A detailed study of personality traits is not complete without learning about the Type G personality or the Gifted type.

Among the 8 types of personality traits illustrated By Carl G Jung and the 16 types of personality traits illustrated by Briggs Myers, a special type of personality is type G.

G type personalities are gifted… and they are called “gifted” for a reason. (Don’t worry, you’ll soon know all about it!)

You must have already been familiar with Type A and Type B personalities but Type G… umm, not so much. Well, G type is a different type of personality that is being recognized as intellectual but less outspoken.

Curious to know more?

Well, then quickly dig in and find out more about it.

Type G Personality Infographic

Type G Personality Meaning & Traits
Type G Personality Meaning & Traits

What is Type G personality?

Type G Personality also called gifted or geeky are sensible yet creative individuals. They are gifted with great farsightedness, intuition, and intellectuality.

Personality G type refers to a gifted and geeky personality. By the word, ‘gifted’ means gift of sensibility, intellectuality, sensing or intuition, understanding, farsightedness, and creativity.

The word geek stands for the curious and introverted nature that the gifted personality poses.

G type personalities have a great intellect while they might not be good at socializing with others. If you want to know how type Gs usually behave, then here’s a guide for you. 

However, if you want to know their traits in detail then keep scrolling…

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G Type Individuals Personality Traits

Every type of personality whether it’s A, B, C, D, or G has its own characteristic traits.

Thus, to help you seek a detailed understanding of the G Type individuals, here you will get a detailed discussion on the common characteristics that people who have type G personalities possess.

It may not be all-inclusive for all the G-Types, but in most cases, they are proven to be true.

So, without further ado, let’s quickly dig in!

1. Great understanding of the external world

Gifted personalities possess the ability to understand the world around them with precision and clarity. They are known for their intellect and farsightedness.

Gifted personalities are mostly perfectionists and have a strong intuition to sense the energy encompassing them.

Their intuitions are also quite strong and impactful. It is a combination of a strong understanding of the surrounding environment and intuition that helps them predict situations beforehand.

2. They are balanced

The talent to be able to sense, accept, contemplate, predict and recognize everything that goes around them, is what is the real “gift” of G-Type individuals.

However, one cannot have a good understanding of the external world without having a stable internal world.

G type personalities possess a great sense of balance. This makes them strong individuals who are able to control their emotions.

3. They are creative

G type personalities are exceptionally creative. They might be good at performing several tasks and also possess the ability to create something out of the box and worth recognizing.

The extraordinary ability to create things makes them special. Without a doubt, you can call the G type personalities artists too.

4. They are introverts

G type personalities are also found to be creative introverts who believe in inner freedom. They might not be interested to know what others think about them and are only bothered about their own opinions.

G type personalities believe in doing what they consider is right. They won’t pay much attention to outside suggestions. They are reluctant to change their ways of living just to please others. In short, they are self-reliant, self-confident, and self-sufficient. 

Another fact of being introverted is that these people do not talk about themselves openly. They are not outspoken and they do not share their ideas and opinions with others.

It takes them time to gel with people around them and develop frankness. Hence, it’s not easy to establish a good bonding with G type personalities in a limited time period.

5. Prone to autoimmunity

The researchers have shown that giftedness is related to characteristics of autoimmunity, autism, ADHD, affective disorders, and sensory processing sensitivity.

Though the relation has been established, understanding the logic behind such a comparison might be a tricky job. Don’t worry as it will be simplified for you to understand.

To understand how giftedness is related to other factors such as autoimmunity, autism, ADHD, affective disorders, and sensory processing sensitivity, you need to gain some understanding of the brain network.

There are three major brain networks that include gifted tendencies. The gifted tendencies also included the above factors of autoimmune disease, ADHD, and sensory processing sensitivity.

6. They are geeks

As already mentioned, G type personalities are highly intellectual, and they possess the great curiosity to learn about new things. The Geeks are also fast in learning about new subject matters. They remain inquisitive most of the time.

It is their curiosity that helps them create stunning things. Or you may also conclude that G type personalities are creative geeks.

Besides being sensitive and understanding this personality, they also have amazing cognitive power.

7. They don’t appreciate complications

Type G personalities believe in simplicity. They don’t like unnecessary complications in their life.

They hate clogging their brain with useless information and methods that have no practical implication. Instead, G type personality prefers a simple and rational life.   

8. They can figure out the simplest solutions

G-types don’t like to work with complicated plans and procedures. So, whenever they have the power to choose or enhance working methods, they find simpler alternatives to the complex ones. They feel less overwhelmed from finding the simpler path than following the original plan. 

9. They hardly care about others’ opinions

They have immense faith in themselves and their deductions, So, even if people protest against their plans, they don’t pay heed to them. Rather, their introversion helps them focus on their internal thoughts. They never try to please others which helps them to succeed.

10. They have a hard time befriending people

Due to their introversion, they often avoid sharing their thoughts and opinions with others. They can’t be honest and open with everyone which makes them incapable of socializing. Since they are so quiet, they can’t make friends easily.

That was all about G type personalities, their traits, characteristics, and qualities. They are a typical blend of intellectual yet creative characteristics. But there are more of such traits and you can find it all here!

Now, let’s move on to the strengths of the gifted type…

Type G Personality Strengths 

Since type Gs are called the gifted ones, people expect them to have impressive strengths. They are perceived to be intelligent, sharp, and so on. So, c’mon let’s know how much of that is true…

1. They are always mindful of others

G-types are pretty good at reading the room. They can understand the situation even if nobody explains everything with details. Due to their intuitive nature, they can always avoid getting into awkward situations. This also saves them from mistakenly offending others. 

2. They can seek simpler and better ways 

Type Gs hate anything that is complex and indirect. If they will do something, they want a simple formula or pathway for their tasks.

Throughout the day, they analyze lots of information and they can’t bear to have more complexities. So, they give their all to simplify the methods successfully. 

3. They have better knowledge than others

The “G” of this personality also stands for “geeks” because of these people’s never ending thirst to know more. If something catches their interest, they study it until the very end. Due to their curiosity, they are more knowledgeable than others their age. 

4. They don’t get affected by opinions

They never mind what others say about them. They know that people will always have their opinions but it’s not worth worrying about every one of them. Instead, they follow what their intuition tells them which usually helps them succeed better in life.

5. They are loved for their mindfulness

Everyone likes a G-type individual because of their mindful character. Despite their introverted and unsocial nature, they are liked by many due to their thoughtfulness. They know when to give space and when others need their attention. So, they can win everyone’s hearts this way.

However, everything isn’t perfect about G-types. So, let’s know about their…

Type G Personality Weaknesses 

Despite being intellectual, intuitive, and mindful, type Gs have weaknesses like any other human being. They aren’t as perfect as society might think they are. So, let’s know it better here…

1. They are bad at expressing themselves

G-types can’t usually convey their thoughts, opinions, or feelings clearly to others due to introversion. They keep their thoughts to themselves and even get the shorter side of the stick this way. They also find clear communication draining, so they avoid it. 

2. Some people might get offended by their introversion

People that adore G-types often try to interact with them and bond. However, since type Gs can’t express themselves clearly, they often come off rude to others. At work or school, their quiet nature makes others suspicious and offend them.

3. They often isolate themselves 

When type G folks try to figure out simpler ideas, they take space from everyone to focus better. They are already introverted and unsocial, so this habit of shutting themselves in for as long as they need to work on the plan is an extra trouble. They only push away everyone even more.

4. They skip critical discussions

Since Type Gs dislike anything complex, they do almost everything to avoid facing them.

For instance, if there’s a meeting to solve something using a complicated pathway, they’ll skip it. If they aren’t allowed to choose a simpler method, they’d rather not partake in it at all.

5. Their unique ideas aren’t always welcomed

It’s not that type Gs won’t support finding a solution. Rather, they can do it if they can take charge in their own way. They want to use different creative plans. But their creativity isn’t always desired, especially because people want traditional plans instead of untested methods.

If you thought that’s all, you’re so wrong. So, grab all the strengths and weaknesses of type Gs to judge them better!

Now, next know what turns off type Gs to avoid stepping on landmines…

Type G Personality Fears and Dislikes

If you want to befriend a type G, their introversion is already a huge issue. Moreover, if you trigger their fears and dislikes they might push you away even more. So, stay alert about the major landmines here…

1. Emotional or mental instability

For a sharp intuition, type Gs must be emotionally and mentally balanced. So, they fear losing the peace of their inner mind. Because then they will lose their intellectual power as they won’t be able to focus and pick up important cues. 

2. Curiosity leading to poor consequences

Once a G-type feels interested in something, they can’t control their curiosity. They like to dive deeper into their subject of interest and know more. 

However, they fear that they’ll reach a dead end after studying something for a while and waste their time on something worthless.They also fear that they might get excited about wrong things and lose better opportunities.

3. Complexities

G-types are pretty stressed out with everything they have on their plate. Even when they don’t think actively, their mind subconsciously calculates every incident around them, draws practical conclusions, and notes down facts. They don’t want to burden their mind even more with excess complications. 

4. Untidiness and waste

G-types prefer to stay in practical and simple spaces. If their space is untidy or there’s excess articles around them, they can’t stand it.

This is because untidy and wasteful nature obstructs their intuitive mind from functioning properly. They also feel distracted from their actual goals.

5. Unwanted opinions

Type G people dislike it when others push their opinions on them even when they don’t seek it. They are pretty confident about their choices even if it’s different from others. They try their best to ignore others’ comments and try to not let themselves get affected. 

There are more such Type G fears and dislikes, so know them all to avoid them perfectly!

However, if you already stepped on some of these landmines, try to make up with these…

Type G Personality Motivators

If the type G around you feels low or doesn’t open up to you, you can use some of the motivators and let them know that you’re no threat. So, let’s explore them here…

1. Being appreciated for mindful nature

G-type individuals can be so mindful to everyone because of their sharp intuition. They can also read far into a situation without anyone sharing details and predict ways to deal with unfavorable situations.

If you appreciate them for this, they’ll feel more charged up to help everyone.

2. Calm inner mind

They need a balanced and peaceful mind to nurture their intuitive skills. On the other hand, with a disbalanced emotional and mental state, they can’t be receptive to the details around them. So, they like it if their mind isn’t burdened with anything. 

3. Not being forced to socialize

Since they’re introverted, type G folks enjoy it when they don’t need to socialize. They feel comfortable in events where they don’t need to talk with others. They feel more motivated to enjoy such gatherings as they can’t contribute much to conversations.

4. Learning new stuff

Type Gs are infamous for being geeks, so they love to learn about anything new. They practically apply their knowledge to life and understand the applications of the lessons.

Moreover, they also get praised for being better than the rest which is additional motivation to them. 

5. Simplistic life

Since G-types also dislike any sort of complication, they desire a simplistic life. They are also prone to feel distracted, so they choose the minimalist lifestyle. They’ll also appreciate it if their housemates and deskmates at school or work are also of similar thinking.

To know about more such interesting facts to motivate a type G, don’t forget to check this article.

However, there’s something more important you need to know about their health, so let’s dive into it!

Type G Personality Physical and Mental Health

Type G people aren’t that well-studied, so there isn’t much research on their health concerns. However, their traits often come up with some serious issues. So, let’s know more about that here…

1. High Intelligence risks

The brain of Type G people is hyperactive which is the reason behind their perfect skills and precise actions. 

People with a hyperactive brain and high IQ often face issues like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and other physiological diseases like asthma, autoimmune diseases, and allergies. 

Though there’s no direct connection between type G and these issues, there’s a high possibility.

2. Introversion risks

Introverted people like G-types also suffer from fear of being rejected, loneliness, and social isolation. They hide their emotions which leads to many more issues.

You can know about these possible issues in detail along with the data of medically reviewed articles. So, don’t forget to dive into the article of type G physical and mental health!

Now, are you curious about the personal life of type Gs? Then let’s keep rolling…

Type G Personality Relationships

While the sharp intuition of a type G individual helps them get closer to others, their introversion pushes loved ones away. C’mon, let’s know how else their relationships get affected here…

1. They  are loved for being aware

Due to their intuitive nature, they are mindful and aware. So, they can easily understand if anything is wrong with others or if others need help. For that, they can act accordingly to help others. That’s why everyone loves type G individuals deeply. 

2. They don’t care about ANYONE’S opinions

Type G people are way more intelligent than others. So, they know better than to listen to others’ opinions during important decisions. For this, they even offend their loved ones. 

Moreover, they might also miss the mark if they become too boastful. Then they might miss important facts and their intuition may give wrong signals.

3. They can’t hang out with wasteful or untidy people

Type Gs need a calm internal world to focus on the precise facts in their surroundings. However,  if there’s too much mess or too many objects, they feel distracted.

So, they can’t share a space with a person that doesn’t lead an organized life or believes in maximalism.

4. They set examples for the importance of mental stability

Often people ask type Gs about the secrets of their great intuition and extraordinary performance. They share how important inner peace is. The eager ones try to know more about their unique ways of focusing and become good friends. 

5. Introversion often affects their personal life

G-types can’t befriend people by themselves due to their introversion. They are bad at communicating their feelings, so people often misunderstand them. They shut themselves in but also feel lonely. This often becomes a huge obstacle in the way of making meaningful bonds.

If you’re interested for more information on a type G’s relationships or want to compare theirs with other personality relationships, check out this article.

However, if you’re interested in their professional life, here’s all you need to know…

Type G Personality at Work

Due to the sharp minds of G-type individuals, you might assume that they are one of the best employees anyone can have. So, let’s check if they’re truly that amazing here…

1. The awareness helps their growth

With great intuition, they can process information much better. So, they can quickly understand their client’s demands, understand possible setbacks, and avoid troubles on the way. This helps them reach their goals swiftly. 

2. Faith in their intuitions may cause troubles

Type G people are extremely confident in their intuitive abilities. However, mistakes are pretty common for human beings. 

So, if they have blind faith in their intuition and become overconfident, that might only lead to misfortune in their professional life. Especially, if they ignore logical reasons for their intuition, that can lead to troubles,

3. They can focus better with a calm mind

With their calm mind, type Gs can focus on their work environment, identify the exact requirements of a project, or understand the true desires of a client. With their peaceful mind and all the important information, they can perform better than their peers.

4. They’ll avoid any task that threatens their emotional stability

For type Gs, the most important aspect is their emotional and mental stability. Without it, they can’t put their best foot forward at work.

So, if anyone or anything impacts their inner peace, they will ignore that person, situation, or project completely. This might even impact their growth.

5. They are great for creative jobs

G-types have great creative and artistic skills, so they can produce great ideas in these fields. They are suitable for jobs that require them to show their creativity quite often. They are also great problem solvers as they can think out of the box.

If you’re curious for more type G professional performance, don’t be shy to check this informative article

But if you want to know how different they are from the rest, start with this comparison…

Type G vs Type E Personality

While G-types are loves for their gifted nature, E-types are looked down on for being impulsive. That may share a lot about these personalities, but that’s not enough. So, let’s know more here…

1. Gs take aware decisions but Es like to play with fire 

With their intuition, type Gs notice all important details about a situation. They can make calculated and aware decisions with all the information.

But E-types feel excited about taking risks. They want to feel the thrill of being challenged and proving themselves worthy from scratch.

2. Gs are loved for their awareness unlike Es

With their intuition and awareness, Type G people can understand others’ needs pretty well. Since people don’t need to explain much to them, they feel comfortable and love Gs more than ever. 

But type Es often act pushy about taking risks and doing things their way which puts others in a tough situation. So, the feelings are different for them.

3. G-types are self-dependent but Es need guidance

Type Gs depend on their intuition and intricate skills to achieve their goals. They are confident in their precision and awareness. They take time to think carefully which makes them great independent players

E-types, however, need someone to guide them throughout the time for many reasons. They make hasty decisions, can’t differentiate between good and bad, and even act stubborn about bad things.

4. Gs offend others with introversion while it’s the risk for Es

Type Gs are so introverted that they can’t make friends, socialize, or hold conversations. This makes them seem rude to others. 

However, E-types offend others when they don’t care about others’ opinions and stubbornly take risks which affect others around them. 

5. G-types don’t care about opinions but it riles up Es

Type G people are never concerned about people’s opposing opinions. They have complete faith in themselves and do what they believe is right. They also don’t react to opposition.

On the other hand, type Es also don’t listen to opinions. However, they often get provoked and protest against the opposition.

If you want to get deeper into this, don’t forget to check the complete comparison here.

Next, let’s get down to the following comparison…

Type G vs Type F Personality

While G-types are known to be geeky and intuitive, F-types are infamous for depending on their emotions in every step of their life. So, let’s get down to this interesting comparison here…

1. Gs follow their intuition while Fs are emotional about everything 

Type Gs are popular for their intuitive skills. They can read a room better because their mind subconsciously picks up many facts which helps them deal with life better. So, they believe in their intuition more.

But F-types believe in emotional decisions more because they feel human beings are blessed with emotional intelligence and must use it.

2. Gs can prioritize themselves but Fs forget it

Type Gs are strict about their emotional and mental peace as their intuition loses the spark without it. On the other hand, type Fs preach others to prioritize their emotions. But they often forget to take care of their emotions as they’re too busy taking care of others.

3. Gs are sensitive to opinions unlike Fs

Type Gs are pretty much indifferent to others’ opinions. They have more faith in their intuition than judgmental words and never feel hurt or doubt themselves. 

F-types, however, are extremely sensitive and even feel depressed if anyone says anything against them. They criticize themselves and even try to please the other person.

4. Type Gs are great decision makers unlike Fs

Gs can subconsciously pick on all kinds of facts in the surrounding environment and make informed decisions. But Fs depend more on feelings than rationality, so their ideas and decisions are often flawed.

5. Type Gs are introverted and focus on themselves but Fs are selfless helpers

G-types are so introverted that they only notice others’ feelings if it’s relevant to a situation they must handle. But they can’t notice the miseries of random people around them.

But F-types are pretty receptive about people’s feelings even if it’s a stranger and help them out with everything they can.

If you want more details on this comparison, don’t forget to check the article on Type F vs Type G personality.

Once you’re done with that, move on to the next one…

Type G vs Type H Personality

Since there are two kinds of type Gs, let’s first take care of the H (healing) type. While Gs are introverted, this H-type is all about helping and healing others. So, let’s dig into the comparison

Type G vs Type H (healing) Personality

1. G-types avoid complications but H-types stay calm

Type Gs can’t stand complications and prioritize their emotional stability. So, they often ditch any situation that may seem slightly complicated. 

However, H-types never flee from complications, try their best to deal with them, and stay hopeful till the end. 

2. G-types don’t have much friends unlike H-types

Type Gs are introverted, so they can’t hold conversations or socialize. This often gets in their way of making friends. H-types are compassionate and forgiving, so they have an easier time making friends with their kindness. 

3. Both might face serious troubles for their traits

Type Gs can sometimes become overconfident about their intuition, ignore good advice, and make poor decisions. They might even overlook facts and their intuition might dim if they become boastful. 

Type Hs are so compassionate that they’ll unassumingly give too many chances to their illwishers and get hurt.

Up next, let’s compare with the H (honesty-humility) type. As you can guess, this H-type is all about having high morals. So, let’s get into it!

Type G vs Type H (honesty-humility) Personality

4. G-types are only trusted for good intuitions unlike H-types 

People have faith in the intuitive skills of G-types. They mainly let them make the best decisions. On the other hand, H-types are always trusted by everyone due to their high morals. People can trust them for all responsibilities.

5. Gs offend others unknowingly, unlike Hs 

In G-types, the offensive trait is their reaction to anyone trying to socialize. Due to their introversion, they often ignore others and people feel insulted. They don’t mean to hurt others though. 

But Hs are pretty mean with their judgmental nature and there’s no grey zone for them. They will hate you for having low morals and won’t even try to understand you.

Of course, this was only the tip of the iceberg and you can find the complete comparison here!

Now, do you feel you or someone else is a type G? If you want answers, you’ll get it here…

How to Identify if you’re a type G?

The type G personality type is not well-researched yet. So, there’s not even a solid official personality quiz for it. However, based on the details found until now, here is a short personality test to find your answer. So, take your time to identify the type C in your group and resume here.

…Did you find that you’re the G-type? Then it’s time to know more about yourself here…

If you wish to discover your inner self, you can start by taking our personality tests.

What are the Pros of having a Type G Personality?

Being a G-type, you’ll be blessed with a number of cool pros. Especially, you’ll be pretty intelligent and people will look up to you. So, let’s find what else you’ll enjoy here…

1. You’re creative

Due to your personality type, you can perceive things from different viewpoints. It helps you be more creative/ You can solve solutions with unique and out of the boc plans. You can also simplify complex things with your creativity.

2. You don’t struggle to learn new things

When you learn new things, you feel interested in it right from the start. You can stay focussed on it for longer and learn better than others. Your mentors enjoy teaching you because of your immense curiosity and learning capabilities. 

3. You save a ton of money with minimalism

You enjoy leading a minimalist lifestyle partly due to your aversion to waste creation and partly because it prevents you from getting distracted. It also helps you save money because you won’t need to buy more storage equipment for endless items.

4. You’re perfectionist since birth

It’s not known to many, but you have another great quality other than your intuition, i.e., your perfectionism. You always try to put forward your best foot in everything you do. 

For that, you always follow precise facts and make calculated decisions. You never overlook any possible issues and build foolproof plans.

5. You can take care of your mental health

To keep your intuition as sharp as ever, you need a calm inner mind which is only possible if you stay away from chaos. So, to protect your intuitive powers, you take good care of your mental and emotional health. 

However you must also be aware of certain issues like these…

What are the Cons of Type G Personality?

Though you have great intuition and are even a perfectionist, you still have certain flaws. Like all other human beings, you are no different either. So, let’s figure out the issues here…

1. You may face troubles for your blind dependence on your intuition 

Since you have always depended on your intuition, you might eventually become overconfident about it and ignore good advice. Overconfidence may dim your skill to absorb facts subconsciously. So, you may make poor decisions and get in trouble. 

2. You need to get a hold of your curiosity

You get curious about things and start learning about them. However, if you don’t keep your curiosity under control, you might impact your health and routine. You might also waste your time on unnecessary things or even get yourself in trouble. 

3. You get lonely

Due to your introverted nature, you avoid socializing which makes everyone misunderstand you. People think you look down on them and stay away from you.

However, that only makes you even more lonely. You expect others to understand you and reach out but you can’t show your emotions.

4. You get triggered from wastes and untidy spaces

Wasteful and untidy nature distracts you from perceiving the important facts and details from your surroundings for better judgment. 

Whether at home (if you live with someone), school, or work, you hardly get to focus on anything because nobody is as particular about tidy or minimum things like you.

5. You may suffer from autoimmune diseases

G-types have high intelligence and IQ. This is because your entire body is extremely sensitive to information. It may also make you sensitive to diseases like allergies, autism, affective disorders, autoimmune diseases, ADHD, and so on. 

Even if there’s no link between type G and mentioned diseases, research found this connection between them and intelligent individuals.

But don’t judge yourself based on these cons alone and know about all the possible type G pros and cons for complete understanding. 

However, if you are worried about having such serious cons and want to change for the better, then read on…

What to do if you have a Type G Personality?

Though there are many cons to your personality type, don’t feel overwhelmed. Most of the issues can be fixed if you stay dedicated enough. So, let’s find the tips…

1. Accept some of the invitations

You often turn down invitations because you’re introverted and feel uncomfortable in a new crowd. However, that only pushes away chances of any friendship. So, once in a while, go ahead and join them. 

You don’t need to stay if you feel uncomfortable. But if people around you try to get to know you, give your best. You never know who you might grow close to.

2. Never be overconfident about your abilities

Your intuition is definitely sharp, but you’re prone to making mistakes as well. Don’t assume that you can never be wrong as that’ll only make you overconfident. Instead, when people advise you otherwise, try to analyze their viewpoints. Don’t ignore them from the get-go!

3. Try to express your thoughts and build boundaries 

Due to your introversion, you can’t express yourself and offend others. Sometimes, even if people bully you, you can’t speak out for yourself. 

But this can’t go on, so try to refuse something that you don’t like or show gratitude to your loved ones for their help regularly. Make it a habit and you’ll eventually be more expressive.

4. Don’t flee from complications

You hate complications and flee from them, but that’s not a solution. If you try to deal with complications head on, you will learn new skills. If you avoid it, you also lose growth opportunities. Give it a little effort and it’ll change for the better.

5. Control your curiosity

Out of curiosity, you may get interested in futile things and waste your time. Make sure it’s something useful to your personal, academic, or professional growth. Moreover, you must not get so immersed in things that you forget to lead a healthy and hygienic life. 

But if you feel these tips are too concise or aren’t enough, don’t worry. You can grab the detailed guide to improve your personality with many other new tips here

However, if you’re not a type G but know one around you, then here’s what you need to learn…

How to deal with a Type G Personality?

If you know a type G, you might love them for their intuition but get offended for their introversion. You might even get confused about how you feel about them and get on the verge of losing your calm. But you can definitely get rid of this trouble, if you follow these tips…

1. Understand your status in their life

Before you try to deal with them, you must know your position and value in their life. If you are not a friend, lover, or close family member, they’ll naturally have walls around them. Be careful about how you approach them.

But if you’re genuinely close to them, there’s no need to be wary. 

2. Slowly try to get closer

If you’re not quite close, don’t act like a loud or crazy extrovert. Otherwise, they’ll turn you down without much thought. 

Instead, invite them to calm gatherings where you can actually know each other and bond with common interests. You can also invite them to enjoy common hobbies. 

3. Don’t misunderstand if they avoid socializing

Despite your attempts, they might still not respond, but don’t misunderstand them. Give them some time to settle down and approach them later.

Make sure to not come off too strong or you might scare them away. But if they need space, show that you don’t mind that at all.

4. Appreciate them for being mindful

Type Gs always try to avoid making awkward situations with their sharp intuition. So, show your gratitude for their actions. Let others in your circle know how they supported you. Publicly recognize their efforts and urge others to do the same. 

5. Never expect them to always win

Remember that they are not just their achievements. So, praise them for the things that have nothing to do with their intuition or perfectionism. 

Let them know that even if they don’t win, there are still good things about them. Show them that you don’t expect them to win because they’re a human being. 

If you want more such useful tips, then check out the detailed guide here. However, if you’re having trouble conveying yourself to a type G person, here’s your solution…

How to Communicate with a Type G Personality?

Type Gs can’t communicate openly and honestly because of their introverted nature. You might often feel frustrated because of their habits. However, you can still communicate with them if you put in more effort with these steps…

1. Always use encouraging words

Whether the type G individual makes the right decision or not, encourage them to keep trying. Everyone praises their good decisions, they need the most support when they make mistakes. 

They also connect their self-worth with their achievements, so share optimistic and encouraging words to them.

2. Try to avoid the judgmental statements

Despite usually making perfect decisions, G-types may also make mistakes. People usually judge them on those times and pass mean comments. 

Never be rude to them during such situations even if they ignored your advice. Instead, share where they went wrong or how they can improve next time.

3. Be open with them

Unless you are just acquaintances or know each other professionally, share your feelings without any restrain.

Since type Gs can’t share their emotions openly, they’ll feel encouraged to express their feelings by you. But make sure you don’t force them to help them feel it’s a safe space.

4. Take a deep breath and be patient

If they push you away, don’t show disappointment at all even with your body language or facial expressions. Understand that a type G is an introvert, so they need time to warm up to you. Calm your nerves and be patient with them. Otherwise, they might overthink and avoid you for good.

5. Pay attention to their needs

Though a type G individual understands others’ needs, nobody understands them. They never even ask others’ help as they’re bad at communicating their needs. 

So, try to understand when they need any kind of help. Keep an eye on them, especially if you invited them out. Convey that you’re always happy to help.However, these aren’t the only tips. There are many more such ways to communicate with a type G person and you can find it all here.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

The most creative, sensible, and curious individuals, Type G personality individuals are right to be called “gifted”. After all, people like them are so rare.

However, no human has only positives to them, and Type-G is no alien either. They must also have a few negatives that may not have been found yet. The research about Type G is still ongoing and humankind has yet to uncover a lot more!

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