Do you want to know how to deal with an omega female because there’s one around you? Is it a loved one? Or, someone at school or work?

Well, don’t feel pressured to answer that. Irrespective of your relationship, this think-piece will help you deal with her perfectly.

So, let’s get started!

How to Deal with an Omega Female?

Owing to the lowest position in the hierarchy, people assume that omega women have lots of negative traits. Some think it’s impossible to deal with them even without knowing them.

But this is definitely not rocket science. If you still have some doubts, check it out for yourself!

1. Don’t force socializing on her

The omega woman is introverted and appears shy and reserved. She can’t comfortably enjoy herself amidst new people. She feels like a fish out of water in events with strangers. Unless she has close friends around her, she can’t feel at ease.

If you’re her best friend and also the host, you’ll be busy throughout the time. She’ll still feel left out and uncomfortable. If her presence at the event is important to you, let her bring a friend with her. Otherwise, don’t mind if she doesn’t attend or leaves early.

But if this is an office party and not important, just let her choose if she wants to join. Don’t force her to do anything against her desires.

2. Come back to her as the day ends

Suppose you’re her loved one and a social butterfly. Don’t worry, she won’t mind if you wanna attend events and have fun. Don’t feel guilty if she wants to stay back on her own. While you enjoy your time being popular, she’ll have fun with her social activities.

Most people feel that omega women can only get close to introverted people. But she’ll never ask you to sacrifice your happiness for her. She has zero complaints about spending time alone.

However, if you’re her lover or only best friend, try to spend time with her once in a while. To sustain a healthy bond, be attentive to her needs.

3. Don’t ask her to make more friends

An omega woman has only around 2-3 friends and she feels content with it. In terms of friendship, she prioritizes quality over quantity.

Of course, she has a risk of being lonely in the long run because these friends might get too busy later. But you can express that more sensibly. Don’t rudely say “you must make more friends… you’re becoming antisocial”.

On the other hand, suppose you’re her close friend or loved one and feel guilty because you can’t spend time with her. Don’t ask her to make new friends for that. Otherwise, she’ll feel rejected, insulted, and hurt. She trusts you a lot… and this suggestion feels like you won’t be her friend anymore.

4. Respect her loved ones

Since an omega female has quite a tight circle, they are precious to her. These people stand with her through rain and shine. They make her feel accepted, appreciated, and validated even when the entire world judges her.

During their worst times, she supports them with her intelligence and vice versa. Naturally, she’s pretty protective of them. They might not spend 24/7 with her, but even a 10-minute call makes her feel cherished.

They are always supportive and understanding of her thoughts and choices even if they don’t agree. Since these people are pretty precious to her, don’t badmouth them. Even if you’re dissatisfied with her friends, keep these thoughts to yourself.

5. Don’t expect her to consistently overachieve at work

In her professional life, she’s more motivated by intellectually stimulating and challenging tasks. When something makes her mind jog a mile an hour, she’ll be so fascinated by it.

She’s even ready to invest more time and energy in that project. She’s open to overachieving at work which often increases her boss’ expectations.

However, keep in mind that she can meet your high expectations only if her task is interesting. If it’s something repetitive and boring, she can hardly maintain the same zeal. She might even fail to meet her targets.

Moreover, if she faces life issues, she needs a break too. So, don’t expect her to always overachieve and go easy on her.

6. Get inspired by her, learn from her

If you have an omega female coworker, seek her whenever you face troubles. She’s as intelligent and creative as an alpha female. Even if nobody can solve a problem, she can find some way out with her creativity.

She’s always reserved and hardly initiates a conversation… so, she might seem unapproachable. But don’t overthink when you’re in trouble. Seek her and discuss the troublesome situation. Make sure you don’t leave out anything at all.

While you watch her find solutions, learn how her mind works. Her approach at work can help you grow professionally. If you don’t understand something, be open to asking her out. She’ll gladly share her views, perceptions, and thoughts. So, soak all the knowledge in and progress!

7. Don’t judge her and protect her from being judged

An omega female usually doesn’t care about others’ opinions or validation. She leads her life her way. However, she is a deep thinker… and it leads to overthinking at times.

While she pays no heed to mean remarks, it’s there at the back of her mind. During her idle time (which she hardly gets), she often overthinks about those. This leads to anxiety, sudden outbursts of anger, and breakdowns.

She gets over-emotional about people’s judgmental nature. It gives her serious mental health issues, so kindly don’t judge her and defend her if someone else does.

8. Avoid putting her in group settings

Okay, if this group includes her best friends, that doesn’t count. But if she isn’t close to the group members, there’s your trouble!

These people might hoard some general negative feelings or ill intentions toward her. And she can feel others’ emotions pretty vividly. Though she can protect herself because she knows… the negative emotions make it difficult for her to coordinate with them.

She feels suffocated and overwhelmed in big groups because of this. So, consider letting her work solo in school, work, or society.

9. Let go of the shallow things

Small talk and shallow topics are just not her cup of tea. An omega woman never likes to partake in conversations about others’ love life, trendy objects, or dirty scandal. She doesn’t believe in spending time and energy on things that won’t help her.

If you want to be friends or date her, never bring up silly and shallow conversations. She won’t judge you but she’ll know that you guys aren’t compatible. She might ignore or avoid you the next time.

10. Don’t assume her silence to be arrogance

Another possibility is that you don’t want to be close to her. You’re proud of her likes and want to talk about your interests.

It’s okay… you don’t need to always prioritize her comfort zone. Just know that she doesn’t judge you either. However, she’s not interested, and it shows in her expressions. Sometimes, it’s evident that she leaves the discussion or zones out.

People often assume that she’s arrogant, but she just wants to enjoy her time on her own. So, don’t misunderstand her and ignore her reactions.

11. Discuss something that truly matters

However, if you want to build a good rapport with her, the best way is a deeply intellectual conversation. It might be about modern and global politics, the universe, the planet, about the latest research, life, love, or anything else.

She’s always interested in expanding her horizons. She wants to be enlightened about these matters and grow from within. If she knows more than you, she won’t belittle you but share facts with you. She can spend hours sharing knowledge and progressing from within.

12. Let her choose independently

In the social hierarchy, people either want to be the leader like an alpha woman or man, or follow the alphas. Everyone wants to belong somewhere and form groups.

However, similar to the sigma female personality, an omega woman doesn’t like the hierarchy. She doesn’t fit in any group because she can’t relate. Over time, she found that she was better off being outside the hierarchy.

She feels more comfortable being alone in her social, professional, or academic life. Since her ways don’t match with others, this is better.

So, don’t force her to choose a particular group anywhere. Let her choose on her own or allow her to work independently unless it’s mandatory.

13. Talk to her if you can’t stand the mess

The omega woman is infamous for her chaotic and messy space. She never has time for organizing her space… or rather, she doesn’t want to organize because the mess soothes her heart.

She knows exactly where her belongings are even if it seems impossible. So, don’t ever expect her to tidy up by herself… she’ll hardly ever do it.

However, if you share a house or room with her and you can’t stand the mess, communicate your troubles calmly. Whether you’re a clean freak, perfectionist, minimalist, or just can’t ever find your belongings… express your troubles.

But, if you’re her coworker and share a working space, tell her to keep her mess only around herself and not push things toward your desk. If you can’t focus in a disorganized environment, talk to authorities for the needed change.

14. Don’t force her to “grow up”

An omega female prefers to stay connected with her childish side. While most people lose their inner innocence, she can protect it because of her different perceptions and beliefs.

Like a kid, she still plays around with mud, jumps on puddles, and has fun riding swings. However, an omega female doesn’t show her childish side to everyone around her. She knows that people will judge her for that.

So, if she acts like a kid around you, she accepts you as someone close and trusts you. Don’t ever tell her “behave yourself” or “act your age”. That will crush her soul and spoil your connection. She won’t change herself but will stop trusting you instead.

15. Let her comfort you

Suppose you’re going through a hard phase in your life. The omega woman around you knows exactly how to hurt you even if she never faced similar situations.

Since she’s an empath, she can feel your emotions pretty well. So, if she says anything like “I understand your pain”, don’t misunderstand her. She won’t say it just to make you feel better.

Instead, trust and depend on her during your worst times. She knows exactly how to calm and comfort you because she can relate to the pain.

If she tells or suggests something to you, listen to her and follow her instructions. You will feel a lot better eventually, so focus!

16. Never tell her that you know her better

A woman with an omega female personality type is self-aware. People often assume that she’s different from the others because she’s unaware. Many feel obliged to tell her that she’s “wrong” because of her difference.

They don’t understand that she knows what she does. If she acts differently regularly, it’s not a mistake! Even if she commits a mistake, she’ll know soon and fix herself. She’s tired of dealing with people’s unwanted advice.

So, it’s better that you don’t act like you know she’s wrong or has an idea to improve her.

First, discuss the situation to know if she chose to be different. By any chance, if it’s a genuine mistake, then suggest her solutions.

17. Never try to put her down and talk respectfully

Due to her self-awareness, an omega woman knows the consequences of her actions. And she’s pretty confident about her choices. Of course, she’s a human being and is prone to mistakes… but she knows how to manage.

Nobody can hurt her self-esteem with anything… so, don’t even try to do that.  She isn’t easy to break down and you’ll just seem like a fool.

Even if you’re dissatisfied with her and want to hurt her, it won’t work. You’ll only worsen your mood. So, maturely communicate to avoid making fun of yourself.

18. Let her be if she shuts herself in or is zoned out

The omega female struggles with real life because she hardly relates with the surrounding people. People make her feel she’s wrong for her different thoughts and beliefs.

Not that she cares about it… because she’s mostly busy with her life. So, whenever she seems zoned out, don’t disturb her. She’s actually focused on deep analysis or problem-solving. This helps her get her mind off the boring and cruel world.

But when she has nothing to think about at all, she’s busy spending time in her room. She might play video games, read fantasy novels, watch science fiction, or even research videos.

Don’t assume she’s wasting her time and let her calm herself. 

19. Never try to mess with her standards in romance

Omega women are diehard romantics. If you know one, notice that she doesn’t settle for relationships easily. Well, she wants her partner to be as romantic as her and believe in love. They must respect her, and be loyal, loving, caring, and understanding. They mustn’t shy away from commitment and marriage.

She has her dreams and standards about love.

If you believe in modern dating practices, she won’t judge you. But never look down on her belief in old-school romance. Don’t say anything just because she’s saving her first time for “The One” or her wedding night.

Whether you’re her date, friend, or acquaintance, never disrespect her choice… or she won’t tolerate you.

20. Introduce her to a life coach

A woman with omega personality traits is often messy. She’s always busy taking care of serious matters like work, intellectual topics, nerdy interests, or supporting others. Amidst it all, she forgets to tidy up. This is not just about her space but also her appearance.

She might make a poor impression on prospective lovers and employers. So, help her get a makeover and share small tips to keep her space tidy at work and home.

She also gets emotionally overwhelmed by others’ emotions as she’s an empath. This might affect her mental health, so introduce her to a therapist or life coach.

However, don’t follow this step if you aren’t sure about her troubles.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Other than keeping the tips in mind when you deal with her, make sure you don’t violate any boundaries. Respect her and her boundaries to be respected back.

If you’re her boss, elder, or lover, don’t act as if you own her. If she makes mistakes or upsets you, communicate calmly. Be understanding and kind and you’re ready to go!

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