Are you an enthusiastic creative worker or a passionate writer? Would you go to extremes to achieve something without giving it a second thought? Have you been used to living life on the edges?

If yes, congratulations you share common traits with type E personality.

If you want to identify your own personality type or if there is a type E personality in your family with whom you wish to develop a deeper bond, this think-piece can guide you throughout.

So, without further ado, let’s first understand…

Type E Personality Infographic

Type E Personality Meaning, & Traits
Type E Personality Meaning & Traits

What is Type E personality?

Identified by Alex Geroge, Type E Personalities are extremely energetic, passionate, and creative individuals who live their life on the edge.

The psychologist Alex George found a very easy method to recognize type E personality.

He stated that type E personalities are extremely passionate, and creative individuals. All they want is to live a happy life with no regrets and no apology.

They are far away from balance and middling scenarios. Type E personality is all about extreme actions and is always on edge.

Now, if you want to dig deeper especially into the behavior patterns of a type E individual, then check this article.

With that, there are some distinguishing characteristics of type E personality that will help you recognize this type.

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Type E Personality Traits

Like every other personality Type, Type E also has its own characteristic traits. Since Type E is very less talked about, not many people know about the characteristics.  

So, let’s find out what E-Types are made of.

1. They live life on the edge

E-type personality loves living on the edge and takes extreme actions in all situations. They do not appreciate ordinary decisions.

They keep living, loving, and playing on the edges. These people don’t care to keep a “safe” distance like others. They are either all-out or all-in!

If they support an idea or an opinion, they will leave no stone unturned to make it happen. On the other hand, if they do not appreciate an idea, they will protest against it equally strongly.

2. They are passionate

If a type E personality initiates a new project, they may not have a strong cause and wise plans to support it. They might start it out of passion.

However, no one can tell for how long the passion will prevail in the given project. The moment they lack interest in it, they will jump onto something else almost immediately!

3. They are creative

E-type personalities are passionate individuals with extraordinary skills and limitless creativity. They are always full of brilliant out-of-the-box ideas but sometimes, it’s so unique that common people fail to appreciate it.

4. They are all about speed

Type E personality cannot compromise with speed. Most of their actions are energetic, fast, and furious. This is why type E personalities become successful sportspersons.

5. They live a progressive life

The ultimate motive of an E-type is to keep progressing on the way of life and make possibilities for the world around them to progress as well. They want to make the world a better place to live in.

Type E personalities are not going to compromise their living choices for the sake of others. If they believe in a constructive Idea or plan, they are going to execute it regardless of what others think about it.

If you want to know about more such traits of type E personality types, then don’t forget to check this article

However, if you wonder whether there’s anything great about type E people, then you need to know about the…

Type E Personality Strengths 

Often people point their fingers at the flaws of a type E person. But they hardly ever notice their good qualities. But they have more than enough impressive traits, so know those here…

1. They treat every job equally

E-type individuals never judge any duty depending on the it’s scale or difficulty. They give equal importance to all tasks and don’t look down on any responsibility.

Even if an E-type owns an MNC, they still do chores like dusting or cleaning with similar dedication.

2. They are always ready with innovative ideas

When a group of people are asked to think of a unique solution or plan, type E people bring up ideas before everyone else. Even more, their ideas are way different than others. So, if you’re looking for something that stands out, talk with a type E person. 

3. They are always ready to take risks

People with type E personalities never fear taking risks. Rather, they get excited when they need to think out of the box. They are curious and always insist on taking chances. 

People usually don’t want to take risks due to lack of security. But Type Es accept the challenge and dive deep for answers. 

4. They are ready to do anything to succeed

Type E individuals are extremely devoted to their progress and success. They go to great lengths to gain power and influence. 

They not only dream big but do everything necessary to actualize their dreams. They don’t give up once they set a goal despite how many obstacles they face. 

5. They never let opinions impact them

E-type folks are used to facing opinionated people. However, they never let others’ words impact their decisions. They never get demotivated from cruel words. 

Instead, they believe in living life on their own terms. Even if they face the wrath of multiple loved ones, they never second-guess themselves.

However, there are also some flaws to this personality, so let’s explore those…

Type E Personality Weaknesses 

Type Es are also called fickle and insensitive because of their risk-taking attitude. All the negative talk about them aren’t just fleeting rumors. So, familiarize yourself with the serious flaws here…

1. Their love for speed is troublesome

E-types love to work with high speed in all areas of their life. They are so enthusiastic about things that they just can’t take their time. This may often lead to mistakes in their tasks if they don’t think properly and hurry to reach their goals.

2. Risks may not always work out

They love to take risks and challenges for the thrill. They don’t want to lead a life without excitement. But, that makes them more prone to wrong decisions and miserable life situations. Especially, if they don’t have a limit to risk-taking or don’t calculate their risks, that’ll certainly put them at a disadvantage.

3. Passion may drive them to danger

Once a type E individual gets passionate about anything, they don’t research much into it. They get so determined that they start working towards their goal even without a secure plan.

Of course, they may soon get bored once their instant plans don’t work out. The passion will be gone in no time because of lack of planning and lead to wasted time and effort. 

4. They can’t make it without guidance

E-types can fare well in life only if they have the necessary guidance. If not, they will be a victim of their instant whims, lack of planning, hasty actions, and troublesome risks. 

Though a mentor can help them in school and work, they can’t get a mentor for their personal decisions. So, they’re bound to often get in trouble.

5. They might be equally passionate about bad habits

Since they can get passionate about things pretty fast, they can also get addicted to bad habits. They won’t think much about the right and wrong things. 

Moreover, once they get passionate about something wrong, they become stubborn and it can get extremely hard to get them off the habit!Whoa there, don’t assume that these are the only strengths and weaknesses of Type Es. So, catch the rest right here!

Type E personality was not known until Alex Georgia, an expert coach discovered this personality type. If you want to learn about his journey in this discovery the next topic is all about it:

Alex Georgia discovered E type personality

Alex Georgia, a health coach, was once working with common types of individuals with insane curiosity, inquisitiveness, and creative minds.

When he spoke to these individuals, they were all of the similar opinions while talking about their thoughts, ideas, and ambitions.

They shared some of their deepest secrets and stories that were simply adventurous.

The highly energetic souls had common traits in their behavior, and they shared similar psychological patterns to the educationist.

He found great similarity in their outlook for success and failure, stress and happiness, excitement and depression. Hence, they were all called type E personalities.

Alex Georgia, an experienced coach of type E personality, has worked relentlessly to help Type-E individuals understand their own character, strengths, and weaknesses. This will help find the right way ahead and lead a happy and resourceful life.

Another experiment to establish type E personality

Experts have spent more than a decade with successful executives, entertainers, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, scientists and they all shared common psychology, intuition, and outlook towards the external world.

That is why they were overall put under the category of type E personality.

The researcher discovered that type E personalities have their own unique way of living. They have typical traits of psychological patterns and share common opinions too. This made the expert make a separate type E personality profile.

They were three main questions put in front of the type E personality to test their personality traits:

  1. Where do you stand on the personal passion spectrum?
  2. What is your tolerance for extremes?
  3. What is your capacity for speed and the level of your pioneering spirit?

The entire team of type E personalities gave a similar reply to all these questions. This formed the basis of them being categorized as Type E personalities.

Apart from the researchers, there are books that talk about type E personality.

Book suggestion on Type E personality

Real Estate the Rome Way, by Margaret Rome.

The book has a vivid description of type E personality. You will find the description humorous if you yourself happen to be a type E personality yourself. You may feel like you’re reading yourself in the book.

Further, this book also describes Type E personality as a visionary, which means they may show interest in a new project but by the time they are working on the execution they lose interest and shift their mind to something else.

Hence, they are hardly able to complete any tasks. They can come up with some insane ideas one after another because of their energetic personality but execution becomes a challenge for them.  

Usually, people love to be surrounded by type E personalities but staying with them for too long can become exhausting.

At first, you may find type E personality a very entertaining and exhilarating person, but after a couple of hours, it really gets uneasy to match their level of energy and spirit.

They have ever-flowing ideas and probably they can give solutions to any and all of your problems.  But most times their suggestions are impractical and impulsive.

Honestly, by the time you understand what they are actually saying, they will already be discussing another topic.

However, do you know that type Es dislike and fear certain things? If you want to know those, then keep reading…

Type E Personality Fears and Dislikes

E-types may be stubborn and enthusiastic but they also fear and dislike a few things. Some things trigger them and bring out extreme emotions, so let’s know them here…

1. Anything they lost passion for

Type Es lose their passion for things as quickly as they gain interest. When they start working on something, they don’t plan enough to combat possible setbacks. 

They often start without a cause in mind, so when problems arise, they don’t have any reason to try harder, lose interest, and even dislike that very thing. 

2. Being unappreciated for their ideas

E-types come up with the most unique ideas and people often use them as a last resort. Until and unless they run out of ideas, people don’t consider their suggestions because those are too unrealistic. E-types dislike how people don’t show gratitude for their plans.

3. Others negative opinions

E-types have quite a few flaws and others always reprimand them for those. However, they dislike it when others share negative opinions on them. They don’t get swayed by others but they get pretty defensive and act stubbornly when opposed. They might even protest to make others understand them.

4. No guidance

Type E individuals aren’t the best in everything because they don’t plan before doing anything. So, without guidance, they often make mistakes and even lose confidence. They eventually realize their flaws and fear failing if they don’t have support.

5. Giving up on their passions

Once they get passionate about something, they don’t easily let go of it. They are prone to getting passionate about bad habits or wrong goals. So, naturally people try to talk them out of it. However, they hate being separated from their passions even if they’re at the wrong.

Unfortunately, these aren’t the only ones and you can find more type E fears and dislikes here

However, there are also some cool ways to pull up their spirits, so let’s find them…

Type E Personality Motivators

If the type E in your life seems low, don’t worry. You can easily cheer them up if you use the motivators for this personality to your advantage. So, let’s know about those here…

1. Risk

While most people desire stability in their life, E-types are in love with taking chances. They aren’t scared of the negative consequences and grab every opportunity they can. They feel thrilled about living life on the edge and aren’t afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone. 

2. Appreciation and acceptance of creativity

E-types have a great imaginative sense and creativity. However, their ideas are so out of the box that people usually keep their ideas for the stubborn situations. 

So, if people accept their ideas and praise them for it, they feel great about themselves and it works like a moral boost for them. 

3. Speed

Type Es love to work fast because of their high enthusiasm and energy. They expect similar actions from others. They like to compete and desire better standards of life. 

So, when people ask them for fast results, they feel they are allowed to show their true power and feel more determined. 

4. Progress 

Type Es are crazy about progress and success. They love to grab good opportunities and be hopeful for a better tomorrow. They don’t mind even if there are thorns on their way. Nothing can sway them from their goals. Even if that means losing loved ones, they don’t mind.

5. People’s welfare

E-types are extremely caring towards the community. They want to impact the world positively with good deeds. They might give alms or build a business to create more jobs for others. They feel great when they can help others grow happy and independent.

If you’re curious, some more type E motivators are waiting for you right here!

Now, if you want to know more about their personal life, just keep scrolling. 

Type E Personality Relationships

Type Es like to take risks and are stubborn. So, you might assume that their relationships aren’t the best. But whether their relationships are truly that unsatisfying or not, let’s find out…

1. They prioritize everyone equally

E-types treat everyone and their requests equally. Whether the other person seeks something difficult or easy, they try to help everyone diligently without any complaint. They take every request and chore seriously which shows how much they care.

2. Their loved ones dislike their risk-taking nature

E-types don’t like to lead a simple and calm life. Rather, they love to take risks as they hide the major and rare opportunities.

However, this puts them and their loved ones in a tight situation. So, their relationships often become shaken for their impulsive chance-taking.

3. Everyone feels grateful for their love for community

People with type E personalities want to do something about the community. They don’t want to enjoy life alone and try their best to share their happiness. They make great interpersonal relationships because of their supportive nature. 

4. They need someone to support them

They often need external guidance to take the right steps in life. Otherwise, their impulsive actions make them prone to grave mistakes which leads to wasted efforts. 

Their closest loved one might help them through different situations. But, the other person has a life too and they may get frustrated eventually.

5. But they don’t always listen to them

Even after being guided, type Es may not always respect their mentor’s opinions. Especially, when they’re asked to give up on their passions, they may even protest against that. This often spoils their relationship with their mentor figure.

However, don’t be too quick to judge their relationships. There’s much more about this and comparison with other relationships waiting for you here

Now that you know about their personal life, wanna peek at their professional platform? If yes, let’s head right in…

Type E Personality at Work

If you share your professional platform with a type E, it’s better if you know about their habits and working style. It’ll help you coordinate with them much better. So, let’s dive right in…

1. They treat all projects equally

E-types don’t differentiate between jobs of different scales or degrees. They undertake every task with equal determination and never slack off just because something is “too easy”.

So, you will mostly get quality results from their tasks. They also treat other employees with respect despite their position.

2. They often need to be motivated

Type Es get motivated about their task without a goal in mind. So, they can also easily lose motivation when they face troubles. That’s when they delegate their tasks to others and seek different responsibilities.

So, they need a regular dose of motivation to keep going.

3. They might not compromise their ideas

They are risk-lovers and stubborn. So, once they set their mind on a risky endeavor, they won’t easily give up on it. They might try again until you allow them to pursue the risk or they might even do it without your consent. If you say anything against it, they might act difficult. 

4. Their creativity can be a bit over the top

They have great creativity but it’s often extreme. So, sometimes it might not agree with the company budget or resources or the entire plan might be too unrealistic to execute.

So, they often get shot down even if they’re capable to turn around any negative situation with their plans

5. They work fast

They are energetic and enthusiastic at work as they want to finish their tasks ASAP. They can be punctual and enjoy the entire task instead of getting stressed from tight deadlines. They are also physically fast and are great to run errands. 

If you thought that was all, you’re so wrong. So, grab all the details here!

However, if you are wondering which kind of jobs are suitable for type Es, then continue reading…

Type E Personality Job Roles and Ideal Job List

Ideally, the description of the most suitable jobs for a type E are usually ones that are fast paced and need infinite creative juices. 

They can also make a huge impact in jobs that always challenges them. Some E-types also need jobs that can always allow them a mentor that guides them through the different situations.

If you want to know exactly which jobs are suitable for them, here’s a list…

1. Painting, sketching, etc or anything artistic

2. Acting, directing, or anything in the entertainment industry

3. Politics

4. Sports

5. Entrepreneurship

To know further about the job roles and list in details, check this article.

Now after knowing almost everything about type Es, are you curious how they stand out from the rest? Then just keep reading…

Type E vs Type F Personality

On one hand, E-types are pushed away by others for taking impulsive risks, everyone loves F-types for being kind. But that’s not all, so let’s compare them in depth here…

1. They both motivate others 

E-types want to support their community with opportunities to grow and become independent. They may not be powerful enough to financially help people , but they’ll certainly show them the way to achieve their goals.

F-types are also kind and considerate. They support people emotionally and show them the brighter side.

2. Both can enjoy a better life with guidance 

E-types take risks, get motivated too fast, start working on projects without plans, give up too fast, and even get addicted to bad habits fast. They need a mentor in their life to help them make better decisions.

F-types, on the other hand, don’t know how to take care of themselves. They might get hurt or scammed and even make emotional decisions. So, they also need someone to guide them through life.

3. Unlike E-types, F-types care about opinions 

Type Es get offended by people’s opinions but they never let others’ rule their life. They make the ultimate choice in their life. But type Fs are emotional beings and they can’t stand if people talk behind them or reprimand their choices. They give in to others’ demands.

4. E-types need guidance to succeed unlike F-types 

E-types need guidance to reach their goals. They often get distracted or start working without a plan, so someone must guide them to stay on the track. 

But F-types usually help others succeed in life. They selflessly support others’ goals but won’t seek help even if they need it.

5. E-types take less time for tasks compared to F-types 

Whether it’s simple calculations, finding creative plans, or just running errands, Type Es enjoy doing anything at high speed. They enjoy completing tasks earlier than usual. 

But F-types like to take time to complete tasks. They are patient which lets them focus better.

If you got hooked and want to know the entire comparison, click here. However if you wanna explore the next comparison, keep reading…

Type E vs Type G Personality

While E-types are renowned for their impulsive and risky decisions, G-types are popular for intuitive choices. That might be one of the greatest differences between these two personalities, but here’s more…

1. E-types are disliked for their lack of awareness unlike G-types 

Type Es take risks to chase rare opportunities and they have a reason behind pursuing their goals. But they aren’t certain about the chances of success. So, people can’t trust them because of their lack of awareness.

But G-types are intuitive and can read situations and others’ moods well. So, they are loved by many for their sharp intuition.

2. Type Es need mentors but Gs succeed independently

By now, you’re aware how E-types are risk-takers and impulsive. If they’re left on their own, they might ruin their life with their choices. So, they need someone to keep them in check.

G-types, however, have great intuition and precise decision making skills. They’re confident and aware, so they can grow in life independently.

3. Type Es offend others with their stubborn nature. For type Gs, it’s introversion

When E-types feel passionate about something, they don’t give up easily even if it’s something wrong. Their loved ones get offended because they stubbornly want to take risks even if others insist against it.

G-types, however, are introverted and avoid socializing. Their shut-in and quiet nature makes others believe that they are looked down on, so they feel offended.

4. Unlike Es, Gs don’t care about being opposed

When people oppose Type Es, they protest against it instead of silently ignoring others. They feel attacked and refuse to keep quiet.

But G-types ignore people’s unwanted opinions. They don’t allow others to have any power over their emotions. They never pay attention to gossip-mongrels.

5. Unlike E-types, type Gs are motivated till the end

E-types randomly get passionate about things and then their zeal fizzles down out of the blue. They can’t stay consistent about their goals, so they need a mentor to deal with their fickle character. 

But the motivation of type Gs stands strong until the end. They are so dedicated that they even ignore their daily routine to achieve their goals.

Oh wait, don’t assume that’s all there is to this comparison. There’s more and you can find it all here

Now, if you’re ready, then hit the last comparison…

Type E vs Type H Personality

You already have a rough idea about the type Es. But did you know that there were two kinds of type Hs? 

Well, that’s why let’s begin comparing the first kind of type H (healing) with Es here…

Type E vs Type H (healing) personality

1. They’re both stubborn

E-types are stubborn when it comes to their choices and passions. On the other hand, H (healing) types are stubborn about their boundaries. They also don’t change their mind despite the situation.

2. Type Es overwhelm people but type Hs are too subtle

With the fast pace working style, hasty decisions, high-demanding nature, risk-taking attitude, type Es leave everyone overwhelmed.

But H-types are extremely gentle because they don’t want to hurt others. They never react even if the other person pressures them.

3. E-types often make troubles but H-types never blame others even if they’re at fault

Type Es make lots of troubles with their impulsive nature. They get others in a pinch with their fickle-minded passion. Others have to pay for their actions by taking up their responsibilities.

H-types, on the flip side, never push others to clear their mess. They never blame others even if they made a mess and just get back to work.

Now, let’s draw a comparison against the other H-type (honesty-humility)…

Type E vs Type H (honesty-humility) personality

4. Es are passionate about success unlike Hs 

Es want to be the best and enjoy a great life. So, they always desire to progress and feel secure in life. They want power, influence, and a comfortable life for themselves and their loved ones.

But H-types are not motivated by materialistic things, so they don’t have similar goals. But this hurts their professional performance.

5. People can’t trust an E-type unlike Hs

Nobody can trust E-types due to their crazy whims for excitement. People feel better if someone always sticks to them to keep them under surveillance.

But H-types are honest, humble, and have great morals. They are also serious about their responsibilities. So, everyone can trust them blindly for anything.

If you want a detailed comparison of type Es with both H-types, don’t forget to click here!

After reading so far, do you feel you or someone close has a type E personality? Then keep scrolling…

How to Identify if you’re a Type E?

Unfortunately, there’s no detailed official personality quiz to find whether you or someone else is a type E. However, you can take this detailed quiz to find your answer. You can resume reading once you get your answers and this article will be waiting for you!

So, did you find that you’re an E-type? Wondering if this personality has anything good for you? Then continue reading here…

If you wish to discover your inner self, you can start by taking our personality tests.

What are the Pros of having a Type E Personality?

Type E might not be the most favorable personality type. But there are quite a lot of advantages to your personality. So, know about your good sides here…

1. You can tolerate a lot

When you make rash decisions, you are aware of the possible risks. This shows that you don’t mind stepping out of your comfort zone.

You have experienced a lot of hard times and most probably grew high resistance against such situations. So, you don’t mind experiencing hard times to reach your goals. 

2. You learn something worthwhile from every experience

You have immense creativity because you gather inspiration from your surroundings. You can easily gain knowledge from your surroundings and that stays with you for a long time until you can incorporate that somewhere. 

3. You can help broaden others’ horizons

When people give you unwanted opinions about your choices, you don’t keep quiet. You protest to support your passion and try to convince others with your reasons to agree with you. You can enlighten them with your ideas and understand the bigger picture.

4. You support others to succeed

Since you’re compassionate and kind, you motivate others when they feel low. You give them the push they need when they’re at the verge of giving up.

You show them the ray of hope when they give up. You want to help your community grow and flourish.

5. Opinions never put you down

Despite what people say, you never let the words get you. Instead, you are aware of your dreams and never compromise because you don’t want to regret anything later. Unlike others, you don’t care what society thinks of you and do what you want.

However, there are definitely some flaws, so let’s get to know those…

What are the Cons of having a Type E Personality?

As a human being, you’re bound to have some negative traits. So, don’t be too alarmed about the upcoming list. Instead, take a deep breath and face reality!

1. Your coworkers don’t trust you

If any task needs a direct approach, often your boss, team leader, or co-workers may not trust you with it.

Your unique plans and risk-loving nature may make the process unnecessarily longer and the company budget can’t handle it. Even if they do, you won’t be allowed to independently take on tasks.

2. Your loved ones might push you away

Since you love to take risks, it often puts your job security, finance, and life at stake. If you have loved ones that depend on you financially or ones that can’t live without you, they will eventually leave you because they feel insecure around you.

3. You may not have a good creativity outlet

You have immense creative energy, but it’s so over the top that you hardly get enough chances to use it. After suppressing your creativity for too long, you might pour it out in undesirable places. You might mess up simple tasks with suppressed creativity.

4. Others perceive you as too pushy

You want to help your community become financially strong, so you recommend job opportunities to them. However, not everyone wants a job or an income. Some want to be homemakers and your good will might seem too pushy for them.

5. People feel anxious because of you

Since you’re so impulsive, people feel scared about what impulsive decisions you may make next. They feel tired, overwhelmed, and stressed to the point that they regret even meeting you. You might often get surrounded by such negativity.

Those are, of course, not all of it and there’s even more pros and cons to know here!

But, are you scared of the different cons? Well, if you want to work on yourself, here’s what you need to know…

What to do if you’re a Type E?

If the cons of your personality type made you uncomfortable, don’t worry. You can work on yourself and get rid of these issues. All you have to do is stay dedicated towards your goal with these tips…

1. Get a better understanding about yourself

Learn about the pros and cons of Type E personality and identify which ones you experience the most. 

You may not have all of them because you’re a unique person. You might have worked on some issues or you might have not grown some issues at all. 

Once you know those, you will know exactly what to change about yourself. 

2. Understand others’ personality

No, you don’t need to know about every person’s personality type. Rather focus on the people you work closely with like your parents, partner, children, friends, coworkers, and boss.

Check all the alphabetical personalities and get a rough idea. Figure out your common grounds with them to bond better. Maintain a distance from whoever you’re completely different from.

3. Recognize others’ needs

Next, understand what others need from you. You don’t need to sacrifice your happiness but at least try to balance your needs with theirs.

Communicate your needs and discuss together to reach a common goal. Only then will fewer people leave your side.

4. Identify if your actions hurt others

When people oppose your choices, try to understand the reason behind it. Whether your actions hurt them, make them anxious or insecure, or if it threatens their situation in any way. Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand why people are so put off by your choices.

5. Focus on the pros and cons of every step

Stop working on your impulses, take a deep breath, and list out the pros and cons of the risks you want to take.

After a week, look at the list and think if the cons are truly worth taking this risk. Ask others about how they feel about it. Reach a conclusion about it with everyone else.

No, obviously this is not the end of your self-improvement journey, so grab the entire free guide here!

However, are you not the E-type? If it’s someone else, then here’s what you need for an amicable bond.

How to deal with Type E Personalities?

If you often need to coordinate with a type E person, you must be so frustrated with them. However, you can change this charade if you know a few tips to be a bit more on the same page here…

1. Recognize their strengths and weaknesses

Since society only highlights the flaws of Type E personalities, you get a bad image of them even without knowing them. So, learn about their strengths and weaknesses for the entire story. Accept that they are different and it will help you bond better. 

2. Ask them to communicate

Others misunderstand the intentions of E-types because they never express their mind. People notice the negatives of their choices because they don’t share their reasons.

So, tell them to clearly and openly share why they believe something is a good plan!

3. Don’t push their rebellious side

If you refuse their ideas or deny them a scope to give their plans a try, they become rebellious. Then it becomes harder to stop them from doing certain things. So, instead, don’t flat out reject or disrespect them and communicate your reasons to calmly talk them out of their ideas.

4. Appreciate their good parts

E-types are compassionate people, so when they try to support their community, show gratitude. They also have great creativity, so praise them and let them know that you liked their ideas.

If you don’t like some part of their idea, constructively criticize them and they’ll understand you.

5. Set healthy boundaries

Type Es may often act on their plans too hastily and put you in a tough situation. Or, they may act too pushy about supporting you in the name of community welfare. However, if you have different opinions, set the right boundaries. Don’t entertain their whims forcibly.

If you want to effectively deal with E-types, grab more tips here!

But if you need to communicate regularly with an E-type, here’s what you need to know…

How to communicate with Type E Personalities?

If you don’t communicate the right way with Type E people, you may trigger them and make them more prone to act on their whims. This will only increase your troubles. So, avoid all issues with these tips…

1. Praise them for treating all tasks the same

Most people look down on the flaws of E-types. But they never notice how dedicated they are to every task. So, take a moment to share how glad you are to have them around you. Tell them that you like how focused they are at every task. This will help them open up to you.

2. Don’t react negatively to their suggestions

Even if their ideas are quite weird and impossible, don’t show any negative reaction to them. Instead, clearly explain why it’s not suitable. Let them understand their flaws and give them a chance to correct themselves.

3. Be understanding and discuss their risks

When they wish to take risks, don’t flat out say “No” to them. Instead, schedule a conversation and tell them why the risks are unfavorable to everyone. Express that you would have supported them if only there weren’t such issues.

4. Never demotivate them 

Type Es don’t care about negative opinions and they only act more stubbornly instead. So, lead the way with positivity. Whether you’re angry or frustrated, control your tone. 

If you can’t, then take a moment for yourself, calm down and then communicate. Don’t show your disappointment to them or they won’t want to listen to you any more.

5. Listen to their side of the story

When Type E folks want to take risks, they have full faith in it. They have their reasons, so listen to them.

Instead of assuming that they don’t understand anything at all, let them share their side and pay attention to them. You might even change your mind after knowing things, so give them a chance.But hey, you’re still not prepared to communicate with type E folks. So, get ready with the entire guide on it here!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re a Type E yourself, you must be both exhilarated and anxious at the moment. After all, they are so full of creativity yet so fickle-minded!

But, if it’s about someone you know, remember, it’s super fun to be around these enthusiastic individuals full of spirit and energy. However, to match their energetic personality is a challenging task.

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