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What is a Gifted or Type G Personality? Everything that you need to know.

What is a Gifted or Type G Personality? Everything that you need to know.

Updated on Nov 18, 2022 | Published on Nov 09, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Type G Personality - Traits, Strengths, Weaknesses, and More

A detailed study of personality traits is not complete without learning about the Type G personality or the Gifted type.

Among the 8 types of personality traits illustrated By Carl G Jung and the 16 types of personality traits illustrated by Briggs Myers, a special type of personality is type G.

G type personalities are gifted… and they are called “gifted” for a reason. (Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it!)

You must have already been familiar with Type A and Type B personalities but Type G… umm, not so much. Well, G type is a different type of personality that is being recognized as intellectual but less outspoken.

Curious to know more?

Well, then quickly dig in and find out more about it.

Type G Personality Infographic

Type G Personality Meaning & Traits
Type G Personality Meaning & Traits

What is Type G personality?

Type G Personality also called gifted or geeky are sensible yet creative individuals. They are gifted with great farsightedness, intuition, and intellectuality.

Personality G type refers to a gifted and geeky personality. By the word, ‘gifted’ means gift of sensibility, intellectuality, sensing or intuition, understanding, farsightedness, and creativity.

The word geek stands for the curious and introverted nature that the gifted personality poses.

G type personalities have a great intellect while they might not be good at socializing with others.

To know if you or someone from your close circle belong to the clan, here’s a quick guide!

How to recognize a G type personality?

Among all other types of personalities that we might have come across, researchers have been intrigued by the G type personality.

G type personality is said to be a gifted personality having a geeky nature. The geeky nature however does not imply being a dolt. It stands for curiosity. The G type personalities are rather intellectual and creative but introverted.

To be able to recognize a G type personality, or to check whether you, yourself are a G type personality; all you need to do is – read the below characteristics of the g type personality and see if you possess some (or all of them!).

G Type Individuals Personality Traits

Every type of personality whether it’s A, B, C, D, or G has its own characteristic traits.

Thus, to help you seek a detailed understanding of the G Type of individuals, we will be talking about the common characteristics that people who have type G personalities possess.

It may not be all-inclusive for all the G-Types, but in most cases, they are proven to be true.

So, without further ado, let’s quickly dig in!

1. Great understanding of the external world

Gifted personalities possess the ability to understand the world around them with precision and clarity. They are known for their intellect and farsightedness.

Gifted personalities are mostly perfectionists and have a strong intuition to sense the energy encompassing them.

Their intuitions are also quite strong and impactful. It is a combination of a strong understanding of the surrounding environment and intuition that helps them predict situations beforehand.

2. They are balanced

The talent to be able to sense, accept, contemplate, predict and recognize everything that goes around them, is what is the real “gift” of G-Type individuals.

However, one cannot have a good understanding of the external world without having a stable internal world.

G type personalities possess a great sense of balance. This makes them strong individuals who are able to control their emotions.

3. They are creative

G type personalities are exceptionally creative. They might be good at performing several tasks and also possess the ability to create something out of the box and worth recognizing.

The extraordinary ability to create things makes them special. Without a doubt, you can call the G type personalities artists too.

4. They are introverts

G type personalities are also found to be creative introverts who believe in inner freedom. They might not be interested to know what others think about them and are only bothered about their own opinions.

G type personalities believe in doing what they consider is right. They won’t pay much attention to outside suggestions. They are reluctant to change their ways of living just to please others. In short, they are self-reliant, self-confident, and self-sufficient. 

Another fact of being introverted is that these people do not talk about themselves openly. They are not outspoken and they do not share their ideas and opinions with others.

It takes them time to gel with people around them and develop frankness. Hence, it’s not easy to establish a good bonding with G type personalities in a limited time period.

5. Prone to autoimmunity

The researchers have shown that giftedness is related to characteristics of autoimmunity, autism, ADHD, affective disorders, and sensory processing sensitivity.

Though the relation has been established, understanding the logic behind such a comparison might be a tricky job. Don’t worry we would simplify it for you to understand.

To understand how giftedness is related to other factors such as autoimmunity, autism, ADHD, affective disorders, and sensory processing sensitivity, you need to gain some understanding of the brain network.

There are three major brain networks that include gifted tendencies. The gifted tendencies also included the above factors of autoimmune disease, ADHD, and sensory processing sensitivity.

6. They are geeks

As already mentioned, G type personalities are highly intellectual, and they possess the great curiosity to learn about new things. The Geeks are also fast in learning about new subject matters. They remain inquisitive most of the time.

It is their curiosity that helps them create stunning things. We may also conclude that G type personalities are creative geeks.

Besides being sensitive and understanding this personality, they also have amazing cognitive power.

7. They don’t appreciate complications

Type G personalities believe in simplicity. They don’t like unnecessary complications in their life.

They hate clogging their brain with useless information and methods that have no practical implication. Instead, G type personality prefers a simple and rational life.   

That was all about G type personalities, their traits, characteristics, and qualities. They are a typical blend of intellectual yet creative characteristics.

Type G Personality Strengths

  • Type G People are extremely aware of their surroundings and are so mindful of their actions. 
  • They find a simple way out of every situation as they disapprove of complexities. 
  • Due to their curious nature, they are always more informed than most in the room. 
  • They don’t pay much attention to others’ opinions about them and preach inner freedom. 
  • They are loved by one-and-all due to their enormous understanding of the external surroundings. 
  • G-Types are exceptionally good at creating art. 
  • They quickly grasp new subject matters and other learnings. 
  • They live a simple life and embrace minimalism. 

Type G Personality Weaknesses

  • They struggle to open up to others about their true emotions. 
  • Type G Personality types are prone to autoimmunity, ADHD, and other affective disorders. 
  • G-types are not good with people and others might feel offended due to their introverted nature. 
  • They may sometimes be too indulged in their own world and isolate themselves for days on end. 
  • Since they wish to avoid complicated situations in life, they try to stay away from crucial discussions or gatherings. 
  • G-types believe a lot in their own intuition which may also lead to wrong decisions. 
  • They suggest unique, never-heard-before ideas which may not be always appreciated. 
  • Their curious personality may also sometimes backfire as they can go to any extent to gain knowledge about some subjects. 

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

The most creative, sensible, and curious individuals, Type G personality individuals are right to be called “gifted”. After all, people like them are so rare.

However, no human has only positives to them, and Type-G is no alien either. They must also have a few negatives that may not have been found yet. The research about Type G is still ongoing and we are yet to uncover a lot more!

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