You can’t stop thinking about how to deal with a beta female? Since the results of your acquaintance’s personality test came in, do you feel restless?

Oh boy, first of all, let me break this great news: You don’t have much to worry about!

Rather, having a beta female person in your life is a good deal. You can easily deal with her, so let my think-piece reveal that here…

How to Deal with a Beta Female?

The entire world says that beta females are the opposite of alpha females. They treat them like they are good for nothing. But I’m so glad that you didn’t follow suit and tried to research!

C’mon, let’s find out ways to treat her respectfully…

1. Be inspired by her dedication to academics and work

A woman with a beta personality is extremely dedicated at school and work. She has a clear vision of her goal. She knows that only hard work and discipline can help her fulfill her dreams.

The beta female doesn’t want to depend on anyone for a living. She wants to be independent and responsible for her own finances.

So, stick around her to learn little ways to progress in your studies and career. Stay updated with your regular work, be punctual, and avoid unnecessary time loss during work or studies.

Don’t expect a man to take care of you and aim to earn for yourself. Remember that financial independence is power.

2. Seek her advice and help in serious and fun situations

Women with beta female personality types are intuitive, creative, and intelligent about all sorts of things. She isn’t that outgoing or talkative, so she sits back and notices everything around her.

She is aware of everyone’s troubles and issues. Probably, she knows about the setbacks in your life or fights with your best friend.

Due to her intuitive and observant nature, she is a mindful mediator and wise advisor. So just seek her assistance any time!

She’s also a motherly figure, so if you had a bad day, confide in her. If you’re unwell, let her nurse you back. Never hesitate to get pampered by her.

On the other hand, the traits of a beta female also make her street-smart. She knows about all the fun things about nightlife and cool hobbies.

Lastly, her creative mind will always help you with artistic projects. Whether the project is about work, school, or simply a home renovation, she definitely has great ideas!

3. Don’t judge her for following

The beta female prefers to take it easy while someone else takes the charge. She doesn’t feel comfortable about leading anything, be it in her personal, social, or professional life.

If you select her for a leadership role and she refuses, don’t misunderstand her. She’s not acting high and mighty. Try to understand her and don’t force her into it.

Not everyone has what it takes to lead an entire team. Let her focus on what she does best.

On the other hand, don’t assume the worst about her because she isn’t a leader. Never look down on her capabilities because she chose to be a follower.

4. Never doubt her intentions

The beta woman doesn’t think about betraying her loved ones even in her wildest dreams. She is loyal and trustworthy through and through.

If you told her about your secrets, don’t worry because she will take them to her grave. Even if you guys fought and you did something terrible to her, she’ll never think about revealing your dark past.

If it’s your big day, she’ll never try to steal your thunder or backstab you. If you like a guy, she won’t steal him from you.

On the other hand, if you’re her partner, know that she’s only interested in you.

So, even if anyone says something infuriating, trust her and communicate. Don’t let others break your bond!

5. Let her take charge if someone is emotional

A woman with beta personality traits is sensitive or empathic. She can read a room without asking much. She can feel the other person’s emotions pretty vividly even without asking them personal questions.

If you aren’t good at dealing with emotional people, call your beta gal. She can handle it perfectly without hurting or offending them. She has her way with her kind and gentle words.

Especially at work, if you have a dissatisfied client or customer, this is a must-do! Let her communicate with them and she’ll try her best to leave them satisfied.

If she is unavailable or busy, let the other person wait. Otherwise, a non-empathic person can make things worse.

6. Don’t force her to go out

She’s introverted and feels good when she spends time only with her loved one or alone. She isn’t a fan of socializing with too many new faces. Of course, if it’s a mandatory situation, she’ll comply. Otherwise, don’t force her.

She’s reserved and shy, so even if she joins in, she won’t enjoy herself. She might not say that to your face, but try to understand her situation.

If you’re extroverted and you can’t socialize, imagine how you’d feel. She, too, feels as frustrated and out of place. So, don’t mindlessly nag her to meet your new friends. She’ll join if she wants to, so until then give it a rest!

7. Let her be content with social work

She’s sensitive to others’ emotions and has a motherly nature, so her heart aches for the world’s suffering. She wants to help her community grow in whatever way possible.

She doesn’t care if her beneficiaries know her or not. She genuinely wants to help people in need and support them to raise their living standards.

She might volunteer, donate, or do charity during her time off. So, don’t interfere or obstruct her choices.

If you’re her coworker, don’t expect her to ditch volunteering in the soup kitchen for the meeting on the weekend.

If you’re a loved one, join her at this cause and spend time together. Don’t be jealous about not getting her attention.

The beta woman isn’t okay with any kind of attention. She cherishes her privacy more than anything. If you want to congratulate someone about an accomplishment or discuss a mistake, don’t do it in plain view.

People are curious about her and she always gets negative attention. She doesn’t want random rumors about herself again, so talk things out privately.

Even if it’s something positive, don’t put the spotlight on her. Respect her boundaries and make her comfortable.

She usually insists on working behind the scenes and avoids any public appreciation. So, get the cue and be understanding!

9. In romantic relationships, be proactive

The beta female loves the traditional approach to romantic relationships. She is pretty feminine about courtship, so don’t expect her to act aggressively.

She’ll wait for her courtship partner to make moves and never initiate anything. So, strike up a conversation and don’t expect her to do it. When you’re ready, ask for her contact information and take her out on a date.

I understand it’s hard to tell whether she wants you or not because she doesn’t communicate much. You might feel self-conscious and often even doubt whether you’re doing the right thing. 

So, just ask her to speak out if she feels uncomfortable. Be confident unless she says otherwise.

10. Understand her needs from the relationship

The beta woman is a hopeless romantic, so she doesn’t expect a lot from her partner. She believes in fairy tale romance and novels. So, don’t try to impress her with expensive jewelry or surprises.

Of course, you must have a good enough job to take her and your future kids’ responsibility. She definitely won’t want to babysit a grown adult.

But that doesn’t mean she’ll depend on you in the relationship or marriage. She has her own income to take care of that.

So, she only wants thoughtful gifts and gestures from you. For instance, cook for her, pamper her with massages, spend time with her, write a love message, or get her breakfast in bed.

She only wants small things in love!

11. Leave her alone if you can’t settle

And here are a few more things she expects in relationships: commitment, loyalty, exclusivity, trust, and love.

She doesn’t abide by the modern dating culture. So, if you want hookups, go find someone else. She’s not the one, buddy! Even if you pursue her for it, she’ll turn you down. Don’t take it personally if she does and try to understand her needs.

But if you are dead serious about her, don’t even think about any girl other than her… unless they are family.

On the other hand, if you are her friend, don’t try to convince her to date casually. If she wants to wait for her partner, let her. Don’t judge her for having preferences.

12. Don’t get mad if she corrects you

The beta female is known for her high morals. She is in touch with her spiritual side and always guides everyone to the right path.

If you did something wrong, she’ll help you cover for yourself since she’s a great friend. However, don’t expect her to support your wrongdoings.

She will do her best to talk you out of immoral practices. She doesn’t care if it results in a fight or if she gets unwanted attention. She’ll try to correct you until the end.

It’s not easy to own mistakes but take your time. Take your time and understand her viewpoint. She only wants the best for you, so try to mend your ways.

13. Give her a pep talk once in a while

Most beta women are confident on their own. They don’t need validation to know that they are great. They quietly work hard, notice the results of their effort, and feel great.

However, all beta women aren’t the same. Some lack self-esteem and feel insecure about themselves. The constant comparison with alpha women can consume her willpower.

But she won’t ever tell you if anything is wrong with her. After all, she doesn’t want to worry people around her.

So, whenever you have time, hang out with her one-on-one. Show gratitude for her help in your life and uplift her with compliments. Since she’s sensitive, you can easily make her feel better.

14. Remember, she’s gentle, not weak

Whenever someone makes mistakes or tries to come at her, she follows a gentle approach. She understands that people rebel when they face aggression. So, she tries to stay calm and explain the situation with sweet words.

Many people assume that she is weak because of this. Some people especially underestimate her and create inconveniences for her. They test her patience out of jealousy and feel she’ll never fight back.

Well, she isn’t a fool, so she knows when such things happen. If you notice them, warn them about it. When she loses her mind, things might take a turn for the worse. Moreover, if someone with more authority notices them, they’re done for!

15. Control her impulsive shopping

The beta woman loves shopping as she’s a Fashion icon. Nothing excites her as much as new clothes, accessories, and jewelry. It also does a great job of boosting her confidence.

So, when she feels low, she goes all out on the shopping apps. She might exhaust her bank account or her wardrobe will be too full to fit new outfits. If you live with her, it’ll be a huge trouble with receiving all the deliveries and too many packages.

Don’t let your emotions take the better of you at the moment. Talk to her about the issues of impulsive shopping. Communicate how this affects her savings and the space.

Help her create and follow a budget and ask her to keep the common space clean.

16. During decision-making, let her have some space

During important decisions, she never lets her emotions get the better of her or rush her decisions. She understands that both of these can lead to wrong choices.

So, if you are too emotional, often panic, or hurry her unnecessarily, just go out for a minute. Let her think things out with a calm mind and figure out the best for everyone.

Not to be rude, but if you can’t handle your panic attack, you must stay in your room with someone else. Otherwise, you might blame others for their mistakes and scream about the running time. All of that will delay the situation even more.

17. Only use constructive criticism

This one is a major issue for the beta woman. She can’t handle tough words, criticism, or rejection. It can impact her self-esteem a lot and even make her hate herself. She’ll replay the moment in her mind all night and feel hurt.

Since she doesn’t want to inconvenience others, she wonders how she disappointed others. She even gets distracted from her responsibilities.

I know it’s super hard to deal with her after this.

So, always use constructive criticism… it doesn’t matter whether you know her professionally or personally. Remind her that you believe in her and that she can improve soon. It’ll help her deal with it better.

18. Warn her to not get in trouble while helping

She loves to help others and doesn’t care whether they’re a familiar person or a stranger. However, everyone doesn’t have a clean soul. So, remind her to be careful and not get taken advantage of.

If she helps strangers, she mustn’t give away personal info for any reason. If she helps anyone at work, she must make sure they don’t steal her credits.

You can’t stop her from helping others… but at least ask her to be careful!

19. Research more about alpha and beta females instead of assuming

She often gets compared to alpha females. People assume that she’s the opposite of alphas or has too many shortcomings.

But that’s not the truth, because alpha and beta women are pretty much alike. So, research before spreading false claims. If anyone else claims something similar ask them for their sources. You can check my comparison between these queens to know more!

20. Motivate her to follow new confidence-boosting techniques

She shops like crazy to feel better about herself. But that only gives her instant gratification. When the items grow old, she needs new things to feel better. If you’re a coworker and hardly know about this side of her, don’t comment.

But if you know about this issue, invite her to join the gym with you. Regular exercise will boost oxytocin and help her feel confident. She won’t feel like going on a shopping spree again.

If you’re close to her, insist on a healthier diet and sleep routine. This will keep her healthy physically and mentally which will again support her self-esteem.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Since beta women are meek and aren’t the leaders, they’re told to take care of their husband and children. However, these women have showed time and again that quiet girls can rule the world!

So, remember how capable she is and treat her well. Don’t judge her based on rumors, and communicate with her. Be patient and communicative. You’ll notice that it’s rather easy to follow the guide and make her happy!

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