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What is Type F Personality? Definition, traits, and more.

What is Type F Personality? Definition, traits, and more.

Updated on Nov 18, 2022 | Published on Nov 09, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Type F Personality - Definition, Traits, Strength, Weaknesses, and More

Type F personality is all about ‘feelings’. Their life revolves around their emotions and what they feel inside rather than having logical or rational thoughts in their mind.

F type personalities swear by the well-being of others, social service, selfless works, and goodness.

These people have to-die-for personalities and they share a lot of goodness and positivity wherever they live.

If you want to learn more about this “emotional” category of personality, you’re at the right place. Let’s dig in!

Type F Personality Infographic

Type F Personality Meaning & Traits
Type F Personality Meaning & Traits

What is the Type F Personality?

F type personalities depend upon how they feel about a certain subject. They are emotional people who don’t care much about the rationality and practicality of the world.

In short, F type personalities think less and feel more.

However, it does not imply that these people don’t use logic. It’s just that they have a different logic altogether.

Type F Personality Traits

To be able to understand F type personalities, it is extremely important that you know about their characteristic traits.

1. They feel more and think less

As stated earlier, F type personality uses their brain in making a decision, but not much. They mostly depend on their feelings to decide upon a particular matter.

If they feel good about something, they consider it right. On the other hand, if they feel bad about something they would simply not support it.

2. They rely on their heart

F type personalities do not depend on the logical comparison, rational thinking, and scientific facts to live their life. They follow what their heart says.

They can never ignore what their heart directs them to do. Thus, they have deep feelings of love, care, and trust.

In fact, this is one of the major reasons why the F type personalities are so pure from within. They keep themselves far away from malicious intent and negative thoughts.

3. Their emotions matter

You cannot expect an F type personality to ignore some situations if they are too invested in it.

Emotional health, mental clarity, emotional satisfaction, peace, harmony, and positivity is all that an F type personality seeks.

4. They are extra sensitive

F type personalities are very sensitive. Even little favors from you can make them extremely happy but they also get equally disappointed in small arguments.  

They can cry the moment you hurt them. It is always important to be careful about their feelings and have a good choice of words while interacting with F type personalities. You don’t want to hurt these innocent souls.

Especially when you know that F type personalities are generous, kind, helpful, and selfless – why would you want to hurt them at all?

5. They believe in selfless service

F type personalities are excessively bothered about others. If they love someone, they would go all the way out and do whatever they can for the person.

To see others failing would depress them. Sacrificing their own needs for the benefit of others provides a sense of satisfaction and mental peace to F type personalities. They can go to any extent to make a person feel happy.

Another thing that makes F type personalities selfless personality is that they do not run after materialistic pleasures.

You can call it a strength because these people are the least greedy among all the other personality types.

6. They ensure the well-being of others

F type personalities ensure the well-being of everyone around them. They would wish all the best even to their enemies. These people hardly think of doing wrong to someone.

Their morality and honesty are worth being glorified. F type personalities take care of the feelings of people around them too.

7. They can be trusted

While trusting someone or not is a completely personal choice, but in general F type personalities are trustworthy people. Their honesty, humility, ethics, and emotional behavior make them so pure that they rarely turn out to be cheaters.

They are not just true to their own feelings, but they make sure that they do not hurt others’ feelings as well.

Pure souls! The divine personality is all about extreme goodness.

Type F Personality Strengths

  • They are pure at heart with absolute zero malicious intent for anybody. 
  • They give without any expectation of receiving anything in return. 
  • F-Types care for others like no other. 
  • They are the only individuals who listen to their heart in true sense. 
  • They are one of the most trustworthy personality types. 
  • F types do all the tasks assigned with whole heart
  • They never deceive anyone, at least not at will. 
  • Since they are so emotional themselves, they are also mindful of others emotions. 

Type F Personality Weaknesses

  • F types are very sensitive people and can be hurt by extremely trivial matters. 
  • They are often left hollow because they hardly receive the kind of love and care they give. 
  • As F-Types trust wholeheartedly, other people may take advantage of it and deceive them.
  • They make most decisions that are driven by emotions. 
  • F-Types get too emotionally invested in a person that ultimately harms the F-types only. 
  • They are extremely bothered by others’ opinions and thoughts. 
  • Blinded by emotions, they fail to think rationally in crisis situations.
  • Their emotional health is always disturbed due to such a giving nature. 

However, if you are confused among the F and T Types, and would like to know how to recognize an F type (Feeling type) personality from T type personality (Thinking type)… let me help you do that.

How to distinguish an F type personality from a T type personality?

T type personalities are thinkers who invest a lot of brain energy for a given condition. On the other hand, F type personalities invest emotions.

That is why we call the T type personalities thinkers and F type personalities, feeling-oriented or feel”ers” (if that’s a word!). 

T type personality tends to believe in rational proofs and scientific theories. However, an F type personality would rather go for what their heart believes to be right.

In general, T type personalities would not sacrifice their requirements for the benefit of others. Or in other words, a T type personality will not bear the loss for someone else’s benefit except a few exceptions of course.

But F type personalities are so emotional that they can sacrifice a lot for others. This might be a boon for their friends and families, but this is also a reason why the F-types find themselves in trouble at times.

Their habit of selfless sacrifices often results in emotional disappointment from the ones who take advantage of them. They face betrayals and materialistic losses.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

F type personalities are rare to find, but the next time you meet an F type personality, don’t forget to make them feel special because after all, they are such great human beings!

If you have an F type personality at your home, make sure that you are aware of their sensitive nature and don’t hurt them unnecessarily.

And well, if you are one of them… don’t ever underestimate yourself, the world needs more people like you!

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