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What is Type E Personality? Definition, Traits, and more

What is Type E Personality? Definition, Traits, and more

Updated on Mar 15, 2023 | Published on Nov 09, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Type E Personality - Definition, Traits, Strength, Weaknesses, and More

Are you an enthusiastic creative worker or a passionate writer? Would you go to extremes to achieve something without giving it a second thought? Have you been used to living life on the edges?

If yes, congratulations you share common traits with type E personality.

If you want to identify your own personality type or if there is a type E personality in your family with whom you wish to develop a deeper bond, this think-piece can guide you throughout.

So, without further ado, let’s first understand…

Type E Personality Infographic

Type E Personality Meaning, & Traits
Type E Personality Meaning & Traits

What is Type E personality?

Identified by Alex Geroge, Type E Personalities are extremely energetic, passionate, and creative individuals who live their life on the edge.

The psychologist Alex George found a very easy method to recognize type E personality.

He stated that type E personalities are extremely passionate, and creative individuals. All they want is to live a happy life with no regrets and no apology.

They are far away from balance and middling scenarios. Type E personality is all about extreme actions and is always on edge.

With that, there are some distinguishing characteristics of type E personality that will help you recognize this type.

Type E Personality Traits

Like every other personality Type, Type E also has its own characteristic traits. Since Type E is very less talked about, not many people know about the characteristics.  

So, let’s find out what E-Types are made of.

1. They live life on the edge

E-type personality loves living on the edge and takes extreme actions in all situations. They do not appreciate ordinary decisions.

They keep living, loving, and playing on the edges. These people don’t care to keep a “safe” distance like others. They are either all-out or all-in!

If they support an idea or an opinion, they will leave no stone unturned to make it happen. On the other hand, if they do not appreciate an idea, they will protest against it equally strongly.

2. They are passionate

If a type E personality initiates a new project, they may not have a strong cause and wise plans to support it. They might start it out of passion.

However, no one can tell for how long the passion will prevail in the given project. The moment they lack interest in it, they will jump onto something else almost immediately!

3. They are creative

E-type personalities are passionate individuals with extraordinary skills and limitless creativity. They are always full of brilliant out-of-the-box ideas but sometimes, it’s so unique that common people fail to appreciate it.

4. They are all about speed

Type E personality cannot compromise with speed. Most of their actions are energetic, fast, and furious. This is why type E personalities become successful sportspersons.

5. They live a progressive life

The ultimate motive of an E-type is to keep progressing on the way of life and make possibilities for the world around them to progress as well. They want to make the world a better place to live in.

Type E personalities are not going to compromise their living choices for the sake of others. If they believe in a constructive Idea or plan, they are going to execute it regardless of what others think about it.

6. They need guidance

Provided E personality type is given proper guidance, they can lead a very enthusiastic, successful, and passionate life ahead.

However, these enthusiasts fail to understand their own personality type and they start taking stress that can be very harmful to their personal as well as professional life in general.

Type E Personality Strengths

  • Type Es are extremely dedicated individuals. No matter the scale of tasks, they do it all with equal vigor. 
  • They are always the first ones to suggest new ideas. 
  • They like taking risks and so when succeeded, the rewards are greater than expected. 
  • E-Types leave no stone unturned to ensure the success of a project they are working on. 
  • Due to their creative skills, they always find a way out of trouble. 
  • Type E don’t care about others’ opinions and live their life on their own terms. 
  • They also try to create opportunities for people living in the surrounding. 

Type E Personality Weaknesses

  • Type Es sometimes invite troubles to themselves due to their fondness for speed. 
  • The passion can get to their head and direct them to harmful ways. 
  • Due to their risk-taking nature, they fail to clearly fathom the pros and cons of the task at hand. 
  • They are blinded by thrill, passion, and enthusiasm
  • They lose track if left alone and guidance may not be possible at all times. 
  • Type Es are equally passionate about wrong things and find it difficult to let them go. 
  • People surrounding the Type Es fail to match the high energy they possess and thus, ultimately lose interest in communicating with them. 

Type E personality was not known until Alex Georgia, an expert coach discovered this personality type. If you want to learn about his journey in this discovery the next topic is all about it:

Alex Georgia discovered E type personality

Alex Georgia, a health coach, was once working with common types of individuals with insane curiosity, inquisitiveness, and creative minds.

When he spoke to these individuals, they were all of the similar opinions while talking about their thoughts, ideas, and ambitions.

They shared some of their deepest secrets and stories that were simply adventurous.

The highly energetic souls had common traits in their behavior, and they shared similar psychological patterns to the educationist.

He found great similarity in their outlook for success and failure, stress and happiness, excitement and depression. Hence, they were all called type E personalities.

Alex Georgia, an experienced coach of type E personality, has worked relentlessly to help Type-E individuals understand their own character, strengths, and weaknesses. This will help find the right way ahead and lead a happy and resourceful life.

Another experiment to establish type E personality

Experts have spent more than a decade with successful executives, entertainers, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, scientists and they all shared common psychology, intuition, and outlook towards the external world.

That is why they were overall put under the category of type E personality.

The researcher discovered that type E personalities have their own unique way of living. They have typical traits of psychological patterns and share common opinions too. This made the expert make a separate type E personality profile.

They were three main questions put in front of the type E personality to test their personality traits:

  1. Where do you stand on the personal passion spectrum?
  2. What is your tolerance for extremes?
  3. What is your capacity for speed and the level of your pioneering spirit?

The entire team of type E personalities gave a similar reply to all these questions. This formed the basis of them being categorized as Type E personalities.

Apart from the researchers, there are books that talk about type E personality.

Book suggestion on Type E personality

Real Estate the Rome Way, by Margaret Rome.

The book has a vivid description of type E personality. You will find the description humorous if you yourself happen to be a type E personality yourself. You may feel like you’re reading yourself in the book.

Further, this book also describes Type E personality as a visionary, which means they may show interest in a new project but by the time they are working on the execution they lose interest and shift their mind to something else.

Hence, they are hardly able to complete any tasks. They can come up with some insane ideas one after another because of their energetic personality but execution becomes a challenge for them.  

Usually, people love to be surrounded by type E personalities but staying with them for too long can become exhausting.

At first, you may find type E personality a very entertaining and exhilarating person, but after a couple of hours, it really gets uneasy to match their level of energy and spirit.

They have ever-flowing ideas and probably they can give solutions to any and all of your problems.  But most times their suggestions are impractical and impulsive.

Honestly, by the time you understand what they are actually saying, they will already be discussing another topic.

If you are curious to know what professions do type a personality take up, here you go:

What profession is taken by Type E Personality

Type E personalities are mostly going to take a profession that revolves around entertainment, entrepreneurship, sports, and anything remotely creative.

Owing to their energy and high-spirit personalities, these people best fit in professions that demand extreme actions.

They won’t settle with a balanced profession either and like to go for a profession that demands risks and adventures.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re a Type E yourself, you must be both exhilarated and anxious at the moment. After all, they are so full of creativity yet so fickle-minded!

But, if it’s about someone you know, remember, it’s super fun to be around these enthusiastic individuals full of spirit and energy. However, to match their energetic personality is a challenging task.

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