So, you’re anxious about how to communicate with a type E as you just can’t connect with an E-type around you. Probably, you sound too unenthusiastic towards them… or when you send a message, they take too long to reply to you.

Well, it’s probably because of miscommunication, misunderstandings, and your lack of knowledge about talking to a type E.

But gone are your worrisome days! Because here you’ll learn to communicate with them effortlessly. C’mon, let’s head right in…

How to communicate with a type E?

Type Es need guidance… and they’re kinda stubborn. So, as expected, most people lose their patience while talking to an E-type. This leads to further misunderstandings and the gap between you and your fellow type E keeps increasing.

But it’s high time you get down to clear communication with them and mend all the rough patches. Follow these steps to make it happen…

1. Compliment their equal treatment towards all tasks

Individuals with type E personality traits pay equal attention to all kinds of tasks. They treat big and small, tough and easy, intricate and simple tasks similarly. They never look down on any task or do it absentmindedly even if it’s far easier than their regular tasks.

However, most people don’t understand it… so, take a moment to appreciate their effort whether it’s in personal or professional life. Show them that you noticed their efforts and that they stand out of the crowd because of this sweet gesture. This will warm them up to have an open and honest conversation.

2. Never react negatively to their ideas

Often, the creative ideas of E-type individuals are extremely unique for others’ liking. So, people in their academic, professional, social, or personal life ignore their ideas and plans. Sometimes, they even get made fun of or get severely criticized and opposed.

This makes them feel extremely misunderstood and they might become even more stubborn due to opposition. So, when they propose something out-of-the-box, acknowledge their ideas.

If it’s unsuitable, explain what kind of ideas you want and why the idea doesn’t match… don’t ignore their creativity completely. This will help them think deeper and won’t feel rejected. They’ll be more open to understanding your needs.

3. Gently discuss their risks

Type E folks are also crazy about taking risks. They don’t shy away from risks or lead stable lives due to the fear of losing everything. They’re ready to play with fire to succeed in life. They love to progress in life and taking risks is one of their ways for that.

However, risks can be hazardous and make them lose everything at once. So, when they decide to take challenges in life, discuss them with them. Show them that you’re open to understanding them and don’t completely ignore their desires.

4. Don’t try to demoralize them

Type E folks give little to no priority to others’ negative opinions. They don’t let external remarks demoralize them, so don’t even try to do that. Otherwise, they’ll only tune out your words if you spout demotivating words to them.

Instead, make way with positive phrases even when you feel disappointed or angry with their ideas. Take a break from them and figure out your emotions. Return to the conversation once you calm your emotions. Otherwise, they’ll feel insulted and stubbornly want to do something they must not.

5. Discuss your take on global development

People with type E personalities aren’t self-centered. They want to grow with everyone around them. They want to help the world grow and prosper along with them. So, they can be pretty good leaders that can motivate others.

If you’re their mentor in academics or professional life, try to understand their thoughts on everyone’s progress and success.

Take ideas from them and put them into teamwork wherever needed. This will help them feel fulfilled and grow in their desired way. They’ll feel fulfilled and motivated to work on these areas and also express their ideas more openly.

6. Hear them out

When others try to talk a type E person out of their plans because it’s too risky or because they haven’t thought of it properly, an E-type is ready to explain everything. They believe in their plans and want to show the bigger picture to others. So, they might be ready to explain themselves.

Before you accuse an E-type of doing something wrong, let them explain themselves. When they start speaking, don’t interrupt in between. Don’t assume anything and let them finish explaining themselves. You might have a wider view of the situation if you listen calmly, so give them a chance.

Avoid such important conversations via text messaging. Instead of sending a short message, talk to them face-to-face or in real-time on video chat.

7. Ask them what they learn from different areas of life

If you want to hit up a type E person randomly and just spend time knowing them, then choose casual communication channels like instant messaging.

Send an instant message asking them what impressed them about the place they visited. Especially if you spent the day together, communicate with them about their experience.

If you know them formally, talk to them about the different ideas they get from their surroundings. Exchange ideas, and mishmash different plans to create something new. This will help you both grow closer and communicate freely.

8. Discuss how much they’re willing to risk for gains

If a type E loved one is interested in taking great risks and you don’t feel good about it, don’t refrain them from doing it. Instead, explain your point of view clearly. Ask them how far they’re ready to risk. Tell them what makes you anxious about it and compare both of your tolerance for risks.

If you’re a partner, parent, or child of an E-type that wants to take risks, you might be extremely afraid of losing stability or that person. Express your feelings and let them decide how much risk is normal. Don’t force them to compromise.

9. Don’t ask them to slow down

E-types are extremely enthusiastic and energetic. They like to do everything at high speed because they’re goal-oriented. They want to reach their goals on or before time.

However, they might make grave mistakes due to their high pace. They might overlook finer details and create trouble. Though their speed is a troublesome issue, don’t force them to slow down.

Their speed is a sign of their enthusiasm and negative feedback like “your pace is the reason behind your poor performance” can hurt their zeal to learn more. So, avoid negative phrasing.

10. Instead, tell them to take it easy

But that doesn’t mean you mustn’t say anything at all. So, phrase it in a positive light. Tell them something like “You must really lower your pace… otherwise you might make mistakes” or “It’s okay to relax once in a while… you worked hard enough”.

These phrases also work as compliments… but if you want something stricter, go for “Your performance can improve if you cut some slack to yourself… excess speed might hamper your work”.

Positive phrases will help and motivate them toward the right way of doing things.

11. Never ask them to give up on their passions

E-types live life on the edge. They pick up passions on a whim. Sometimes, they don’t even think about the pros and cons of these whims. But often, people ask them to give up on these passions. This triggers a type E person’s stubbornness and gives the opposite effect.

So, when you want to talk about these sudden interests of a type E acquaintance, never blatantly refuse them. This won’t work out and instead only push you farther from them. So, avoid commanding them about these things at all costs.

12. Rather, ask them to consider the risk-to-reward ratio

But if you believe that their sudden interests might harm them later on, then you can’t and mustn’t stay quiet. Instead, on a piece of paper, jot down all the risks if things go wrong and the rewards if things follow the plan. Seek them and discuss your standpoint and know what they think about it.

At this point, they won’t be able to refuse your beliefs if you already researched enough. They’ll understand that you care about them and don’t just want to stop them because of your orthodox beliefs.

13. Don’t label their goals absurd

More often than not, people call a type E person’s goals random derogatory names like “absurd” or “far-fetched”. This is because they sometimes don’t think through their plans. They might become too passionate about something bad. They’re short-sighted and might not always think through.

However, that again makes them willful and they chase those flawed dreams harder. They want to prove that they aren’t wrong and their ideas will work out. So, whenever you notice a flawed idea or plan of a type E person, avoid referring to the plans with mean words.

14. But, discuss the off-chances with them

Though you mustn’t be mean about their plans, it doesn’t imply you must let them be. Go ahead and tell them how flawed their idea seems, just don’t make them feel bad about it.

Be honest but not brutal. Gently tell them about the negative consequences of their plans. You know better than them, but don’t rub it on their face. If they feel you want to demoralize them, they won’t listen to you.

So, take your time to point out the different possibilities with time. If you feel they’re in denial, postpone the conversation to a later time to make them understand the flaws and accept the issues. Don’t go too strong on them to help them out.

15. Avoid insulting them for being dependent

E-types are known for needing guidance to stay on the right track. Otherwise, due to their poor sense of direction, they might go astray. If you’re the mentor, it can be genuinely hard on you. You might sometimes curse your luck for being in charge of them as they can’t take care of themselves.

Whether you’re the mentor, someone else mentors them, or you’re seeking a mentor for them, it can all be tiresome. But, never say anything mean about them needing guidance. Otherwise, they might refuse help and create problems for themselves and others.

16. Instead, tell them why they need a guide and must change

Though guidance helps a type E person flourish in life, it’s not always available. If a loved one acts like a guide, they can get spent and seek some time away from them. They can even get bitter toward them. On the other hand, a guide in professional or academic life might be unable to give them special treatment. 

So, talk to your type E acquaintance that this can’t continue forever and they need to grow self-dependent eventually. Be transparent about why they can’t always have guidance and let them slowly learn to decide for themselves.

17. Be transparent when you feel anxious about their ideas

Sometimes, a type E person’s actions might trouble you. However, you don’t need to suppress your feelings just because you don’t want to hurt them.

Don’t use any provocative language when you talk about your anxieties. Calm yourself and express the issues one by one. Tell them that you don’t mean to hurt their feelings or interrupt their life.

This will show that you care for them and just want them to care for you as well.

18. When you express any issue with their choices, use “I” statements

Due to type E’s trouble-making tendencies, you might be skeptical about their choices, behaviors, and actions. Even though you don’t know exactly what feels wrong, you might feel that something is off.

So, when you’re uncertain, choose to not attack them without knowing the reason. Don’t say “Your this action is disturbing or wrong.” Instead, say “I feel a bit uncomfortable about this action of yours”.

Show them that you don’t want to blame them without a reason but express your concerns to them.

19. Avoid using absolute language

E-types tend to get passionate about things they don’t know much about. They might hop on a new plan today and abandon it tomorrow. Despite how frequently they do this, they never say “You always start your projects on a whim and never complete them”.

Absolute language shows that you already assumed something about the other person. They’ll think that they can’t change your mind since you already have this image in your mind. They’ll push you away and won’t communicate with you comfortably.

20. Compare your tolerance with theirs

Type Es have a high tolerance for extremes. This helps them deal with the worst situation easily. However, you might not have the same tolerance as them. So, whether you’re a family member or a coworker, tell them that you can’t handle the same kind of consequences as they do.

So, if the type E person around you wants to take a risky chance and it might affect your life or reputation, tell them how you’re not ready for it and they must compromise. If they still insist, tell them that you don’t want to face any of the consequences and must proceed only when they can promise that.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you notice closely, it’s not that hard to convey your thoughts to a type E person. Of course, you need a little patience… but that applies to almost everyone around you.

So, try to be more understanding towards them. Remind them that their thinking style matters and that just because one of their ideas didn’t work doesn’t mean none will.

Follow your guts and you’ll know exactly how to communicate with them… because there’s never a formula of heart-to-hearts. Your kind soul will help them feel understood and cherished. Keep trying and you’ll definitely get your thoughts across!

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