Are you curious about how to date an alpha female? Do you have a crush on her but aren’t sure how to make her fall for you? ṣ

Well, this article is ready to share all the details. Whether you know her or not… if she is much better than you professionally… you’ll know how to sneak into her heart in no time.

So, let’s begin!

How to Date an Alpha Female?

An alpha female is a high-value woman, so approaching her can feel pretty intimidating. You overthink your qualifications, background, or even your expertise in bed. However, it takes a lot more to date her.

So, let’s do it the right way with the tips…

1. Be as powerful as her

The alpha woman is highly motivated and she works hard for everything in her life. She is self-sufficient and fulfills all of her desires by herself. She definitely won’t depend on her partner for finances or even emotional security. However, her partner mustn’t expect her to fulfill their financial needs either.

They mustn’t assume that she can take care of their needs just because she earns more. Since she is independent, she won’t compromise her independence for someone else.

So, you must be equally fabulous to date her. Show her that you can take care of your financial and emotional needs independently. Before you woo her, learn to be as strong as her. This step begins even before you get close to her.

2. But don’t pretend to be someone else

While you try to be like her, make sure you truly become a better person in those ways. Don’t pretend to be someone superior because she’ll find out pretty soon and your chances of dating her will be ruined.

So, even if you try hard and can’t be as good as her, be yourself. You may not have as much of a high chance if there are better suitors. But pretense will only paint you in a negative light.

Dating an alpha female isn’t easy, so don’t have high hopes from the beginning. However, you must not give up on your goals of improving yourself. Even if not today, if you become a respectable person in the future, you might have a chance!

3. Never play games 

The last thing alpha women tolerate in their relationships is games. If you play hard to get or hot and cold to make yourself seem worthy, she won’t entertain you.

If you flirt with other women to test her feelings, she’ll never give you a chance. Just because she told you she needs time to decide, if you play with other women, she knows better than to pay attention to you.

Make sure you stay honest with her not only during the relationship but also while you court her. Let her know that you are here for a long time and not a good time only. She will consider you more seriously if you show your husband material signs.

4. Communicate openly

The alpha female is a fan of open communication. So, instead of beating around the bushes, you must also express yourself openly. Once you start dating her, don’t keep your emotions bottled up. If you have any issues with her, communicate openly.

If you told her about your weekend trip with friends a month back, it won’t hurt to remind her once more. She might have forgotten it, so if you don’t remind her once more, she’ll only feel that you didn’t tell her. Convey yourself once more to get rid of any possibilities of misunderstanding.

This will get you closer and transition your dating phase to a serious relationship.

5. Respect her for being powerful

More often than not an alpha female is in leadership roles. She is judged for being masculine and people pass weird comments on her. Instead of being glad for her strengths, everyone assumes that she can’t settle down.

Make her realize that you rather like her for being powerful. You love how strong she is and that’s what attracted you. When she talks about her achievements, truly listen and be amazed. Get rid of all kinds of distractions and just pay attention.

You can also throw her a small party to show how proud you are of her. Boast about her around your loved ones even in her absence and it’ll all be clear to her!

6. But show that you’re not intimidated

When someone feels intimidated by a woman’s appearance, status, or power, they can’t stand tall in front of any situation in the world. They will cower behind that woman’s shadows if they date her.

But an alpha female isn’t ready to take the responsibility of another person. So, whatever happens, don’t feel intimidated by her. Even if you feel so, don’t show it on your face.

Be confident and treat her like you both are in the same position. If you don’t feel confident, fake it until you make it. She’ll know that you are worthy of her time if you play your cards right.

7. Never use pickup lines

If you have yet to approach your alpha female crush, keep this in mind: No pickup lines!

Some of those genuinely seem so clever to break the ice. But mate, it’s the alpha female… She’s extremely straightforward and not-so-sexy because they aren’t original.

You might even turn her off if you use one. So, don’t put too much pressure on the introductory conversation. She probably even heard most pickup lines, so it might even remind her of past poor experiences.

Rather, open your conversation about the place you’re at. Talk about the food, movie, song, smell, or experience. It can be something at the moment or something you both experienced in the past. She’ll be more open to responding to you.

8. Avoid worshiping her

If she is extremely well off comparatively, people often put her on a pedestal. They worship her or treat her like she pays their salary or she can make their lives miserable with the click of her fingers.

She already has enough people bowing and saying “Yes Ma’am” to her. She doesn’t need another subordinate. So, it’s okay if you skip the bootlicking.

She wants a partner that can treat her right like a woman. She has enough submissive people around her, so take the role of her partner seriously.

If you feel she achieved a lot, mention that just once. Don’t praise her about those 24/7 because she already knows that and it’ll bore her to death. 

9. Don’t put yourself down during conversations

When people become aware of the difference between them and an alpha female, they often put themselves down. They start comparing themselves to her… not just mentally but also have that sort of conversation.

Now, if you tell her how better off she is than you, she will only feel that you’re insecure. She won’t feel that you are honest but perceive you as a pessimist. She will run miles away from you because she doesn’t want that sort of energy in her life.

Instead, if you’re trying for something better, mention that. Talk about your passions or aspirations. Let her know that you also have something up in your life but it’s still in the making. Or, you’re not ambitious but believe in focusing on your passions.

10. Don’t judge her sex drive

Alpha women are extremely open about their sexual needs and urges. But society never stops judging women for being open about their sexual needs.

Men are called macho for being dominant in the bedroom but women are always labeled nasty terms for the double standards.

If your relationship goes as far as having a sexual relationship, don’t be surprised if she takes charge. Don’t let thoughts like “who taught her that” or “she’s probably experienced” hog your mind.

You’ll not only ruin the entire experience, but the relationship will also become short-lived. If you have such a mindset, it’s time to change it!

11. Plan well to sync your schedules

She has a lot on her mind and life, so she can’t often get off to spend time with you. You can’t randomly ask her out on dates or meet up. She also has a happening social life and family commitments always top her list.

So, she won’t always be available for a date. Instead of blaming her for always being busy, share your schedules with each other. Figure out when you both have an opening to plan your dates.

You won’t intrude on her precious time and she will feel that you are a keeper.

12. Be aware of the pros and cons of dating her

While you’re still early on the dating scenes, figure out the pros and cons of dating an alpha female. Understand which ones matter to you the most. Don’t consider all the facts together or you won’t get a proper answer.

Compare which pros and cons you notice in your dating life with her. Don’t assume that all of them will be there because there are several types of alpha females.

Once you identify the pros and cons of your situation, figure out what matters to you the most. If the cons are bearable, don’t sweat much. But if they are complete dealbreakers, the choice is yours!  

13. Don’t be jealous of her life

The alpha female has a huge social life, so she’ll often be busy connecting with people irrespective of gender.  Don’t get jealous if she talks with another man or whoever has a crush on her.

If you are in a serious relationship, have complete faith in her. If you guys are casually dating, that’s a different situation, so communicate in that case.

However, never think that she’s sleeping around with the people she communicates with. If she regularly contacts her colleague, it’s all work. If she has a male bestie, she doesn’t wanna cheat on you even if he has feelings for her.

14. Apologize but don’t overdo it

If you ever make mistakes, apologize for them. However, don’t live in guilt forever. Don’t bring up past wrongdoing repeatedly by yourself. Of course, if she mentions it again, answer her or even admit your mistakes.

But don’t do it all by yourself… otherwise, she’ll assume that you only want sympathy from her. She’ll be turned off so badly that she might reconsider having you as her partner.

So, when you’re wrong, admit where you went wrong and how bad you feel. But that must only be a one-time thing. Don’t let it drag on forever!

15. Support her even if she doesn’t seek it

The alpha female isn’t proud of it when she can’t deal with things. She always wants to independently take care of all issues. But she’ll never admit when she struggles. So, it’s better to keep an eye on her.

Make sure you don’t be too obvious. But whenever you feel she’s more stressed, stays up late a lot, works overtime, seems pissed, or is zoned out… try to figure out the problem and solve it for her.

She may not ever ask for it, but she’d love to have a reliable partner. So, make her dream come true!

16. Remember that she doesn’t need you

She is completely independent whether emotionally or financially. She doesn’t need her partner (you) to make a living. So, never even think about threatening her to leave. You know she can live on her own without anyone on her side and have a gala time.

Even if you have a bad fight with her, don’t leave the house (if you cohabit) or break up. Otherwise, she will get the idea that the relationship or she doesn’t mean much to you.

Some people often move to their friends’ houses to cool their minds or just take a break from the relationship. Now if you can’t solve the issues while being in the relationship, you can’t stay in the long run.

She’ll know you guys will become an on-and-off thing and she won’t have any of it!

17. Don’t let others pour conflict into your relationship

This world just can’t handle a strong, opinionated, and independent woman. They feel women must be submissive, stay in the house, or mustn’t raise their voices.

If you’re in a serious relationship with an alpha female, you’ll get much such advice from your surroundings. Some will say “She earns more than you? She probably dominates you… after all, she has more power!” While others snitch, “Oh, what does she do with that money? Shouldn’t you keep track of her income?”

These people genuinely want to hurt your relationship. They only want to have fun when your relationship ends. So, ignore such gossip as much as possible.

18. When she’s wrong, stand your ground

The alpha female traits don’t make her completely right… and neither does she claim anything like that. She can also make mistakes just like any other human being.

So, if she is ever wrong but can’t notice her mistakes, be strict with her. You don’t need to consider her personality type to blindly trust her. Tell her why you believe she is wrong and doesn’t compromise your beliefs.

If she won’t listen right away, take a break and have this conversation later on.

If she pressurizes you to believe that you’re wrong, don’t let her get her way. You can also involve trustworthy friends to solve the matter but it’s better to settle things among yourself.

19. Teach her new things every day

If you know more than her about a few things, teach her those. She is so curious and thriving to know more about the world around her. She wants to be preoccupied with something or the other all the time.

So, even if you have some unpopular or boring skills, just practice those along with her. The world might not pay much attention to your skills, but she will value them a lot.

The next time you go on a date or just laze around together, have fun while spending your time doing this. It’ll show her a new side to you and she will enjoy learning new things.

20. Set healthy boundaries

The alpha female isn’t selfish, but she can get pretty demanding sometimes. She might turn pushy and even make you uncomfortable. So, if you’re already dating or are in a full-fledged relationship, set proper boundaries.

She is pretty extroverted and will often go out clubbing. If you’re introverted and dislike attending too many events, be clear about it. On the other hand, when she refuses something, she means it. So, you mustn’t force her to do anything against her wishes.

Understand what each of you wants from the other in the relationship to sustain it. Otherwise, without clear boundaries, it’ll only be a short-lived fling.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you get her heart in the end, remember to follow the tips steadily to have a harmonious and successful relationship. Try hard from your side to make things work.

However, if she rejects you, remember that someone better is made for you out there. And whatever you learned here won’t go to waste. If you know how to please an alpha woman, you can do so for every other woman out there.

So, follow the tips wholeheartedly without overthinking and your love life will soon be set!

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