Type F personality is all about ‘feelings’. Their life revolves around their emotions and what they feel inside rather than having logical or rational thoughts in their mind.

F type personalities swear by the well-being of others, social service, selfless works, and goodness.

These people have to-die-for personalities and they share a lot of goodness and positivity wherever they live.

If you want to learn more about this “emotional” category of personality, you’re at the right place. Let’s dig in!

Type F Personality Infographic

Type F Personality Meaning & Traits
Type F Personality Meaning & Traits

What is the Type F Personality?

F type personalities depend upon how they feel about a certain subject. They are emotional people who don’t care much about the rationality and practicality of the world.

In short, F type personalities think less and feel more.

However, it does not imply that these people don’t use logic. It’s just that they have a different logic altogether. You can understand them better if you dig deeper into their behavior patterns here

But another way to study this personality type is by knowing their traits. You can read more about that here…

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Type F Personality Traits

To be able to understand F type personalities, it is extremely important that you know about their characteristic traits.

1. They feel more and think less

As stated earlier, F type personality uses their brain in making a decision, but not much. They mostly depend on their feelings to decide upon a particular matter.

If they feel good about something, they consider it right. On the other hand, if they feel bad about something they would simply not support it.

2. They rely on their heart

F type personalities do not depend on the logical comparison, rational thinking, and scientific facts to live their life. They follow what their heart says.

They can never ignore what their heart directs them to do. Thus, they have deep feelings of love, care, and trust.

In fact, this is one of the major reasons why the F type personalities are so pure from within. They keep themselves far away from malicious intent and negative thoughts.

3. Their emotions matter

You cannot expect an F type personality to ignore some situations if they are too invested in it.

Emotional health, mental clarity, emotional satisfaction, peace, harmony, and positivity is all that an F type personality seeks.

4. They are extra sensitive

F type personalities are very sensitive. Even little favors from you can make them extremely happy but they also get equally disappointed in small arguments.  

They can cry the moment you hurt them. It is always important to be careful about their feelings and have a good choice of words while interacting with F type personalities. You don’t want to hurt these innocent souls.

Especially when you know that F type personalities are generous, kind, helpful, and selfless – why would you want to hurt them at all?

5. They believe in selfless service

F type personalities are excessively bothered about others. If they love someone, they would go all the way out and do whatever they can for the person.

To see others failing would depress them. Sacrificing their own needs for the benefit of others provides a sense of satisfaction and mental peace to F type personalities. They can go to any extent to make a person feel happy.

Another thing that makes F type personalities selfless personality is that they do not run after materialistic pleasures.

You can call it a strength because these people are the least greedy among all the other personality types.

6. They ensure the well-being of others

F type personalities ensure the well-being of everyone around them. They would wish all the best even to their enemies. These people hardly think of doing wrong to someone.

Their morality and honesty are worth being glorified. F type personalities take care of the feelings of people around them too.

7. They can be trusted

While trusting someone or not is a completely personal choice, but in general F type personalities are trustworthy people. Their honesty, humility, ethics, and emotional behavior make them so pure that they rarely turn out to be cheaters.

They are not just true to their own feelings, but they make sure that they do not hurt others’ feelings as well.

Pure souls! The divine personality is all about extreme goodness.

8. They don’t let others get hurt

Since F-types are emotional, they believe others are the same. So, they are careful with their words and actions so others don’t get hurt. They don’t wish to attack anyone’s insecurities. They treat others with respect and compassion to make them comfortable.

9. They devote themselves entirely to their interests

When type Fs get passionate about a thing or person, they devote themselves completely to that/them. 

For instance, they don’t leave any stone unturned to woo their crush. Or, if they give a word to marry someone, they make sure to stay married and in love until the end. 

If they get passionate about a task, they make sure that they do everything perfectly.

10. They get manipulated easily

Since F-types are sensitive and emotional towards themselves and others, they always give their best to support others. But they often forget to check the other person’s intentions. So, they might get manipulated and taken advantage of.

But don’t think that was all. You can know more about such Type F personality traits in detail here

However, if you want to know about what’s good about this personality type, let’s keep rolling…

Type F Personality Strengths 

Type F personality might seem weak because of their emotional responses and decisions. However, this personality also makes people strong. So, let’s see how…

1. They only have pure intentions

Individuals with F personality type only ever desire the best for others. They can’t even try to have ill intentions towards others even when they get bullied. 

Negative emotions can’t impact their pure and clean mind. Their positivity makes others believe in dealing with bad things with a pure heart.

2. They don’t have any expectations from others

Type Fs have zero expectations from anyone at all. Their happiness and satisfaction don’t depend on the give and take policy of the world. They only desire unconditional love and support from others to feel fulfilled. Especially, they don’t have materialistic needs. 

3. They’re kind and warm

Everyone loves a type F individual because they are kind, warm, compassionate, and caring. People want them by their side during tough situations. 

Type Fs always have others’ welfare in their mind and never ignore a troubled person. Their heart goes out for the needy and they inspire others to be the same. 

4. They can follow their heart’s desire

Some people don’t trust their heart’s desires and even doubt themselves. But when an F-type’s heart sends them signals, they don’t overlook it.

Of course, they also abide by logical reasons, but they understand that they must also use their emotions to make humane choices. 

5. You can trust them with your life

It’s completely on you whether you’ll trust someone or not. But type F people are trustworthy because they are cautious and don’t want to hurt others. They always try their best to keep their words and protect people’s faith in them.

However, there are obviously some issues with this personality and let’s know those here…

Type F Personality Weaknesses 

Due to their emotional nature, F-types also have a few weaknesses. So, if you know an F-type, you must be aware of these to support them when needed…

1. They get hurt too easily

They are so emotional that the slightest issues can hurt them. Whether someone speaks with a loud and harsh tone, they feel agitated, hurt, and even cry. They often get called crybabies for getting emotional at the drop of a hat. 

2. They give away too much

Type F individuals are known for giving more than taking. They invest emotions, effort, resources, and time on others but don’t expect anything in return. 

Since they never demand anything, they’re often on the losing side. They feel exhausted and used just because they won’t demand what they deserve.

3. They often get deceived

F-types can’t just stand by when others are in trouble. They help others even if that means sacrificing their own interests. 

But everyone isn’t worth so much effort and some people might just pretend to be in trouble to take advantage of them. So, even if someone lies to them about their situation, they can’t even tell.

4. Emotional choices don’t always lead to the best 

During every decision-making, they always depend on their feelings more. They think less and focus excessively on the emotional aspect. But this approach is not useful in most life situations like work or legal affairs. Emotional decisions only put them on the losing side. 

5. They often get emotionally attached to unnecessary people

F-types depend a lot on their emotions in every walk of life. So, they also get emotionally attached to people even if they’re not close to them.

This makes them vulnerable to getting hurt by people in their close and not-so-close relationships. Well, those weren’t the only strengths and weaknesses of type Fs, so you can look up more here!

However, if you are confused among the F and T Types, and would like to know how to recognize an F type (Feeling type) personality from T type personality (Thinking type)… let’s help you do that.

How to distinguish an F type personality from a T type personality?

T type personalities are thinkers who invest a lot of brain energy for a given condition. On the other hand, F type personalities invest emotions.

That is why the T type personalities are called thinkers and F type personalities, feeling-oriented or feel”ers” (if that’s a word!).

T type personality tends to believe in rational proofs and scientific theories. However, an F type personality would rather go for what their heart believes to be right.

In general, T type personalities would not sacrifice their requirements for the benefit of others. Or in other words, a T type personality will not bear the loss for someone else’s benefit except a few exceptions of course.

But F type personalities are so emotional that they can sacrifice a lot for others. This might be a boon for their friends and families, but this is also a reason why the F-types find themselves in trouble at times.

Their habit of selfless sacrifices often results in emotional disappointment from the ones who take advantage of them. They face betrayals and materialistic losses.

After knowing that, if you want to know what truly puts off a type F person, then keep scrolling…

Type F Personality Fears and Dislikes

Type F people may not share that they fear or dislike anything especially to not get others worried. They are used to suppressing their emotions and thoughts. But why must they suffer alone? Know what triggers them and help them feel better…

1. People’s troubles

People with this personality type are so kind that they can’t stand it when others get in trouble. It doesn’t matter if the other person is a loved one or just an acquaintance. They want to help them out of their misery at any cost. Otherwise, they can’t calm down themselves. 

2. Negative opinions

F-types are sensitive to others’ feelings towards them. So, if anyone has poor opinions about them or says anything mean to their face, they feel low. 

They feel worried about ways to make others change their mind and have better opinions of them. They blame themselves for others’ opinions and immerse themselves in self-criticism.

3. Misjudgment due to logic only

F-types incorporate a lot of emotions in every judgment and choice. They believe that human beings have been blessed with emotional intelligence so they must use it. If they only follow logical reasoning, they might overlook simple parts of life and misjudge people. They’re afraid of hurting others with logic.

4. Losing peace

Type F folks enjoy being emotionally stable, happy, and joyful and they prioritize these a lot. They fear losing these aspects of their or others’ life.

If that happens, they feel stressed and overwhelmed. They try everything to return peace in their life, but it impacts their emotional health.

5. Materialism

If you give F-types anything expensive as a gift, it won’t help you win their heart. Of course, if it’s something they wanted or needed, that’s a different story. But otherwise, they’ll assume that you only used your money and not your emotions to make them happy. 

But that’s not all, so grab all the type F fears and dislikes here to understand them better!

However, if you want to know what cheers them up, here’s what you need to know…

Type F Personality Motivators

F-types are always immersed in helping others, but hardly anyone tries to fix their mood. After all, they have zero demands from others. But with this list, you can make a difference in their life…

1. Emotional satisfaction

Emotional and mental health are of utmost importance to a type F individual. So, they won’t give up on anything that brings them emotional satisfaction, joy, or happiness. They want to prioritize things or chase dreams that make them feel content. If they can, that motivates them to work harder.

2. People’s happiness

For F-types, others’ happiness matters a lot to them. They feel low when others face setbacks and troubles.

If they can make others happy, support or motivate them, they feel great about themselves. This makes them feel accomplished  and also gives them peace of mind.

3. Acknowledgment 

Type F people never demand anything in exchange for their kind gestures and support. However, they often feel used and exhausted after giving so much from their side. So, if people acknowledge their effort and let them feel heard, it can help them feel better about themselves. 

4. People that won’t try to use them

Often, people take advantage of type F individuals. This is because they don’t think much about whether the other person truly needs their help or they’re faking. They hate feeling they poured their emotions and effort on the wrong person. 

However, when someone doesn’t use them and only seeks what they need, the type F individual’s faith in humanity gets restored.

5. Little appreciative actions

Type F people never demand materialistic things to be happy. Instead, if it’s their special day, they’d be more happy to receive a handwritten letter.

If you can’t do without gifts, they desire things that they actually need and not something fancy like jewelry or clothes. This shows them that people actually care for them. 

Of course, that wasn’t all and you can motivate a type F individual in many more ways and it’s all listed here.

With all that said and done, are you curious about the private life of type Fs? If yes, then let’s know more here…

Type F Personality Relationships

A type F person leads their life based a lot on their emotions. So, you probably guessed that their personal relationships are fulfilling because they treat others gently. But whether that’s true or not, let’s get down to it here…

1. Everyone receives support from them

SInce F-types are so kind and caring, they can’t stay calm when anyone is in trouble. They immediately rush to others when they need backup.

Even if they face consequences for helping others, they won’t be demoralized. They are ready to help everyone whether it’s a loved one or a stranger.

2. People don’t feel forced to pay them back in any way

Most people help others selectively, i.e., they support those that can support them back. However, a type F never demands anything in exchange for their help. Rather, they just expect people to help someone else out with kindness. Nobody feels like they owe anything to them.

3. The faintest form of affection wins their heart

F-type folks never expect or demand anything from others. But when someone shows a slight hint of kindness, they are beyond happy. They are extremely sensitive to emotions, so a little love sends them over the moon. However, for this habit, they don’t get as much as they deserve.

4. You can trust them

The type F personalities are extremely sensitive and they take others’ emotions pretty seriously. They never want to hurt others, so they obviously won’t do anything that can violate others’ faith in them. Everyone can trust them because they know how they cherish others and their bonds with them. 

5. They’re often mistreated 

If anyone shares poor opinions about a type F, they don’t feel any grudge against others. Instead, they criticize themselves for not treating others well. They might even get forced to go along with others’ demands to satisfy them and get treated like a pushover.

There are more such details about a type F person’s relationship along with the comparison with other personality types based on private relationships. So, if you’re interested, check that here!

However, are you curious about their professional life? Then just hop on to the…

Type F Personality at Work

Even at work, type F people depend on their emotions instead of thinking rationally. So, it’s not wise to depend on them for major decisions. However, there’s much more about their professional performance, so let’s know those…

1. They are always calm with others

Even if a type F employee competes with their coworkers, they won’t let negative emotions blind them. Even if a coworker bullies them, they’ll never think of taking revenge to get even. They can always think through every situation calmly.

2. They always do honest business

F-types believe in doing ethical business until the end. Even if their business partner is unassuming, they don’t want to take advantage of them.

When they make deals with partners or employees, they don’t try to cheat them and always follow the rules. They never use others for their personal benefits.

3. They support their employees/coworkers 

If you have excess responsibility and a tight deadline, a type F coworker will suggest sharing the load with you. Or, if you have some personal emergency, your type F employer will delegate your tasks to others to ask you to come back only after you take care of your issue. 

Even in their professional life, they lead the path with kindness and zero expectations.

4. Type F leaders are not judgmental

When their team members don’t perform their best, a type F leader doesn’t judge them. They understand if anything is off in their life. 

They give chances when others are mentally more put together and are ready to prove their talents. Instead, they try to understand their subordinates which encourages them to come clean.

5. They aren’t the best decision makers

Type Fs aka the feelers are way too dependent on their emotions. Even during important decisions, they don’t prioritize logical and rational thoughts.

This may help mediate disputes but it’s a total hindrance for major decisions. They may make wrong decisions and even regret later on.

If you share a professional platform with a type F, check this article for more details on them. However, if you’re curious about which job suits them the most, let’s have a look here…

Type F Personality Job Roles and Ideal Job List

F-type people are usually more suitable for jobs that need them to care for others, offer to solve others’ problems, and where they can use their emotions. However, those jobs must not need too much logical thinking or confrontation as F-types are bad at those. So, some of the suitable jobs are… 

1. Doctor

2. Nutritionist

3. Pediatrician

4. Musician

5. Artist

6. Social worker

7. Set designer

8. Teacher

9. Writer

10. Photographer

However, those aren’t the end of the list, so if you didn’t yet find the correct fit, don’t worry. You can find many more suitable job lists and roles here!

Now do you want to know how F-personality types are different from others? Then let’s keep rolling…

Type F vs Type E Personality 

While Type Fs are famous for being kind-hearted and compassionate, type Es are popular for being impulsive and taking risks without much thought.  C’mon, let’s dig deeper into the comparison here…

1. Both of them are great motivators

Type Fs encourage others to work better and support them emotionally. If possible, they also extend a helping hand. They can’t silently watch others suffer.

On the other hand, Type Es always share any opportunities for success to others. They are passionate about helping their community grow alongside them. They don’t want to monopolize rare opportunities.

2. Both might face workplace discrimination

F-types can be easily manipulated and even treated like a pushover. They’re so sensitive that they can’t deal with difficult people. So, they are usually not given the power to make final decisions. 

On the other hand, E-types are also not given much power because they’re crazy about risks, working at high speed, and over the top creativity. All those make them a bad choice for less reliable.

3. Everyone trusts type Fs but type Es aren’t trusted 

F-types are extremely caring and they never even think of doing anything that might hurt others. They usually think hard about the consequences of their actions to protect others. 

So, everyone trusts them a lot. But people can’t trust E-types for they take chances without thinking about others’ security.

4. People enjoy being with type Fs compared to type Es 

Type Fs are caring, compassionate, and put others before themselves. So, everyone feels more attracted to their sensibility. They know that they’ll get help whenever they need it, so everyone wants to befriend them.

E-types, on the flip side, desire to live life on the edge. Their risk-taking nature makes others uncomfortable, so most people try to keep their distance from them.

5. Type Fs are sentimental unlike E-types 

Type Fs care a lot about others’ opinions about them. If someone spreads rumors about them, they criticize themselves for somehow hurting them. They even think hard about making up with them.

But Type Es don’t get emotional about others’ opinions. They wish to lead their life their way instead. Unlike Fs, they protest against opinionated people.

If you want to know about the complete comparison between type Es and Fs, check this article. But if you want to explore the next comparison, here’s what you need…

Type F vs Type G Personality 

While F-types are driven by emotions, G-types are the complete opposite as they’re geeky and intelligent. Most assume that these two types have nothing in common. So, let’s dive into it here…

1. Type Fs depend on their feelings while it’s the intuition for Gs

F-types depend on their emotions for every step of their life. Instead of making logical and practical choices, they let their emotions charge even in serious situations. 

G-types depend on their intuition for important decisions. They perceive all the incidents in their surroundings calmly and use their sensibility and intelligence to decide for the best.

2. Type Fs forget to take care of their emotions unlike G-types

Type Fs preach others to prioritize their emotions. But they forget to prioritize themselves while they take care of others. Eventually, they disrupt their happiness.

But Type Gs, however, are focused on their emotional and mental health. Their intuition works the sharpest when they have a peaceful inner mind and they won’t compromise with that whatsoever.

3. Unlike type Fs, Gs aren’t sensitive to opinions

Type Fs are so sensitive that they can feel loved with the slightest caring gesture or feel hated just by a loud voice. But G-types don’t care even if people say anything against them. They have faith in themselves and never let others’ opinions waver them.

4. F-types are poor decision makers unlike G-types

During a dilemma or a chaotic situation, type Fs still take emotional decisions. Of course, they mostly make wrong choices when they depend on their emotions. 

Type Gs, however, believe in making informed and calculated decisions. They never let emotions play with sensitive situations lest they regret their choices. 

5. Type Fs accept others equally while G-types are selective

F-types never judge others and want to befriend everyone. They are open-minded and never push others away even if they get hurt by others. 

G-types lead a minimalist life, so they don’t like to share a space with wasteful or disorganized people. 

There are many more differences between these and even a few similarities. So, don’t forget to grab them here!

Now that you’re done with this comparison, let’s head to the next one…

Type F vs Type H Personality 

First of all, know that there are two types of H personalities. And you’ll know about comparison with the H (healing) type first. Both Fs and H (healing) types are both compassionate. But unlike Fs, H (healing) aren’t oversensitive. C’mon, let’s know more here…

Type F vs Type H (healing) personality

1. Neither expect anything from others

F-types are content with others’ happiness. After helping others, they don’t expect anything in return from them. Type H (healing) people also don’t have any expectations from others. This is because they depend on themselves to fulfill their needs. 

2. F-types might have regrets but H-types prepare to avoid regrets 

Since type Fs make emotional decisions, they are prone to make mistakes and regret later. But this type H researches a lot before major decisions. They make sure that they have no regrets about their choices and have greater chances to win in life.

3. Fs are people pleasers while Hs have strict boundaries 

Type Fs feel worried about hurting others. If people speak ill behind their backs, they blame themselves and try to make them feel better. They always try to please others and help others by putting themselves down.

Type H (healing) people are strict about their boundaries. They never compromise even if others feel hurt or want to negotiate with them.

Now let’s move on to the other H-type comparison. This one is based on the HEXACO model. So, let’s dive into it…

Type F vs Type H (honesty-humility) personality

4. Both are pure-hearted people 

F-types can never even entertain the thoughts of hurting others. Rather, they are always worried that they hurt others mistakenly. They only have pure intentions for others.

On the other hand, H-type personalities are humble and honest. They have high morals, so they are always compassionate, understanding, and loyal to worthy people. 

5. F-types can’t hurt others, H-types are strict with offenders

Even if the other person offends type F people, they never seek revenge. They are calm and collected, forgive others, and want to make friends with everyone.

H-types also never entertain thoughts of revenge. Their high morals won’t ever allow them to do anything like that. However, they judge people with low morals. They feel hostile towards them.

If you want to explore both these comparisons a bit more, don’t forget to check this article.

After reading so far, do you feel you or someone around is a type F? Then let’s discuss a bit here…

How to identify you’re a Type F?

There’s no official personality test to verify if you’re a type F person. However, you can take a short close-ended quiz to reach your answers. It’s advisable to take the quiz and then continue reading further.

So, go take the test in another tab and resume once you’re done…

…are you back? Did you find that you’re a type F? You’re probably wondering if there’s any point in having this personality at all, keep reading here…

If you wish to discover your inner self, you can start by taking our personality tests.

What are the Pros of having a Type F Personality?

Though the type F personality is looked down upon for being so emotional, don’t be disheartened. There are some cool parts of your personality as well. So, learn to embrace it with these amazing parts in you…

1. You always do everything passionately 

Whenever you pick a task, you put all your heart into it. You don’t work on it just because you don’t have other options or you’ll gain from it. It’s always because you want to do everything perfectly. You don’t take your responsibilities lightly like others.

2. You never need to lie 

You have great ethics, so you never feel the urge to lie or hurt others. Unless you’re not left with any other option, you never deceive others. Especially, you don’t want to use deception for personal gains. Instead, you might even choose to put yourself at a disadvantage. 

3. You can protect people’s emotions

Due to your personality, you can protect others’ emotions pretty well. You can keep your loved ones happy because you prioritize others’ emotional stability.

You go to great lengths for others and the deserving people value you for your actions. They feel grateful for having you around.

4. You don’t need much to feel loved

Since you are pretty sensitive, you feel loved by the smallest gestures. You are not materialistic or demanding and you can notice the slightest signs of love.

You can cherish all precious bonds in your life as it doesn’t matter whether the other person has money or not.

5. You give selflessly

In this world full of opportunists, you help others without seeking gains. So, everyone can share their thoughts and seek help from you without feeling judged. People of all status and background can befriend you for your open mind. You make all kinds of friends beyond the barriers of social class.

However, there are also some concerning issues about your personality. So, learn those here…

What are the Cons of having a Type F Personality?

Like all personality types, yours is also bound to have good and bad sides. So, don’t dive into the pit of self-criticism. Calm down and know about the possible problems here..

1. Opinions always impact you 

Due to your sensitive personality, you always get hurt when others hold negative opinions about you. You give too much power to people over your life. 

Since you’re scared of offending people, you don’t even lead your life freely. You feel guilty and blame yourself for hurting others when they aren’t friendly with you.

2. You don’t take care of your emotional health

You give great importance to the emotional and mental health of others and not yours. This is because while caring for others, you forget to pay attention to yourself. The incessant self-neglect deprives you of basic joy and harmony. You feel used, exhausted, and manipulated while taking care of others.

3. You ALWAYS let go of your offenders 

If anyone hurts you in any way, you can’t help but let them go. You don’t make your offenders pay for their sins because you don’t believe in vengeance. Instead you let karma takeover, but meanwhile they get more opportunities to hurt you! 

4. You get hurt frequently

To help others, you often put yourself in tight situations. For others’ joy, you take the harm on yourself. You don’t even regret being this way and believe that this is the right thing to do. However, you eventually lose confidence in yourself due to your bad experiences.

5. People don’t treat you good enough because of you

Due to your oversensitivity, you feel extremely happy from others’ slightest good gesture. You also never demand anything from others in exchange for your goodwill. So, people believe that that’s all that you need to be happy and don’t try harder to give you what you’re worth.

But don’t jump to conclusions just yet because there are many more pros and cons of your personality waiting just for you here!

However, if you’re stressed from the cons, don’t worry. Read on to solve your problems…

What to do if you’re a Type F?

If you’re a type F person, your well wishers might often criticize you for not caring enough for yourself. Of course, that’s because of the serious issues. So, focus on improving yourself with these tips…

1. Set your priorities straight

You create priorities based on emotions. But this way, you often put yourself last. Even if you say that you’re happy with this, you’ll eventually get exhausted. Stop sacrificing yourself for others and make up your mind. Learn to put yourself first in important situations.

2. Improve the personality pros 

Go through the list of pros and cons of being a type F and check which pros you have. Yes, you may not have them all because you’re unique.

Learn to maintain the existing pros without overdoing them. Otherwise, they might turn into cons. Next, try to cultivate the pros you don’t have.

3. Dim the personality cons

Next check which cons you face and try to figure out a way to solve them. If you can’t, seek someone you trust and let them suggest a few ways. Once you work on these cons and get under control, they’ll eventually turn into your pros because your pros and cons are pretty much connected. 

4. Try to judge others’ intentions correctly

You trust others too easily as you believe everyone is as pure-hearted as you. However, the real world is far from perfect, so instead try to identify others’ intentions.

Stop assuming that someone is genuine from the beginning. Try to understand if they want to use you for their own benefit.

5. Learn to make better decisions

Your decisions are often based on your emotions, so you’re prone to making mistakes. So, if you want to improve your life, it’s time to focus on logic as well. Don’t let your emotions do all the talking. 

Take time to think really carefully about everything and choose the right thing. Or, you can even take the help of trustworthy people.

For more such tips, check out this article. However, if you’re not the type F person but it’s someone else, then here’s something you need to know…

How to deal with Type F personalities?

If you share a space with a type F person and want to help them, you might hate how they never prioritize themselves. You might get tired of how they work on things. But here’s a guide to handle them even better…

1. Know about their good and bad parts

Before you try to deal with an F-type, identify their good and bad sides. Appreciate their good parts and be aware of their bad ones.

You will be more prepared to manage them if you know their personality better. Try to fine-tune their strengths and weaknesses to improve their life.

2. Stop them from involving themselves in others’ matters excessively

They often run to help others and save them from troubles. But they put themselves in a sticky situation this way. They often forget to take care of themselves and their duties. 

So, when you notice they have important things to do, ask them to finish their duties first. If they feel energetic even after that, they can help others only if it’s urgent.

3. Help them fortify good boundaries

F-types have weak or no boundaries, so people often treat them like pushovers. Everyone feels entitled to get help from them and exploit their goodwill.

So, show them how others take advantage of them and support them to set healthy boundaries. But don’t expect them to understand everything and change overnight.

4. Show them that opinions don’t matter

They care a lot about what people think of them. You can’t ask them to stop caring and change the situation. So, set examples on how you don’t care about people’s unwanted opinions. 

Let them observe and learn from your habits. Whenever they act like pushovers, help them snap out of it and show the truth.

5. Protect them from manipulators

Type Fs try their best to help others. But when they refuse (especially if the other person is manipulative), they’re blamed for being selfish. So, if you ever notice such a situation, then save them from being blackmailed emotionally. Or, don’t let others insult them for better boundaries.

If you want to know more such tips, don’t forget to check this guide. But if you are pretty close to the F-type, then you must also learn to communicate with them here…

How to communicate with a Type F?

If you’re not careful enough, you might hurt a type F person even without meaning any harm. Obviously, this can turn your relationship bitter eventually. So, learn to communicate effectively with them here…

1. Appreciate their efforts

Type F individuals always put lots of effort into helping others. However, they don’t demand anything and nobody even appreciates them. So, be the change and acknowledge their good deeds. Thank them in front of everyone for helping you or someone else. 

Let others know their true worth by sharing more about their supportive actions. Tell others to show appreciation in any possible way and not take advantage of them. Moreover, warn the type F person about opportunists. 

2. Show that you believe in them

Since F-types are so helpful, they’re loved by a lot of people. Some jealous people might try to put them down and soil their reputation. In such situations, don’t doubt them. 

Reassess how much you know this person and what version of them you always saw. Verbally let them know that you believe them and when they believe you, ask for further information.

3. Never look down on their emotional choices

Their emotional decisions are the very reason behind their downfall. But make sure you don’t lose your calm, look down on them, or reprimand them for being this way. Don’t demean their ways or disrespect them. Otherwise, they’ll feel so hurt that they won’t listen to you at all. 

4. Convey your worries in a calm tone

Take a deep breath and calm yourself. Then let them know why their decisions are wrong or might harm them or others. If their choices can potentially hurt you or others, explain that slowly without blaming them. Clearly share the pros and cons of their choices and ask them what they think about it.

5. Motivate them during low times

When type Fs feel low, people hardly notice it because they don’t demand any kind of support. Even if people that got help from them notice it, they don’t pay attention because why bother?  So, talk to them if you feel something is off. Let them know that you’re there.

More such tips for clear communication with a type F is available here, so don’t forget to check that.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

F type personalities are rare to find, but the next time you meet an F type personality, don’t forget to make them feel special because after all, they are such great human beings!

If you have an F type personality at your home, make sure that you are aware of their sensitive nature and don’t hurt them unnecessarily.

And well, if you are one of them… don’t ever underestimate yourself, the world needs more people like you!

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