. So, let’s start with strengths first.

Type B Personality Strengths

Overall, Type B people are strong, brave, and bold. Their talent and creativity cannot be praised enough.

They are blessed with several good qualities and strengths, including.

1. B types are enthusiastic

They are eager to learn new things and embrace innovative ideas. They don’t believe that only their way is right. They understand that there are several solutions to the same problem and are open to accepting any kind. 

2. They are fun-loving

They aren’t serious 24/7 and also know how to enjoy life. They’re aware that academics and work are important but they don’t make that everything in their life. They know exactly how to balance their life with enough fun. 

3. They are blessed with creativity

B-types are full of creative energy compared to all other personality types. They are always ready with unique and out-of-box ideas to deal with stubborn issues. While most people overlook unusual ideas, they work with those to stand out from the crowd.

4. They are excellent motivators

They don’t think that failure is the end of life. So, even if you fail, they won’t judge you for committing mistakes. Instead, they understand that you feel low, so they try to help you in their own way. They help you learn lessons and motivate you to try harder once again.

5. Type Bs are extremely patient

These individuals are quite tolerant towards others because they know that not everyone has the same strengths. They don’t expect others to perform the same. Instead, they keep up with others even if they take too long or make mistakes.

In a world where people seem to be most depressed and hopeless, it feels so good to know that these people are confident about themselves.

So, learn a lesson or two and start being positive even in testing times.

Moving ahead, it’s time to take a peek into the flaws of Type B personality:

Type B Personality Weaknesses

No doubt the list of Type-Bs strengths is quite vast, these personalities also have some real innocent weaknesses too.

If you are wondering: why are the weaknesses being called innocent? Your answer is hidden right in the list.

1. They get relaxed way too much

B-types like to take it slow and easy at work. They don’t like to take even the smallest amount of stress. Instead, they are confident that they’ll eventually manage everything. However, they are prone to losing track of time this way.

2. They multitask at the last minute

Since they often lose time because of their laid-back nature and procrastination, they have to multitask at the last moment. 

They are prone to making too many mistakes as they aren’t proficient at multitasking like type As. Moreover, they don’t even have enough time to revise their work.

3. Their creativity might go out of hand

Type Bs are all in for unique creative ideas. But sometimes, their ideas become way too unrealistic when they can’t find plausible ideas. When that plan gets rejected, they start thinking from scratch which only wastes more time. 

4. They can’t be left unsupervised

The creativity of type B people is the root of their distraction. If nobody checks in on them, they might get way too immersed in creative thoughts or other interesting tasks. They might ignore the urgent tasks if those don’t appeal to them and get the entire team in trouble. 

5. They can’t be strict where needed

B-types are people-oriented, so they like to connect with others closely. They often blur the differences between them and people of lower authority. So, others often treat them as equals and don’t take them seriously which impacts productivity.But don’t assume that this is all. You can know more about their strengths and weaknesses right here!

Even though the B Type personalities are calm and extremely patient, they do have fears and dislikes of their own. Keep reading to explore a few of them.

Type B Personality Fears and Dislikes

Like all the personality types, B types also have their own dislikes and fears. In order to know a B Type properly, you must be aware of its dark sides as well.

1. Public humiliation

Type B people value their connections and others’ perceptions of them. They want to be noticed under a positive light. Out of this fear, they often act like people-pleasers and sacrifice a lot for others. They are afraid of losing everything they built and getting humiliated in front of others. 

2. Being ignored in groups

B-types love to work and cooperate with others. Unlike A-types, they enjoy being with everyone else. However, if others don’t involve them in things just as they do, they feel offended. They get emotional and push away people when they feel ignored.

3. Not looking their best

Since B-types like to socialize, they always keep everyone entertained. SInce they have all the attention on themselves, they always fret over their looks. They fear that they won’t look their best and everyone will remember their unsightly appearance. 

4. Others stealing their spotlight

Though they are shy, they want everyone to pay attention to them or their actions. They expect others to remember their good deeds until the end. 

They don’t like it when others forget about them too early or something distracting appears around them. They want people to respect them for their effort.

5. Being unappreciated

Though type Bs don’t overwork themselves, they are also dedicated to their duties. They give lots of effort, patience, compassion, and mental energy for their tasks.

So, they fear that others may not perceive them as hard working even after giving lots of effort and treat them like losers. If you want to know about all the fears and dislikes of B-types, then definitely check this out!

You can always try to motivate the B types to make them feel better whenever they are depressed or frustrated. But how are you going to do so?

Just like their fears, B types have things that can motivate them and make them feel lifted. The next topic can introduce you to them.  

Type B Personality Motivators

If you want to motivate or lift up a B Type person’s mood, this list is going to be extremely helpful for you. 

1. Public recognition

B-types may not overwork themselves to the bone, but they give as much effort in their work. They expend their creativity to reach their goals which is a time-consuming process. So, they feel motivated when they are publicly recognized for their hard work. 

2. Rewards

SImilar to public recognition, they also feel motivated with monetary rewards like bonus and wage increase. They also like to be rewarded with certificates and awards which will remind them of their success story forever and help them work harder towards their goals.

3. Mementos from significant people

If the type B individual has role models in their life, then a memento from them is also equally motivating for them. It might be merchandise like fan t-shirts, album covers, posters with signatures, and so on.  If they meet in person, a selfie can also work. 

4. Success over others

B-types love to coordinate with everyone else and succeed together. However, that doesn’t imply they don’t want to be better than the rest. Rather, they feel more motivated to support others when they stand out even in group projects. This makes them feel worthy of motivating others. 

5. Attention

Type Bs love to grab everyone’s attention, so they work hard, help others, always treat people well despite how they get treated, and motivate others without taking a break. They expect others to notice their hard work and validate them. If they don’t get attention, they doubt themselves.

To know many more motivators about the B-types, check this piece

Other than fears and motivators, there are more important parts of a Type B’s life. So, let’s check how fit type Bs are…

Type B Personality Physical Health

B Type personalities don’t take a lot of stress and so have fewer chances of developing coronary heart diseases. But the bad news is that they don’t go for regular health checkups. So, even if they develop some diseases, they won’t notice it first-hand.

B Type personalities rarely come up with coronary heart diseases and high blood pressure risks. This is because they don’t live toxic and stressful lives.

They have developed a rather chilled-out way of living. These people have a good immune system too.

They have great stress management skills that save them from various diseases.  However, this can never assure B type won’t face challenges with respect to their physical health.

They might be less susceptible to coronary heart attacks, but they are not completely safe from all types of diseases either. They can develop other diseases owing to their carefree lifestyle.

A very prominent negative impact on their physical health is due to their laidback tendency and procrastinating nature. B Type personalities don’t go for periodical health checkups.

This results in careless monitoring of health. So even if they develop a disease, they won’t notice it until the matter gets serious.

There’s much more to know about the B-types’ health. So, don’t forget to know in-detail here!

Now let’s figure out how these people are in their personal life…

Type B Personality Relationships

B-type individuals are caring, compassionate, loving, and warm. If you have a type B loved one, you might be one of the few luckiest people in this world. C’mon, let’s figure out more here…

1. They resolve others’ conflict

A type B loved one won’t just watch from the sidelines if you get into conflicts. Rather, they’ll listen to both sides’ story and help you both reach a middle ground. They’ll offer you the best advice to reconcile with your close ones.

2. They validate everyone

It’s not good to grow dependent on validation. But without validation and appreciation, most people can’t find the motivation to improve themselves. B-types know how to encourage people around them with small kind words of affirmation and support their growth and development in all fields.

3. They can calm you during the worst

Type Bs don’t let stress overpower them. So, even during hard times, they don’t let their loved ones feel anxious. Instead, they help them realize that things will eventually work out and calm down others.

This lets everyone take mindful and calculated decisions instead of letting their emotions take the better of them.

4. They won’t misunderstand if you need space

Often people assume the worst when a loved one asks to be left alone. But type Bs will respect your need for alone time. They won’t intrude on your quiet time and even refrain others from disturbing you. Of course, if you take space to spend time with others, they’ll be beyond hurt!

5. They’ll let you take charge

Some people feel uncomfortable when others take charge. They even call them controlling. But type Bs like to relax and are procrastinators. They’ll gladly let their loved ones make the final call as they feel more supported and at ease this way.If you wanna know more about their relationships, don’t be shy to check this out.

While the relationship qualities of B Type personalities are so interesting, their work-life is not boring either!

That’s next:

Type B Personality at Work

B Type personalities are characterized by positive, efficient, hopeful, relaxed, laid-back, creative, and sometimes unprofessional working habits.

If you want to learn about their work habits in detail, you have it all here.

1. B types talk about themselves

Type B personalities enjoy talking about themselves, which can often be perceived as being self-centered. This personality group thrives on the appreciation and recognition they receive.

This can further be explained from the following example of extreme character acted out by Better Miller in the ‘Beaches’ movie, where she called her old friend to her magnanimous apartments, to talk about her success.

She said “Enough about me. Let’s talk about you. So, what do you think of me?”

2. They fear public humiliation

Public humiliation is no less than a nightmare for the group B personality type. Just the thought of being disapproved by people can be devastating for B Types.

They also don’t want to portray themselves as failures or unattractive. 

To avoid this, they make a point that they are always delivering expected results. They will try to impress others by showing that they have achieved a lot, irrespective of the fact that whether or not they are successful in real life.  

3. They have great coordination skills

Type Bs love to work in teams and cooperate with everyone. They are interactive and prefer discussing things rather than doing everything solo. They also help the team coordinate if members can’t reach a middle ground or if anyone can’t express themselves.

4. They need to be managed

B-types are not good leaders because they often interact for too long and forget about work. Even in groups, they must be under strict supervision so they don’t distract others from their responsibilities.

They need someone to constantly keep an eye on them and prevent them from being talkative. Otherwise, it’ll affect everyone’s productivity.

5. If offended, they might affect others’

When B-types work in a group, they try to keep everyone involved. So, if others keep them out of the loop, they get offended and their self-esteem takes a blow.

This makes them demotivated to work as actively as before. Their low spirits affect everyone else as they feel worried. When type Bs feel low, they won’t cheer others and everyone loses motivation.

There are more interesting facts about the actions of a type B in the professional world. So, if you’re curious, give it a read

Now if you want to know about the suitable professions for type Bs, here you go…

Type B Personality Ideal job list

As a recruiter, if you can know about what type of jobs are suitable for what type of a personality, it is all that you need for making successful decisions. Right? So let’s figure out what jobs are best suited for type B personalities:

1. Public relations personnel

2. Salesperson

3. Recreation director

4. Party planner

5. Customer service personnel

6. Entertainers

7. Personnel interviewer

8. Professional host(ess)

9. Politician

10. Creative worker

So, the next time you see a type B personality approaching you for a salesperson job, you know what you gotta do!

However, if you’re a type B and want to know more about suitable jobs for yourself, go ahead and explore more options here!

But if you’re wondering how type bs are different from the other personality types, let’s keep scrolling…

Type B vs Type A personality

Often type As are perceived to be the best while type Bs are shunned on as their weaker counterparts. So, let’s figure out whether that’s true or not!

1. Type Bs are spontaneous unlike type As

B-types are in love with spontaneity, so they don’t like to pre plan or create routines. Instead, they remember the important parts mentally. They lead a disorganized life because of the same. 

But A-types are strict about being organized and planned. They don’t entertain unplanned situations. 

2. Type Bs are flexible unlike type As

Type B individuals are highly flexible with their working style and time management. They can easily shift their mind from one task to another. They don’t mind if their plans change either.

But A-types always have a plan in mind and they dislike making changes for others. They feel stressed if they don’t complete what they planned in a day.

3. Type Bs aren’t obsessed with time management like As

B-types like to take it easy, so even if they’re burdened with work, they don’t overwork themselves. Instead, they focus on the quality of their work. But A-types feel a sense of time urgency and force themselves to complete all tasks ASAP.

4. Bs aren’t competitive compared to As

B-types are in love with harmony and enjoyment. They don’t take things too seriously and prefer to soak in the fun parts of life. But A-types are the complete opposite as they become too aggressive even during friendly competition. 

5. Bs like peace while As like challenges

Type Bs avoid any sort of conflict and like to reach a middle ground. They don’t force the other person to submit to their choices. 

On the other hand, type As don’t take it lightly when others say anything against them. They challenge the other person and get into conflicts to have the upper hand.

But that’s not all, so check this more detailed comparison

Type B vs Type C personality

Now that the comparison with the A personality type is clear, check how type Bs stand out from the type Cs

1. B-types are flexible but C-types are perfectionists

Type Bs don’t mind slight changes in their routine. They like to go with the flow and are agreeable when it comes to compromising. But C-types follow strict routines and want everything to follow a strict method. 

2. Bs enjoy the flow but Cs are obsessed with facts

When B-types are entrusted with a task, they like to enjoy every moment of the entire journey to success. They don’t want to miss anything just because they’re excessively focused on one thing.

But C-types don’t have much time to enjoy things as they are focused on the minute details and backup plans.

3. B-types are optimists unlike C-types

Type B people never feel fazed despite what they face. They always have faith in their destiny and believe that things will always work out. 

But C-types are pessimistic and get anxious from the smallest things. They often focus on making backup plans because they’re scared of the unknown.

4. Bs can deal with sudden changes, Cs feel overwhelmed

B-types don’t mind compromising if they face changes out of nowhere. They know nothing can be done and deal with the situation. On the other hand, C-types panic when they face changes as they prefer to leave a strict and planned life.

5. Bs can get unrealistically creative but Cs are realistic

Sometimes, the creativity of a type B person can become beyond attainable. So, they need someone to manage their ideas and keep them grounded to reality. But type C aligns realism with creativity, so they can work just fine without any supervision.

There is a lot more about the comparison between these two types, so grab it here!

Type B vs Type D personality

Since you have already compared the two types, why let type D alone? Let’s check how much type Bs and Ds differ here…

1. Type Bs are relaxed while Ds are anxious

B-types are easy going and laid-back. They won’t miss the basic enjoyments of life for anything. They are often perceived as not serious about their life. 

Type Ds, on the other hand, are always worried about something going wrong. So, they feel anxious even if everything is right on track. 

2. Bs are procrastinators while Ds always work

B types believe that they have plenty of time and push their task until the last minute. They often forget major tasks and need to multitask later. 

Type Ds are afraid of lagging behind, so they always stay serious and work longer than they need to. 

3. Bs are happy while Ds are depressed

Type Bs are the happy-go-lucky people. They try to enjoy every moment of their lives. Whether they are at work, home, or are alone, they never let others pull them down. 

But D-types are always depressed and unenthusiastic. They undertake their duties because they don’t have any other option and never try to enjoy themselves.

4. Bs are optimistic but Ds are pessimistic

Type Bs believe that everything happens for a good reason. They also motivate others with the same mantra. But type Ds are more focused on the negative aspect of life. They are always scared because they feel they are undeserving.

5. Bs love dreaming but Ds are realists

Type Bs enjoy letting their imagination flow freely. They often need someone to give them a reality check and focus on their goals. But D-types can never spend a moment of wishful thinking because their pessimism often interrupts their thoughts.

However, type Bs and type Ds also have a few things in common. So, know about more differences and similarities here!

How to identify if you’re a Type B?

There is no official type B personality test yet. However, that doesn’t imply that you can’t figure out if you’re one or not. Instead, take this personality quiz to find your answers. 

So, get your answer and come back here once you’re done!

Now, did you find that you’re a type B? In that case, you must know about the pros and cons of having this personality type. So, keep reading for that…

If you wish to discover your inner self, you can start by taking our personality tests.

What are the Pros of having a Type B personality?

B-types are often shunned for being “weaker” than A-types. They aren’t the best in everything like A-types. But unknown to many, you get many benefits of having this personality type like these…

1. You know your limits 

You understand that you have limited energy, so you never force yourself to overwork. Instead, you take enough time for yourself and enjoy the little bits of life. This helps you stay healthy in the long run.

2. You have unique creative energy

You are way more creative than others because you can see the bigger picture. You don’t let anything confine your imagination which helps you shoot for the peak of success.

3. Team members love you

In teams, you are open-minded to new ideas and never suppress innovative ideas. Your team members feel more comfortable working with you as you never try to oppose their growth and instead share good insight to them.

4. Everyone wants a friend like you

Due to your personality type, you can be a compassionate friend to everyone. People love you for being supportive and everyone desires to befriend you. They can depend on you anytime and look up to you.

5. Your presence calms others

You are always optimistic about every situation in life. You don’t take your frustrations out on others because of your good stress management skills.

So, everyone feels more at ease around you and nobody loses their mind when they see you act calmly.

Of course, you’re not completely flawless, so let’s check…

What are the Cons of having a Type B personality?

Despite any sort of personality, everyone is a human being. And you are bound to have some flaws regardless. So, let’s know those here…

1. You’re prone to be taken advantage of

Due to your selfless nature, people often expect more from you than normal. You also avoid confrontation, so you might be completely clueless if anyone tries to take advantage of you. Even if you notice it, you may not want to get into conflicts and keep quiet.

2. You often lose track of goals

You are prone to procrastination and push things off for later. So, you might often forget your duties and remember them only at the eleventh hour. You always need someone to remind you of your duty. Otherwise, you multitask and produce low-quality results.

3. People often misunderstand you

Since you don’t push yourself as much as a type A person and even prioritize yourself over everything else,  people believe that you are not as dedicated. You also don’t follow conventional working ways which attracts you lots of negative attention.

4. Your creativity takes unrealistic turns

Your free-flowing creativity often goes out of hand. You forget to confine your plans in realistic bounds and imagine things which are next to impossible. So, often your creative thoughts become useless if someone doesn’t keep you grounded to reality.

5. You’re prone to get distracted easily

You can’t stay focused on a single thing for too long because your creativity always overflows. You always seek something unique and forget about the previous project. You get distracted easily from your urgent tasks. 

That’s not all, so if you want to know more about the pros and cons of your personality, you can learn more about it here!

But if you are concerned about improving yourself, keep reading…

What can you do if you are a Type B?

While not all B types struggle through the weaknesses that are discussed above, the suggestions are going to be really helpful if you’re a type B person and are willing to improve your professional personality as a whole.

1. Learn to make good use of your time

No, don’t take this the wrong way, it’s not that you can’t take some time to unwind and relax. But as it’s said excess of anything is bad.

Relaxing is a great way to cope up with your stress levels but when you start to miss out on deadlines from your day-to-day schedule, it ultimately puts you in a very hectic last-moment routine which is far more exhausting than the relaxing hours of the entire day.

This way you are exhausted by the end of the day and you crave more relaxation, and the cycle continues.

To avoid this, you need to swear by a fixed schedule and remind yourself about the repercussions that you face after wasting a lot of time.

2. Don’t take things until the last minute

This point relates to the first point where you are suggested to control your tendency to relax excessively.

B types are often found relaxing for hours even if they have important work at hand and thus, develop a very poor habit of procrastination.

They procrastinate until the last minute and are extremely poor at time management. This habit leads to last-minute stress, missing important deadlines, and a bad reputation at the workplace.

Try to achieve a balance between your relaxing hours and your work life. Remember ‘Procrastination’ has never done good to anyone and you are no alien!

3. Keep updating people about your progress

Have you been working hard on a project but just because you were silent about your efforts, you got mistaken for not working at all? If you are a B type, you can definitely relate to the situation.

This is no astrological or horoscope reading. It is just a fact that B types have to be loud about their efforts in order to get noticed for their efforts.

You might need to write down your progress upon a certain project and address it to your boss or seniors, just to make a notice of your hard work.

No matter how weird this sounds at present, this step is going to help you in two ways. Firstly, it is important to make sure that you do not procrastinate.

Secondly, it is important that everyone knows about the effort that you’re putting into the project.

4. Create more specific goals

Type B people don’t like restricted working schedules and limited goals in their life. They are rather adventurous and just want to go on with the flow of life and see where the journey of life takes them.

However, this might not be a good thing for their professional life. In order to become successful, a B Type person needs to have specific goals in life.

Type B people cannot work constantly for long-term goals. If you have one long-term goal in your life, try to break it down into several short-term goals.

Achieving short-term goals is further going to inspire you to achieve your final goal.

5. Don’t let anyone use you 

SInce you’re a kind and conflict-avoidant person, you’re prone to be taken advantage of. Avoid hesitating when it comes to defending yourself and your beliefs. If anyone knowingly hurts you or tries to take opportunities, push them away from your life.

These tips are very important for a Type B person if they can relate to the situations and want to overcome the negative traits of their personality. But there are more and you can get the complete set of tips here!

These tips are very important for a Type B person if they can relate to the situations and want to overcome the negative traits of their personality.

However, if you’re not a type B yourself but have one in your inside circle, you’ll need to keep some communication tips handy. This will ensure that your conversation with them is fun and resourceful.

So, let’s dive in!

How to communicate with a Type B?

In case you have been looking for tips that can help you impress a type B personality with your gossip, just go for these tips and you won’t regret it!

1. Remember that Type-Bs take mental notes

A person belonging to a Type B personality develops a habit to write mental notes. They are hardly seen writing rigorous notes or making a detailed to-do list.

This, however, doesn’t imply that they are not on the correct path. Never underestimate them for being careless with information and tasks that they find important.

So, whenever you are talking to them, be extremely careful of what you are speaking because everything is being noted – mentally!

2. Type-Bs are stunning team players

The type B group is extremely creative. Ideas come to them naturally, they don’t have to ponder on topics. They are good at group work and are great team players.

Not only that, but they also share their success with all the others invested in it, irrespective of the kind of contribution they have made.

This type of personality is not only goal-orientated but also focuses on the entire journey leading to success.

For the B types, the process is as important as the goal. They are adventurous beings and like to work on a variety of topics.

They believe in collaborating as it helps them to be as creative as possible and work with people having similar thought processes.

Now that you know about their strengths at a workplace, you won’t have a problem in accommodating a type B personality in your team.

3. They hate being rushed

The type B personalities hate being rushed. They work best when left to their own space and time. They are seemingly less bothered about making every second count and about the efficiency of tasks.

Don’t keep poking them in the middle of their work. It just brings down their working spirit and demoralizes them, thereby degrading the quality of the work.

4. Don’t nag them about their disorganized manner

They feel at home with their messy environment. So, don’t force them to tidy up as that will only lead to wasted effort and time. Moreover, they know exactly what’s kept where, so don’t worry yourself and overwhelm them.

5. Respect their smart work

B-types may not overwork themselves like A-types. But they have better ways to complete their tasks. In the end, they also have ways to be as efficient as others without deteriorating their health. So, don’t pass negative comments about their working styles.

That was a smart move to know a person before actually interacting with him or her! But there are more such tips, so go check them out!

However, if you spend a lot of time with them and want to deal with them effectively, then know…

How to deal with a type B person?

If you share your life or workspace with a type B person, it can be hard to deal with them regularly. Especially since they have a different approach to everything, you might struggle a lot with them. So, here are some tips to help you with that…

1. Stay away from assumptions

Most people believe that type Bs are inferior to type As. But they are only different, so stop judging them. Try to understand them by spending time together without any prior assumptions in mind. 

2. Help them embrace realism

Their creativity and imagination often go beyond realistic approaches. So, let them use their creativity but keep tabs on them so you can prevent them from adding unrealistic ideas in a plan.

3. Reward their hard work

B-types feel immensely appreciated when they get rewarded with public recognition, bonus, or certificates. So, if they’re a loved one, few words of appreciation will make their day. But if they are your student or employee, reward them appropriately to help them feel heard.

4. Let them socialize 

Type B people love to socialize and feel energized from it so don’t stop them. Let them enjoy their time and make closer bonds with others. Even if it’s their professional life, allow them to make friends and don’t isolate them. Otherwise, it can affect them negatively.

5. But keep it under control

Often B-types lose track of time while talking with others. They get distracted and do the same for others. So, at work or school, make sure they don’t talk for too long. Give them time to enjoy but also stop them once the time is up.

There are many more ways to deal with a type B person, so don’t forget to check this guide!

If you want some authorized personality tests to figure out your personality type, then keep reading…

Type B personality Test and their Different names

There are so many portals that can help you identify your Personality Type with the help of an evaluative test. However, these tests don’t always have the same parameters and names.

Here’s a table with a few common personality tests and their names.

Personality Tests & ApproachesType B Personality Name
HippocratesSanguine (bodily humor: blood)
DISCI; direct/supporting
Biblical characterPeter
Cartoon/comic charactersSnoopy (from Peanuts) / Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh)

A word from ThePleasantPersonality!

B Type personality is a perfect blend of some excellent, funny, emotional, and (some) negative characteristics. Though these people have some flaws and shortcomings, they will never harm others.

B TYpe people are so entertaining and enthusiastic that no one would want to miss their company. They have a humorous nature and an emotional side too. Their flaws will be flaws, but so will be their strengths.

If you’re one of them, start taking your work-life seriously and life will be a win-win game for you!

Are you interested to know more about ‘Personality Types A B C D’ then click here?

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