Wondering how to deal with a sigma female? Don’t wanna hurt or agitate her?

If you wanna try to play cool around her… and slowly but surely befriend her, that’s a great idea. So, allow this think-piece to support you all the way to nothing but success.

Here, you’ll know everything necessary to create and maintain an amicable bond with a sigma female acquaintance… or, amp up your existing bond.

So, c’mon, let’s get down to it!

How to Deal with a Sigma Female?

Before you get down to the details, figure out her strengths and weaknesses to understand her better. That will help you know which traits they have more or which are less evident. Then you can treat her better.

Only then can you match the pace with this queen, make her feel comfortable, or coordinate with her well.

If you’re ready, let’s head for a healthy bond here…

1. Don’t push her to open up

A sigma female always has her guard up. She lived her entire life like a lone wolf having nobody to depend on and protecting herself all alone from every setback and danger of life.

She will let her guard down eventually when she feels safe around you… and if she still doesn’t trust you, it’s not time yet.

Let her have some time to build that trust… because, if you push her, she’ll feel more anxious about you having some hidden motive to get close. So, allow her all the time she needs and show her that you won’t leave or hurt her despite the situation.

2. Never get intimidated by her

A sigma female is a badass boss. She states her mind to others without any doubt or fear. When she says something, her words ooze with confidence. Usually, women are timid so this part of a sigma female might really shake up your ground.

However, sigma females act this way because they know that a lot of people are out to use them like a rug to walk over… she just wants to send signals that she’s born to rule and not be under anyone’s foot.

So, unless you want to dominate her, don’t get intimidated by her nature. Instead, appreciate her for her confidence. That way, she’ll know that you’re not a threat to her.

3. Respect her space

She’s also a true introvert, so she likes to take up space in all areas of her life. If she’s a loved one, she might not like to go out as much and not join all the events. If it’s a student or coworker, she might be more comfortable with independent tasks.

Don’t assume that she’s lonely or that she can’t make friends. Don’t push her to socialize because that’s not her thing.

Never think that introversion is something bad… she just feels more comfortable and can recharge on her own. She feels more at peace when she’s responsible for her tasks alone.

So, understand that she needs space… and unless it’s an extreme necessity, don’t force her in group settings.

4. But don’t shy away if you need her

If you have the option to let her be on her own, then do it. But you may push it if it’s something unavoidable.

For instance: an important project needs all the members of a department to partake and it’s an order from higher-ups… or, you need all students in groups in school sports… or, you have a formal event and must attend with all family members.

Talk to her about it and express why their participation is important. A sigma female is extremely understanding and can amaze you with her skills.

She doesn’t just have good socializing skills but also has hidden leadership skills, so she’ll be a great asset if it’s a team in a professional or academic area.

5. Never ask her to be a certain way

A sigma female likes to lead her life at her own pace. She dislikes how society expects women to be humble and soft-spoken. She hates the stereotypes that women can have a career and raise a family too… but they’re restricted by some time limit so they can manage both.

She only wants to lead her life without being judged or rushed to do something. So, mind her desires and respect these small expectations. Understand that just because she’s a woman… it doesn’t imply she’ll settle down by 30 and drop her career.

Let her choose what she wants to… otherwise, she’ll only push you away to get rid of negativity.

6. Don’t give excuses for your mistakes

A sigma female doesn’t like excuses at all. She’ll own her mistakes and shortcomings instead of wasting time on constant bickering over blame games. She believes that excuses don’t prove anyone’s worth… only results do and that’s what she aims at!

She follows this rule in her life and preaches to others the same. So, if you have a sigma female boss, professor, elder, or even someone younger or socially inferior around you, don’t give excuses. If you can’t do something or commit mistakes, own it.

If you need more time to sort things out or don’t have the knowledge, admit it as it doesn’t make you weak… but it definitely impresses a sigma female!

7. Avoid gossiping near her

Sigma females dislike gossiping behind people’s backs… and she’ll rather say she has a problem with someone to their face instead of spreading dirty rumors. She has a lot to do in her life, and sharing negativity isn’t her favorite.

So, even if you love to know about the hottest rumors and gossip, control yourself around a sigma female. Especially if they have a certain amount of power or control over you, your poor impression might bitterly affect your relationship with her.

She won’t try to sabotage you at all… but she’ll become wary of you. She won’t even be as open with you if you’re a friend.

8. Don’t judge anyone without knowing

A sigma female believes in not judging others without knowing their part of the story or without putting herself in their shoes. She’s open-minded about others’ choices because who knows what kind of situation they faced.

So, neither judge others nor a sigma female herself. Be understanding of others and learn to be open-minded like them. Don’t judge others due to baseless rumors and give the other person a chance.

However, if you’re sure about the other person’s intentions and it’s not just rumored, convey \the issue and warn her seriously. You can protect her from major harm if you have your mind to it.

9. If you have issues, try to compromise

Human beings are unique due to their experiences, perceptions, and even upbringing. The difference in their pathway of life teaches them different lessons. So, you might not have the same thought or ideas about something as a sigma female.

Since a sigma female seems so intimidating, you might not openly express your troubles. But she isn’t like that at all… instead, she’d love to compromise and feel content together.

However, don’t expect the impossible from her… she may like to compromise, but she won’t let you take advantage of her and get the shorter side of the stick.

So, comfortably negotiate with her but know your limits.

10. Never hurt her knowingly

A sigma female is as fierce as an alpha female. She’s always alert about illwishers in her surroundings… and since she doesn’t have a pack unlike an alpha female, she tears down her offenders much more fiercely.

So, try to not offend or hurt her knowingly. If you violate her boundaries unknowingly, she’ll forgive you. If you don’t warn her even after knowing about the potential danger around her, she’ll perceive you as an enemy.

If you bully her, she won’t play the same dirty tricks on you… but don’t assume she’s weak because of that. It’s probably because her plan is much bigger and she’ll make you pay for it by playing fair!

11. Don’t challenge her words

A woman with sigma female personality traits always keeps her word. She never says things to show off and if something is beyond her power, she won’t even utter anything about that. So, whenever she promises something or challenges you, it’s not a joke… she’ll literally do that.

If she says she’ll help you, you can count on her… if she says she’ll make you pay, it’s time to get worried. If she says she will leave you, don’t think she’s bluffing… because you can’t make your relationship the same ever again!

On the other hand, don’t try to provoke her because once she says something, she’ll see it to the end.

12. Calculate her risks together

She’s an amazing risk-taker and loves adventures in her life. She calculates the pros and cons of the chances to make the best out of them. But she also has great compromising skills, so she isn’t afraid of anything at all. That’s why she might become reckless at times.

Whenever she’s interested in any risk or adventure, sit together with her to figure out the benefits and drawbacks together. So, if her choices indirectly affect you or others, you can explain any uncertainty and convince her to change her mind.

However, don’t talk rudely or insult her thoughts as it’ll only provoke her to take worse actions.

13. Discuss when she acts stubborn

Once a sigma female sets her mind on something, it’s hard to talk her out of it. She doesn’t easily feel demoralized, so even after repeated failures, she’ll keep going.

However, there’s a limit to everything… because time, energy, and resources are limited. So, if she stubbornly keeps moving and it hurts your or their loved ones’ life, communicate about that.

Tell them why she can’t continuously chase the same goal forever. Explain how it hurts her, you, or her other loved ones. Mention how much resource or time she can spend on it or how many attempts she can make at most. Let her understand the situation and decide on her own.

14. Talk to her about her feelings

A sigma female is often depressed because she always has to keep her guard on. This consumes lots of energy and she’s tired, to say the least. She despises the fact that she must stay alert to protect herself.

She has friends… she can even trust them but she can’t depend on them as much because she’s way more powerful than others.

So, if you’re close to her, try to ward off her gloomy feelings by talking to her. Ask her how she feels, comfort her, and console her if she opens up. If she refuses to say anything, cheer her in your own way… like ordering takeout and having a sleepover with the closest people.

15. Guide her in love life

A sigma female’s romantic relationships are pretty much chaotic because her needs are unknown. For starters, she wants someone powerful and not that’ll depend on her.

For that, she feels an alpha male or female is her best bet. However, she also desires independence and power. If she wants more power in the relationship, an alpha partner might feel threatened by that.

She can also pair with a sigma partner, but she might get bored too soon… A beta partner can allow her to have more power and appreciate it simultaneously.

On the other hand, she might also not be able to find the right partner because she doesn’t socialize much. So, if you’re a close friend, be her love mentor and help her find her perfect partner.

16. Share constructive criticism only and sit back

She knows that she isn’t perfect… but she wants to be one. She’s ready to work on her weaknesses and improve herself in all areas of her life. So, if you ever find faults with her, don’t lose patience.

Tell her where she went wrong and how she can work on it. She’ll be glad to correct herself if your tone is right and if you guide her throughout. Otherwise, she’ll only feel insulted and head the wrong way.

Be persistent as she grows through her mistakes… especially, if you have a sigma female student or employee, this will motivate her to reach new levels.

17. Focus on her and be inspired

If you have a sigma female around you, whether you’re friends or just acquaintances, keep an eye on her. Follow her steps and try to understand how she deals with different situations. Learn to be strong, confident, compassionate, and protective like her.

If you feel a strange distance between you both, ask her if she’s your role model and if you just wanna hang out with her (if you know her and you’re both at the same level like classmates or colleagues).

If she turns you down, don’t push it… just admire her from a distance and you’d learn enough eventually.

A sigma female isn’t into trends and she hardly checks her social media. She likes to focus on her own life and use her time to take care of herself instead of things that won’t even stay for an entire season.

So, if your boss, professor, or an elder is a sigma female, never utter anything about trendy things. They’ll not only feel put off but take it personally… because you have lesser things in common yet you chose something which they’ll never relate to.

So, keep the gossip about trending fashion or shows for later if you want her to feel included.

19. Remind her she’s enough

A sigma female always feels that she’s not enough because people often mistake her for an alpha female… but she’s definitely not one! She feels she’s incomplete because she isn’t an alpha… and desires to become one soon.

She feels that she always felt she was an alpha female in the making… but it was never completed. Despite how old a sigma female is, she still hopes that someday, she’ll feel “yeah I’m a full-fledged alpha!

Help her get over this obsession over being more powerful… tell her she’s enough the way she is. She hates that she gets emotionally attached faster, tell her that’s why she cares for you so much and you feel loved and cherished.

20. Be grateful if she’s open to you and protect her

As mentioned in the beginning, a sigma female has her guard high up. However, she gets emotionally attached pretty soon and feels anxious because the other person might break her faith.

Well, you can’t take responsibility for everyone out there, but you can show her that you care. Show gratitude in whatever way you want towards her and let her feel that she was right to trust you.

Be there beside her as she supports you, and be as protective towards her. If anyone poses a threat to her, shield her and show that you’re a worthy partner.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

As mentioned earlier, knowing this solitary queen’s powers and flaws can truly show you which areas you must work on.

Lastly, be respectful towards her and her wishes and be honest about your needs. If you truly need some help from her, just spill it. She’ll be more than glad to help you and you’ll have an easier time with her!

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