Wondering how to communicate with a type G person? Want to talk to them and know them better? But feel anxious about hurting them?

Your feelings and worries are completely normal because it’s hard to know if you offended them… because they don’t express their feelings. So, you did a great job at researching and reaching out for help… this shows exactly how much you care about them… and this think-piece will help you through this.

So, let’s get down to it…

How to Communicate with a Type G?

Communicating is hard normally… but it’s even harder with a type G person because they don’t express their feelings, avoid socializing, and often get misunderstood. At this point, you can’t even manage the situation without a crash course on communicating with them.

And here, you will get all the guidance in exactly that, so just hit the list…

1. Use encouraging words despite the situation

Type G people mostly make spot-on decisions with their strong intuition, intellect, and perfectionism. But the keyword is mostly, not always.

So, sometimes, they won’t perform at their absolute best. Just make sure, you continue to have effective communication throughout it. Keep the encouragement flowing even if they mess up because that’s when they need it the most.

A large number of type G individuals believe that their self-worth depends on the number of wins they bring in their and others’ lives. They can hardly respect themselves otherwise, so encourage them when things don’t follow the plan.

Even if they can’t trust themselves, show that you trust them and know they will improve with time.

On the other hand, the remaining time when they show consistent results, don’t forget to appreciate them. Never take their hard work for granted or overlook it because that’s the expected result from them.

2. Avoid judgmental and opinionated words at all costs

Type G people are human beings too, so they are also prone to committing mistakes. It might be much less than others, but it happens once in a full moon. However, they might not notice it at all and be as confident as ever about their ideas.

Don’t judge them for this because they don’t fully understand the adversity of the situation and only wish to bring the best outcomes. Don’t be mean to them for being so confident about their ideas. They usually don’t pay attention to others’ opinions in these situations.

So, if you wish to convey your thoughts to them, clearly express what the issue is and how you feel they must take care of it.

Of course, if you don’t have any backup ideas in mind, don’t even expect them to appreciate your action. Because this might be the only possible way out and they are aware that it’s not flawless. Your remark will only hurt their confidence further.

3. Don’t calculate how much you share

If you know the type G person is your coworker, teacher, or student or if you are just not that close, it’s okay to set some boundaries. So, this is not a must-do for you guys.

But if you guys are friends, family, lovers, or extremely chill coworkers, listen up! During your conversations, whether it’s on social media or in person, be as open about your feelings as you wish.

Type G people struggle to come clean with their own emotions. They also lag in making friends because of this habit. So, if you share your feelings, they’ll feel encouraged to follow suit.

Of course, don’t force them to share their emotions and thoughts. Instead, just silently create a safe space where they can vent and share their thoughts openly. Once they listen to you, tell them that you will happily listen to them any day and they mustn’t feel shy about it.

4. Don’t show disappointment or lose patience

Be understanding when they turn you down your request to socialize or open up or really disappoint you. Your facial expressions build a huge part of your communication skills. So, make sure you don’t show any disappointed expression, even if you are.

Type G folks are introverts, so you can’t magically expect them to trust you or grow close enough to spill the tea. However, if your expressions say they disappointed you, they might be too shy and uncomfortable to talk with you again.

They might feel that you’ll never accept them as a friend because they disappointed you once. You can’t ever guess a type G person’s overthinking due to their introversion… so, just be careful.

If you can’t take it, take a deep breath and ask for a time-out. Take a 2-minute washroom break, figure out your emotions, and return with a calm mind.

5. Don’t ignore them

Even if a type G person doesn’t need your attention 24/7, don’t ignore their non-verbal cues. A type G person understands everyone’s needs and desires by just reading their mood… but there’s hardly anyone that returns the same energy and feeling.

You might say that’s because they are a G-type and have strong intuition and you don’t… but that doesn’t mean you must ignore them. If a type G individual is in trouble, they’ll never express that. As mentioned before, they are not good at expressing their emotions.

Especially, if you invite them to someplace new and they agree, it’s completely your responsibility to keep an eye on their facial expression and body language. If they seem uncomfortable, ask them what the matter is and that you are open to help anyways.

If someone close to you offended them, reassurance will help them open up and depend on you.

6. Make eye contact while talking

If you connect with them via text messaging or social networking sites, this tip isn’t for you. If you usually communicate face-to-face, there is a lot to share here buddy!

So, when you strike up a conversation with a type G person, make subtle eye contact with them. Eye contact is a great way to express confidence and genuineness in a conversation.

Remember unless that’s your lover, there’s no need to intensely gaze into their eyes. Instead, long eye contact will intimidate them.

So, make eye contact only once in a while when you express genuine feelings. For instance, when you talk about something important, look them in the eye for about 5 seconds and take a break. Repeat this at certain differences. If they also open up about their feelings, don’t forget to lock your eyes.

7. Show them you’re interested like you mean it

While communicating, your body language also matters. So, when you want to know more about them, convince them that you truly care. Use your body to make them feel that you feel they are interesting and they have your entire attention.

So, how to do that?

Direct your entire body towards them including your face, torso, and legs. Even if one of these doesn’t face them, it shows that you are distracted.

Never cross your arms as it’s closed body language and shows that you are not interested in knowing them or don’t want them to know you.

Don’t fumble with your phone because that’s a major distraction. The type G person might feel that they are less important than your social feed and might stop talking.

Nod your head and sometimes (not always) repeat their phrases to show that you are following them. Give suitable facial expressions to a different mood.

If you are close enough, you can even empathize when they recall bad memories by touching their hand, shoulders, or knees. This will encourage them to be more open with you.

8. Don’t use absolute language

You always make it work”, “You never let us down!”, or “You don’t ever fail in your tasks. Is something off?” are some phrases you must never say to a type G person as it shows you have certain expectations from them.

They understand that they can’t ever let you down. Meeting your expectations is their life goal… and if they don’t keep their side of this unmentioned deal, they aren’t well or they won’t be accepted.

Clearly, they feel that they’d let you down if they don’t try hard enough. This kind of phrase makes them second-guess their value even if they don’t care about others’ opinions.

They are also introverts… so, if they start communicating better, would you say “Hey, you usually keep your distance from me. What’s the matter? Why are you talking to me?

That sounds pretty offensive, right? So, avoid this absolute and stereotypical language.

9. Talk about failure like it’s no biggie

Everyone fails in their life, but it’s harder to cope for type G people. The reason? Because too many people use stereotypical language with them. They are wired to believe that they can and must only be the best.

Since they always made good decisions and performed well, everyone around them expected consistency in their actions. They start competing with themselves and chant… gotta do better than yesterday… gotta be better than anyone else.

But it’s not always the external influence. Sometimes, G-types have a lot of expectations from themselves. They believe in their intuition so much and that backfires pretty badly… and takes a toll on their self-confidence.

So, share stories of failures often and have a standpoint that “failures don’t define anyone” or “failures help us learn” to motivate them. However, don’t be self-deprecating by cracking jokes about your own failures then they might look down on you.

10. Don’t mock their minimalism

A lot of people don’t understand how someone can live with the bare minimum. Some even mock it as a sign of poverty and provoke a type G person by saying “You don’t own anything more because you can’t afford it”.

But for type G folks, minimalism isn’t even a choice. It’s a need to help them focus on more important parts of life. So, never jokingly discuss their minimalistic lifestyle. If you do that, you might lose all respect for them.

Of course, if the G-type insults your lifestyle, you might impulsively say something and it won’t be as bad.

On the other hand, if anyone else offends a type G by speaking trash about their lifestyle in front of them or behind their back, don’t support that. If the Type G person matters enough to you… to find out ways to communicate with them… defend them.

11. Talk clearly about your creative needs

Type G people are extremely creative… but if you know them for a while, you know their creativity can go over the top. You might even wonder whether you can trust them on this. Most of the time people reject their outrageous creativity and move on.

However, why take all of that pain and kick their self-confidence? You can just share important information about the project instead. If it’s a small plan, tell them what you want verbally. But if it’s a serious and elaborate one in their academic or professional life, write down the important facts.

Make a list of things you want in the creative project. If you want something subtle, mention that. Save both your time and resources this way.

12. Avoid anything emotionally hurtful

To a type G person, emotional and mental health is of utmost importance. They want to keep their emotions under control because only then can they focus on the external world, focus on precise things and choose the best step ahead.

So, avoid hurting their emotions as much as you can. Of course, you can’t always control yourself… especially if you are a loved one and live together. Sometimes, things can get a bit out of hand.

But now that you know better about it, avoid saying anything emotionally or mentally disturbing before important events.

Otherwise, they’ll be distracted and it will hurt them in crucial areas of their life. For instance, they might mess up things in their professional life and lose their promotion and so on.

13. Be open to learning about their interests

Type Gs are popular for being geeks. They get interested in a subject and they just can’t keep calm. They want to know everything about it… so, they often come up as the brainy intellects they are.

So, strike a conversation about their interests and encourage them to share more. If you find it interesting, don’t forget to talk about it more often, whether in person or via text.

This will give you something to connect about and communicate more naturally. It’s okay to follow steps to communicate well with others.

But eventually, you might feel frustrated because you always follow a particular step to hold a conversation with them. So, a common interest will help you make things run more smoothly and naturally.

14. Don’t beat around the bush

Say “No” to complication” is one of the mottos a type G person lives by. They absolutely despise anything complicated… so, how do you use this knowledge in your conversations?

Be straightforward when you talk to them. Don’t go around in circles, especially if you have some business with them. They won’t take their sweet time to figure out what you truly mean, even if you are a loved one. So, jump straight to the point if you have something urgent on.

Of course, if you just wish to talk leisurely, that’s a different story. Take your time to work on your conversations as you like in these cases.

15. Discuss boundaries

Since type G people are introverts, they can’t express themselves even if they are offended. They might accept mistreatment from others without a reason. Moreover, they have issues with untidiness, wastefulness, and maximalist lifestyle.

So, start with discussing your own boundaries. Then ask them some of theirs. If they can’t comfortably express themselves, bring up the mentioned topics and how they feel about them.

Try to build boundaries before you offend them as it’s a great way to convey that “I want to be around you for a long time, so help me not get on your block list!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Sometimes, communicating with a G-type fellow WILL seem the worst challenge of your life… and it’s not exaggerated even one bit. They say something and feel the opposite.

They shut themselves in, turn down your advances, and give away all the signs that say “Hey I don’t like you… stay away!” But at the same time, they also feel low about not having enough friends around them.

So, if you have a type G person and you truly care about them, patience is important in your journey. Be more compassionate, and you’ll definitely crack this tough cookie!

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