Do you wanna know how to deal with an alpha male? Do you not get along with him? Or, do you feel intimidated by him?

Well, not any longer because you will know the detailed tips to maintain an amicable bond with him.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Deal with an Alpha Male?

The alpha male is dominant and sometimes may even act toxic. So, it can be pretty tough to be friends with him without getting offended. However, he genuinely doesn’t mean harm.

So, to keep your bond as strong as ever, follow these…

1. Never doubt his strength

The traits of the alpha male make him both physically and mentally strong. Decades back, alpha men were only known for their brute force. But the modern-day alpha is much more diverse.

They no longer obsess over gyms and also train themselves to become mentally and emotionally strong. So, don’t assume that all alphas are all muscles and no brain.

So, don’t judge an alpha based on his physical strength or sharpness. Nowadays, you’ll come across alpha with better physical OR mental strength. And they know how to make the best use of their skills.

2. Don’t expect him to follow

The classic alpha men are born to lead. There is not one alpha male interested in following others’ lead. So, if you know an alpha male around you, don’t push him to follow you passively.

Of course, if he isn’t as experienced and needs more time to mature, let him learn. However, he may often come up with ideas better than yours.

Don’t be offended if he surpasses your skills and understands that he has the leadership qualities in him. When the time comes, let him take charge!

3. Avoid doubting his ambitions

The alpha male personality makes a man extremely ambitious compared to his peers. His dreams are not as common as the rest of the group.

So, if you meet an alpha male at school or work, his goals might seem too bizarre to you if you’re a classmate or coworker.

However, if you are someone of higher authority than him, don’t stop him from chasing those dreams. Don’t doubt whether he can practically succeed. Rather, let him give it a shot and find the truth!

4. Don’t provoke his competitive side

The typical alpha male behavior is extremely rude when it comes to competitions. He will love anything that lets him prove that he is better than the rest.

However, this often takes a bitter turn towards the end of even friendly games. If he wins, he acts like he is the best and everyone else is a loser. He will rub that on your face for years. But if he fails, he will hold grudges against you.

So, avoid competition with him unless it’s something serious like work or school.

5. Instead of being jealous, get inspired

He is charismatic and draws attention from everywhere. His skills make him stand out and get lots of praise. However, if you grew up with an alpha dude around you, you were probably compared to him a lot.

“Why can’t you learn anything from him?” “If only you were as talented as him”

Such words make you jealous and feel low. But let go of the bitter memories and learn new skills from him. You’ll thank yourself later!

6. Don’t judge him for attracting women

Many women want to be in a relationship with an alpha male because. He’s extremely desirable because he has his life together.

However, don’t assume that he is a playboy just because women can’t resist him. If your crush doesn’t notice you, it’s not because he stole your girl.

Or, if you’re his partner, don’t misunderstand him. He is loyal in love and doesn’t attract women intentionally. Have faith in him and his feelings.

7. If he acts arrogant, don’t take that

Alphas feel they are the best because they have hardly ever made wrong choices. They face much fewer failures than others. This can often lead to overconfidence and arrogance.

If you challenge them with better ideas, they might even look down on you. However, don’t take this disrespect silently if you have faith in yourself.

Stick to your grounds and let them know that you won’t be discouraged. Only then will they start respecting you.

8. Set your boundaries right

The alpha man can do anything to reach his goals. He doesn’t even mind breaking a few rules to succeed. He never lets any rule stop him from what he wants. 

If you are ready to forgive, that’s okay. However, if his actions hurt you in any way, create boundaries. Be strict and don’t entertain him unless he accepts your rules.

Initially, he may not take you seriously but if you take a stand, you will get results.

9. Don’t try to push your opinions on him

Just as the alpha male is the center of all praises, he also receives a lot of brute remarks. However, he often ignores people with negative opinions.

Once someone looks down on him or jokes about his choices, he ignores them for good. So, even if you’re just kidding, don’t try to push your opinions on him.

He will never doubt himself. Rather, he will stop paying attention to you and you will also destroy your relationship with him.

10. Seek any kind of help from him

The alpha male is intelligent about everything whether it’s studies, work, or something fun. If you want him to help you out with something, he will do his best.

If you need help with something serious or want to know about the grooviest pub in town, he has all the answers.

He is also quite reliable, so you can ask him if you are in any kind of trouble. Once he agrees to help you out, he will do his best for you.

11. But don’t expect a positive answer

Due to his intelligence and reliability, you may expect him to solve your problems. However, never keep high hopes because if he has other business, he will take care of that first.

Moreover, if your requests seem problematic or if he feels that someone wants to take advantage of him, he won’t agree.

If he gets negative vibes, he won’t think twice before refusing you. So, be prepared to get a negative answer, and don’t take it personally.

12. Believe in him and follow his lead during setbacks

Setbacks can never dampen the alpha male’s spirits. He can stay optimistic even when he faces the worst moments of his life.

You may question his positivity or even assume that he only gave you fake assurance. However, he always has the bright side on his mind.

He also has good foresight, so believe in his words and follow his lead. You will definitely get out of any troublesome situation with his guidance.

13. If you belong to his pack, embrace his protection

The alpha male is pretty serious when it comes to his pack. In simpler terms, if you are one of his loved ones or team members, he will protect you from potential danger.

So, if you are in any sort of danger, he will do everything to protect you. If the danger is from a person or decision, he may not explain things and ask you to not meet a certain person or change your decision.

Don’t throw a fit and try to understand what he truly means when this happens.

14. Don’t jump to conclusions when he takes risks

The alpha male notices the rare opportunities beyond the risks, so he is crazy about taking risks. However, he calculates and plans a lot before chasing these opportunities.

Unlike how others believe, he isn’t reckless and tries his best to reduce any consequences of taking risks.

So, whenever he desires to chase an impossible goal, don’t assume he’s out of his mind. Rather, try to understand what he truly plans. Communicate, and you will feel much more at peace.

15. Understand his desire for perfectionism but don’t get pressured

Unlike the beta male, the alpha male chases perfectionism. He doesn’t work with mediocre skills or unclear vision. Rather, he expects himself and others to give their best at any moment.

So, during any task, give it your best shot. Since he wants to reach the pinnacle with his team, cooperates to reach that goal. In the end, you will also enjoy the fruit of your hard work.

However, if you can’t, never hesitate to express your troubles and he might let you off.

16. Don’t lecture him about his flaws

The alpha male may be arrogant and overconfident but he’s aware of his flaws. He knows that he isn’t perfect even if he is better than the rest. He even works hard to make up for his shortcomings.

So, even if you have a grudge against him, don’t try to insult him by bringing up his flaws. He isn’t the least bit ashamed about those.

Rather, he will only look down on how petty you might become that you’d target his flaws.  Moreover, he always tries to improve himself. So, others will also criticize you despite his trying.

17. Be careful if you berate him

As mentioned before, it’s better to not make fun of his flaws. However, if you are too impulsive, you will only put yourself in a tight situation.

The alpha male knows exactly how to turn the tables on others. His sense of humor is way different from others. So, if you attack him verbally, he will have his way with words and make you seem like the silly one.

This will only make you angrier than ever, so be careful how you speak to him.

18. Don’t expect to be forgiven

If you ever make any mistakes unintentionally, he will try to understand your situation. He won’t assume the worst about you and even let you learn from these mistakes.

However, the moment he notices that you intentionally hurt or cheated him, he won’t stand it any longer. He will not give you any chance at all, and your connection will be broken for good.

So, be loyal to him while you still can. Otherwise, he will make you pay for your mistakes.

19. Don’t push him to forgive others, either

Suppose you didn’t betray him but someone else did. Don’t try to advocate for that person. Once the alpha male gives up on someone, he won’t ever take them back.

So, you will only waste your breath if you ask him to forgive someone. If you have a healthy relationship with him, you will even destroy that if you force him to take a traitor back.

Instead of considering your thoughts, he will assume that you guys are on the same side.

20. Speak out if you can’t handle the dominance; he might turn kind

Alpha males are dominant and command others at every step. If there’s a group task and the leader is an alpha male, he won’t let you do anything independently. You might get sick of being controlled and hate not being able to do anything by yourself.

Instead of taking it all silently, tell him that you feel you can’t learn this way. In reality, he only looks out for everyone this way. So, he might agree to give you little freedom.

21. If he won’t apologize for something serious, don’t let him off the hook

Since his hunches are often right, he will stubbornly do whatever he wants and even break rules. But even if things don’t work out later or his actions hurt others, he doesn’t apologize.

If you are tired of this pattern, don’t let him have his way anymore.

Suppose your alpha male partner wants to build his business from scratch after the last failure. If you don’t want him to take risks anymore, communicate first.

If he still doesn’t listen, walk away from him. Remind him that you won’t suffer the consequences of his actions.

22. Let him take charge when a situation turns for the worse

The alpha male is emotionally intelligent and can act in stressful situations. He doesn’t let his emotions or the pressure of a situation puzzle him. Rather, he is always level-headed despite the situation at hand.

So, if anyone gets emotional, let him take care of the matter.  He can read others’ emotions and take the best action. Or, if you need to make tough decisions, seek him. He can calmly decide for everyone’s best.

23. Sometimes, act as stubborn as him

Once an idea gets on his mind, he can’t let it go. Since alpha males have good foresight and hardly ever fail in life, they are prone to overconfidence.

So, even if you notice the obvious flaws in the plan, he may not accept it and still execute it. Most people give up when he acts stubborn even about something wrong.

But if you want to stop him from being reckless, you must also act equally stubborn.

24. Prepare to get honest feedback

If you ever commit mistakes, don’t expect him to sugarcoat his words. He will tell you about the situation as it is. He is quite straightforward, so if there’s a complaint, he’ll tell you that directly.

You may think that he is insensitive but that doesn’t matter. You have to deal with him as he is.

On the other hand, if you make progress, he will congratulate you but he won’t inflate anything and be very direct. Don’t be disheartened if he is not too impressed by it!

25. If he steals the limelight, choose your next step wisely

In social situations, the alpha male knows exactly how to entertain everyone. He has great communication skills, which hold everyone’s interest.

If you avoid the spotlight or can’t entertain your guests well, let the alpha male take over.

However, if you hate it when he snatches the spotlight, try to join in on his stories and share the stage!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Consistently follow these tips, and he will notice your efforts. Eventually, he will give in more effort when you become transparent.

However, if he still pushes your buttons even after trying everything, remember to be strict about your boundaries. If he doesn’t respond to your efforts, stop and focus on yourself!

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