Do you wanna know about how to communicate with a type F? That’s so amazing of you because these fellows always help out others but nobody takes a second to communicate with them. People take favors from them and forget that they also have a heart.

So, if you’re here to find out about the necessary ways to communicate with an F-type and help them feel accepted and cherished, this think-piece has everything you need to know.

C’mon, let’s get to work here…

How to communicate with a type F?

While F-types are busy helping everyone in their vicinity, nobody takes a minute to think about them. Since they never want anybody to step out of their comfort zone for them, everybody thinks that’s okay. But they also need someone to talk to.

However, you might easily hurt a type F person due to their sensitivity. So, let’s know the right way here…

1. Acknowledge their efforts

People with the F personality type have the greatest heart. They try to help everyone around them. Their heart bleeds at the sight of others’ pain. They can’t handle it when anyone around them is helpless. They’re one of the first to reach out with help. However, this trait of theirs often goes unrecognized by others.

So, if you see them helping someone else or even you get support from them… acknowledge them publicly. At the very spot, say a heartfelt thank you.

Later on, share the word in a group setting where people know them. If someone else got helped, urge them to express their gratitude and share the word.

However, warn others from flocking around them for help. Make sure that nobody thinks they’re an easy target to get help from them. The type F person might feel a bit embarrassed by this announcement but insist they protect themselves from opportunists publicly. This will also keep away some pests.

2. Always show that you trust them

A type F person always tries their best. However, there are jealous people all over the world… even when someone doesn’t harm others, people still can’t leave them be. Just because they are kind and get praised for it, some people might deliberately try to harm their reputation and soil their fame.

Whether in private or professional life, they might unknowingly make some enemies.

So, even if they try their best to perform well, someone might try to frame them for some shameful or unethical actions. If you ever face such a situation, stop before you doubt a type F person.

Take a deep breath and remember everything they did to support you or your business. Tell them that you believe them, otherwise, they’ll be an emotional wreck. Once you are convinced that you’re on their side, start investigating the situation further.

3. Don’t talk negatively about their emotional judgment

Type F people depend on their emotions when they make crucial judgments. Ask them why and they’ll say something like we’re human beings and have emotions, so why don’t we use them?

However, you might disagree and believe in only rational thoughts. Even if you disagree, don’t judge them for their difference in logical thoughts. A type F person has many reasons to be a certain way.

Probably, they’re this way because they unfairly judged someone by being too logical… or, they witnessed an innocent person getting punished unfairly because nobody considered the emotions,

So, don’t demean their thinking process, as that demotivates them and might hamper your communication further. They might shut you out and ignore you completely.

Never disrespect their thinking style, otherwise, they’ll seriously be offended and leave you no scope to communicate about the matter.

4. Instead, express your concerns calmly

Though you mustn’t judge their emotional ways, you mustn’t keep mum if their actions threaten your organization, household, finances, or lifestyle. If it harms you or others, there’s no reason to keep still. But that doesn’t give you a free pass to yell sensible stuff at them.

So, before you communicate with them, calm yourself. Avoid using any harsh words or accusatory tone. Otherwise, you’ll hurt them unknowingly and they won’t be open to understanding your standpoint.

If you get angry in between the conversation, take a break for a few minutes and resume it. Don’t force your decisions on them. Let them decide on their own after they understand it.

This will also show that you trust their judgment and don’t look down on them just because you guys don’t share the same view. This will wrap the conversation calmly.

5. Support them when they’re low

When a type F person feels bad, nobody notices them. Everyone loves to get help from them, but that’s all. Others hardly notice it when they feel low. This only makes them feel worse about themselves.

They wonder whether it’s a good idea to help others or if nobody cares about them in the entire world. They often feel void because nobody supports them on their darkest days. They feel used and taken advantage of.

This only makes them feel worse about themselves with time. They might even feel that they don’t deserve help and continue this way.

So, reach out to them whenever your instincts say something is off. If they express their worries, that’s great. But if your guts say that they’re in trouble, don’t ignore them. Don’t force them to express their worries, but continue checking in on them from time to time. They’ll eventually open up and resolve their worries.

6. Be candid about your emotions and insist they do the same

Often, people don’t express their true nature to type F individuals. Everyone pretends to be a saint to continuously get their support and kindness. However, those very people might even backstab the type F person.

F-types worry that others might judge them or feel burdened if they show their true emotions. So, they avoid expressing their true selves to others.

They unknowingly suppress their emotions because they worry about people’s opinions and don’t wish to offend others. Help them get over this habit!

Be as open and expressive as you can around them and ask them to open up too. If they refuse, then be a bit reserved around them. They’ll feel bad and eventually agree to be as open to you. They’ll know that they can trust you because you got affected by their lack of expressions. This will later help you communicate better.

7. Always ask favors, don’t assume they can do it

So, you want some help and have a type F person around you. You can waltz to them and ask them to help you and they’ll be right beside you. However, it’s wrong to assume that they can and will help you every time.

Well, whether you’re a loved one or someone in their professional life, don’t assume they can always take care of these favors. Of course, if it’s a basic duty, they’ll tend to it even before you say so.

But if it’s something that doesn’t fall in their job description or regular chores, ask them nicely. If you demand it, they WILL do it… but they won’t feel that connection with you. They might even push you away eventually for not understanding their situation… after all, they feel used.

On the other hand, a request makes them feel cherished and helps you communicate better.

8. Never lie to them

Type Fs believe there’s good in everyone and hardly hesitate when it comes to trusting others. However, most people can’t value this trust… on the other hand, F-types are often called foolish or delusional for trusting others easily.

And the moment someone takes advantage of them, they feel they’re truly dumb. They hate how others are right and nobody can respect their faith in humanity.

If you want to build an amicable relationship with a type F person, then never lie to them. Don’t break their trust and try to show them that they’re not wrong to trust others.

Don’t deceive them knowingly and be as transparent as you can with them. This will give them the courage to continue trusting you. They can also communicate with you about things better with trust in the equation.

9. Discuss their passions

Another great way to communicate with a type F person is to talk about things they pour their heart into. If you’re a coworker, discuss their projects. If you’re someone in their private life, you can talk about their romantic life or someone else they truly care about.

Often, people don’t understand that type Fs are quite sensitive about the things or people they’re passionate about. They feel more comfortable sharing their views when the other person shows interest in their liked subjects.

Though this doesn’t impact the conversation directly, it shows that you care about their interests. It gets the type F person excited and more open to communicating with you. In a nutshell, discussing their passions can ignite clear and honest communications later.

10. Use their language of love if you’re a loved one

A type F person never asks others to pay back their kindness. If you’re someone in their personal life,  figure out their love language and pay them back in the way they like.

This isn’t particularly a way to verbally communicate. But it’ll convey your feelings to the F-type loved one. They’ll know exactly how cherished they are and feel more confident about your connection. Of course, they’ll be more open to sharing their thoughts with you as well.

However, if you’re someone in their professional life and you want to pay them back, wait for the right moment. At some point, they’ll also need a helping hand, so do your best to support them then. Don’t try to give them gifts or compliment them out of the blue as it might give away the wrong signal.

11. Even if you’re disappointed, don’t raise your voice

Whenever you verbally communicate with a type F person, be soft and kind with your words. F-types are extremely sensitive and they get hurt by suddenly elevated voices or harsh tones. If you’re an intimate loved one, they might start crying… if not, they might feel humiliated and demoralized.

This will also affect their performance and function in daily life as they’re emotional beings. So, even if you’re disappointed, control yourself, your tone, your expressions, and your voice. Keep these in mind and you can softly convey even if you’re disappointed without startling a type F person.

They also won’t get emotionally overwhelmed and be open to understanding your point of view if you follow this point. This way, you’ll save time by not sending them through an emotional rollercoaster.

12. Advise them on how to deal with their wrongdoers

F-types always wish the best for everyone else. Even if someone hurts them, they don’t hold any grudges against them. That’s great for their emotional health. However, it’s never easy to get over one’s wrongdoers and the things they sent them through.

F-types usually forgive them because they feel that’s the right thing to do. They believe the offender will learn their lessons and won’t get in their way. However, that hardly happens… and they just scheme even more.

So, when your type F acquaintance experiences such a situation, guide them to choose the right path. If you also believe the offender can change, advise the F-type to give them only one chance… no more than that.

If you feel they’re not worth it, express your concerns and tell them how to deal with them. Let them think over it… and don’t force them to follow your suggestion. If they don’t take your advice and regret it, they’ll only value your opinions better and communicate more freely as you’ll be a recognized well-wisher.

13. Tell them they matter and act on it

Type Fs generally ignore their happiness for others. They prioritize others’ peace over their own. So, when they act similarly to you, tell them that they also matter.

Suppose, you sought help from a type F coworker and they helped you without hesitation… however, they got themselves in trouble because of that. In this situation, help them out of the problem.

Don’t forget you’re also responsible for their problem. If they get disciplined for going out of their way for you, plead guilty and confess that you sought them first. If they’re on the verge of missing their deadline, share their workload.

But if you’re someone in their personal life, then surprise them by helping them with some chore or anything else they need help with. If they get in a tight situation, use your resources to support them. Tell them that you won’t let them suffer alone.

14. Don’t call them weak even jokingly

Since F-types get emotional easily, people often make fun of them. As mentioned before, they’re prone to crying from bitter words and even letting things hamper the flow of their life. They’re too expressive when they feel embarrassed or scared.

Some people don’t take this transparency well and use that to humiliate them further. This is the all-time insecurity of a type F person. So, never call them a crybaby even if you mean no harm to them. You never know what kind of memories you might trigger.

Even if someone else uses similar terminology, stop them. Otherwise, the type F person might feel judged and shut themselves down completely.

Be especially careful if you have children around. Kids repeat what others say mindlessly, so don’t use such words yourself or let others say them in front of them. Otherwise, words will go out and lead to a great communication gap.

15. Maintain proper body language and facial expression

In your communication skills, your body language and facial expression play a major role with a type F person. They’re quite perceptive about subtle hints.

So, if your body and face don’t agree with your words and actions, they might not be convinced. They might even assume that you only want to be nice to them out of obligation and don’t mean it.

If you use closed body language like crossed limbs, face your body away from them, scroll through your devices, avoid making eye contact, or don’t give the occasional nod, they might feel that they’re intruding on your time. Even if they want to talk, they’ll postpone it for later.

On the other hand, if you give them a bored, indifferent, hurried, or distracted facial expression, they’ll not even try to talk about themselves and get busy solving your worries. So, be conscious about how you talk with your body.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Even though type F people only ever want the best for others, most people ignore them. As a result, you never learn the ways to convey your thoughts to a type F person. So, you use the same way as you talk with anyone else, and they get hurt by your mindless jokes.

Since they often get hurt by others, they don’t even try to communicate with others. So, it’s time you showed them that you’re their safe space and you won’t hurt them. Prepare yourself to communicate fluently with them, and they’ll be so grateful to have a friend that understands them!

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